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Wild Bill Yellow Root Tea To Detox The Liver

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Wild Bill Yellow Root Tea To Detox The Liver
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R Martin (3 months ago)
I just showed the owners granddaughter this video and she can't believe someone made a video of it. She said thanks for the video!!!! Also thanks to all that have commented. (They are my customer)
rballen2 (3 months ago)
Great video and especially useful at the start of allergy season. You can buy bundles of yellow root at 'your Dekalb farmers market'.
Erick Anderson (4 months ago)
Just bought sim at Austell farmer market. Thought it was turmeric tea will try it out. Not bad just bitter.
MTD THEMIX (4 months ago)
I just drank it and less than 10 minutes i threw up 😊 Great video I will continue
Lisa Reese (4 months ago)
They sales it at food depot for 3.38 a jar
Atlanta Movers (8 months ago)
I just drank some at 10:34am. I purchased the same jar at Austell International Market. Its not that bitter....tolerable yes. Going to make some seitan now, 😋very hungry

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