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DW2 Random Battle

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A random battle in Digimon Wolrd 2. The three Digimon that I have are my basic set, and I raise all three of them simultaneously. It takes such a long time though (60+ hours gameplay at this time). Also, I'm a bit embarrassed that my Garurumon kept on missing. I do not own DW2 or PSeven.
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Sebastian Inostroza (6 years ago)
@korohacker Thanks :D
korohacker (6 years ago)
@beavoru2 If I remember correctly, you can do that, just make sure you get the highest level gifts you can get for the target Digimon's type and stock a few of them since they sometimes require a lot of them to actually recruit. I remember stocking up to 12 level C gifts just to get one Digimon =w=
Sebastian Inostroza (6 years ago)
@korohacker No problem! :P this video and game is worth of watching always, by the way, do you know if someone can catch/recruit Champions Digimons? I'm playing this game but i don't know if i can do that, or if that's possible.
korohacker (6 years ago)
@beavoru2 Thanks! I'm just surprised that people are still watching this video X3
Sebastian Inostroza (6 years ago)
Nice Team :D

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