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Crazy Psychos Prank in the Hood

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The announcement of the crazy psychos have been officially declared. Inspired by DM Pranks. Please share the video with all your friends and leave a like button.I hope you guys enjoy this video! Prepare for Halloween month! Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=fatalismfilms Special Thanks To: https://www.youtube.com/user/ItsAPrankProductions Follow us on social media! @FatalismTV Also Follow our facebook facebook.com/fatalismtv
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Текстовые комментарии (74)
Amy Chan (3 года назад)
2:28 oh shit, oh shit.....lol that made me laugh so hard
Celestia Med (4 года назад)
0:45 XD Chrissy........she killed me +Joe Med 
Joe Med (4 года назад)
*wears the 9th doctor's leather jacket and grabs your hand* Run *runs with you*
Celestia Med (4 года назад)
Someone hellllp me! x3
Darren/CS (4 года назад)
That laugh is just idk
Izmyster92 (4 года назад)
WeGottaSituation (4 года назад)
Gotta admit 1:10 was creepy lol
dominic copenny (4 года назад)
the last two guys were sooo fucking slow realizing what was happening XD
Gawddunit (4 года назад)
+FatalismTV  the dummy didn't look like a human...you didn't stuff enough...
Aftab Mo (4 года назад)
DM pranks are a good inspiration
MikoWarfare FIN (4 года назад)
i have the same gas mask :D
Ronda Huddleston (4 года назад)
NFRS (4 года назад)
Yeah if you want to get shot don't do pranks like these shit
DevilsInferno1 (4 года назад)
You like this, then watch Psycho-Pass!
John Perry (4 года назад)
If these guys r in America they could get themselves shot.
AntonioD Galves (4 года назад)
What? Right in front of my house at the Anthony Munoz park lol koo
GigglyGod (4 года назад)
talk about a dangerous prank to be doing especially at night, cops wont think twice, maybe try doing this prank by the white house for fun
Sally May (4 года назад)
Is that you as your profile pic? LOL
TraceurMikado (4 года назад)
*Rises hat from finland* Dont stop making theys!
Sally May (4 года назад)
LMFAOOO!! When that guy fell I was dying!!! xD
ctg finesse (4 года назад)
Just had orgy...so good
FatalPranks (4 года назад)
+Fresh Kicks Sweetness xD
clown Freak (4 года назад)
not bad
shazlfc ronaldo (4 года назад)
Awesome prank love it
GhostMedik (4 года назад)
FatalPranks (4 года назад)
+GhostMedik lol
UNDERDOG (4 года назад)
1:45 why did u scared old man ???!
Luke Schuster (4 года назад)
I think that's to much. Imagine you will be one of them.. Its not funny anymore
FinskaRS (4 года назад)
When you act like you are going to burn a "body" you should throw real gas on it and when someone is close, set it on fire and your friend who is hiding should start scream.
Aksel Gjertveit (4 года назад)
That laugh though
bobswolfie2001 (4 года назад)
Haha, this was hilarious!
Gaming Authority (4 года назад)
Change the song to happy song lol
Rafael Bettencourt (4 года назад)
The dummy needs improvement make it more fuller and it will look more realistic.
Pionel tapinessi (4 года назад)
The only good video you have made so far besides the sword one
Jose Manuèèh (4 года назад)
What is wrong with the people in the hood dude... They are so cowards or assasins...
Diamond Clan (4 года назад)
I have that one mask with the red hair
Andrew G (4 года назад)
There needs to be a lot more of these types of pranks, it's just so funny it never gets old keep them coming!!!
FatalPranks (4 года назад)
+GMan Muscle Yeah share the video and we will!
Irvin Bello (4 года назад)
If any1 with a weapons permit walks up and you start chasing them with a pickaxe, ... um your getting shot buddy
Irvin Bello (4 года назад)
Even if I had no gun, if im with my son, buddy pickaxe or not, your going down, maybe gouch your eyes out or even a bite to the jugular
BrazCoolZ (4 года назад)
Crazy clown prank and now a crazy psycho prank what are they going to come up with next
RILEYproMAGICIAn (4 года назад)
WTF you doin mayne o shiit! lol
ShredderGG (4 года назад)
FatalPranks (4 года назад)
+ShreddergamerGaming Yes! Share!
Brian Chacom (4 года назад)
Nice vid ladies
gabriel aguilar (4 года назад)
Haha I go to that park in Ontario ca
Prince m (4 года назад)
416 u already kno
Todeskommandant (4 года назад)
more more more 
OSU Bucks421 (4 года назад)
You guys need better bodies.
Kind Hearted Soul (4 года назад)
I notice you were aiming toward innocent victims. Great video though, can't wait for more.  DM Pranks don't need to worry about guns however, most likely they live where there is no are guns allowed. 
Legend Rider (4 года назад)
Doesn't mean that they won't have any though:P
FatalPranks (4 года назад)
+Kind Hearted Soul Glad you enjoyed it bro 
Supreme Athletes Only (4 года назад)
Such a dumb prank I'd beat ur ass if I seen that
Drive (4 года назад)
FatalPranks (4 года назад)
Abdulrahman Eritrea (4 года назад)
Awesome videos as always thumbs up😃
FatalPranks (4 года назад)
Thank you :) share it
OriginStudios (4 года назад)
damn you can get shot, thats dangerous.
Russell Don (4 года назад)
Traumatising and scarring people for life is classed as a youtube funny prank? YouTube going to e coming down hard on these pranksters soon mark my words.
Rainer Hofstedt (4 года назад)
Thomas Mon (4 года назад)
I wont run for sure...
FunnyTV (4 года назад)
Haha nice.. Keep up good work :)
Linus (4 года назад)
Can't click on the outro video! Anyone has a link for it?
Horny Reptilian (4 года назад)
Hahaha love it
DestructionNation (4 года назад)
I just love the last prank and the guy with the gas mask looks scary:D
Stephen A Smith (4 года назад)
And third
Stephen A Smith (4 года назад)
First and second
The Homie (4 года назад)
Stephen A Smith (4 года назад)
The Homie (4 года назад)
FatalPranks (4 года назад)
Hey everyone, please share the video on reddit and with all your friends! We hope you enjoy, it was risky to film! We were Inspired by DM Pranks.
Richin safari (4 года назад)
You are fucking awesome!!!!!!! Please make longer versions of where you chase people further, and its funnier when they re fat! plus do one where you have a high pitched psycho laugh and make them run faster!!! Get scarier masks, and when you run after them and stomp, it will make them run faster!
Andrew Zhoe (4 года назад)
+Pz PJ that is the point...
Legend Rider (4 года назад)
Very risky any one can pull out any kind of weapon but good prank still not worth your lives though

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