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Top 6 Foods That Naturally #UnclogArteries http://bit.ly/2AphJZ0! Your arteries are the system within your body that continually transport the essential nutrients and oxygen that you need to survive, from your heart to the rest of your body. A massive part of staying healthy and keeping your #Arteries clear and clean http://bit.ly/2zDZqSN has to do with your diet. It is very true when you are told “You are what you eat.” It is also true that what you put into your body will determine your overall health including your #Cardiovascular health http://bit.ly/2iCjHND. Adjusting your diet to include artery-friendly foods http://bit.ly/2hjGilI can improve your general health and the condition of your heart. Here are 6 natural foods that will help to cleanse and unclog your arteries http://bit.ly/2iBOdrb which will help prevent a heart attack or stroke: http://bit.ly/2zoIg8I Organic Asparagus “Asparagus works within the 100,000 miles of veins and arteries to release pressure, thereby allowing the body to accommodate for inflammation that has accumulated over the years.” says Shane Ellison, an organic chemist and author of Over-The-Counter Natural Cures. It also helps ward off deadly blood clots. Organic Pomegranate “Pomegranate contains phytochemicals that act as antioxidants to protect the lining of the arteries from damage”, explains Dr. Gregg Schneider, a nutritionally oriented dentist and expert on alternative medicine. Turmeric “The spice turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory,” Dr. Schneider says. “It contains curcumin which lowers inflammation—a major cause of arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries.)” Spirulina A daily 4,500 mg dose of this algae can help relax the artery walls and normalize blood pressure. It could also help your liver balance your blood fat levels. Organic Cranberries Research shows that potassium-rich cranberries can help reduce cholesterol levels and regular consumption may also help reduce your overall risk of heart disease by up to 40 percent. Organic Watermelon A Florida State University study found that people given a 4,000 mg supplement of L-citrulline (an amino acid found in watermelon) lowered their blood pressure in just six weeks. Researchers also say the amino acid helps your body produce nitric oxide, which helps widen blood vessels. If you have an artery that supplies blood to the heart become blocked, then you could suffer a heart attack. Not all heart attacks are fatal, but all heart attacks will leave behind some damage to the heart. However, if the left coronary artery of the heart becomes totally blocked, the heart attack will be fatal. Eat foods that cleanse your arteries.
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Mazot Hortlak (1 месяц назад)
Your constant Like and Share ads cover up the video and make it unwatchable!
PAPA JOE'S KITCHEN (1 год назад)
At 1.01 mins into video you say pomegranate clogs arteries?

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