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World's Most Evil Invention - SNL

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One mad scientist (Dwayne Johnson) goes farther than the others (Kyle Mooney, Sasheer Zamata, Beck Bennett) to win a contest for most evil invention. Subscribe to SNL: https://goo.gl/tUsXwM Get more SNL: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live Full Episodes: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-liv... Like SNL: https://www.facebook.com/snl Follow SNL: https://twitter.com/nbcsnl SNL Tumblr: http://nbcsnl.tumblr.com/ SNL Instagram: http://instagram.com/nbcsnl SNL Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/nbcsnl/
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Text Comments (7945)
ross vandenberg (6 hours ago)
pretty soon they will have robots that are programmed to start their own human sacrificing death cults. these are exciting times indeed
Jerry Santana-Garcia (13 hours ago)
This sketch is brilliant.
Ted Defriece (22 hours ago)
Timothy Von Varella (1 day ago)
I hate white castle, the burgers just taste weak.
Both of the first inventions were from despicable me
ShortneysLife (1 day ago)
this is still the funniest sketch and its not recognized enough
Frank West 22 (2 days ago)
"It doesn't seem like you do because you built a freeze Ray"
Tyreek Murillo (2 days ago)
this shit had me dying
La Onda (4 days ago)
Can't believe ppl have to explain SNL jokes in YouTube comment threads to keep nitwits from being offended. It's quite clear ppl who act outraged are full of shit. Nobody goes on sketch comedy vids and becomes truly outraged, unless they are retarded and then they wouldn't be capable of leaving comments in the first place.
Luka Hays (4 days ago)
This video deserves no down votes. This was one of the most brilliant SNL sketches of all time. I wish more of their sketches had the balls to be this edgy.
Blast Up Cash (4 days ago)
Who’s here from the richest comment
Deborah Davis (6 days ago)
I don't get it. Why is this funny?
Bad Lands (6 days ago)
This is disgusting.! But y’all love these people so 🤷🏽‍♀️
LEMON ICE!! (8 days ago)
I wonder if he won?
Azrael666Azazel (10 days ago)
I want white castle.
RichterPhallos (11 days ago)
Dan Schneider in his original form.
shade231 (12 days ago)
omg I fuckn choked on my coke when he explained how he created it.
Dan Reynolds (12 days ago)
why is The Rock doing his Barack Obama voice for this sketch??? i mean content aside, his mannerisms and voice cadence is 100% Obama.
kimmisoo morris (12 days ago)
This is the sickest disgusting thing even for SNL
FatTonyGaming (12 days ago)
I love how SNL has the balls to do such a sketch lol.
J Phizack (12 days ago)
Has no one noticed the Rock delivers his lines in the cadence used by Norm Mcdonald when impersonating Burt Reynolds in old sketches?
J Cook (13 days ago)
I’m okay if I end up unpopular for saying this, but SNL crossed the line on this one...
Jacob Harrington (14 days ago)
Omfg 😂😂😂😂
Zoë Phoenix (14 days ago)
I swear to God the Rock can play any damn role ever.
Jai Pandya (14 days ago)
Is that anchor varys from game of thrones
david brown (14 days ago)
This scientist now works for the Vatican. They don't think he's evil. He gets moved around a lot.
Iammightymeaty (14 days ago)
That hairpiece was amazing.
Ce Vdw (15 days ago)
where are the people outraged over james gunn tweets on this ?
max wineberg (15 days ago)
I really like this sketch and Rock is my spirt animal.
Marc Belo (15 days ago)
Rock looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger with that haircut.
G Glow (15 days ago)
MastaSmack (15 days ago)
Well, it also points out that it's a cycle of abuse, the abused becomes the abuser, same thing with children who get hit who hit others, and people who were mentally abused and put down by family members or so called friends do the same to others.
subent (15 days ago)
The Rock can rock a full head of hair.
Salt_e (16 days ago)
why does he sound like obama
jaimejames13 (16 days ago)
They went dark... like vantablack dark.
Eurika Milien (16 days ago)
This DISGUSTING. There a certain subjects that shouldn't be joked about and this is one of them.
Hue Lu (17 days ago)
lol it’s just random chat room 😂
Well, at least he won, or at least it’s very evil More-less evil than a shrink you
Cynical Liberal (17 days ago)
Winner: Facebook
METALMAN4Wii (17 days ago)
Wow this went Dark!
Pelcogo (18 days ago)
People do realize the joke is that molesting children is bad right?
Rodolfo Cornejo (16 days ago)
It's a joke
TotinosPizzaRollz (18 days ago)
When The Rock runs for President someday, conservative trolls will dig up this video and cry tears of faux rage, "How can he be President when he made jokes about molesting children?!!"
Donald The Explorer (19 days ago)
And everyone really thinks this is funny, look up house bill California regarding underage prostitution. Then came back and laugh about this.
theoneafterthelast (19 days ago)
Possibly the greatest skit to come from this show. Ehhh... My be edged by Dry Friday.
Toby Taylor (19 days ago)
No banks or governments? Did you idiots learn evildom from Despicable me?
Tawania Dodd (19 days ago)
“Get out of here now!”
Tawania Dodd (19 days ago)
That laugh
angellique Clarke (19 days ago)
I'm so mad that I can't stop laughing
Y 20 X (20 days ago)
I can't stop watching this and the Enhancement Drug skit. The Rock is comedy fucking gold.
Riot McDohl (20 days ago)
Definitely one of my favorites.
Henry Sawyer (21 days ago)
Is this a commercial for White Castle?
Vivianne O (21 days ago)
This sketch is fiendishly brilliant😂
I KillPedo's (21 days ago)
Danfull (21 days ago)
Well... it WAS the most evil thing there.
Marc Fowler (20 days ago)
Maybe what those people were trying to say is that's not evil that's disgusting!
Gerry Balan (21 days ago)
This just to show that evil guys also has morals...
D- Sean (22 days ago)
How is pedophilia funny? Especially to you dumb ass parents, who cant see that they're using comedy to muzzle the seriousness of child molestation? But I bet if they would've had a sketch about burning the flag, or kneeling during the pledge, people would've been outraged
Meme Iselfaneye (22 days ago)
The joke is true evil in a most evil invention contest, contrasted against comic book evil, the fact that the room full of villains are horrified should tell you it's not taking away from the seriousness of the true act.
William Carter (22 days ago)
Was this all just a weird White Castle commercial?
TYS GOLDENWOLF (23 days ago)
Plagiarized from phineas and ferb.
forman208 (23 days ago)
Funny video, awful comment section
Sullmandoo (23 days ago)
Totally disgusting not at all funny this is just another way for the sick society that we live in to embrace something so evil and perverted to put it on main stream TV to have people persuaded to think this will be the norm...So did appointed in the Rock foe even doing this skit.....Lost all respect for the man and for what a pay check....does he have kids I wonder and what would his children say about this..sad very sad...
Kimaree Knight (24 days ago)
I love dark stuff like this
DONVITO_817 (24 days ago)
I reported this video for child abuse. FUCK SNL AND THE ROCK!
Shahat Alam (24 days ago)
smh they should’ve let harold and kumar cameo for the white castle part lol
Devin Kalra (24 days ago)
This is basically a Phineas and Ferb Episode with Love Muffin. Ah reminiscing on my childhood, good times.
FrankieTheWop (24 days ago)
In the future, robots will use this as an example of hate speech and spend all day posting hateful and malicious code to some future social media site. That or they've killed us all, either way the robots win.
Aryan Hegde (24 days ago)
The funniest one by far
quizzlie (25 days ago)
What if the robot molested monuments? Would you be happy then you elitist bastards?!
Steve Pruett (25 days ago)
Roughly 800, 000 children go missing each year in the United States. Abducted, abused, raped, murdered, and sacrificed by Satan worshipping fucks like the Rock. Anyone who thinks this is joke worthy is obviously fucked in the head. Grow the fuck up! http://victimsofcrime.org/media/reporting-on-child-sexual-abuse/child-sexual-abuse-statistics
Isaac Dederichs (25 days ago)
I just love the fat guy and kenan his laugh had me crying
Ferris Lee (25 days ago)
So SNL has a problem. Skits need to be max 2 minutes.
Kbitch Kal (26 days ago)
I was too distracted by the guy sitting next too Kyle 😂
Not funny at all... Sad the pebble (rock) is an illuminati creep... Peace Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
broootal warp (25 days ago)
Kill yourself, sad inbred fuck.
iamthedanger (26 days ago)
Hands down, best The Rock performance of all time
Trey Stephens (26 days ago)
He is right it is the most evil invention.
Don Gjitoni (26 days ago)
O waw.
Currupt Angel (26 days ago)
The amount of butthurt in the comments is hilarious lmao
Wow, i'm kinda surprised that SJWs aren't all over this skit. It was a great joke, and Rock's delivery was extremely funny, but i imagine we'll see less and less of these.
SolanianIdiot (27 days ago)
It's a contrast between kid's cartoon evil mad scientists , and truly dirty and gruesome evil. Not mocking the idea of child molestation. Of course it's disgusting. The joke of the skit is the acknowledgement of that, even the other "baddies" are grossed out by it.
Piss BeUponHim (27 days ago)
Liberal humour is painfully unfunny I feel sorry for you braindead folks. Enjoy your half truthed molestation jokes. Edgy.
Piss BeUponHim (27 days ago)
The left loves protecting pedos and stuff so no wonder you love stuff like this masked as "humour "
Yoloswagpro Bro (27 days ago)
ya gotta admit, that is pretty evil
Pelcogo (18 days ago)
The messed up thing is he probably had to field test it to make sure it worked.
Droemar (27 days ago)
Every Saturday morning cartoon villain taken to its logical extreme. Most "evil" plans would actually do a lot better in capitalism, but being genuinely morally evil ... well, you can't have that on a kid's show.
Victor Beckler (27 days ago)
this is not funny at all. Trash, pure trash.
Wuan (27 days ago)
Something tells me that snl wanted to ruin the rock by having him agree to do these vulgar over the top skits. I hope he never host that show again.
Henry Marckisotto (27 days ago)
Twice the children in half the time. Isn't that four times as many then?
Marty (28 days ago)
they're literally telling you what goes on in hollywood right infront of your face, but covering it up at the same time and people in the comment section are just laughing. Wake the fuck up people.
hades773 (28 days ago)
By far one of my favorite skits. If you listen how people reacted that people died from diarrhea you hear one particular person say Ohhh. They just learned something new.
The best thing about it is that it was a friggin White Castle commercial
number1 eaglesfan (28 days ago)
This is very evil. I can tell who the child molesters are in the comment section. So sad
ChevyVoltarian (29 days ago)
Child pedophilia is NOT funny. The satanic undertones are not so subtle with this one. Wake up people...this is no joke, and not some simple entertainment to consume. It is better to have a millstone hung from your neck and thrown into the ocean, than to harm innocemt children. Gods sovereign judgment is coming..be ready.
jack johnson (28 days ago)
its comedy idiot. nothing is off limits
sir bastard (29 days ago)
If you let your imagination run wild the robot looks like Jared from Subway
Hannah King (29 days ago)
Laughing...but then not quite sure if this is a little much
jack johnson (28 days ago)
nope its just funny
B G (29 days ago)
All despicable me stuff and then a pedophile robot
JJ O (29 days ago)
has every one gone insane? they are making light about child molestation.. anyone who laughs at this skit should jump off a fucking bridge
JJ O (20 days ago)
meme you really found this skit funny? I didn't laugh at all. it was very corny and the topic was just disgusting. you have very black humor. I hope ther next skit is about ur mom being raped now that would be funny
Meme Iselfaneye (21 days ago)
The character is supposed to be true evil, and created the most evil thing in the world, that's the stance of the skit itself. This sketch is about contrasting real evil against comic book evil. The joke isn't pedophilia, the joke is how cartoon villains react when confronted with something that's really evil. It's why the entire room of villains were horrified. It is evil, that's the point.
JJ O (21 days ago)
he says in order to make a pedophile robot is to molest it and hope it continues the cycle. that's not a joke that's Reality. that's how pedos word this is not a laughing matter. I am not PC and I can find humor in a lot but this is just gross and evil
Meme Iselfaneye (22 days ago)
No they aren't, they're contrasting true evil against cartoon evil, the skit is literally about it being THE MOST EVIL THING IN THE WORLD. Context is important.
JJ O (29 days ago)
how the fuck is this funny
Corey Smith (29 days ago)
Be_HoPe _DK (30 days ago)
"What is Happening to Katy Perry... (2017-2018)" by Jason A (here on YouTube) got me here ! ! ? ... Go check that out, @Spiderific! and tell me it doesn't happen in Hollyweird!!? ;-)
Hannah King (29 days ago)
Yes, that's what brought me here
youtube rocks (30 days ago)
The first 2 inventions could actually help us
Jose Bull (30 days ago)
Snl does it, it's comedy gold. Gunn did it a decade ago, gets fired from guardians of the galaxy. It's either all okay, or none of it is okay.
JJ O (21 days ago)
gunn should be gunned
Meme Iselfaneye (22 days ago)
SNL isn't generally considered kid friendly. Disney was under added pressure because of the Rosanne thing. Gunn'll be fine, he'll get work in no time flat.
JJ O (29 days ago)
none of it is ok
jack johnson (1 month ago)
too damn funny.
JJ O (29 days ago)
kill urself

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