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Landfill to wildlife haven - opening Thurrock Thameside Nature Park, Essex

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A short film showing the transformation of one of Europe's largest landfill sites to a thriving nature park on the bank of the River Thames. Thurrock Thameside Nature Park was opened by Sir David Attenborough on 11 May 2013 and is managed by Essex Wildlife Trust. You can find out more about the park here: http://www.essexwt.org.uk/reserves/thurrock-thameside
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j pugh (6 months ago)
every nature reserve is built on landfill now which is a bit sad in itself
Michael kemp (8 months ago)
I used to work at this dump it was a smelly job opening the containers but it paid my bills
Wild Suburbia UK (2 years ago)
Wonderful way to reclaim land for nature.
Helen Moore (3 years ago)
im relocating to the area from co durham and this is brilliant video. well done

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