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Rens jerks off while sniffing poppers | Drugslab

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This video Rens Polman inhales the yellow, smelly and burning liquid Popper (Amyl Nitrite) while he jerks off. Because of this combination he is experiencing an intense feeling. USE: Are you about to use Poppers? Keep the following things in mind: - Don’t use poppers when you have low blood pressure, if your are prone to fainting or if you have heart problems. - Make sure you can sit or lie down when using poppers. And don’t hold anything in your hands. A cigarette is especially dangerous, because poppers are highly flammable. - Be careful when you inhale it. Avoid contact met your skin, nasal mucosa or eyes. - Don’t combine it with other drugs and especially not with Viagra. DOSE: It’s hard to name a precise dose, because it is a volatile substance. One good inhalation from the bottle or handkerchief will make you feel the effect already. It starts working after 10 seconds and lasts 1 or 2 minutes. RISKS: - Headache or dizziness - Loss of consciousness, possible fainting - Palpitations - Irritation of the skin (when the liquid comes in contact with skin) - Poppers are highly flammable - Brain damage - (psychological) dependence. SUBTITLES Don’t understand Dutch? Make sure the English subtitles are activated. You can select these in settings. OUR HOSTS: Rens Polman: https://www.instagram.com/renspolman Nellie Benner: https://www.instagram.com/nelliebenner Bastiaan Rosman: https://www.instagram.com/bashiaanrosman CURIOUS ABOUT A DRUG? Let us know which drug by commenting in the comment section below or by using the hashtag #DrugslabBNN. ABOUT DRUGSLAB: Drugslab is an educational YouTube channel about drugs, funded by the Dutch government. On this YouTube channel we, Rens Polman, Nellie Benner and Bastiaan Rosman, will take in the drugs you want us to try. We do this in the name of science so we can show you what the effect of drugs are on the human body. You can suggest any type of drug by commenting in the comment section below the videos or by using the hashtag #drugslab. Besides our weekly experiment, we provide you of safe methods of use, safe doses, the effects, the risks and very useful do's and don'ts when high on drugs. Given by experienced epicureans. Light it up people, in the name of science! Peace. ABOUT BNN: BNN is a Dutch public broadcasting association. The broadcasting association was founded in 1997 by Bart de Graaff. The focus of the broadcasting association lies on reaching teenagers and young adults. BNN produces entertainment and informative television programs, radio programs and feature films. Some of BNN’s programming has dealt controversial issues such as the shortage of organ donors, drugs and sex. ABOUT SPUITEN EN SLIKKEN: Drugslab is part of Spuiten en Slikken. Spuiten en Slikken (translated as Shoot and Swallow) is a Dutch program on public television. It is a program about sexuality and drugs that started in 2005. It has been broadcasted since on BNN. The aim of the program is to educate youngsters. In the show discussions about sex and drugs take place with weekly guests. The program also features small reports about certain types of drugs and the effects of them, as well as different aspects of sex. WARNING: The following show serves an educational purpose in relation to the use of drugs and the effects of using drugs. It is explicitly not the intention to encourage people to use drugs. The acts seen in this show are performed either by professionals or under the supervision of professionals. Accordingly, BNN-VARA and the producers must insist that no one attempt to recreate or re-enact any activity performed on this show and BNN-VARA will not be liable for any material and/or immaterial damage if people do so!
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Text Comments (2724)
Steven Cruickshank (10 hours ago)
These guys have phlegm problems
mathias1234559 (11 hours ago)
liberty caps
spylok85 (12 hours ago)
Fucking degenerates
preserving the existence (13 hours ago)
Where was what's her name
Joseph Brock (17 hours ago)
"fucking uncomfortable" lol I'm beginning to believe America as of now sucks
Hope Full Sinner (1 day ago)
Even I want to wash my hands..
Whatster87 (2 days ago)
why is everything but the video in English
Rico Suave (3 days ago)
6:42 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Matthijs Meester (3 days ago)
Haha handjes niet gewassen
huguesbc (4 days ago)
Is =n't this a gay drug you took by the butt??
Val Gallego (4 days ago)
Try bazuco from Colombia
Eh-lien (4 days ago)
yes with the Marvin Gaye, lol
Ben Stewart (4 days ago)
Amine Dest (5 days ago)
9:26 HaHaHa..
Zander33 Linus (5 days ago)
He should’ve given me a call, I’d gladly lend a helping hand.
Lilli Blossom (5 days ago)
Уфф...мне нравится этот впуск 😏😏
MrLink 4444 (6 days ago)
The day your child will watch this...
salo 228 (6 days ago)
try heroin
Андрей Кот (6 days ago)
Попробуй "соль"
Juhis (8 days ago)
This is kinda gay
Sd As (9 days ago)
У тебя же подружка Хелен была.где она?
Brocratic (9 days ago)
Nigga tf
vitoria Albuquerque (9 days ago)
Hes so fucking HOT. It would be my pleasure to help him out
Taylor D (9 days ago)
This is the first time I've ever watched a guy jerk off I swear
Jose Luis Moraleda (9 days ago)
ジGhostin (10 days ago)
Come on Rens 😂
dopehag (10 days ago)
Tijn (10 days ago)
waarom hebben jullie allemaal bleuwe ogen
Елик лайс (10 days ago)
Tickleshits (11 days ago)
this channel is so much better than PsychedSubstance. that douche bag attacked your guys' channel for literally nothing that he isn't guilty of, himself. he also seems to think suicide is just a fucking joke. what a fucking faggot (pardon my language), am i right?
Samsara Khu (11 days ago)
Hahahahah wtf, niceee😂😂😂😂😎👍🏽
Hypatie Somerville (12 days ago)
Could you try diagora !?
ExeKuTioN Cro (12 days ago)
Maximum BPM on cocaine: 154 Maximum BPM while jerking off: 195, lol I dont get it
Sanskriti Arya (14 days ago)
KOI (14 days ago)
ну-ка они и геииииииииии
cewanda sconiers (15 days ago)
I think this is embalming fluid
cewanda sconiers (15 days ago)
Come on put the closed caption on they got new Junkies very well handsome junkies nevertheless junkies though
P•R•O•V•E (15 days ago)
Ik wil nog wel is crack zien in drugslab
LoekTheKing (8 days ago)
AJ Perkins (15 days ago)
Im not gay but i do like rens blue eyes.
Дрочу во имя науки!!!
Юрий Зубов (16 days ago)
tell me please where to get the music from the beginning
Aleks F (16 days ago)
i wish to unsee it ---lol
Михаил Гук (16 days ago)
Rens try mephedrone
Fuck You (18 days ago)
Try Lean
Rose Gold (20 days ago)
“Im exhausted” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mandarin McPhee (21 days ago)
Ruta NarNar (21 days ago)
This was so fucking awkward to watch😂😂
Nick Boon (22 days ago)
Daaamn that heartbeat
Angel Var (24 days ago)
yo just subscribe to these people
Game Galaxy (24 days ago)
I am Everything (26 days ago)
ren, try eating some food
leksetengah gada (27 days ago)
its that normal heart rate up to 190 bpm? i'm already uncomfortable in 140 bpm
Lyrika Kooper (28 days ago)
Фак Это возбуждает
Sammy Be (29 days ago)
but hold it in a little longer after you inhale, buddy...... ;)
Dario Džimbeg (29 days ago)
the eyes colors... on both of them.
Druffinieren (29 days ago)
Netherlands Nice = lecker. Germany : nice= toll lecker= tasty lmao.
Juliana Milano (1 month ago)
I feel like this show is a joke... It has to be, right??
Давайте xanax
Paco (1 month ago)
what the fuck am I watching lmfao
Дядя Fender (1 month ago)
JAE SIN DnB (1 month ago)
KarstDeViz (1 month ago)
dit is de domste video op internet hahah
damn, son (1 month ago)
John Paul (1 month ago)
Enough internet for today
Попробуйте глицин
Victoria Bryant (1 month ago)
Why can I like understand what they’re saying, and I speak English.
CaMon0 (1 month ago)
Ries van Dijk (1 month ago)
jimmy C.E (1 month ago)
Ohhh Geil
Lydia Efternamn (1 month ago)
He is so handsome omg.
Alexander Cardio (1 month ago)
i believe they make these episodes to scare kids with normal intelligence away from drugs cuzz this is what idiots are supposed to look like (probably this program is invented by drug dealers and illuminati or something for that purpose; not that I do or don't think theyre stupid tho...just rens in this episode proves he has qualities). Anyways...why don't they make an episode where Nellie does this to herself, also in the name of "science" lol. Those tv producers are mean sns of btches lol. Probably they got the idea to let Rens do this just to make every viewer disgusted of him. Anyway...I guess we need to respect everyone else...so ok alright lol!
отчего блять вы все голубоглазые???
Brandon Hopkins (1 month ago)
Holy shit his heart rate was in the 180s, almost 190 that can't be healthy 😂
Diana Suguihan (1 month ago)
I loved that 😋😋
ddbot12 (1 month ago)
Bruh, how the fuck are educational weed channels being taken down but some dude jerking off while high can stay up.........................................................
silentbron (1 month ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jenkem Vendor (1 month ago)
Please try Fentanyl, Meth and Heroin
Aaron Wrecks (1 month ago)
The fuck am I watching
tommy pugliese (1 month ago)
I used to love poppers I would use them Every time I had sex but I also have a heart condition so one time after sex I had a heart attack...thank God I survived but I was rushed to the hospital and had to have surgery bcuz I had blockages in my arteries so bcareful when using poppers especially if u have any kind of heart condition...ofcorse I don't use them nomore and I do miss it but my life is more important!!!
zhukie (1 month ago)
Nellie should have been helping lol
Lennon Burke (1 month ago)
How do they get a hold of all these drugs gotta know their dealer
Javi Avocado (1 month ago)
I’ve done poppers on extacy while drinking beers one night. Then the next day I did cocaine with my friends and sniffed poppers all night and smoked weed. Later someone pulled out ketamine, which knocked me out. Then the third day I mixed coke and ketamine, still sniffing poppers, and gave me super strength. I jumped fences and climbed buildings with my buddy all night it was pretty romantic. I did feel moody/grimy the next day when I went home after 3 days of partying at a university campus lol. I had almost no food those three days but definitely drank a lot of water. Be safe for those curious of mixing. 💜🖖🏻🌸
Anarchist Spectacle (1 month ago)
Rens is hot...
Lester Green (1 month ago)
sick as fuck that they used Gary Wilson
šimon švec (1 month ago)
Am I gay now?
pN Gaming (1 month ago)
I just came...
DjKinetec (2 months ago)
Well that was awkward
Anomaly88man (2 months ago)
I used to like the rush of poppers when I first tried them, but they weren't amyl nitrite, they were butyl nitrate, and cyclohexyl nitrite. Then after frequently sniffing them, I got sick of my head feeling hot, and hearing my heart beat in my ears, and also the headaches they gave me.
levisnyder1 (2 months ago)
Melina -xo (2 months ago)
Poppers down here are tobacco/weed bong hits 😂 I wasn’t expecting an entirely different “popper” 😂
Did he wash his hands before the Highfive?
Lee Scott (2 months ago)
WTF wanker
noozee (2 months ago)
Every time he said "lekker" I cringed so hard 'cuz "lecker" means "delicious" in German and it sounds exactly the same.
Debbie R (13 days ago)
"Lekker" means something tastes good, or someone is/ or looks hot/good but is also kind of "slang" for "hell yeah" gotta love the dutch language 😅 i get how hard it is for ppl to learn!
RAINBOW UNICORN (1 month ago)
Irdendein Name it does mean good,but you can also say "this food is really delicious" as "dit eten is heel lekker"
Irdendein Name (1 month ago)
RAINBOW UNICORN nah they use lekker in general as good
RAINBOW UNICORN (1 month ago)
that's what it means... lekker=delicious
John Schneider (2 months ago)
that high five at the end lmaoo 😂
Dr4gzer (2 months ago)
Bilal Bendani (2 months ago)
Look the end at 0.25 speed and u will see how this is fuckin akward
Nana Loves BTS (2 months ago)
That was so sexy what the actual fuck

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