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How Rogue One Created Princess Leia, Grand Moff Tarkin

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Bringing back the late Peter Cushing and 19-year-old Carrie Fisher for a story taking place before the 1977 "Star Wars" was a CGI challenge.
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ZENIGMATV (2 days ago)
Old celebrities will soon license their young likeness to use in new movies.
Poscy (17 days ago)
They couldn’t just use the actor without the cgi shit all over his face? They couldn’t find an actress who resembled a young Carrie Fisher? Why did they waste so much time on this? Yeah Peter was and always will be the original Tarkin but that was 40 years ago and he was long gone when this began production. Isn’t this what makeup and lighting is for?
Davinci (29 days ago)
lol she said at 0m16s the "actor" (Carrie Fisher) has been dead for over 20 years.
santino santosusso (30 days ago)
Amazing cgi
Nathan Lang (30 days ago)
I like how they added that lucasfilms and abc are both owned by abc
Things like this makes acting so much more fun and sophisticated.
dezo kun (1 month ago)
Ok, but why did it look so fake?
The Angry General (2 months ago)
Arnold Schwarzenegger has not even passed away yet and they're already using a younger CGI version of him.
Catzilla (2 months ago)
I thought Tarkin looked great. Leia had that creepy, "uncanny valley" look.
Sparckman (2 months ago)
More amazing would be how to get that suppppppa cute new reporter
Mich Washington (3 months ago)
Too bad Rogue One is SHIT!
Dark 757 (4 months ago)
i didnt EVEN know that was cgi
Gaynor (4 months ago)
I loved Peter Cushing and Carrie Fisher. The recreation of Grand Moff Tarkin was better than Princess Leia's. They didn't capture Carrie's beauty of a mature 19-year-old. They made her face look too long. However, CGI is the future.
Anne Boleyn (4 months ago)
Wow. The work thats gone into this . Good on them for doing it so well .
Liquid Flat Soap (4 months ago)
They honestly probably could have used practical effects. The actor looks pretty similar
M Chaney (5 months ago)
I am going to miss Carrie Fisher so much, not just as princess leia, but as Peter Griffin's Boss Angela.
Simon Randall (5 months ago)
Old freinds ...long gone.
me (6 months ago)
Quick! ILM, you still have time to replace the boring Han Solo actor with a CGI young Harrison Ford to make him look like a younger Han Solo. They did it with Anthony Hopkins for West World, they made him look younger, so PLEASE DO THAT FOR THE NEW Han Solo Stand Alone Movie!
kavneet ram (6 months ago)
Keep it up ilm, u guys are the best
Oscar Arzabe (7 months ago)
I've seen deepfakes better than this
Sci-fi Geek (7 months ago)
I like them but leia’s face is a little long and I think Tarkin’s eyes were a bit glassy.
G M (7 months ago)
Leia head was too narrow it made me feel uncomfortable
insanedb (7 months ago)
stills looking like a render
Elephant (7 months ago)
0:38 was the best scene in the movie
Cole Fournier (7 months ago)
Did anyone think Tarkin or Leia looked good whatsoever????? They looked terrible and it was a terrible idea
Emack B (8 months ago)
I love at the end they just randomly go “and Lukasfilm is owned by Disney who is the parent company of abc” lol
DerpyNerdy (8 months ago)
You may fire when ready
Froth Star (8 months ago)
tarkin was necessary, but they didn't have to do leia. they could've just showed her from the back and not had her turn her face.
Lee Bee (8 months ago)
This video is titled "How Rogue one Created Princess Leia". We didn't even see ONE CLIP of a CGI Leia! Big thumbs down. Totally misleading video title.
TexasReaper_4010 _ (8 months ago)
Rest In Peace Carrie
Jack C (8 months ago)
Tarkin was obvious but I didn’t realize Leia was CGI
Antonio (8 months ago)
Lol they completely forgot about Mon Mothma & didn't even bother.
Unhelpful Revelations (8 months ago)
I could tell Tarkin and Leia were CGI after just a few seconds, but dang, it still looked so good. Better than the best videogame graphics. There's definitely room for improvement, but I can't see anything topping this for a good 10 years. There is of course the whole 'ethical' question, but I think these are done in good taste. There will have to be some rules set in motion once this kind of thing gets common, though.
No (8 months ago)
And people are wondering what are they going to do with Leia,becouse she died(real life)
Cici Brown (8 months ago)
Oh tommy Tommy !! (8 months ago)
They still look shitty
World of Retro Gameplay (8 months ago)
Notice how Rogue One and the new Star Wars movies ALL have female leads. I’m tired of having neo ‘dyke’ feminism crammed down my throat. (Waits patiently for offended neo dykes and emasculated millennial males to respond.)
Autistic Dodo (8 months ago)
It was not good cgi it was awful
Rick Sander (8 months ago)
Its about time they stop calling the work Special Effects. It's Visual Effects. By mislabeling, they are getting both titles wrong.
Caleb Caleb (8 months ago)
Do you know da way
Astraldragon1 (8 months ago)
i knew Leia and Tarkin were CGI. looked great how they did it.
Elvar Snær Ágústsson (8 months ago)
Rio04 (8 months ago)
the rebels' CGI is seamless, Carrie Fisher's is pretty good, and Peter Cushing's CGI didn't fool me like the rebels' CGI, but it was a pretty good job. For the type of technology we have currently, this a job well done! :)
Antonio Claros (8 months ago)
Miroljub Ilic (8 months ago)
is she dead in real life? OmG Serbian film is a masterpeace
CG Gamer (8 months ago)
Lol it’s actually 2
CG Gamer (8 months ago)
She said that Carrie Fisher dead for more than 20 years
Ezra Evans (8 months ago)
it was nice to see Disney bring back the Chess player from the pixar short
Mika (8 months ago)
I thougt she just got actors that looks like them but this damn
GAMING LEGEND (8 months ago)
star wars good
cooper savva (8 months ago)
Not So Great (8 months ago)
I don't think that really last part that the reporter said was necessary at all..
Nicholas Vastakis (8 months ago)
shameless promotion at the end tho
Reid C (8 months ago)
My dad knew Cushing had passed years ago and was dumbfounded
Joel Felix (8 months ago)
Snoke is grand moff tarkin
Chris Corley (8 months ago)
These progressive VFX are great when used in the right places, but nearly ruined the entirety of ROGUE ONE for me. I would love to do a new "Alternate Extended Cut" someday. It could be awesome. 📽 😭
sakor88 (8 months ago)
I am guessing they used computers to create Leia and Tarkin.
Robin Gather (8 months ago)
"But before she died, Fisher gave Rogue One a thumbs up." My God the way that sentence was read sounded so disrespectful
Carl Rudbeck (8 months ago)
My grandpa Walked into my Room While i played FIFA i played Barca vs Madrid. My friend dribelled a lot then he said “ohh look at messi go”. I never told Him that i was a game 😂😂😂 Sry for bad english
Imre Csebits (8 months ago)
dump shitass intro
Brent Menna (8 months ago)
For a first time with all attention being put into focusing on getting his physical likeness it's EXTREMELY good. What took away from it was that you wanted to make him so believable you had him move around too much to prove it. When he spoke stared directly at you. No extra movements at all. No blinking. Almost like a statement in itself. He ain't playing lol Leia? Eh........yeah wish you coulda done half as well
liverunninG (8 months ago)
lol they should have used the actor
Munro McLaren (8 months ago)
Carrie Fisher hasn’t been dead for more then 20 years! Jeezum! She’s been dead for 1 year.
Some One (8 months ago)
Wait they’re not real?! My life is a lie...
Gryffindore Daniel (8 months ago)
I miss carry Fisher
Riski Rills (8 months ago)
we should worry about faking face on porn video then... i bet in the future people will make CGI porn with celebrities faces.
Coleman Christy (8 months ago)
Now that i look at it, Moff Tarkins' original face at 2:18 looks more robotic than his CGI face.
rameitori (9 months ago)
When you playblast instead of rendering.
Jeremy Mullins (9 months ago)
not how... why?
Citrus (9 months ago)
They worked really hard on this, but I think they went too far with the level of detail and, as a result, it looks bad. If they reduced the quality a bit and maybe even lowered the frame-rate of the CG render it would probably look way more fitting.
Dean R English (9 months ago)
The cgi of tarkin and leia was disgusting, completely cringe worthy.
The Fandom Menace (9 months ago)
OTOH this CGI version of Juju Chang is nearly perfect. She really looks 23!
ItsAppleJuice (9 months ago)
TBH just looks like a really hd video game to me
Yumna Amir (9 months ago)
Carrie... :(
jackpaice (9 months ago)
hardly seamless...
Mr Click clack (9 months ago)
Props to the actor that played CGI tarcen
ASF Kelly (9 months ago)
Disney Owns ABC!?!?!?
AmethysicalDragon (9 months ago)
Aliens my ass! Those aren't aliens 😂😂
Draven Lee (9 months ago)
Personally I think Peter would have loved what they did.He never had a bad word to say about anyone.One of a kind true gentleman .
Horseygirl85 (9 months ago)
Idk about you guys, but if someone were to try and recreate me and my face with special effects in a movie or something after my death, I'd be flattered more than anything else lol
is it me or does anybody else think that the actor playing tarkin in rouge one looks like a sort of young christopher lee
Scyclo 4189 (9 months ago)
Tbh I feel that guy looks pretty close to Peter.
hakan goneci (10 months ago)
everything is great about Tarkin work. exellent CGI reality. BUT, eyes... I guess , it's impossible catch the reality of eyes for a CGI character not have soul. Eyes are not looking.
Sound Logic (10 months ago)
I love this new tech. It’s crazy to think actors can basically be timeless with this new tech.
ria bee (10 months ago)
This is amazing. I miss Carrie. She was an awesome woman
Mad Jim Jaspers (11 months ago)
The future.... ppl will act threw Avatars
Kenny the Jet Smith (11 months ago)
There is no cgi in the world or in existence that it is so good it looks like a real person. This is probably the best we have
Dawson Garret (11 months ago)
You saying actor that has passed away since not " has been dead for 20 years". That just sounds heartless and rude but you can tell by her reporting she really doesn't care either way. Rogue one wasn't very good but there's quite a few Star Wars films that wasn't very good but there will always be a desperate market for it
YouTuber Blue (11 months ago)
ILM did an amazing job.
Dan Esp (11 months ago)
Ok... I can get Tarkin But Leia was fucking spot on.
TheOneAndOnlySame (1 year ago)
This is ...not very good.
Kahlil Davis (1 year ago)
Industrial light and magic is literally one of the best CGI and visual affects company's in the world. They do all the mcu,star trek,Star wars and Disney live action movies. I want to visit them in the future
Herondeeyan (1 year ago)
didnt know tarkins was a cgi. i just thought hes gotten a lot order thats why he looks kinda different when i watched a pirated cam recorded video of rogue one. But princess leia is definitely a cgi
Lettisha Samaroo (1 year ago)
you should make the new han solo look like the real han solo for han solo a star wars stoory
Lettisha Samaroo (1 year ago)
why don't you tell us why I see c3po and r2d2 in rouge one
CrazyWedz (1 year ago)
It's funny how David Fincher and company pulled off a realistic CGI version of Brad Pitt's face on a midget FOR WELL OVER AN HOUR on Benjamin Button, and yet THESE 'artists' couldn't make Cushing look real with barely 2 minutes of screen time.
Aecisiati (1 year ago)
Why is everyone complaining about Tarkin? Nothing is going to be perfect, of course. Cushing has died so why do you expect every single detail to look like him? Gosh, it looks pretty good if I do say so myself. But since I knew Cushing has died I already knew it was CGI. :)
K. Nakanishi (1 year ago)
An animators job tedious? I never would have guessed ;)
Lucy Bickerton (1 year ago)
Thrawn Empire (1 year ago)
RIP to both great actors.
A Chaps (1 year ago)
I like how the reporter says "dazzled" all gruff like at 0:07Yeah yeah, the uncanny valley effect blah blah about CGI Leia and tarkin; I think they're good enough. But what could have been more interesting, and even cheaper (less $ for CGI), to have Guy Henry and Ingvil Dela simply play the characters!

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