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Punched in Public Prank!

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We punched each other in public to see what others would do. FatalismTV Punched in Public Prank/ Punched in the ghetto prank Shot in the hood Prank /Shot Dead in Public Prank / / Shot In The Ghetto Subscribe and click that like button if you enjoyed. Song: Out of Control-Xox and Hinge
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Текстовые комментарии (45)
TET - COM (4 года назад)
..he said,i'm going through rehab......aww man....that's rich
Dutchess (4 года назад)
1:12 umm whats with the umbrellas is that an american thing ?
Fiercehart (Ft.MagicHat) (4 года назад)
That's what I expected from someone who +1'd his own comments.
Jim Matt (4 года назад)
umbrellas xD
Fiercehart (Ft.MagicHat) (4 года назад)
Umbrellas can be used on a sunny day y'know, it's portable shade
Stephons Gameplay (4 года назад)
WTF did i just watch? How did you allow yourselves to even post this mess?
MultiTarded (4 года назад)
They can record, it's their right.
WCDPVP (4 года назад)
I only liked the video for dat ass!
WCDPVP (4 года назад)
xD +FatalismTV 
FatalPranks (4 года назад)
+WCDPVP Awesome :)
MLM Team maker (4 года назад)
After this "prank" I'm about to unsubscribe....Weak as fuck
MLM Team maker (4 года назад)
True..... Guess I'll resub then, I like most of your guys pranks.  Just don't get shot lol
FatalPranks (4 года назад)
+Nutritional money Look at the date of the video.. And do what you want.
Brody Hazuda (4 года назад)
theese people should have more subs
Anthony Marcelo Ecraela (4 года назад)
how is this a prank??.
Papi Chulo (4 года назад)
The punch looks so damn fake
Bobby Brown (4 года назад)
Get a less shaky camera and ur quality would be so much better
WorldPrestige - Stock Market Videos (4 года назад)
I nominated you for the ice bucket challenge on my new video :^)
nikecatania95 (4 года назад)
ok, im back
317RIDER (4 года назад)
what was that last song
A Hype Fan (4 года назад)
1:19 uses u,brellas on sunny day to stop the sun, has black umbrellas
WorldPrestige - Stock Market Videos (4 года назад)
great video bro :D
FatalPranks (4 года назад)
+WorldPrestige Thanks man
W (4 года назад)
This could have made a good social experiment
OSU Bucks421 (4 года назад)
Basically was.
jasille alicea (4 года назад)
this is funny stuff
Onyeka Igwilo (4 года назад)
Onyeka Igwilo (4 года назад)
try doing some pranks that big channels do too while making unique ones. lik the grenade one , that wa unique and funny. try the creeper prank bigdaws did
Ard Adz hairline (4 года назад)
teckademic33 (4 года назад)
this is the fucken barrio 
EliscioWorld (4 года назад)
Its nice to see pranks filmed around the IE :)
Saint Dick (4 года назад)
I'd record wherever I want.
A Aa (4 года назад)
Nice vid:)-subbed
Vahzen (4 года назад)
Pranks goes wrong
LaughMorePranks (4 года назад)
whats maddogged mean? haha
LaughMorePranks (4 года назад)
+Catking ohh haha thanks
Ej c (4 года назад)
I pass threw that street every day pomomaaaa
Ej c (4 года назад)
FatalPranks (4 года назад)
Hell yea
Ricardo Arias (4 года назад)
Was this filmed in montclair ..
FatalPranks (4 года назад)
Yea montclair and pomona
Justin Casey (4 года назад)
1:40 Dat body though :D
PMDownUp (4 года назад)
jesse ramirez (4 года назад)
hahahah omg nice video!!!!!
FatalPranks (4 года назад)
Thanks for watching =)

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