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Fine Needle Aspiration Thyroid Nodule (graphic)

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Learn about the thyroid gland and a thyroid nodule. Also, view a step-by-step guide through a fine needle aspiration (FNA) procedure and what to expect after the test. To learn more visit, http://bit.ly/PRIf2L.
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JoeLBlack707 (25 days ago)
The larynx is too small on the first picture, thyroid too big, too high. And please don't hide the trajectory of the needle, some of us are here just for that reason
ANGELiCA LiZETTE (1 month ago)
My mom just got this on Friday. Omg 😞
the diamond fox's vlogs (2 months ago)
I just saw this and i thought ok lets watch this
David Stojadinovic (6 months ago)
This is glorious, I've been looking for "the thyroid solution diet reviews" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Yannabarn Vanish Thyroid - (just google it ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate got excellent success with it.
LemonLime TheWolf (7 months ago)
I had a doctor stick a needle multiple times in my arm, could not find the vein, so he gave me numbing medicine and then sticker me some where else, after moving the needle around in my arm (this was just for an iv because I was dehydrated and had to get a colonoscopy and an endoscopy, also that happened over a year ago) Today I found two slightly movable lumps (both different shapes and one slightly bigger than the other ( on top of either my thyroid or Adams Apple area I can't tell) and I am afraid that I will need to get this done, I don't want to be sticked in the neck with a needle and have them move it around, and since I have two lumps they might need to stick me twice, but I still need to go to the doctors first before I get this done which I hope I won't need to it looks painful...
ashanti hunter (7 months ago)
I have 2 nodules
Arlene Walton-Bostic (7 months ago)
Jeanette Garcia (10 months ago)
I just had it done 2 days ago for me was painful and still in pain , headache and dizziness
Violet Amethyest (1 year ago)
I had a FNA done about 2 months ago..I did not feel anything. I don't know if it was because I had a great Doctor but, it did not hurt at all...I think if you are afraid it might hurt because if you are tense..you may feel pain.
Than Baggin (1 year ago)
I like how they always say there's not a lot of pain involved lmao a needle into your neck doesn't tickle I had 6 in one sitting
charlotte lockwood (1 year ago)
I'm having a thyroid biopsy on the 17th.. any tips on how to stay calm? I might be 21 but I cried when having my blood taken for the thyriod function test so who knows what I be like having this done
Sin Scrivener (1 year ago)
Mine hurt like hell, worst feeling EVER! Numbing shot did NOTHEN!
Mac Haug3 (1 year ago)
Haha B.S. mine hurt like hell you people lie like a mf
DUNNESSA ALSTON (1 year ago)
Keep everyone in pray who experience thyroid cancer god bless.
saffron blu (1 year ago)
Having a baby is so beyond worse than having a fnb! I PROMISE YOU!
saffron blu (1 year ago)
I was SO scared I almost left after being prepped.Dr.was SO kind & talked me thru it & said I could stop at any time.I was given lidocaine - hurt some.Then had 4 sticks.Again-hurt-but not as bad as I thought- Pressure. .But it did hurt.AGAIN-NOTHING like I thought.If I can do THIS - ANYONE CAN - I PROMISE YOU! Just get it done & OVER WITH! It's like 5 minutes tops!P.S.-DONT LISTEN to ppl here w/horror stories! I think ppl do it to scare others.Pay NO attention to them - if they had a heart& it hurt so bad - they'd be quiet! Just make sure you had a great Dr.like I did & do your research!You can get ideas from ppl out here, just don't solely rely on them.I almost did this - would've been my biggest mistake! Bless you all who have to do this - just DONT WORRY!
Tamika English (1 year ago)
I will have to go in tomorrow for my appointment I'm praying to God that everything is alright
Marshan Thomas (2 years ago)
i dont want to feel pain at all.
faithallways (1 year ago)
Marshan Thomas how did urs go?
Marshan Thomas (2 years ago)
that was so helpful. please pray for me bc i am going through this on july 26. i am so nerves. smh.
Marshan Thomas (2 years ago)
Thank u i had posted a update. Everything went very well. It was not all that bad as i though it would had been. It was a lil scary my sis was there with me. Right after the FNA was done i cry a lil. The follow i learn that my result came out good there was no cancer at all. Thank u 4 asking. I hope u r doing good.
RealBeautiful Beauty (2 years ago)
how did it go? Are you Okay?
Randy Reese (2 years ago)
OMG!! SO AM I!! What are the odds??
DarkMuu666 (2 years ago)
Wasn't too bad, relax.
Jeanne Thompson (2 years ago)
Third one next week. Yes, they do hurt and I do not know why they tell you they do not. This will be my LAST one as I am too old for this, Between two doctors they both have different idea and I do not want to be a pin cushion for their disagreement anymore.
Arun Yadav (2 years ago)
excellent video
rip die (2 years ago)
god ido the CME to hospital I'm very scred ipray to god hope every fine...
Vesna Petkova (2 years ago)
Thank you for this video with detailed explanation of the procedure. Helps a lot!
Vijju Raj (2 years ago)
I had the same test at Boston, MA and they confirmed that there is no need to worry about Cancer in the nodule. It was little painful, but it was always good to do it. Doing Yoga, proper food schedule, sleep, NO STRESS and tension, will always be very helpful. My physician even suggested me that there is no need to take any medicines, if I do not want to.. But I suffered a lot between 2013 till 2015 and got so many tensions and stress. Anyways, I always have a strong believe ONLY IN GOD. GOD IS THERE FOR EVERYTHING. PLEASE DO NOT WORRY FOR ANYTHING.
K Robinson (30 days ago)
Vijju Raj I just found out today I have a solid nodule and go to get the fna procedure. God is in control!
Guilmon470 (2 years ago)
I will likely have to have this done soon because of multiple nodules on my thyroid and I am horrified. :( I hate needles as it is much less someone sticking one into my neck and jiggling it around. I hope that they give me some anxiety medication beforehand.
Marshan Thomas (2 years ago)
i agree i hate needles to. i am going to ask they can gave me something. i am a lil nerves about it .
Anna Iacoviello (2 years ago)
+mkrp4 OMG noooo.. I had 3 done at one time the other day.. and I'm in tears... they were hurting so bad before the FNA..I Feel like I'm being choked, that I have rocks in my throat, and my throat is sore.
Guilmon470 (2 years ago)
I haven't seen a dentist in ten years either. :P
mkrp4 (2 years ago)
+Guilmon470 eat banana before procedure, it has natural happy drug in it (I am NOT joking); Jut FYI dental procedures are much more uncomfortable IMHO! Also in some cases shear wave ultrasound imaging may provide enough details without need for biopsy. BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zoe Frew (2 years ago)
Going in today :( im scared
Marshan Thomas (2 years ago)
how did it go for u. i have to do it soon myself july 26th.
Pnayme (2 years ago)
my TSH is below normal... biopsy would be done tomorrow.. since my lump is about 5cm.. I hope its benign... I feel a lil bit excited. and nervous
Roxie Bangcz C (1 year ago)
hugotRN Philippines anong nangyari ate?
webdev404040 (2 years ago)
+Honelyn Arapoc OK, God bless!
Pnayme (2 years ago)
i hope so. but the result of biopsy till now im waiting
webdev404040 (2 years ago)
+Honelyn Arapoc sorry, i saw ur nodule size 5cm...it is little bigger and hope it is benign.
webdev404040 (2 years ago)
+Honelyn Arapoc what is the size of your nodule? I have 2.8cm nodule...almost half filled with cyst...not invaded surrounding structures as far doctor told me...my thyroid working normal and no symptoms except small lump...FNA scheduled for December....My family Doctor feels that it is benign. I am ready to fight whatever it is.....be strong and pray!!
Nayaab Vasi (3 years ago)
Aww thank you for your video im havin my theyoid actomy next month im not as worried now but i will be realli nervous onthe day, after having your operation how do you feel now ? Any better n is it better for you to swollow now ?! Im jus a lil worried bout my voice if it gets damaged. Otherwise im not to worried ,once again thnx fr uploading helpin me wha to expect on the day x
Yesenia Campos (3 years ago)
I'm 16, I've had my Biopsy done 3 times already since I was 9 years old. Tomorrow I'm talking to my surgeon for the 2nd time about getting my thyroid removed because it keeps growing. I'm scared
Katia Chev (1 year ago)
Aliya Sattaur mj
Aliya Sattaur (2 years ago)
+brianna horen you should definitely get that check with your doctor! I'm 20 and soon have to get a thyroid scan and uptake done because I have small nodules according to my doctor and a slight goiter(swelling of the thyroid). If you haven't seen a doctor for it before you'll probably have to do blood work and an ultrasound! I'm hoping I don't have to do this aspiration because I have such an irrational fear of needles
brianna Styles (2 years ago)
Hi I don't know if you still on here but I'm 19 and I've been searching the internet all night , yesterday I felt a lump by my button lower neck & my neck hurts on that side , it started out with a scratchy throat. I don't know if this is it!? , is that what you've felt !?
Nando Mango (3 years ago)
I'm getting this done tomorrow.. the only thing that's scary about the procedure is having that needle in my throat I seriously fucking hope they don't hit an artery or wind pipe or anything that can kill me
Marshan Thomas (2 years ago)
i am getting this done on the 26th how did it go for u.
MiMiMi M&M (3 years ago)
+Fernando Trochez Please check out on internet about LUGOL you need take only one drop every night to heallingy ou bdy it is also detox natural source and work not only in Thyreoid but all organs in our body Please check about Dr Lugol it is easy simple and only the way to be Thyreoids healling again, but Drs is so ignorant and not study about that in university and UNI is manteined from Farmaceutic industry so no interest to stop medications...
sayymyname (3 years ago)
I am going on Thursday. Wish me luck.
Marshan Thomas (2 years ago)
how did it go for u. i have on the 26th. smh.
MiMiMi M&M (3 years ago)
+sayymyname Check out on internet about LUGOL please so many people sufre from Thyreoids and farmaceutic industry not want we know about the discovery of Dr LUGOL more than 100 years a go. Good luck
firechick330 (3 years ago)
Had mine done today. It wasn't that bad. Thank God.The hard thing to do is to not swallow when the needle is in . But now I have to wait for the results.
mardelcheatham (3 years ago)
I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer after I had an FNA in 2007. It felt a lot worse than this looked. 
Kimberly Priah (3 years ago)
What exactly felt worse
Dee Dee Garcia (3 years ago)
I am going to have my Biopsy , on monday , My heart goes to all of you , My prayers for you and myself . God be with us .
Thilanka Perera (1 year ago)
Dee Dee Garcia I
Nina Walker (1 year ago)
I wont know anything about the biopsy untile i go and see her on Tuesday.
Nina Walker (1 year ago)
I have never hade any problems with my neck before. I hade surgery in the back of my neck. But notghing like this before.
Nina Walker (1 year ago)
im so terrified. im goin to see my docter this Tuesday.
Marshan Thomas (2 years ago)
i needed that mines is on the 26th of july.
mary proctor (4 years ago)
Did this is 1999 for left side and now 15 years later the right side! They should have taken out the whole thing and given me Synthroid!!!
Courtney Senitza (2 years ago)
MiMiMi M&M (2 years ago)
+Courtney Ford Tipicaly Psychopath first bulling and when not win the war try diferent approach and be a victim....Now you are a poor girl with cancer So Tyreoids is in neck represent troat and tongue it mean what you speak probably your cancer came from that but you can`t speak so you vomit what you have in your mind...Stop be a internet troll and go to detox your body to be health fisical and mental too....sorry but I not loose my time to read all you continuous bull shit so the firsts centece is enough...Get like and in the way learn not to say to anyone what to do or what to study....you are noting...and I don`t care if make sense for you...
Courtney Senitza (2 years ago)
Again...less insults, more medical facts, please. I'm not a troll. I've had numerous thyroid biopsies and thyroid cancer. The information you gave was incorrect. If you believed what you were saying, you'd be happy to provide your source instead of harassing innocent people. I'm done with you...no use arguing with someone who clearly has no idea what she's talking about. And no...nobody can understand you.
MiMiMi M&M (2 years ago)
+Courtney Ford Lol NOBODY? Lol stop to show how sociopath TROLL in internet....Get life Bi## find someone to wanke...Hope so YOU can understand...write write cos I not read YOUR bull shit
Courtney Senitza (2 years ago)
Again, nobody has any idea what you're talking about. If you have real facts and medical evidence to back up your claims, please provide it. A knowledgable person would have no problem proving what they're saying is true. And intelligent people don't have to resort to childish name-calling. You might want to grow up a little if you want anyone to take you seriously. Thank you for clarifying your teacher's name for me. I'm sure he'll love reading this ridiculous conversation when I email it to him.
Victoria Spargo (4 years ago)
Victoria Spargo (4 years ago)

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