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Have You Ever Wondered What Happens During a Heart Transplant?

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The heart. Its beat is the music of life. Have you ever wondered how this amazing organ can be transplanted from one person to another? So much depends on timing — and every step must be flawlessly executed by a highly skilled medical team at Cleveland Clinic.
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LegacyGameplays (8 дней назад)
Getting a new CPU in
Mythical Toes (4 дня назад)
More like power supply or power supply wires
Vishnunu Gador (10 дней назад)
How amazing
I am sceptic (13 дней назад)
Life is what? V3 (19 дней назад)
The real question is where they got the donor heart
LegacyGameplays (8 дней назад)
+Alex Moore brain dead because if they are dead that means the heart isn't beating
Alex Moore (18 дней назад)
The get the heart from somebody who is declared dead and has a healthy heart
Name Less (23 дня назад)
I wonder who's the first person who tried it
Alex Moore (18 дней назад)
It was Christian Barnard
Tank Slapper (26 дней назад)
This is crazy scary. Going into a building to have you ribs sawed off heart ripped out and new one in is just insane. I mean you a literally dead for a while then get reanimated.
Darkwing Deathbat (6 дней назад)
Your ribs aren't sawed off actually. Your sternum (breastbone) is cut in half and held open and then wired back together afterwards. And technically, you aren't dead during surgery, a machine is pumping blood and keeping you alive while the heart is being transplanted.
stopplayinn __ (2 месяца назад)
That is amazing
An error Occurred (4 месяца назад)
Does the person have be dead for while for this to happen? I’ve been wondering that.
An error Occurred (4 месяца назад)
azoreanblade2 ok thanks 👍
azoreanblade2 (4 месяца назад)
An error Occurred A person would have to be declared brain dead for the heart to be donated. The heart needs to be continuously beating until surgeons decide to remove & transplant the organ from the donor.
Woolf attack Gaming (5 месяцев назад)
Well you learn something new every day
Ryan Fernandez (1 год назад)
My heart surgery lasted 6 hours
Juraj Chladný (25 дней назад)
Because when they are finished cutting through ribs without causing any damage to you or your internal organs it can last up to 4 to 5 hours when they cut the hearth out to give another one thats about 3 minutes I suppose.. and sewing up then like hour I guess or more idk
that's amazing

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