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This journey has been a roller coaster full of emotions. Thanks for the endless support. The craziest thing is that there is SO much more to the story! Stay tuned
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Viking Girl (20 minutes ago)
Your mother seems like a wonderful person, be proud❤️😭
Sophia Perez (1 hour ago)
im happy that you weren’t holding back and that you were open :) ❤️🙏🏼
Do Cha (2 hours ago)
😱😳WOW, it finally happened!!!🤗🤭 I’m so freakin genuinely HAPPY for you!!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 I hope this helps your heart 💜 heal & that it helps to close the void you’ve felt for so long. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Hollywood Kae (2 hours ago)
This was so cute❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😢
Jaliyah Brookins (3 hours ago)
Aww 🤗 very beautiful
Maira Kiryu (6 hours ago)
This was the cutest thing I've seen in a while ❤ thanks for sharing!
Cetic (6 hours ago)
Omg, im so happy dude.. <3
huzar237 (13 hours ago)
Can someone explain why his mother gave him up for adoption? Also why did she decide to give him up and not the sisters?
Bluey (15 hours ago)
This is why we should be grateful
BOSS breezy (16 hours ago)
Is tht ya sister she thick as hell my fault lol
Johnny Nitro (19 hours ago)
After seeing this...and seeing he has siblings...imma have to take back what I said before...happy for ya Mystic
Xamari Clarke (20 hours ago)
Hey congrats man I am so happy for you
ST_Bxllz (20 hours ago)
Hannah Clark (21 hours ago)
I’m adopted and I’m not allowed to have contact with my birth mom so this brought tear to my eyes!
Thats Michele (22 hours ago)
This tears me up! 😭😭😭
Chicken Lord (23 hours ago)
bro ya'lls noses look the exact same
Miah Moo (1 day ago)
So sad and beautiful
sarah de bakker (1 day ago)
I cried sooooo hard , I can't breath
ASMR Night (1 day ago)
Applesnapril (1 day ago)
you are her twin!!!
Isaiah Laude (1 day ago)
His sister thicc tho
Melissa Montoya (1 day ago)
He was in Phx 😭😭❤️
zaid tamimi (1 day ago)
Man am so happy for you good luck in life am a big fan
Manman_ 1202 (1 day ago)
Very happy for you but your sister got a fatty 🍑
israel ssimbwa (1 day ago)
mystic looks like his mom......
happy gal (1 day ago)
same smile :) but how did this happen
SaMontae Burns (1 day ago)
i have the same story my mom put me up at age of 7 and i have foster parents there i met my mom at the age of 18 it's strong
jennifer newton (1 day ago)
I can’t believe I cried while watching this video smile awwwww it’s just so cute and hey u really resemble your mom😊😊
jennifer newton (1 day ago)
Omg I just find your videos and I thought why not subscribe bcz looking at you, watching your videos your just so humble😊and that’s a good thing to be. Am Happy for you a lot 💕 in fact am happy for all y’all💯💯 just keep god by your side never stop praying 🙏🏽 I love you dude and all respect ✊🏽 to u.
Billy Boii (1 day ago)
Bless 🙏🏿
Colby Rae (1 day ago)
Watching these videos before I had kids didn't make me too emotional . But now I'm like 😢😢😭😭😭😭
LoGiCaLLY2SiCk (1 day ago)
I'm very happy you met your mom G .
Elia Larrea (2 days ago)
I love how you said. I'm looking at this with an open heart. 😭 Thanks for sharing. Best wishes for you and your mom.
Dxpeoppz (2 days ago)
How did they get separated
sharon massas (2 days ago)
Wow how awesome
Danny Aldaw (2 days ago)
This put me in tears
BeastlyJimmy26 (2 days ago)
Im not crying I’m not crying............ I’m crying
KDVGamingYT (2 days ago)
Just know who your biological mom is but appreciate the one who raised you thats a real MOTHER
v (2 days ago)
Don’t forget about your true family the ones who raised you ❤️ I’ve been through the same thing
babyfacexjackie (2 days ago)
kriptic slayer (2 days ago)
Jesus i about cried😢 nah im joking it was definitely not 😢
SATYA SEID (2 days ago)
Does you mom watch your videos?
Noah Lujano (2 days ago)
idk my real dad i wanna go meet him one day
lil maya (2 days ago)
How did u feel when u met your birth mother
Re Late Able (2 days ago)
Really not trying to be mean, this is a beautiful family but is there something wrong with her voice?
Ruben Nurse1980 (3 days ago)
So emotional. It’s awesome you guys reunited. God bless you all.
Koï Mt (3 days ago)
You look younger. kinda 20
KEZIAHAMIRRA (3 days ago)
whats in the envelope?
old lady Rincon (3 days ago)
14:55 I really like that girls shirt.
The Ethalon (3 days ago)
Anything for the money aye.. If it meant that much to you, you'd stop YouTube for a few days and focus on it. Probably all set up, anything for the views
kaylee leguire (3 days ago)
I’m in the same shoes I would really like to share my story with you...
Siahthegreat (3 days ago)
I’m crying so much because I will never get that chance 😢
BlakeTheDub (3 days ago)
She coming bacc cause u got game dumb ass
Jasmine Mensah (3 days ago)
I just knew from the phone conversation your meeting would be beautiful. I could not imagine you meeting additional family members (aunts, uncles, grandmother, nephews, cousins). This was the perfect welcome back into our family meeting! There was so much love from everyone. So happy for you!
isaac s (3 days ago)
I got chills watching this video
Kate Parkinson (3 days ago)
Emily Zaldivar (3 days ago)
Omg you and your mama look like twin 😭💗
Jose Beltran (3 days ago)
If she gave birth to him then he had to have met her
ZENDY11 (3 days ago)
now he got three families
Ruth Medina (3 days ago)
Spent a lot of time with your mom as much as you can mother is only one. Treasure her with all your heart.cuz you never know what can happen wish y’all the best now and always....
Starr Esparza (3 days ago)
So in June i met my birth dad, i look exactly like him! I didnt cry but i was just so shy! I am 12 years old going to be 13 in december and he wasn't there all my life because my mom didnt want him to be in my life, not because she was selfish but for reasons and yes i know you should never keep your child away from their parents but as i grew in my moms tummy, she fell in love with a man i now call my father, he is actually my step dad but, since hes been there all my life, he is MY father❤ this is just so amazing it also gave me butterflies❤❤i live in phx Az too❤❤
Fortnite Master (3 days ago)
Dj Cobbs (3 days ago)
Mystic you lost me as a fan with all the wack pranks Nd shit but this one right here 😭 I’m not cryin , it’s sweat
I Kno how u feel because I been going threw this sends I been 2and I couldn't stop crying threww the hole vidoe we need to meet up so we can talk I just had a fall out with my mother because of my answers so hopefully u can help me understand
Tony Seo (3 days ago)
woah im seeing the future im also adpoted and my mother died when I was 5, Its like im you within next few years
Lyrik Moore Rejano (4 days ago)
bro when there is one twinke left in the box that's how mystic feels.
Ayanna Brinae (4 days ago)
Aww he looks like her ♥️
Kayla Murray (4 days ago)
so beautiful 😩❤️
Sydnee Bando (4 days ago)
Mojo99 how old are you now
Random 44 (4 days ago)
How were u separated?
ROBLOX God (4 days ago)
Mystic I use to live in Phoenix Arizona and it’s like a hot tub over there it’s really hot
mew kitty (4 days ago)
Very beautiful I cried like a baby.
quick1 blue (4 days ago)
can we address the elephant in the room. they probably contacted mystic because he got money and fame !!!
Ken Got Juice (4 days ago)
One of my biggest inspirations for starting youtube I'm happy for you
Kaniele Lashun (4 days ago)
Ig that the 2 versions of the birthday song is a black thing
Baron CorrrBin (4 days ago)
Rockaholic Angel (4 days ago)
Man that was deep, God bless you guys.
Claudia S (4 days ago)
So why did she put him up for adoption?
Polar (4 days ago)
So what's the story about him being seperated and what not, too lazy to look for it :/
Llh lhh (4 days ago)
So you‘re full Black? I thought you said you’re biracial 🤔 I always thought you look full black because of your features. Now you can stop the team light skin mess lol
Llh lhh (2 hours ago)
Yes and that's what I mean. He's BLACK! But he was lying to all of us and saying he's biracial which he's not.
Slone Acevidi (22 hours ago)
Llh lhh his mom isn't full black and he is light skin. He's not dark skin.
London Wisman (4 days ago)
Can I please just give you a big hug 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
The Rebuid (4 days ago)
People down talk adoption calling her bad mother for giving him away, don’t judge unless you walk in those shoes sometimes mothers do this in the best interest for the child which I think it is being a great mother.
Carla Perry (2 days ago)
You are right on point!! His birth mother
MR MAGNIFICENT (4 days ago)
Anyone who gives this a thumbs down (dislike) can go to hell... straight up
Shantell Jackson (4 days ago)
You holding in anger
Margret Wangari (5 days ago)
Am happy for you too 🙌🙌🙌
Liane Santos (5 days ago)
awwww omg thats so cute finally hope your happy
SotirisP4 (5 days ago)
damn those are a lot of ads
Kristina Yonkova (5 days ago)
i had 0 ads
Monster Cat (5 days ago)
i ain't beliving this crap do a REAL DNA test boi prove it
Yanick's Channel (5 days ago)
Why do I feel nervous for mystic all love bro congrats
I didn't know you were adopted
tourettes guy (5 days ago)
yep sick just put like 6 7 ad revenues on a video like this like if you cared that much you wouldnt put ads on an emotional video like this but that just proves who you really are
Jacob Valencia (5 days ago)
It would be a nice video if there wasn't so many damn ads.
Johnny Tran (5 days ago)
bro mystic i've been looking for those shades for the longest lol can you please tell me the brand name?
Jeymar (5 days ago)
That’s brazy
LAMAYA BROWN (5 days ago)
Knah K (5 days ago)
Jaqueline Nimstål (5 days ago)
i’m crying
Princess Bria Peea (5 days ago)
I’m sooo happy for you!! I’ve been rocking with you for a long time and you’ve grown so much.
Ahmad Brown (5 days ago)
Wait.Wheres the other video when you seen them and they gave you cake and shit for ya birthday
hawkeye [bzurc] (5 days ago)
Damn son

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