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PCA 10 Poker 2013 - $100k Super High Roller, Episode 1 | PokerStars

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Episode 1 of the $100k PCA Live Poker 2013 Super High Roller, with poker star Phil Ivey, Antonio Esfandiari, Steve O'Dwyer and Ike Haxton, with cameo appearances from Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan. Poker 2013 live tournament series. Don't miss out on the next episode or any of our videos. Subscribe here: http://psta.rs/YTSL For all the latest online and live poker news, be sure to visit: http://PokerStarsBlog.com Follow @PokerStars on twitter: http://twitter.com/PokerStars for news, promotions and our weekly #FridayGiveaway! Join the largest poker community in the world! Like our page on Facebook: http://Facebook.com/PokerStarsNet PokerStars operates the world's most popular online poker sites, serving a global poker community of more than 63 million registered members. Since it launched in 2001, PokerStars has become the first choice of the world's top players, with more daily tournaments than anywhere else and with the best security online. More than 110 billion hands have been dealt on PokerStars, which is more than any other site.
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Text Comments (130)
Scott Christensen (1 month ago)
When ivey had hair...bye bye follicles
Tobias Georgi (1 month ago)
Does ike Haxton buys glasses on purpose that slip down his nose?
Joshua C (1 month ago)
When the commentator yelled “dramaaa” he sounded so so gay 😂
jaddy540 (2 months ago)
5 Minutes of B.S. before cards are dealt. Getting to be a talk show.
BoOranito1 (3 months ago)
Why on earth are there so many Phil's in Pro-Poker ??
Scott Cruz (4 months ago)
The American announcer reminds me of a that annoying father that tries to be cool so hard to hangout with his son and his friends.
Christos316 (4 months ago)
Phil Ivey is such a bad ass
monkefoahead (5 months ago)
bitches bikininis lol
mcpartridgeboy (5 months ago)
I have 2 contacts in my phone, my mother and my friend
Scum E. Badger (5 months ago)
The Isle of Lesbos
V (5 months ago)
Someone, please, bludgeon Joe Stapleton to a point where he can't ever speak again. What an annoying little POS.
Bigboiiiii (5 months ago)
Gruissem calls AA but goes all in with AK... this fool does not belong on the professionals list. He is such a bad player....
Paul R (2 months ago)
Bigboiiiii lol
My Psychology Blogs (6 months ago)
5 betting AK is generally not a good idea. Lol.
My Psychology Blogs (6 months ago)
I play the same types of games. With shitty players. Lol.
B. Alvn (6 months ago)
i've never 5-bet AK in my life, but in the games i play 3-bets are rare and 4 bets almost never happen at all...if there is a 4-bet it is a shove and you can't raise that! in a situation like that, i fold AK to a 4-bet shove, because you are (slightly) behind to any pocket pair and obviously have no fold equity with a call...i'm not a coin-flipper guy if i can help it! i usually play like 25/50c online and live 1-2 that plays very deep and usually is more like a 2-5 game with lots of $12-20 opens and stacks uncapped upto sometimes even 3000 (i've seen people with $15,000 stacks but obviously that doesn't matter if the next highest is only $1500 or whatever..) Rarely does that game play like a regular 1-2 game, and if you try to play normal and open for $6 you will almost always get 3-bet to like $35! :-( awful game, actually...
My Psychology Blogs (6 months ago)
B. Alvn Yes, they do. Lots of flips. I'm not ever 5 betting AK in a cash game. Even if it's suited and I have a little more equity. If someone four bets me then I'm absolutely terrified. Thank you for your reply. Love the GTO stuff as well but I am never 5 betting AK. What stakes do you play?
B. Alvn (6 months ago)
It's a lot better than calling though, especially out of position. You get a lot of fold equity against 88, 99, TT, JJ, maybe even QQ, AK, and even against KK you aren't in terrible shape (70-30 or so)...and you have a blocker to AA and to KK as well, making those hands less likely. Plus don't forget this is a rebuy tournament, which makes a huge difference to the well-funded...this kind of tournament is very luck-oriented and regular rules of poker don't necessarily apply. These guys all seem quite ready and willing to coin-flip for their stacks, don't they?
jc jones (6 months ago)
Jo makes this too enjoying to watch. He thinks he is funny but he is not
Kathleen Smith (7 months ago)
Or Phil could just cheat.
Birdland11 (7 months ago)
"are you still playing" lol. Tanslation : you're such a donkey pls keep playing Gruisem
John Damo (8 months ago)
Where is Eric Lindgren
Saurabh Suryawanshi (9 months ago)
Hellmuth busted made my day 😂😂
stephen schradin (11 months ago)
Joe Stapleton “ the announcer “is horrible he makes it hard to watch
The Agenda (1 year ago)
Bahamas 400,000 miles away?? The moon is closer. Note to self: next year book the Marriott on the moon for family vacation
S B (1 year ago)
I love seeing Dwan's, and Ivey's eyes during poker. When they are thinking things over.
matteus™ (1 year ago)
23:23 lol
Leon Maes (1 year ago)
Reaction plenty there available commander not pickup congressional
Micky Antiforms (1 year ago)
Gruissem makes me sick...he could play better monster hands
Zak Arty (1 year ago)
im with o'dwyer , hate using my phone for calls and msgs
B. Alvn (6 months ago)
I don't even have a cell phone!
Jun Lanzanas (1 year ago)
theres stupid hellmuth
PrognatusSeptem (1 year ago)
The "sweat with" shit.... SUCKS !!!!
Arya Afshar M. (1 year ago)
WHY IN THE WORLD would Ivey call the river in that 22 vs. 85 on 52KJ9 board?
B. Alvn (6 months ago)
those two guys have tons of history playing versus each other, that's why. Ivey is taking all that into account, and has probably seen a lot of bluffs from him in the past in similar situations. one thing too is that the way people play very strong hands is often very similar to the way they play very weak hands... Ivey is probably planning to rebuy anyways and as you can see, most of these guys are taking big chances probably for that reason.
Birdland 1 (1 year ago)
esfandiari, ivey.. all these created TV "stars" are so annoying
B. Alvn (6 months ago)
yeah, they can't play poker can they? buncha donks, right?? umm.....
Birdland 1 (1 year ago)
HORRIBLE play by Gruissem with AA vs donkey Watson
Matthew Hatton (2 years ago)
This guy Esfandiari getting a massage..........
Ashish raj Sedhain (1 year ago)
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Kevin Diaz (2 years ago)
I saw Phil Ivey, I clicked.
B. Alvn (6 months ago)
join the club!
Slundermin (2 years ago)
Me too. Thumbnails work very well
Andrew Boissiere (2 years ago)
what type of chips are they using?
kreglfromworld (2 years ago)
the plastic ones
jonathan herrera (2 years ago)
They always have good hands ... 😕
B. Alvn (6 months ago)
ummm...no. they always show the good hands on TV.
Michael Nguyen (2 years ago)
+jonathan herrera Your close. It looks like they have good hands, but in reality, most of the table folds pre-flop, so usually the only ones left have high cards and/or same suit. So flop/turn/river is likely to form a set/straight/flush. But yeah, quad aces was amazing
Michael Nguyen (2 years ago)
+jonathan herrera Your close. It looks like they have good hands, but in reality, most of the table folds pre-flop, so usually the only ones left have high cards and/or same suit. So flop/turn/river is likely to form a set/straight/flush. But yeah, quad aces was amazing
Tristan Smith (2 years ago)
Something I'll still never understand. Why do they put a betting line on a table when they don't enforce the betting line for any of the games played on that table?
B. Alvn (6 months ago)
they sure do enforce it. once you push your chips past that line they are committed to the pot. where have you seen otherwise?
Yuze LIU (2 years ago)
where is my phil hellmuth
principe alla moda (2 years ago)
AAHHAHAHA Phil Hellmuth 49 $ per second #KEK
anon ymous (2 years ago)
Pretty actually think stapleton is funny? I cringe every time he opens his mouth.
sküll düggery (2 years ago)
Hellmouth before calling Gruissem's shove: "you kind of deserve it"...he calls...BOOM...he's out...lol.
B. Alvn (6 months ago)
that was a total cooler...he most likely had A9 there...almost nobody is getting away from that hand on that board, especially when they are rich enough (or staked by rich friends) just to rebuy back into the tournament anyways... putting that guy on a full house there is pretty much impossible and a fold would be bad play.
RM BB (2 years ago)
This commentator sucks so bad, can't even watch it, what a shame
last first (3 years ago)
42:00 the greatest player in the world makes a terrible call
cooking shows lee (4 months ago)
Birdland 1 just a bitch making a stupid ass racist comment
Eins Zwo (3 years ago)
its so quoss to make fun of others names...
Dazla Darren (3 years ago)
37:35 Nice shade of lipgloss!
Patrick Ogle (3 years ago)
Much better coverage than ESPNs. Better camera work, better commentary, better features.
BestPokerCoaching (8 months ago)
Indeed, great channel
Filipe L.M. (1 year ago)
yep, ESPN's commentary staff is just noisy lol
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Rinto Kurniawan (1 year ago)
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Emblane Films (3 years ago)
Wow. Didn't know Ted Bundy plays poker
Batman (3 years ago)
100k in 33 minutes. Wow. $49 per second, $3,000 per minute. He said his children were in college. If I was his son, I'd tell him to retire with the $20 million that sites from a simple Google search claims he has.
BUTCH ROYAL (3 years ago)
POKERSTARS is just the biggiest shittttttt ever exist online,this site have to banned around the world,and to arrest allt this fuckin Criminal motherfuckers
Eduardo Enrique (3 years ago)
Make money here https://www.paidverts.com/ref/tarazon05 and then invest it in poker star, the best investment you can do!
Blake Long (3 years ago)
27:45 It's Jimmy Fucking Fallon
Torbjørn Skrunes (11 months ago)
Its Alvarado
BroskyWhoDatedHoski (1 year ago)
noway.thats not him
Nicholas Campesato (3 years ago)
+Blake Long He plays online as Antonioscy
Nikos K (3 years ago)
how much money does the winner of the tournament  wins ?
EASkateTV (3 years ago)
commentary is so bad.
m trents (1 year ago)
That's what poker commentary is
ong namchoom (3 years ago)
Played Poker with friends and Won 10 pounds. Lol we were being taught by a friend and he said lets put money to make things interesting. Now we are so hooked that we have a Poker Night on Monday! :P 
Tarek tayah (11 months ago)
Wow!I almost gave a fuck
Rod Bryant (3 years ago)
Fair call LogicalThinker.
Rod Bryant (3 years ago)
Helmuth is the worst of the top famous players - don't know why he is still famous - and he is unforgivably rude.
SeshTimeTV (5 months ago)
He IS the best tournament player.
B. Alvn (6 months ago)
I guess being the all-time bracelet leader of the WSOP is pretty awful, huh? How many do you have, Rod? I agree that there are times when he is rude though, and not only him but plenty of others. The poker world really needs to grow up and sportsmanship and courtesy needs to become the norm...I think it is slowly but surely moving in that direction, actually..and in his case most of his worst behavior that everyone remembers was a long time ago, it's just that TV and the Internet has immemorialized it and people love to watch it. Matusow, Negreanu, and other top figures all have had their share of dickish moments to be sure...Phil Ivey has about the best manners of them all, and that is one reason so many people respect him about the most too. Doyle also.
Tristan Smith (3 years ago)
+Bradley Mainwaring I met him in Baltimore a month ago. Phil is a super nice guy. And he really has settled down as far as talking down to players in the last few years. Most of those videos were like 2010 and before.
Devorantem (3 years ago)
+Bradley Mainwaring As I said, he does it for the cameras, like an actor, at least that's what I've been told by people and I have no reason to believe they'd lie.
Bradley Mainwaring (3 years ago)
+LogicalThinker7991 Have you watched all those video's of him calling people idiots over and over though? i cant imagine him being a nice guy tbh, he has so much ego
Jose Galan (3 years ago)
saintconnor (3 years ago)
only a few chosen mortals in poker nowadays says: only those that can put up the money required, sponsored or not.
B. Alvn (6 months ago)
umm...you can play poker online for literally pennies these days. this is named "super high roller" for a reason, but Pokerstars has similarly structured touraments with like a 10 cent entry fee or something, and every other amount you can afford is possible. i do think that the media gives too much credit to people with money, many of whom are lousy players, but even at the WSOP there are events with like $500 entry fees i believe, which is well within the range of nearly anyone if they want to play enough.
Andrew Freeman (3 years ago)
Great players, action, and commentary!
quality333 (3 years ago)
Helmuith paid 100 k for the tournament and lasted 33 min at the table. 
Devorantem (3 years ago)
That's tournament poker. You don't win every time you play, hell most of the time you don't even cash, it's tournament variance. Pretty simple concept that most decent players understand.
penkata drums (3 years ago)
Johan Bellbrant (3 years ago)
wow, Phil really gone worse and worse...
4thandinches (3 years ago)
42:19 Amazing read by Phil Ivey!     
lolmomz (3 years ago)
Gruissem has a Grusome face
Átila S.A. (3 years ago)
What was that Ivey call on 42:20 ??? 
ForShizzleMaNizzle (3 years ago)
+Atila S. A. guys he meant the fart noise
19celts (3 years ago)
a he had 5s
geneparmesan57 (3 years ago)
...he had a pair, not eight-high
Hasim Mohammed (3 years ago)
haha i know right wtf? 8 HIGH???? Very odd to see a pro make such a ridiculously bad call like that.
Rey L (3 years ago)
Phil Hellmuth lasting 33 minutes at the table. lol after sleeping for 15 hours ha!
michi k (4 years ago)
not again stapleton
VivaValdez (4 years ago)
Those puns never Quossed my mind...
hellaclownin (4 years ago)
One of these commentators sound like the dota 2 commentator for english in KDL.
Paul Sack (4 years ago)
Phil looks like hes been sitting in a basement playing world of warcraft the last year
John DinDompa (4 years ago)
Why does everyone hate on Vanessa so much? She's not even creepy looking and she's a really good player.
Victor Raphals-Kath (2 months ago)
pimpmoney Where do you get that from?
ozzylaza (4 months ago)
John DinDompa yep she is creepy looking and a good player at best. Not excellent
patricblack1 (6 months ago)
Damn Son she
Damn Son (10 months ago)
Nondescript (3 years ago)
Because the biker gang she belongs to is disreputable.
Justin (4 years ago)
Lold so hard at 28:49 to 28:57
LliV PokerCent (4 years ago)
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imyour kusha (3 years ago)
Hi im a scammer
Sozlled (4 years ago)
I want to frolic!
hey_joli_oiseau (4 years ago)
Why every time when I watch poker I must see a fcuking trans named Selbt ?
B. Alvn (6 months ago)
Honestly I think she is more of a rich kid with plenty of money that allows her to play at the top levels. Although she isn't bad. A lot of it does come down to bankroll and how much you are willing to gamble at these levels...ask any player and they will tell you that you can't play well if you are worried about the money. It is weird that out of the whole sphere of top poker players only 4 or 5 are women, and of those, i think 3 or 4 are lesbians...i have never understood that, but clearly there must be something to do with chromosomes...
sukoner1 (1 year ago)
because she is always in the top plays, u know, because she is one of the best players in the world.
urmum (4 years ago)
stop fucking calling hellmuth the greatest of all time!!
Devorantem (3 years ago)
+flex2125 18 million tournament earnings, most bracelets, gonna go ahead and make a crazy statement here and say he's not just 'ok'
flex2125 (4 years ago)
+Paul Sack hes 'ok' i guess..
Paul Sack (4 years ago)
Hes still fucking good though
urmum (4 years ago)
+flex2125 yeah I kinda thought that to!! ahhh thats good then!
Viktor Wennersten (4 years ago)
paralysing (3 years ago)
8:00 :D
dougodude101 (4 years ago)
The shorter commentator is shiiiit. Also P.O.W., really
Nick (4 years ago)
What's the name of the American commentator who comes up with all the funny lines? He's hilarious
readu100 (5 months ago)
He ain't funny. Just an annoying juvenile.
thieney (1 year ago)
Nick Cheah everyone seems to hate him
Diogo Duarte (4 years ago)
Joe Stappleton
perfect1oNN (4 years ago)
dem quoss jokes lol

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