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9 Things Vegans Are Tired of Hearing, Starring Natalie Portman

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Natalie Portman has been a constant fixture in some of our all-time favorite films, but not only is she a badass, Oscar-winning actress, she's also an animals rights and environmental activist. Now, she's bringing her voice to another issue close to her heart with Eating Animals, a new documentary produced and narrated by Natalie, exploring the "environmental, economic, and public health consequences of factory farming." While the new eye-opening doc explores how to be an ethical meat eater, Natalie herself is a vegan. So when she stopped by POPSUGAR New York in celebration of the new documentary, we had her debunk some common myths about vegans! POPSUGAR empowers you to live your happiest, fullest life. From celebrity and style to food and advice – everything you love, all in one place. Like us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/PopSugar Check us out on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/popsugar
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Text Comments (1639)
Alex Richards (40 minutes ago)
Why is the boice audio only on the lefthand side?
bonifacijus11 (2 hours ago)
oh, ok, alright..woman, i like the way you think..i mean the way you let others (your husband, especially kids) make their own choices/decisions and not shoving them your own..you're wiser than i thought, although even when you were only 12years old it was already written in your eyes that you are (and will be) an intelligent person with a sharp mind;..but if you still love Leon, eat meat at least once a week..cos he concerns/cares bout your well-being:*..
kleon2274 (15 hours ago)
Wth is she wearing? Is 1982 back in style? But goodness she's gorgeous.
trash can (17 hours ago)
I'm vegan and i don't eat tofu/imitation meat or salad. Seems like that's all that people think we eat, it's annoying.
Jonesha Davis (22 hours ago)
I love being vegan.
Monika Bogusz (1 day ago)
Actually, first men didn't eat meat, so :)
Celina Catron (1 day ago)
she's so lovely👏😭
r p (1 day ago)
She’s so nice I wana die
Floof (1 day ago)
i wish more people were as kind and as accepting as natalie portman; god bless her ❤️
Marta Katarzyna (2 days ago)
Such an irritating music! I can't hear What she is saying
Magda 13 (2 days ago)
this outfit looks very weird if you ask me....do people in america dress like this? Lol. looks like some alien stuff...very very strange proportions and shape. The creator was on wrong pill?...
RadioactiveGoose (2 days ago)
She is more tolerable than I am. I could not be married to a carnist and I don't like to hang around a barbeque.
trash can (17 hours ago)
When meat is grilled there's carcinogenic compounds released into the air, so I perfectly understand not wanting to go to a barbeque
Thett project (3 days ago)
I’ve never liked meat since I was a child. It just doesn’t taste like anything if you don’t add seasoning, sauces etc. whilst you can pick a tomato from a garden and it has its taste, regardless of how you cook it. I don’t get why people have a problem with someone not eating meat.. I hate fries to, it tastes like salty napkin to me and people get triggered even for that. Why so much anger is beyond me..
Andres Cristo (3 days ago)
Must be nice having a vegan girlfriend. Just send her to the backyard to eat some grass and dandelions 😂
Travis Taylor (3 days ago)
Tired of hearing from lazy vegans that it's enough to skip meat once in a while. Why are you encouraging people to kinda sorta sometimes go vegan? Vegan or don't vegan, but don't encourage people to half ass a vegan lifestyle.
Franklin Shaffer (4 days ago)
Franklin Shaffer (4 days ago)
Wow that Portman is soo short but she looks so cute and daughterly in her that summer dress! I hear you have some Supreme recipies Portman!! Let's hear it! You are sooo tagged!
terejov (5 days ago)
I think she could have used this opportunity to educate people in a kind way
Elillie (5 days ago)
she looks so calm all the time. I want to like her. (well im Natalie Portman's forever fan) hahahaha love her!
Theresa Hope (5 days ago)
Adorable I really love Natalie she s so smart
Alain Bruno (6 days ago)
One of the best actresses in Hollywood
merdesh (6 days ago)
Where the Heart is 😍
Damon Brown (6 days ago)
How about the medicines that people use? How is it possible to develop medicine without harming even a single animal? Arent flies and mosquitoes are living beings with sense of pain? What about worms, roaches and other beings that everyone kills knowingly or unknowingly day to day? Can I be a perfect vegan if my only motive was not to hurt animals? I think if I decide to be a vegan, I can't even breath because millions of organisms with their habitats is being destroyed also being regenerated with each of my breath... I don't even know what to do 😊 Anyways I respect your views Natalie 😊
Andrea Perez (6 days ago)
I’m 13 and vegan...it’s hard tbh everyone is just like attacking you and you just gotta learn to keep your peace and answer Calmly...
vanessa (6 days ago)
How does Natalie Portman make vocal fry sound so sexy 👀
Francisco Morello (7 days ago)
Well, are we free to decide if those decisions implicates the torture and killing of sentient beings? If we were talking about dogs, instead of pigs or cows, we would never give the chance to decide, in this society. I'm not trying to being imperative, I just want people to empathize with these gentle animals that shares 60% of our genetic and comes from the same life source. Suggest you watch Earthling Ed videos =)
movingonandup773 (7 days ago)
I am going to say something bad about her and then something good (I'll get the bad out of the way so I can end and leave all readers with something good): The Bad - That shirt is... well... just no... You're gorgeous so you should never wear something that looks like you are a member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The Good - If you think she's impressive, just read her wiki page. I just did and she is so impressive! She inspires and shames me all at once. She has accomplished a whole lot beyond even acting, seems super smart, focused and driven. Just wow! I love women who are great role models like her. So inspirational!
peter de vos (7 days ago)
uhm, i dont wanna be annoying, but the audio mix of this vid is off. must of the noise comes out of my left speaker, and her voice comes out of thr one on the right.
Kelly J (8 days ago)
Yeah, I'm really tired of the general idiot population thinking all vegans should look gaunt and sickly. If you look that way, maybe it's not for you, or maybe you're just not doing it right. But stop assuming. Vegans come in all shapes and sizes.
Timor Cohen (8 days ago)
lol number 1 is so stupid. Try agaun Natalie
Refuge of thoughts (8 days ago)
I love her
Emma Jane Nabors (8 days ago)
She seems sweet. Frankly, vegans love to tell people that they are vegan (even when no one asked). So maybe people wouldn’t ask dumb questions about it if vegans stopped talking about it all the time. I promise that most non-vegans do not care about what you eat.
Öykü Şahin (8 days ago)
She is my idol ever😍😍
TheCommentBandit (9 days ago)
My life in a nutshell
Javiera Uchida (10 days ago)
I love heeeer
Ric Gus (10 days ago)
yay :)
cringefuly (10 days ago)
I can‘t date someone who eats meat....
Meow Frrr (10 days ago)
she is so kind and beautiful
Meow Frrr (10 days ago)
itsmelexie1 (10 days ago)
aw I love her
Christine Marie (11 days ago)
If I can go 99% vegan so can anyone. I'm way healthier now that I ditched meat and dairy. Yes, I cheat once in a while.
stuntmanbob90 (11 days ago)
Didnt she eat super spicy Chicken Wings on that show on Youtube?
Judy Chancey (11 days ago)
Can't hear the words
TheMatron'sMilitia (11 days ago)
It isn't a personal choice to cause others unnecessary suffering
Dana (11 days ago)
i love her so much
Brittany Mida (12 days ago)
I mean I personally couldn't be with someone who isn't vegan, Because it's how I live my life and the morals by which I live by, but none of my friends are vegan and I love them and would do anything for them ❤️
VeganLeaa (12 days ago)
" I would hate to be vegan" messes me up
Sophie B (12 days ago)
I love her ❤️
peacelov3andmusic (12 days ago)
I always get these questions/comments! thanks for sharing <3
Atheist Avenger (12 days ago)
Portman is so cute and soft-spoken....she's the first Vegan I've seen who doesn't seem to come across like a wild-eyed Nazi who wants to attack meat-eaters. She could've gotten a male model husband but I guess she wanted a "nice guy." Well there are nice guys who are also very good looking too-we shouldn't get discriminated cause we're pretty. lol
google e (12 days ago)
whats up with the little house on the prairie outfit...At least you aren't making your kids and husband become vegan. Most vegans I know will only be with someone who is also a vegan and will also make their kids vegan which isn't right in my opinion, that's like forcing religion on them.
Matt Lam (8 days ago)
If someone believes it's wrong to harm animals for unnecessary reason then it kind of makes sense not to contribute to the harm on their kids' behalf
mon (12 days ago)
i really do wish other vegans would have the same attitude and respect to non-vegans as her :(
Tripl3333 (13 days ago)
I'm here only to watch Natalie Portman.......!! Dont really care about Vegans.
Nadim Assem (13 days ago)
So chill
Lahkesis Nyx (13 days ago)
Bless you Natalie , love you to death !
gelirwen ithil menel (13 days ago)
Thanks we are so tired of hearing stupid arguments we are what we are and no one can judge that. Iibe with a non vegan boyfriend and it is not difficult at all. Tolerance and respect are so important.
Classic (13 days ago)
She sounds weak, like she has no energy. Give her a sneaker bar and she will be herself. Vegan is death.
Minarose SF (13 days ago)
It’s strange her husband is not vegan
killedbyolive (13 days ago)
What you wearing though Nataly lmao
Jack Heathen (13 days ago)
anti-vegans (carnists) who actively bully vegans are trash.
L Y (13 days ago)
Dan Smith (14 days ago)
Inspiration! 🌱
Bleu Bird76 (14 days ago)
It might just be me (this computer) but I'm not getting any volume...
snillocgrom (14 days ago)
I'm waiting for the 9 Things Omnivores Are Tired of Hearing video to come out
Kat MomD (14 days ago)
I'm distracted by that terrible 80s puffy shirt
Cristina P (14 days ago)
She is definitely not the stereotype of vegan
Ellen Organic (14 days ago)
I love her even more knowing she’s vegan!! 💖💖 😊
Little Flower (15 days ago)
I don't have any STEAK in that company.....
Kristen Long (15 days ago)
There are studies that show plants do feel pain. There are videos on youtube about it.
Matt Lam (8 days ago)
Kristen Long consciousness and ability to feel pain is different. They are conscious of the environment surrounding them and can react to stimulus, but they don’t feel pain. From an evolutionary point of view there is no need for plants to feel pain, pain is a signal to tell us we have to treat our bodies better and a signal for danger. We all know not to touch boiling water because we know that could cause pain. When preys are chased by predators they run because they know the predators could cause pain to them. Plants can’t escape so they have no need to feel pain
Kristen Long (8 days ago)
Matt Lam (8 days ago)
No they don't, there is no need for them to feel pain
guerrerito lol (15 days ago)
But...you eat fish, right?
Floreins (15 days ago)
Early hominids did not eat meat, so no, we have not been eating meat since the beginning of time...
April Baum (15 days ago)
Love my Birkenstock sandals 👡 and I’m mostly vegan and pescatarian. Would love to have an Impossible Burger close by!
Angie Montano-Agbayani (16 days ago)
Natalie Portman answered every with question with such poise
galetaf (16 days ago)
I thought she wasn’t vegan anymore
Kitten Lyric (16 days ago)
Kitten Lyric (16 days ago)
how about doing non-vegans? Things like.....Does suffering taste good? You drink milk? so you condone rape and the murder of innocent baby cows. Hopefully one day you will be raped or your child will be killed so you will know how cows feel. ewwww you are eating chicken periods. You eat meat so you don't have a soul, are not compassionate, are a murderer. Why don't you just eat (your pet). It is the same as when you eat meat......ect, ect.
Rubyfreckles (16 days ago)
"I don't have any stake in that company..." no pun intended..
Natalie, I have loved you since Leon, every time you drift out of my heart you come back
Quinn Johnson (16 days ago)
"I date him every day" lol
Fitzger00 (16 days ago)
No steak in that company eh.........
Ash Biz (16 days ago)
Great responses 👌🏽👌🏽👏🏽👏🏽 people are extremely ignorant lol
T RopE (16 days ago)
i dont get asked any of these questions, cause i dont tell people im plant based, cause i know they truly dont care. my homies do assume and ask, and then i talk about my views, which 99% of the will resinate with theirs, it is then that i make them realise that they are pretty much posers for not living up too their beliefs. pretty much the same as religion, every one thinks they believe the right thing, but hardly ever practices what they preach ya know.
Shaniafan1 (16 days ago)
What about the annoying where do you get your protein? And I get the question can I eat meat around you 😂
Soliton FPV (16 days ago)
plants actually do feel pain. but you got to eat something and plant farming is better for the earth than animal farming.
ataylor (16 days ago)
No weaners no chickens these are the rules.
Cammi Eklund (16 days ago)
Only music, her voice is gone sadly, whyyyy?
Human Hunter (16 days ago)
way too tolerant!
I love her and the way she is promoting veganism! Been vegan for three years and vegetarian for almost 20 years and would never go back. Animals are just too awesome.
Buk Wildman (17 days ago)
why is the audio on one side, can anyone explain
Christopher Dyson (17 days ago)
Where's the right channel?
RMJJ S (17 days ago)
Esoteric Ed (17 days ago)
Will you go to prom with me Natalie?, you're exquisite as fuck.
Sweet Heart (17 days ago)
Her dress reminds me of that day in the 5th grade where we pretended to live in Colonial times.
Gwann Sarmento (17 days ago)
I dont think you need a excuse or a reason to be Vegan. I am sure if vegans stop trying to convert ppl into their cult and try to shame ppl for doing what they want or trying to disrupt a natural cultural behavior less ppl would hate vegans. But atm its a fking cult and only a few are not like that and they pay the price for the many.
Gwann Sarmento (17 days ago)
I can list a million of things non vegans are tired of listening. But anyways i dont understand this argument about animals x plants. They are both living things, but plants dont feel pain, but wait how much pain does the cow feel when we take the milk? How much pain does the milk feels when we make cheese? How much pain does the egg feels when we fry it? Plus I am sure the industry woul make a special beef for vegans where they would make it feel no pain before dying...
Russell Booth (17 days ago)
I've met a vegan & she was raised up from birth as one,she is one of them who doesn't want me eating meat when we're married, she gets upset by the human consumption of animal meat so her & her family are vegans from an animal cruelty standpoint. There is something different about her as a vegan & one of them who eats chicken - they hate the idea of me becoming a vegan,they also don't like her & she is about the nicest person I've ever met. So,me becoming vegan is more out of respect for her as animal cruelty is something she feels strongly about. Is she a bright sort ? Well,we've got above average IQs (132),so we're finding that we're a good match.
h3arty (17 days ago)
GUYS, GUESS WHAT happened on my date? I told her I'm going full force back into veganism and she exclaimed "No!!! You shouldnt be vegan! You can't. It's not fair to the people in south America who need the quinoa that were stealing from them for this vegan fashion. It's just a fashionable thing people are doing!"... Needless to say I won't be seeing her again (for lots of other offensive stupid reasons too..)
h3arty (16 days ago)
Why would I lie? What a stupid lie that would be. That really happened. I also just called her to tell her I don't want to see her again after date 2, and she went absolutely crazy on me! She was nuts
Kitten Lyric (16 days ago)
calling bullshit on that...you lie
Luarda Cläy (17 days ago)
You vegans in the comments are a sheer example of why people won’t switch over to veganism. You keep shunning people about the same food choices you’ve made before, everyone isn’t gonna jump into a diet because the internet says so and everybody isn’t gonna go vegan for the animals so stop pestering people and attempting to put them down over food.
Kitten Lyric (16 days ago)
Some of the worst people I've ever met were vegans. They think it's OK to threaten, tease, harass, and scorn anyone who does not want to go vegan
willyums (17 days ago)
Sound person i don't want to hear her voice in my left and music in my right.
Turqoise (17 days ago)
On a positive note, I sure hope I 'look like a vegan' bc vegans are glowy
Turqoise (17 days ago)
I am tired of hearing from vegans "I just listen to my body" to indicate that pregnant women can't be healthy and vegan and their bodies suddenly tell them to binge on dairy...........

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