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First thing GAYATHRI did elimination

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First thing GAYATHRI did elimination
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Tanuja Premnath (11 months ago)
what true hero from which angel he is one bhakara.scspegoat.
thamarai selvi (11 months ago)
we want bharani and oviya
aaradhana 1512 (11 months ago)
this week not came gayathiri... pakka fradu Vijay TV...
Akshara Akshu (11 months ago)
Yes ur right
good to good (11 months ago)
oviya vuku evlo salary
Amudh Raj (11 months ago)
How can one encourage u not to talk bad words? R u a baby? Or do u expect Kamal Sir to encourage you tat talk bad words.... Hair n all is nothing. Huh?!! It shows the way u r brought up gay3... Not just bad words ... But talking behind, triggering (what u do is only real trigger... Tel this to Sakthi)others to isolate a person, bullying and teasing by playing anthaakshri, etc.... The list of ur dirty behaviour can go on n on......
Chitti Babu (11 months ago)
Everybody is always talking about Oviya, but why is no one talk about Bharani. I think Bharani is the true hero of this season, why is no one talking about Bharani coming back. He had given a interview with Vikatan TV, In which he had said that if the people want me to come back I will come back to Bigg Boss. What happened to Oviya is nothing compared to what happened to Bharani. He was character assassinated and thrown out like a dust. It was the most inhuman act want happened to Bharani. The greatest thing is after he came out he had given so many interviews, even in a single interview he has not said anything bad about the people how hurt him so much. He has only said good things about them. This is humanity; this is culture; this is civilization. Namitha and Gayathri you were talking about being Cultured and Civilized. The act of Bharani towards you people is the best example of that. At least learn now. BIGG BOSS and Kamal Sir Please consider bringing back Bharani, because Bigg Boss Show is a very dignified and a highly distinguished show. Only a person like Bharani, who has shown all of us the value of being Human. He has carried himself with such great humanity after coming out of the show. Only a person like him should win the Bigg Boss Show. It would be the icing for the show if he wins the show. We want Bharani; We want Bharani; We want Bharani……………………………………………………!!!!
Anita K (11 months ago)
At least Oviya stayed for so many days & fought it all alone....Bharani wouldn't have stayed for so long...he wanted to jump & run away from there
Rathi Devim (11 months ago)
Vijay De Prabu Bharani fought for Julie against snehan when he was the captain and he said to Kamal sir too without afraid that snehan is partial. He pinpointed that he calls namitha madam and to Julie konnuduven po. Do you think Bharani is a coward? When every others assassinated his character its the best decision to leave the place.
RoadRash NT (11 months ago)
Bharani is innocent and a good human.. But he was not a great bigg boss contestant, to be honest he lacked in conveying his thoughts unlike Oviya... He had zero impact on housemates except for julie(who betrayed him) .. All he did was just keep walking walking even before he was cornered.. Kanja Karuppu u backbitted about him to other housemates.. He did not fight as much as Oviya... I am not blaming him for that, it is just his nature... But any day Oviya is better than Bharani for fight in the real world or bigg boss.. Do you think Bharani can give reveat to Sakthi or Gayathiri?!
mona monadevi (11 months ago)
Yes..we want bharani
Rathi Devim (11 months ago)
Henry Devanesan yes!!!!!!!!
Sham Bavi (11 months ago)
U have to come out

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