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Waitress Pays for Firefighters' Breakfast

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As a thank you, a waitress working the midnight shift, threw in her own money to pay the bill of two volunteer firefighters.
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Joshua Dowse (1 hour ago)
What a sweet girl.
Date Armour (1 day ago)
We all know, helping people.. is the best solution to all mankind. We cannot be better if we look only to the past, instead.. we need to go further one step. There will you see your life.. that can change you and whole family and people.
Hans Hansen (2 days ago)
She is so beautiful! Look at her eyes!
Fuckth Population (3 days ago)
Eric Swan (3 days ago)
Sabu trp pain.
Trusten Baker (3 days ago)
Liz is beautiful!
Simanta Dutta (3 days ago)
Good thing brings more good ...
umesh lama (5 days ago)
she is beautiful with beautiful heart
No Bozos (5 days ago)
"So shines a good deed in a weary world."
2ndhandSue (6 days ago)
She's a beautiful person with a heart of gold. Instant karma is what she got !
JpeX321 (7 days ago)
need more news like this
4stripguy (7 days ago)
Wow, Beautiful person on the outside, and beautiful person on the inside. Don't see many people like that.
Carlos Martinez (9 days ago)
Wow very touching story GOD bless them all 👍👍
Ret Samwal (10 days ago)
Women are smart when it comes to money. Just like in the real world as they say it takes money to make money. So why not wait until a couple of Fire fighter's in uniform to show up, or it could have been some Police Officer's however, in her case it turned out to be firemen before she acted on her act of kindness to pay it forward. See she knew by paying for their meals and leaving a sob story on their tickets that they would probably put it on social media for it to blow up. Of course like she planned that is what happened and of course she has all the information on her sick family member for all of the world to see and then like MAGIC she has a GoFund me set up and the rest is history! It's the perfect scam that nobody else saw but me.  Don't get me wrong! What she did was sweet! However, very well planned. Women are good at these things. All you need is to be cute, sweet and show a tear falling and hug a puppy and the whole world falls for it.
Tangina Moh (11 days ago)
Firefighters make more money than the rest of you. LOL.
ibles bosuok (11 days ago)
She smiles with her lips and her eyes and her heart. God bless her
Pungkoy (12 days ago)
thats a real life disney princess right there
Daniel Ham (13 days ago)
How refreshing to see her beauty inside matches her beauty outside! I would give my right arm for that. Who am I kidding? Throw in my left too and my legs! :)
Famished Nintendog (14 days ago)
she's so beautiful
Harley (15 days ago)
Karma people, what goes around!!
Ather Radwi (15 days ago)
Good always comes around even Better.
John Jeffry (15 days ago)
She looks & act like an Angel ,now i m feeling spiritual
john D (15 days ago)
Her dad and her family must be so proud of her , what an angel she is with a heart of gold . She helps to make this world a truly better place to live in . With best wishes to her and her family for inspiring us to be better people too
Steve Fortuna (16 days ago)
Liz Woodward - you are a beautiful human being, inside and out. I hope you are very happy and get everything you dream of. xoxoxoxo
FurIouS19811 (16 days ago)
Don't see too many kind souls like this in this day and age, a shame really i wish more people was like this.
PK PK (17 days ago)
That's the type of girl that you marry and have kids with.
Shafiq Hashmi (19 days ago)
She have gorgeous eyes
Chris Condon (20 days ago)
Awesome!! Great seeing news that shows us there is still some love in this world.
u67ma (21 days ago)
How do 66 people dislike this
Fo Reel (21 days ago)
Somebody needs to father six kids off her
Kevin White, MD, PhD (22 days ago)
I agree. This woman is stunningly beautiful, inside and out. If she has a partner, I hope that partner knows how lucky they are. If I were a bit younger and not already happily married to a wonderful woman, I'd marry this woman in a second.
Michael Nobles (22 days ago)
that was so thoughtful of what she did for those 2 firefighters and what those 2 firefighters did for her was so awesome. God bless our Firefighters and bless that woman and her father.
Hugh Mungus (23 days ago)
We should give back to these people who risk lives for us
AMIT SINGH NEGI (23 days ago)
Dimas Achmad (23 days ago)
watch it in 2018. I want to marry her
Delusional (24 days ago)
she is cute for an american
Salvador Ramirez (25 days ago)
I think I came on my pillow
TofuPanda Takeout (25 days ago)
Marry me.
Rich T (26 days ago)
Very beautiful lady
Fink Ployd (26 days ago)
She wanted the D
Jack Napie (28 days ago)
Well, it's just a nice gesture. But, we don't need it on the news. Just, because she is a female. That's what nice guys do too. But, they are not on the news Or inside the pussy.
Gadtoa (28 days ago)
She can now get the van of her father's dream and have money left if any.
LTJ Production (29 days ago)
she be kind to others, and she got back the help she deserved
Asecseption Bonding (1 month ago)
she is so beautiful exquisite
Roby Lazarus (1 month ago)
Lovely gents and a sweet girl. We pray that her Father gets better.
Walamonga 1313 (1 month ago)
Wtf why’s she a waitress? Could be a model.
mistermatsuda (1 month ago)
She looks like a young Natalie Portman with amazing eyes!
Diamond King (1 month ago)
Now go feed a homeless person instead of wealthy firemen
Sonia Florio (1 month ago)
What a great story!!!!!!!
JKB DK (1 month ago)
What goes around, comes around. Americans are so generous.
Hurbii (1 month ago)
wow she's gorgeous. hope she finds a good guy.
brie chin (1 month ago)
She's beautiful on the inside and out,we need more people like this
ibles bosuok (11 days ago)
brie chin , beautiful heart
Stocker443 (1 month ago)
What a sweetheart! I hope her life goes great!
Zach (1 month ago)
You reap what you sow
MissIToldYou Sooo (1 month ago)
She just did that to get a fat tip, everyone who works in a restaurant knows when u comp the bill you expect a big fat tip😂😂😂 (especially if she was a manger or assistant manager she didn't pay that money back for their food lol)
Steve Fortuna (16 days ago)
MissIToldYou Sooo - I'm so sorry you were raped by Yetis when you were a child and that you tried to marry a goldfish but were denied by the Supreme Court. I can see why you are so bitter today. Peace and Xanax to you.
Jax Sailung (1 month ago)
definitely a smash
Kaladhar Battepati (1 month ago)
What a beautiful story! *Something in my eyes* Grabbing my tissues! <3
Kenneth Scott (1 month ago)
Bro I don't get it . They had a hard working day without a drop of sweat or dirt on them? And got a free meal when others work way harder
Akash Boparai (1 month ago)
Man she fine as hell.
Joy Prathinthong (1 month ago)
What a great daughter she is to her parents...Taking care of them wen they needed the most...This is the lesson to all the childrens that hav a loving n caring parents...Taking care of our parents like how they taking care of us....
battlefieldchris (1 month ago)
Miss America 2018?
Malia's World (1 month ago)
So beautiful
nathaniel sylvain (1 month ago)
+1 faith on humanity !
Bryan (1 month ago)
She’s really pretty
TetsuyaIT (1 month ago)
New Jersey in my heart, forever. From Italy <3
Stormtrooper 2323 (1 month ago)
58 dislikes are from people who get tips and are saddened by this fuck them
tarel (1 month ago)
hot piece of ass
Dan a (1 month ago)
mamacita :3
ekim andersom (1 month ago)
Gorgeous waitress.
Samantha Mendez (1 month ago)
That girl deserves the world
1 9 8 4 (1 month ago)
Acts like this show there is still some humanity in people.
Michael W21 (1 month ago)
Amazing God bless.
Mr. J.R. Fields (1 month ago)
Lisa Woodward you my dear are freaking beautiful!!!!!!!!
Pokemon Doge (1 month ago)
Legend says the fire isn't the only thing the firefighters hosed down
Vamsi Krishna (1 month ago)
karma what goes around comes around ... nice
ProdByGreek (1 month ago)
Hot as fuck, and incredibly generous.
Jeff Cranford (2 months ago)
She has beautiful everything
Tito Magneto (2 months ago)
I FIGURED IT OUT. THE UGLY YOUNGER FIREFIGHTER SET THIS UP WITH THE BRUNETTE CHICK. THEIR EYES GIVE IT ALL AWAY. "I'M AT A LOSS FOR WORDS, I'M AT A LOSS FOR WORDS"-----that repitition, the forced emotion in the voice, and that slight, micro-smile at the end (liars smile when they see they are getting away with it) the older firefighter seems genuinely moved. the younger guy is fishy, though, his tone is too careful and measured in speech. my bet the is the older guy didn't know, and the beautiful waitress knew the young firefighter, and manipulated him into helping her out with a "greater good, my dad gets the money" sorta situation. this is the most gullible, sentimental section of youtube i've ever seen
Tito Magneto (2 months ago)
anyone else suspicious that this was set up to get her donatioopns
Lando Parada (2 months ago)
Not all Gringos are bad people as most of the world thinks. There ya have it, it's only the government where all the bad people is.
DeltaBlaZe77 (2 months ago)
Reinvigorates a little bit of my lost hope in humanity, awesome reminder of why it is good to be kind and generous.
binh Nguyen (2 months ago)
How come girls like this only appear on TV girls in real life a bitch
piglette0928 (2 months ago)
What a beautiful girl inside and out ! I lost my dad 2 years ago, anytime I see dad and daughters it just hits me
railpressureflip (2 months ago)
She's beautiful AND she knows how to use a semi colon!
Firouz Karim (2 months ago)
Kind heart and a beautiful maiden.
THE BROTHERHOOD (2 months ago)
Georgous inside and out 😁Bless our first responders
NIGHT2PWN (2 months ago)
well hot damn
Mar (2 months ago)
The guys where flabbergasted ahhhahhahahha😆😂😂 that's a word you don't hear everyday
Iamiron Man (2 months ago)
God bless you beautiful girl
bishplis (2 months ago)
she has a future in porn in this country
Lawrence Barcelona (2 months ago)
god bless you pretty angel...
melahi7 (2 months ago)
Hottie alert!
J.D. Contreras (2 months ago)
I cry when I hear good news like this. Wow. What a beautiful story.
Kalem Babar (2 months ago)
I wanna marry her.
Aurelian Spodarec (2 months ago)
She's super beautiful, but she speaks a bit different. Where is she from? Let's say from USA, but do every state has different accent or soemthing? Or that's Austria?
shonenlad one (2 months ago)
Finally, an attractive woman with a good heart? Didn't think they made those any longer.
Tito Magneto (2 months ago)
well, she's lying to everyone about this story in order to get attention for her donations. so her heart is "meh" at best
Knicks Fan.20 (2 months ago)
shonenlad one my bad I may have taken this too far
Knicks Fan.20 (2 months ago)
shonenlad one What if you are my gf ( if you are a boy Than nah)
Knicks Fan.20 (2 months ago)
shonenlad one what if she is not racist
shonenlad one (2 months ago)
Fuk U - Well, then I'd have to wonder why you'd want a racist girlfriend?
yugandhar gundelly (2 months ago)
small act of kindness creates endless ripples
GSynCH (2 months ago)
her eye color is very rare to see.. & she s beautiful
Kato x (2 months ago)
It's called Karma. It works positively too

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