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If You Had One Week to Live What Would You Do? (feat. Meghan McCain)

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A hospital in the French city of Clermont-Ferrand is to open a wine bar where terminally ill patients will be able to enjoy a "medically-supervised" glass or two with their families. Ana Kasparian, Dave Rubin and Meghan McCain discuss what they would do if they had one week left to live. If you had one week to live what would you do? Comment below and share! Click to subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=townsquare Host: Ana Kasparian https://twitter.com/AnaKasparian Guests: Dave Rubin https://twitter.com/RubinReport Meghan McCain https://twitter.com/MeghanMcCain The Point with Ana Kasparian is a smart and fast-paced panel show giving you a weekly round up of the hottest stories of the week. Each week Ana sits down with some of your favorite hosts from The Young Turks and other interesting personalities that each bring their unique perspectives on everything from news to pop culture.
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BioHazardous Brony (2 years ago)
If I had a week to live, I would be killing all kkk members in existance.
BioHazardous Brony (2 years ago)
+Adam Jacobsen No that's just history.
BioHazardous Brony (2 years ago)
Slave trade, who caused it? White people. Who was being traded? Black people. No wonder why blacks hate whites because whites treat blacks like animals.
BioHazardous Brony (2 years ago)
I'm not racist, I just hate racist people and not because they are white or black.
BioHazardous Brony (2 years ago)
+Adam Jacobsen You are a kkk member?
BioHazardous Brony (2 years ago)
Also, almost all of my friends and my girlfriend is white. I just hate kkk members.
Chris Dolmeth (3 years ago)
What would I do in my last week of life, hmm, I'm not quite sure. I'd try to live many different experiences. Sky diving, saving someone's life, drugs, go to a Metallica concert, start a bar fight, the last thing I'd probably want to happen is for my organs to save someone else if at all possible.
zoey is a pink unicorn (3 years ago)
THANK U!! I have two mom's and I always get hate. And what I've been trying to say Is EXACTLY what Ana said,"if it doesn't hurt or effect you, then let them do what makes them happy." This world has gone to crap, I mean look at Jazz! All her hate just because she wants to be a girl! I'm so sure that she isn't hurting anybody. But people want to murder her because she is Transgender.umm she is a kid who was a boy now is a girl. Soo why do you wanna kill her? The world may never know!
Bear Bait (3 years ago)
I would spend as much time with my kids as I could. Although I would take some of that time to go jump out of a plane. As for the time I spent with my kids, I would take them to Disneyland and go to a beach near the ocean so that my kids, husband and I could all see the ocean for the first time.
TheGunrunn3r (3 years ago)
If I had a week to live? That's too tempting. The max I could get is a week in jail.
bumman117 (3 years ago)
FUCKLOADS of lsd and basejumping and shit
Sup3rNov4 (3 years ago)
Well first, I would kiss and have sex with a girl for the first time then I would rob a bank and give my family everything they have always wanted then on my last day I would do as many backflips on my bike while falling from the biggest building while doing a live broad cast on my GoPro.
ryanmz91 (3 years ago)
If I had one week to live, I'd trip on acid, mushrooms, peyote and ayahuasca in the mountains of southwest Colorado. Goin' out like Huxley!
Addison Taylor (3 years ago)
I would hunt a dangerous predator, maybe a bear, with only a knife in hand.  It's on!
walleyzworld (3 years ago)
I would say bad things to my teachers
1975Rysky (3 years ago)
What the hell is wrong with people?  If someone's dying, let hem smoke crack drop acid and shoot heroin all at the same time if they want.
Ed Gloss (3 years ago)
Heroin. Bundles and bundles of heroin. I'd be shooting up until it killed me. Oh, did I mention heroin.
Tony D (3 years ago)
Great steaks? You must mean steaks with the texture of cake. Because in Texas for $10 that's what you get. In Ohio for $10 you get shoe leather.
Lindsey H (3 years ago)
I'm with Meghan as much bad food and sex as possible. And drugs. 
Lavern Dickerson (3 years ago)
Interesting how the skinny girls all want to eat reclessly corndogs and cookie dough. If they would give in to those indulges now then it might not be a priority their last week on earth.
Emmery Foxanne (3 years ago)
Spend two days with my family, thank them for what they have done for me. Tear up all my homework and anything that has got to do with study matters. Go to New York and spend my last days there. Go to all the Taylor Swift concerts I could possibly go to. And I would try to meet her. If I couldn't, I would break into her house just to get a glimpse of her. Even if I get arrested, I'm gonna die anyways. At the same time, eat all the bubble gum I could eat because gum is illegal where I live. And I would get drunk. Spend all my savings on clothes, and spending all my money on online stuff like you know, in games you can purchase coins. Also, I would take all my pets with me to New York. My cats and my dog. And I would eat like a pig because I wouldn't have to be concerned about my weight. And I've always wanted to perform on stage. If I would have the opportunity, I would just go on stage and sing. Let it all out. And just eat gummy bears uncontrollably. Tell all the bullies that they are shit heads. And curl my hair Untill it's curly like pinkie pie. And also, I would go to a Ed sheeran concert. 👍👍👍💩
Emmery Foxanne (3 years ago)
I most definitely would! 😊
Chris Samuels (3 years ago)
I'd go base jumping, do mountains of coke with Charlie sheen, hire the hottest escort I could find and take her to Paris(sex position) with my best friend, and eat an ounce of mushrooms :)
AA A (3 years ago)
Slice my bosses throat
James Cage (3 years ago)
I think if they wanted coke or cid or ex i would be like sure no problem
Jeff Jones (3 years ago)
I would spend the last month of my life having sex with a bunch of Alenka Bikar and Sofia Vergara look alikes.
Steven Fletcher (4 years ago)
I'd become a vigilante.
MrJelly Bear (4 years ago)
Let them snort coke, if they are on their death bed, who Fucking cares????
jack crowly (4 years ago)
On my last I would be on the beach if the week is in the summer but if it in the winter rent a cabin but no matter where I'm at I'm going to smoke a shit tun of weed
Shiggedy (4 years ago)
"Charms of the soil"? Sounds like a bad translation.
walsie435 (4 years ago)
Ana Kasparian just went up a few notches in my book.
Razorlust (4 years ago)
For all I know this week might be the last one of my life. I live every day with that in mind already....
XxXmizzshottaXxX (4 years ago)
I'd write a whole bunch of letters full of everything that I've wanted to say to people, but didn't for whatever reason and spend time with people I care about. I don't think that in most cases when people are terminally ill they can just dance all night and eat whatever they want, so I probably wouldn't do that. Oh and I'd maybe use LSD in case I'm scared to die, so I can be at peace with it. Yeah I know, boring right?
Orion q (4 years ago)
Unsafe orgies dude
Douglas Richardson (4 years ago)
Probably eat a giant fucking carrot cake , and a pizza , and several 2 leiters of various sodas , uh...chocolate....lots of chocolate , white chocolate , uh , hmmm , i would want to try weed , and meth , and uh , cocaine , and maybe , have alot of fried chicken. Look , im on a diet , i eat alot of good healthy food , but god damn i would be a fucking liar if i dident want to quit.
Ben Band (4 years ago)
Personally, I think all races of women are beautiful, so I would have just want to have sex with women in general lol.  I would also want to spend time with my family.
Eric Mathis (4 years ago)
Moderation.  I would eat good food and smoke some weed.  Anything I do that I had not done before and enjoy will only enrage and depress me.  Imagine having a week to live so you do some acid and have an orgie on the first night.  If you love it you may be depressed for the rest of the week that you had deprived yourself of those pleasures all our life.  The week would then be the worst ever!
xander6464 (4 years ago)
I think it be interesting to flip this over on its' head by asking,  "If we finally conquered death and you knew you would live forever, no matter what, what would you do?"  A lot fiction has explored this question but since no one reads anymore and no one watches old science fiction TV shows and movies, it's for all intent and purposes, a brand new concept.
Ryan Lukasiuk (4 years ago)
I would go to the beach and get wild there
Daniel Diaz (4 years ago)
i'd probably try a shit ton of drugs. drive really fast cars. get laid. go to parties. and meet up with ana because im latino. 
Christian Smith (4 years ago)
I would like take my two million dollars and pur ten thousand in each envelope and drive around give one envelope to each homeless hungry people me see and then I find nice girl like ana to give hugs and say nice things, do foot massage, eat good food, and just be nice everyone I meets to say hello you are beautiful and make good friend . Then I go neet jesus and say thank you to die for sins very good god may we all be blessed. Thank you tio make oppurtunity share my story
schitjob (4 years ago)
Ana, Ana, Ana.  When porno women do it with darker skinned men on film their pay rate goes down.   I'm just sayin'.   ;)
schsgirl08 (4 years ago)
I would probably go vigilante and try to get rid of as much bad in the world as I could without repercussions for the first few days then go have a grand old time with everyone I cared about at Disney World for the last few.
Paul Michel (4 years ago)
I'd spend time with my family and eat at some really  good restaurants and have lots of prime rib, steak, baked potatoes, chocolate, coke (coca-cola, not cocaine) and I'd probably try getting high on some weed and see if could get some nice looking lady high with me and let nature take its course.  
alejandro sins (4 years ago)
Society has these religious notions that we must protect the sanctity of our bodies because juzbes will judge them. That's utterly nonsense even if you're religious zealot. Humans need to realize people will do whatever they want whether it's legal or illegal. 
Andrew Mott (4 years ago)
i think i would grab an ounce of really good mushrooms and run off into the wild
reeseseater12 (4 years ago)
For me, it would all about me having fun, getting into trouble and not worrying about the danger & my well being, not having to care about the consequences after. 
freedom (4 years ago)
Let them take all the drugs they want. I would, oh yeah I like the sex bit. Do they know alcohol is no. 1 or 2 dangerous drugs, available. Nicotine is obviously 1 or 2. But sex ,drugs and more.........
JoshA7fold (4 years ago)
I'd do all the obvious dirty stuff that most people would do, but most importantly for me I'd wanna hike the mountains of ancient Japan. No one around, just peace and quiet, rivers, and trees.
Segnity7 (4 years ago)
I'd swim directly out into the Pacific Ocean towing a small backpack with enough water & granola bars to last me a few days. I'll also bring a flare of some sort and map the general direction I'm going in ahead of time, so if I'm not eaten by a shark by the time I'm running low on water someone can possibly bring me back to shore. I am only swimming after all, I shouldn't get too far out. 
Nei gelado (4 years ago)
Nei gelado (4 years ago)
travel as much as i can across the isa, even its on foot, Id head to the big cities meet as many people as i can and lastly make as much art and finish of in california by resting on the many beaches their :)
Cyruss NP (4 years ago)
I'd be partying with Ana & Meghan. Then I'd suggest a threesome, cuz why not? Let's live it up!
RainOfSwords (4 years ago)
I'd go to some dangerous part of America or just within my city and try to be a superhero.  If I succeed in stopping a serious crime, cool.  If I die, I didn't have much of lifespan left anyway.
pntyhs (4 years ago)
The revelation at 3:03 will have Wicked and Vivid clamoring with 7-figure bids for the film rights to The Last Temptation of Ana, in which the terminal ex-TYT host rolls naked in caramel and whipped cream while getting bukkaked and multi-penetrated by hunky Latino beefcakes.
Yeezus (4 years ago)
Food, drugs and sex
roselucyking (4 years ago)
I would do everything I never do. I would of course say goodbye to friends and family, but then I would party, drink, eat all the chocolate I could get my hands on. I would drain my bank accounts completely. I'm dying, so why not use all of it at once? I would probably go to a place like Cape Cod and be by the ocean. Being outside and enjoying all of life's pleasures at once seems like a pretty good way to go.
md2v4 (4 years ago)
Yes self-indulgence is the way to go, the way to spend the last week.
md2v4 (4 years ago)
Yes self-indulgence is the way to go, the way to spend the last week.
L.G. Keltner (4 years ago)
I would drink tons of coffee and eat all the food I could get my hands on.  I'd also go sky diving.  I've always wanted to do it, and I wouldn't have anything to lose at that point, so why not?  Lastly, I might have to be nice to my husband and fulfill one of his fantasies for him.  I won't go into details here, but I can say it would involve Leia's slave girl costume.
Alain Belso (4 years ago)
I'd ask Ana to spend one day with her at least. ;-) The rest of the time spend, spend, and spend. Hello Visa and Master card! HAHA!
Just a quick reminder to everybody here. Technically, we are all terminally ill, so you might want to do some of those things you'd do in your last week while you still have the chance to do so.
Alex R (3 years ago)
+Skikx Another wards live your life like it was your last day on Earth! Best advice anybody can get!
+Nathan Rockwell 'Cause your body is weak, fragile, constantly aging and will inevitably stop working some day. Maybe you die tomorrow, maybe in 80 years. Maybe you stay fit and healthy till the end, maybe you end up paralyzed and demented. People act as if they are immortal and invincible. "Someday I will do this. If it was my last week, I would do that. Before I die I have to talk to this person again." etc. Well, maybe it is your last week, or at least the last week your actually able to to it. So if you don't do it now, maybe you will never do it.
Nathan Rockwell (3 years ago)
how so?
butch holland (4 years ago)
Oooh' You got John McCain's daughter...the most evil man in America...Guess Ya'll hit the big time now huh. CNN is calling so I should let you take that.
Patricio Bello (4 years ago)
I'd take revenge on people who gave my shit and made my life more difficult. What are they going to do? I'm going to die anyway. First item: make a list of enemies.
Ryan Cooper (4 years ago)
I would go into a rich neighborhood, find a guy driving an exotic super car (ferrari, lamborghini etc.), follow him, steal it once he gets out of it, and take off, and i would run from the police if they tried to pull me over. And it's not because i'm violent or a sociopath but i want to go out with a bang. I want to feel as big of an adrenaline rush as possible before i die.
a1b2c3e4 (4 years ago)
I'd spend time with my family, go out, take drugs, have sex, have fun, don't care !
bruce bartup (4 years ago)
Every single person in comments plus the panel except Meghan answered the question amorally. She would at least see her family.  I have to assume that there is no inconsistency, just a lack of hope and therefore of drive. Like, what's the point if you can't win? So everyone is just out for their own pleasure? It's a very fixed and limited view -  nothing to be learned, kind of moral solipsism, unchallengeable but boring. Where is the pioneer spirit? For me (55 with Parkinson's Disease) this is not so much a theoretical as a practical problem. I may have 5 years, maybe not much more, maybe  some less. For me as a socialist atheist this is an easy question. Again it's a matter of consistency. You give all  you can to the world, take as much as you need, don't be a martyr or a prude, don't die with any fun in the bank, or any love. It doesn't matter if it's fifty years, five years, 5 weeks or 5 seconds. Altruism with commonsense and moderation is a much better game. I'd rather play chess with Death and have a half hance to save one last innocent and see one good sunset than any quantity of hgh jinks (or save a guilty one, that's even better). What else would a White Knight do? After all, a knight (etymology knicht Saxon i think) is just a servant.
Dan (4 years ago)
i would probably just take like 20 hits of acid and go swimming in the coral reef
TonyThompson1981 (4 years ago)
If I had one week to live I would spend it with my son (4 years old), trying to teach him everything a Dad wants to teach his son, and recording videos for him like in the Michael Keaton movie My Life.
neal jensen (4 years ago)
Do you think Ana would consider my thoughts LOL
Arik Haydn (4 years ago)
Wine before dying.  So very French.
Aidan Burke (4 years ago)
I'd take a load of drugs, order in as many prostitutes and escorts as I could, and probably shit on the popes head. 
Antoine Vello (4 years ago)
Rebellion, someone mentioned breaking out the list?
youtubeAddict (4 years ago)
I'd probably get to know my family a little better. Because my parents and I have been drifting apart (emotionally), even though I live with them (18 yo). I'd probably tell them some things that I do not feel comfortable telling them now... As far as getting wasted goes, I don't think I'll do it because I've never been drunk so I don't know the pleasure you would get from it...
That's sorta the point. Experience what you never have. Derp.
VeryEvilPettingZoo (4 years ago)
One week left to live? Time to get out *The List.* You all know what I'm talking about.
Diamond VanAusdal (4 years ago)
I would go to France. I've always wanted to travel overseas, but I've never been anywhere outside of the US. Seeing France had always been a dream of mine but I've never had the opportunity.
Höri (4 years ago)
Ana's fetish reached disturbing level 0_o
chris virginia (4 years ago)
Sex, drugs, and rock n roll kinda like how I live my life now.
laser14344 (4 years ago)
I do have a problem with smoking. 1) the smell is repulsive 2) 2nd hand smoke is big problem especially for the smoker's roommates, spouse, children, and, in some cases in apartments, neighbors. 3) cigarette butts everywhere if smoking only affected them I would be perfectly fine with it, but it doesn't
RnR Duo (4 years ago)
Anything to make me happy. I'll be spending day and night talking to my mom who is at the top of my Love pyramid with my single malt whiskey and whoever want to come by and say goodbye to me. I'll then give all my modern furniture and other properties to my mom and friends.
Afro Saxon (4 years ago)
Moonlight as a vigil anti while wearing a XXXL bat costume.
greenghost2008 (4 years ago)
So huh...meghan. Hows about We pretend the world is about to end?
Kevin Kiker (4 years ago)
Make one last FB post/twitter of "who wants to live forever?" Then get the most expensive bottle of scotch I can get. Get a box of Cuban cigars. Get as many drugs, and loose women as I can get and make my last week look like something out of Caligula.
The Jaded Warlock (4 years ago)
I would fuck and get do all the drugs.
Pat Powers (4 years ago)
I'd go to a nice tropical beach, spend my days snorkeling, eating seafood and drinking ice cold hard apple cider, and my evenings having all the sex I could manage.
Natalie Renderra (4 years ago)
If I had a week to live?  Probably panic about trying to find something exciting to do for six days, then spend the last day at a concert.
sleazybtd (4 years ago)
I would go to work and die at my desk so that my family can sue.
Chris Samuels (3 years ago)
Hector Flores (4 years ago)
I would try to fuck as many nuns as possible just so I could say that I stole one of Jesus Christ's chicks! 
Taylor Smith (4 years ago)
This might be selfish, but I'd say goodbye to my family and friends after a day or two and just go. I've already gone skydiving and I've partied enough by now, I would empty my bank account and take the first international flight that catches my eye. Not just for the sake of travelling, but for the spontaneity of going where my instincts take me. If it's my last week on earth, I'm doing everything for myself.
Preston Tullos (4 years ago)
I would have LOTS sex, and get FUUUUCKED UP!!!
Sin (4 years ago)
I think this is fucked up. There shouldn't be a damn wine tasting for them. They have a terminal illness. They should have a fucking brothel buffet!
jobzombi (4 years ago)
I'll be honest, I just clicked cause of Meghan McCain.  She's hot.  Had papa McCain not picked such a terrible VP, he'd have been in office and we'd get to enjoy that eye candy..and not a female Patrick Ewing. 
ReD ReaVeR (4 years ago)
I would empty my nuts to their LAST DROP in and on Meghan McCain...with her consent of course! We would come...then go!
wayne chu (4 years ago)
WHY is that fucking McCain cunt on this ? u know if the roles where reversed her FOX news republiCUNT will edit things to make u sound like a wacked out far left psycho why the fuck u have the enemy on and treat them with common respect they would not give u ?
Troy Murrell (4 years ago)
I think I would spend my last week smoking bud in the Redwood Forest.
Bendingwater (4 years ago)
I'd go sky diving, go to a rave on a beach, eat food like Dave speaks of, and do extreme things at a tropical place 
i would live my last week in the forest, trying to understand life in a way that I could never before. Then I would die, and the animals and bacteria will sustain themselves so to create new life from my nutrients.
Chris Samuels (3 years ago)
Dont forget the shrooms!
care to explain further? Im not sure I follow.
Nathan Rockwell (3 years ago)
All intelligence never acted upon.. they died their lives meaningless..
i like how both women were honest enough to say that if they had nothing to lose they would be promiscuous. Nothing wrong with that, but it shows you how insecure women are about their sexuality still.
nikkijaneallison (4 years ago)
Ana is so thirsty. Even her blood type is D.
Nathan Rockwell (3 years ago)
as if dick could be a blood type........ 
WaitingToFade (4 years ago)
I have always wanted to skydive, so that's one thing I'd probably do. I would also read as many of my philosophy books and fantasy books as possible. I would also probably try to squeeze out my own novel or two. Other than that, spend time with family and a few close friends, or no friends.
Lil Sandwich (4 years ago)
I'd pay hookers to kick my hairy balls untill they'd turn blue.
the_aceofspades_ (4 years ago)
Am I the only one that wants to see TYT do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?!?!?!?!?
Chris Samuels (3 years ago)
the_aceofspades_ (4 years ago)
Am I the only one that wants to see TYT do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?!?!?!?!?
Shawn Landers (4 years ago)
Take out insane loans, then blow the cash on getting revenge on every person who ever crossed me. Robbing them of course and giving the money to my loved ones on the ďl. Then find a way to destroy my body so they don't have to worry about funeral costs
Shawn Landers (4 years ago)
Take out insane loans, then blow the cash on getting revenge on every person who ever crossed me. Robbing them of course and giving the money to my loved ones on the ďl. Then find a way to destroy my body so they don't have to worry about funeral costs
the_aceofspades_ (4 years ago)
If I had one week to live I would splurge! I would spend all my money on trips, clothes, food, anything. And I know clothes are the material things butifi got one week to live I'm gonna look flawless while doing it, and I would spend my last week seeing the world goung to all the countries and trying all the food I would otherwise be too scared to eat.

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