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Vibrating Panties Prank On Girlfriend!PART 2 INSIDE WALMART!

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Check out my exclusive content ► https://holonis.app.link/hammytv Download Holonis ► https://holonis.app.link/hammytv-app FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM HAMMY_TV MAKE SURE YOU HIT THE LIKE. Me and my girlfriend love making videos for you all. We went inside Walmart while she wore vibrating panties and did the challenge!! . This prank is very funny and one of my favorites we have done. do you think it is a prank gone wrong? Or a prank gone right? You decide. Either way she did the challenge of 2017 in public! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel! http://bit.ly/subhammytv Snapchat: rph34231 http://bit.ly/hammysnap Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hammyt.v Vibrating Panties Prank On Girlfriend!PART 2 INSIDE WALMART!
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Text Comments (6503)
Viralized (6 months ago)
islana87 smule (4 days ago)
Viralized poor girls you bf using you 4 he video make him fames and you looking so idiot poor girls
Aaron White (15 days ago)
Viralized tell me, how is this a prank ???
skulljer (26 days ago)
You degrade this semi pretty ho as a poa then u think your a comic or some sort of funny well known team. I feel sorry for her only- and btw I switched to bee keeping aprox 1/2 way through-what a dildo
Gabriel Chacon (27 days ago)
Viralized Ligma kill ninja
Oscar Picazo (27 days ago)
Just watched live and mild porn cx
alaskakyle (47 minutes ago)
Dude your girlfriend looks like a total whore. Congratulations you and everyone else on this planet has seen her sloppy gash.
Kurniawan M (2 hours ago)
Wasting idea
CINDY B (10 hours ago)
Dylan McKinney (11 hours ago)
haha Walmart is the best place to screw around. In my last video we threw on that hit the ceiling and exploded lol
Jack Mustaffah (14 hours ago)
WTF Boriiiinnnnnggggggggggg.......
Louis George White Jr (15 hours ago)
Goin to Wol Mot!....Fucken east coast meat head!............So, you take your inbred sister to WOL MOT and throw vibrating panties in her pants and record it for the whole world to see and you think its funny?..........You and her are typical east coast jaggovs
the killer manjo (16 hours ago)
Leon Kienow (16 hours ago)
you kids still living at home with mom??? wow, get a life.
Jorel Montes (17 hours ago)
Another Internet Douchbag with a pretty girl,that’s a shame.
Shadrach Bughong (19 hours ago)
Why don't you just make sex
Mark Turner (1 day ago)
Orange douchbag
yash gupta (1 day ago)
This is not really prank because she already wear vibrating p****es. If you prank this you have to give her this shit by surprise or accidentally. She just overreacting. That's it This is not a prank .This is stupid or nonsense act.
Felicity Nigel (1 day ago)
Ew did y’all have to stoop so low to get attention. Dirty af
apa100 (2 days ago)
Good idea to have vibranting panties for men too
Markus Clyde (2 days ago)
Not a prank if she knows about it I bet this was her idea just wanted to get off in public lol
Bob Mushroom (2 days ago)
Tre Griffin (2 days ago)
U didn't start the vibrating panties prank hate to break it to you man but paty mayo did this like 4 or 5 yrs ago to his gf in front of her parents lol
Your chick is 🔥!
Jaysam B. Bandrang (2 days ago)
Its vibrating her Pussy.....cat :P
YogiB (2 days ago)
With a gf so hot, she wont be needing a vibrating panties. 😉
Anthony FR (2 days ago)
Dad might get a boney 😐 wtf
Luke Roberts (2 days ago)
Umm... Seriously..... You still live with your mum??
Lordakia Santiago (3 days ago)
you all have shit in your head!! Screw you!! Go and vibrating your fucking mother!!..
Maurício Guilherme (3 days ago)
Why?????? What nonsense, everything frame! Who walks with a vibrator all day inside the vagina. Liars.....
Rajon khan (3 days ago)
tiger_howe (3 days ago)
DB wears more makeup than his woman.
Lexi Arnold (3 days ago)
Dave Turnbull (3 days ago)
Eyal Faber (3 days ago)
This guy so annoying.. I don't know how and why this beautiful lady want him
Rick massey (3 days ago)
He should quit teasing her penis pincher
Warren k Sanborn Jr. (3 days ago)
Hell Yeah !!
allen jennings (3 days ago)
Josue Martinez (3 days ago)
Dunky Trooper (3 days ago)
Dude is weird... lives with his mum and involves her in shit that ya mum should be kept out of. nah dude...
Dontae Sharp (3 days ago)
Man she wet n that money has to be super wet
Knguthrie (3 days ago)
she obviously doesn't like it and will probably dump him. you have to know when to do something like this. it wsan't funny at all and it could have been. but her not wanting to play should have made him stop. If she stays with him it would surprise me.
Glanced (3 days ago)
This is just a way to get the girl wet before sex
Glanced (3 days ago)
Just found this video and she is hot af
So a Dude wearing makeup is controlling a pair of vibrating panties his girlfriend is wearing as they walk around a Wal-Mart Store......I wonder if they realize just how " Trailer Park " they actually are or if they have no clue at all ?
Adrian De La Cruz (3 days ago)
Asians always have awkward technology. Super badass!!
Eddie B (3 days ago)
Well i dont knw y i watched this.......shit yes i do u lol she sexy asf
Jose Barrera (3 days ago)
Is she a woman? her face looks weird mostly like a dude under makeup
yung100akaSpider (3 days ago)
Your girl is fucking Hott bro....🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kirby Collins (3 days ago)
She makes the Word "Stop" Sound So Sexy!!!!
Zachary Baker (3 days ago)
Hate this guy’s stupid accent
Dill Pickle (3 days ago)
She’s pretty fire
NeverMetTheGuy (3 days ago)
25,000,000 well deserved views. You're doing the lords work.
Rick Sokol (3 days ago)
You Staaadidit?
MARCOS PEREZ (3 days ago)
Mr Avilaz (3 days ago)
???? Okay.
Dudex Kratos (3 days ago)
This is a fetish not a prank.. Idiot exhibitionist.
TheOutkast27 (3 days ago)
Instead of going to Walmart should be out looking for your own place grow up you fucking prick
Neej Hmoob (3 days ago)
Grant Anderson (3 days ago)
i think she love that vibrating panty , it probably working good than you bro😂😂😂
Nik Snikkers (3 days ago)
vibrating panties? wut!!? is it made of plastic or do you mean wireless panty ?
Seijuro Hiko (3 days ago)
U call this prank?? Google what prank is.. Fckmc einstein.
Mionace (3 days ago)
this is not a prank
Saiful46 Pon46 (3 days ago)
So disrespectful..
Neopad (3 days ago)
Just looks like she needs to piss
Jason Fraley (3 days ago)
ARMOROID5000 (3 days ago)
Why would any woman want to consciously subject herself to this kind of treatment?
john thomas (3 days ago)
My dick is what you need all 14 inches of it in your ass you can keep the vibration panties.
Darren Morrison (3 days ago)
Is your name really John Thomas?
Vicky Widyanto (3 days ago)
Matthew Moppins (3 days ago)
Won't react huh? She failed miserably. Very funny stuff.
Sushi (4 days ago)
I was watchimg anime clips how did i end up here....
Michael Ruangnol (4 days ago)
Gf is hot and has a nice ass
Tony Edwards (4 days ago)
She seems really cool to have as a girl
Angelo Maraboli (4 days ago)
Why does he have more makeup on than her?!
Zarion 11 (4 days ago)
When she says stop, you STOP. You rapist. jk
Bill Cipher (4 days ago)
Damn this dude is something. He wants to do this again but in front of his father and expecting him to be horny? What a psycho.
teleblaster81 (4 days ago)
Haha Wal Maht!
DharmaMidget (4 days ago)
3:30 You didn't "hack" anything.
sameed safdar (4 days ago)
what the hell is this
Nick Robbins (4 days ago)
Fucking dumb boston ancient reminds me of TED
AAYLV (4 days ago)
AL B (4 days ago)
26 millions views X $1.00 = 26 million dollars congrats
John Yoe (4 days ago)
I'm jealous of her panties your wife really hot dude
Dale Wells (4 days ago)
She should put a vibrating dildo up his ass & go WahMaht.
jay H (4 days ago)
She is fine
Cmurk Gam3ing (4 days ago)
This is pornhub on youtube
Donald Lee (4 days ago)
Yeah give dad a show
Justin Ward (4 days ago)
Did she ever cum from that?
Michael Gilbert (4 days ago)
U must have money
QL TH (4 days ago)
Your gf is hot.
Norman Miller (4 days ago)
That fuckin accent makes me wanna punch that dude eight in the face
Glenn Powell (4 days ago)
My wife wouldn't wear them even if I put a gun to her head.  Sad
Bushidobull (4 days ago)
@ the Young lady in this video, How big is this device hidden in the panties do you notice the hardware when you wear them ? I don't mean the pushing of the button.
TheGQBrotha (4 days ago)
Damn, bet her panties were soaking wet. :)
Jack Sparrow (4 days ago)
Absolutely fucking stupid. Go kill yourselves.
marcus turner (4 days ago)
Lol she said stop it it to early 😂🤣😆
gurka321 (4 days ago)
Beats eating aTide Pod, l suppose.
joe dirt (4 days ago)
Auction off those panties so I can make some soup. Dam she fine.
Tyler Ash (4 days ago)
next time you should go to walmart and have her wearing a lovense lush and control it with your phone
vrea77 (4 days ago)
That was dumb
Rob Ryan (4 days ago)
She's smokin hotttt
AL (4 days ago)
You have a booger in your nose...0.31 seconds
Cr C (4 days ago)
SpikeFlea (5 days ago)
Meh, was hoping for an orgasm... thumbs down
Lance Eastridge (5 days ago)
This dorks talks funny as fuck park your car in Harbor yard ma her panties

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