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Top 10 Pranks In The Hood *GONE WRONG*

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Here we cover the Top 10 Pranks Gone Wrong In The Hood. Subscribe to Spacebound for more videos daily: https://www.youtube.com/user/SpaceboundUniverse?sub_confirmation_1 Fun Fact: Paraskavedekatriaphobia is the fear of Friday the 13th! If you're reading this comment "its just a prank bro" to show your activeness! Top 10 Pranks Gone Wrong In The Hood
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Text Comments (6354)
Ret Ro (21 minutes ago)
Dude wearing spizikes lol tf
Jho Vani (45 minutes ago)
Black people can't fight
SuperMario Stephen120 (47 minutes ago)
When will people learn
SuperMario Stephen120 (48 minutes ago)
When will people laern
Mario Cruz (1 hour ago)
3:23 yo is that at queens center mall nyc?
KaayKaay _Beautiful (4 hours ago)
neva ever step on fly ass jordans
Ben (4 hours ago)
Fucking idiots
death rsps (5 hours ago)
guess can I can say welcome to the hood
Mat 2110 (5 hours ago)
4:58 BackdaFuckUpNigga 😂😂😂
duncan pinderhughes (7 hours ago)
6:06 that collar grab was too smoov...they some REAL g's!!! no punch to the face or none of that extra shit.
KaMui1987 (8 hours ago)
6:48 traumatized... forever!
Chris Fontaine (8 hours ago)
This guy has no lip
hooch is crazy (9 hours ago)
Jesus Christ we don't need d narrating just do the pranks
Gary Ko (9 hours ago)
That stepping on Jordan's one is not funny. I'll kill u. Literally kill ur ass and u will never see ur family again.
Irene Waddell (10 hours ago)
The last one wasn't even in the hood
Gunter Filósofo (10 hours ago)
how could a fake prank goes wrong?
Chris & Ian (11 hours ago)
If u step in somebody’s shoes that’s not a fucking prank
tyler mccall (11 hours ago)
You see when people gang up on you then it becomes legal to kill them and illegal for them to hurt you so really they just weaken themselves
James Wilson (13 hours ago)
My favorite part of those videoes is when they get beat up.
Dylan Haggerty (14 hours ago)
Why y'all always fucking with only black/African folk? Damn I hate being white sometimes 😂
Muhammad Ibrahim (17 hours ago)
This should happen to every prankster
Andrew Brinegar (17 hours ago)
When people say axed instead of asked
hi i'm yasuo (18 hours ago)
You are the most hatefull youtuber i have ever seen in my long life. HATEFUL
DAVID REYNOLDS (19 hours ago)
Titânio Play (23 hours ago)
No Brasil é tudo combinado . Isso sim é pegadinha
TonDon lV (23 hours ago)
What would you do if you thought someone pissed on yoh
Couper_543 (1 day ago)
Not really a prank if you are gonna get decked, is it? And if you are gonna step on somebodys J's, thats jut shan
Rat Bat Nuff Time (1 day ago)
Okay, so you leave your hood, and go to another hood and start messing with people. When the reverse happens, you call the cops. Go figure.
Justin Leake (1 day ago)
ATM prank. He is lucky he didnt get killed.
MadHatter (1 day ago)
Should have been titled 'Pranks Gone Right.'
Drew Edwards (1 day ago)
These guys deserved everything and more. The things people do for "fame".
red lights (1 day ago)
I like to watch these so called pranksters get fucked up,
R (1 day ago)
These idiots deserve what they got!
Caleb Tanner (1 day ago)
Hahhahahah look at his shirt
Jurassic Mellon (1 day ago)
Man people have a fetish for geting fucked up
Paul Narvaez jr (1 day ago)
No aim with that gun
EliteFortniteGaming (1 day ago)
people are idiots
Clack Goodluck (1 day ago)
You better stop pranking people, someone will be killed because of those stupid stuff🤗
jamale Mcallister (1 day ago)
4:58 look fake dident touch him but other ones real
John and Shaun (1 day ago)
5:03 is fake he didn’t really hit him look a the slomo
trevor heap (1 day ago)
what a violent society with guns for anybody
Thomas Jefferson (1 day ago)
Huntz Kushe (2 days ago)
These are all fake, from the setup to the punches.
bo yan (2 days ago)
Don't prank with Black Guys. They are so rude
3:23 dude look like 50 cent
In the red
Nico Paino (2 days ago)
I don’t care if it’s a prank...you step on my Jordan’s u gonna die.
Shafqat Zaheer (2 days ago)
Never prank on blacks 😂😂
scoot maloo (2 days ago)
Wtf are these suburban crackers doing pranking people in da' hood? Pull that shite somewhere else if you don't wanna die.
Echt jetzt ? (2 days ago)
Oh my god. The world is full of idiots.
Caspian Weiland (2 days ago)
Why does these brain dead apes alway resort to violence?
Some Guy (15 hours ago)
I approve of it, helps natural selection weed out people stupid enough to find pranks amusing.
Rat Bat Nuff Time (1 day ago)
Caspian Weiland why do brain dead white chimps think it's a good idea to go outta zone and fuck with folks who haven't done anything???
scoot maloo (2 days ago)
Caspian Weiland... cracker here... Ida killed at least half of these stupid pieces of shite... you fukin bigot.
Roberto Corradi (2 days ago)
Vi puzza la vita
NATION STAR FILMS (2 days ago)
This is silly
Global0bserveR (2 days ago)
You guys are total idiots..
Draco Padilla (2 days ago)
4:59 Dude went to sleep standin up 😂😂😂
Draco Padilla (2 days ago)
Step on someone's Jordans in Vegas and your ass will get shot. We don't play that shit here.
Draco Padilla (2 days ago)
2:32 Why would he just lay there and let that skinny dude fuck him up? I know he was pranking them, but come on bruh! Fight back!
SKYNET LOGIC (2 days ago)
people like these let me know random killings bring balance to the world. if anyone of them killed , i would LMAO.
Clip Z (2 days ago)
4:59 that nigga can punch crazy fast and hard. Listen to that sound. Wow
James Piat (2 days ago)
They musta spooked that nigga. Fuck them "BOYS IN HOODS" !!
David Paul (2 days ago)
There’s aren’t pranks wtf😂
Rebel Pete (2 days ago)
Nice way of getting views and making Adsense money by talking about other peoples prank videos. Next time post the source to the original videos in the description so people can watch them for themselves.
Jeff The killer (2 days ago)
Ppl are dumb this days
OtxClayo (2 days ago)
7:30 hit your shots kid😂
FaKe_Syn (2 days ago)
He scared as shit when d gun gets pulled out sayin it’s just a prank den man with the gun says we’re just pranking you 😂👍
Vincent Pasceri (2 days ago)
AT 5:54 - FAGGOT, PUNKASS PUSSY got what he DESERVED !!!
Joyful LittleMermaid (2 days ago)
Yall just call it the hood bc black ppl are there
Cuban Famous (2 days ago)
I remember when prankin was just pulling the chair from under someone or putting a bucket of water over the door... but today it's different
George G (3 days ago)
Who the fuck is this pussy ass kid doing commentary
W Propst (3 days ago)
Lucky.. If you prank me. I will kill you.. no jokes. no games no bullshit.. come prank me and find the fuck out
SuperCasperman (3 days ago)
How u get jumped with a drill in ur hand 😂😂😂
Dalton Williams (3 days ago)
You know these people don't know shit about real consequences😂
MasterMonkookoo (3 days ago)
stolen content
GamerGee (3 days ago)
7:24 aye bro it’s a prank it’s a prank
GamerGee (3 days ago)
4:59 knocked him into the past
GamerGee (3 days ago)
4:02 love that blow!!
Lol Why Bro (3 days ago)
phosy tube got knocked the fuck out
Leren Hari Yudhistira (3 days ago)
Cameraman : "hahaha, it's would be great video"
Daniyal Ali (3 days ago)
Sorry but these are not pranks
Gurdaaas Bison (3 days ago)
kiss my ass lmao
MKiNG Mosoma (3 days ago)
White kids get really bored🤔
Gage michael (3 days ago)
People you need to be smart. Some of these pranks especially the one at the ATM could have seriously get you killed me myself I would have killed you no questions asked. And and some people said that it was his friends he was pranking at the ATM that don't matter there could have been somebody standing behind in line with a license to carry and a firearm who would have shot you dead for trying to rob somebody. Just got to be smart
RaultoBeast Gutierrez (3 days ago)
You look like if you were supposed to be billionaire.
Gage michael (3 days ago)
This dude right here...ive never watched your videos before buddie but i gotta tell ya...i like em. Your funny, you deliver flawlessly and you don't sound like a cunt, like chills does! Hate that guy. Keep it up man.
Star Mobile (3 days ago)
Don't again in the groove
Travis Johnson (3 days ago)
It's a prank, it's a prank, it's a prank, oh shit I just got shot in the nuts, man it was just a prank why didn't they know it was just in good fun jeez all I wanted to do was get a laugh for all my friends at the expense of someone else. Oh you mean if someone is having a real shitty day and in there mind they want to hurt someone and they felt the right to take it out on me. Just wrong.
Christopher Romero (3 days ago)
Mutherfucker 😮 5:52
Wardo Melena (3 days ago)
Heeeey bro
David Gilles (3 days ago)
If you're black you should know better
Frank W (3 days ago)
Fake as shi+
Fidel Castro (3 days ago)
Of course the bullets missed. Black people can't shoot because they can only afford the bullets to shoot someone but not the bullets to practice how to shoot.
Fidel Castro (3 days ago)
5:03. That punch clearly didn't make contact. FAKE.
stealthflythecoop (3 days ago)
4:57 damn thats a mike Tyson punch
Rodolfo Monterroso (3 days ago)
Danny0218 (3 days ago)
ATM was the dumbest idea, you got off lucky
Hard Rocker (3 days ago)
Gangs are bad news
Discrete Damage (3 days ago)
5:54 yo how is this real
Vernando Herrington (3 days ago)
What the name of the beat
Mike Corbett (3 days ago)
This is so fake
mattrenko (4 days ago)

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