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Obama meets Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle

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(22 Apr 2016) US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama on Friday met Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip for lunch at the royal residence of Windsor Castle. Obama is on a three-day visit to the UK, likely the last to the country of his presidency. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/c9a80041b0db233a55967fadcc079ea3 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Text Comments (569)
John Hagi (2 days ago)
Trump had a awesome welcome not like this.
edobihac (3 days ago)
Awkward as fuk lol he asked her 3 times were do u want me. To. Sit hahaha
Ajay Kumar (3 days ago)
Real king Obama Fake and looter British bitch queen send back Kohinoor diamond to HINDUSTAN Even ur crown made of our wealth Fuck British pig eaters maa ki choot tumari
Paper View (3 days ago)
What a difference compare with Trump.
Bunny (3 days ago)
Never turn your back on the devil dear queen. It was lovely of you to have it and it’s man ‘wife’ in the palace. I do hope you had the rooms blessed after it left 💕
dan lam (4 days ago)
1 year video ?..ha..ha..
Matheus Santana (4 days ago)
Grandes líderes!
Jim Mc Neil (4 days ago)
obama's are joke
Coco Martin (5 days ago)
Who's here after watching the Queen meet Trump?
Bootsie Collins (5 days ago)
Melania has replaced a gorilla in a wig.
mon nom (5 days ago)
The queens voice is so cute. Not used to hearing her. More used to seeing her in pictures. Aww.
Ethan Harrison (6 days ago)
Nutella sandwich 0:46
Lyrontray Official (6 days ago)
The Obamas are so polished. They are black royalty!
Dee Rush (6 days ago)
Oh Donald . . . take heed.
PumpkinEskobarr (7 days ago)
What the Queen carrying around in that handbag?
Jo Daddy (7 days ago)
Michael is so not worthy of meeting the Queen...He and Obama is a disgrace to America...I'm glad they are gone...Obama should be lock up in Gitmo..
Clem H Fandango (6 days ago)
Oh shut the fuck up you MAGA moron!
Samira Cardozo (8 days ago)
tudo muito antigo...
JA Purnell (8 days ago)
Prince Philip didnt want be to close did he ?
Joseph D T (10 days ago)
lol British still hasn't grown up - Queen in 21st century : get a real job lady
Michael Spatola (12 days ago)
The queen sux!! Lazy leader of a lazy leachy royal family...living off the english taxpayers...get a fucking job losers!!!
Margaret Rutherford (13 days ago)
Mrs Obama is dressed like a hooker
Bootsie Collins (5 days ago)
Take off her wig ... see what she looks like.
jon snow (13 days ago)
خارکسه همین نیم وجبی نصف دنیارو داره
S S (13 days ago)
This bitch has a lot of blood on her hands
gadgets premium (15 days ago)
Aliens meeting !!!
selçuk çetin (15 days ago)
Mütavazilik bu işte
I want to marry the queen she is my sexy girl
Nawelle Tazi (17 days ago)
Elle va bientôt mourir paraît-il.
yo yo (18 days ago)
Con respecto a un vídeo q acabo de ver de la clonación ....en el que no se puede comentar ,dándole vueltas puedo creer q es cierto ,por que desde la oveja Dolly no sé a vuelto a hablar de la clonación ,por qué está comprado por los poderosos para clonar ,niños,famosos molestos ,etc....Valiente mierda de gentuasa voy a empezar a pensar que Dios y Satanás están al 50 /
Scott Muir (22 days ago)
Tatty looking carpets and chairs. Needs a good clean or re done
Maw 3615054 (24 days ago)
She's got a phobia about mirrors, vampires don't have reflection.
Hina Khelji (26 days ago)
Looters of the world...they plunder the whole world....
nevaeh _96 (26 days ago)
Title should be : The AntiChrist meet the reptilian at Windsor Castle.
siaf el din (27 days ago)
زوج الملكه ... اخرونق .😂😂😂
Arnold Stollar (29 days ago)
Obama is President of the ‘colony ‘.
Arnold Stollar (29 days ago)
She should use a scooter instead of walking.
Arnold Stollar (29 days ago)
Quixote would love that castle.?
Arnold Stollar (29 days ago)
No hugs, nor kisses?
Somchai Aimpoe (1 month ago)
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Imran Khan (1 month ago)
Poor Duke
Pip Pipster (1 month ago)
Please note that all this opulence and luxury has been provided by the beleaguered British people
THE PAIGE FAMILY (1 month ago)
Oh sweet times when America was a really great nation.
Seafood 36 Pucung (1 month ago)
queen elizabeth 2 it's queen asutralia, new zeland, canada, and great britain.. she's iron women of world..
Murilo Otavio (1 month ago)
Obama burocrata maldito
Kittyqueen25 (1 month ago)
El Felipe un racista de primera!!! Se quedo alejado el Michelle Obama cuando se tomaron la foto. 😡
Olive Yaremko (1 month ago)
Me too I love Queen Elizbeth when she was in Winnipeg I want to give a flowers I had on my lap tray but I should it hold on my hand and I was happy to see Queen in the car going by I wave to Queen Elizbeth she is beautiful.
Latina Girl18 (1 month ago)
The Queen is no joke. She told Obama, stand right here.
Rory Douthard (1 month ago)
The Queen is giving me life carrying her purse inside the palace. Toooo funny!
J Dale (1 month ago)
Hey, Prince Philip! Our (former) First Lady doesn't bite. (What a jerk).
Roberto Alvidrez (1 month ago)
Queeen of the reptilians...
The Watcher (1 month ago)
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BeatryczezZielonego (1 month ago)
Wonder if he sat down first?
sammimitsu (1 month ago)
Obama is so much better than mad Trump.
ME2U (1 month ago)
I wonder...Did Obama felt the heat on his ass...lol...I'm sorry...I had to go for it!!!
Blair Crace (1 month ago)
Awe! Good people. I hope my grandkids world is this good. I see the good.
fethi haybe (1 month ago)
can any body tell me the reason that every person respect this old women
Obama Stronzo du Merda
SPIRIT DOT (1 month ago)
He had to go and see the boss. Phillip didnt stand right next to michelle
Honest Opinion (1 month ago)
She's getting to old to wear that heavy ass crown. Lol 😂😂😂👑👑👑👑
haeder (1 month ago)
I am from Iraq how much I love the Queen of great Britain
Matto niy (1 month ago)
The royal family and Obamas got very very close, not just in front of the cameras. Ypu can tell the queen genuinely respects them by how she speaks. Trump hasn't even been invited yet
Student Loans Are Cool (1 month ago)
Oh yes the olden days.
Peter-john De Jong (1 month ago)
Michelle is not comfortable in the royal world of etiquette
F'er MaGee (1 month ago)
Do you think when she wakes up during the night to take a whizz, does she grab her handbag 👜 to take with her to the pisspot?
Freddy Pedraza (1 month ago)
All I wanted was Philip and Biden to meet and have a conversation, would have been the meeting of the century
TheHonkster7 (1 month ago)
@Freddy - When/if Trump meets Phil it could turn into a rambling old man insult fest , that would be a movie alone .
okmmauh (1 month ago)
Prince Phillip did not want to get near mike
Jason Waite (1 month ago)
N C (1 month ago)
All this king & queen shiet is pathetic. It’s 2018!
Longhair Dontcare (1 month ago)
Queen keeping that purse reallll close. Yes ma'am! 😂😂😂
Loved' Always (1 month ago)
Longhair Dontcare nah bitch you're wrong bye ugly
Loved' Always (1 month ago)
Longhair Dontcare what does that mean she's keeping her purse real close obama is out former president bitch u think he need to steal anything unlike ur poor ass stfu
Oral Green (1 month ago)
visho89 (1 month ago)
Majesty my ass. These royals are useless in today's society and now just get money for breathing. What a waste of budget. This is worse than corruption
paola de larue 48 (1 month ago)
Que fue eso
Wes McGee (1 month ago)
Now this was absolutely pukable
Wabz (1 month ago)
Bless the queen. she needs to go on holiday ,taking a breath to introduce Obama to the Secretary.
Tube Tuber (1 month ago)
*The Queen hated the two dumb monkeys.*
Lizzy Hale (1 month ago)
Why do I think michelle (however you spell it) Obama is secretly transgender lol
REVEN6E (1 month ago)
At least Obama knows his place.
smaz eleu (1 month ago)
imagine trump meeting the queen..
salamsalam (1 month ago)
Obama 10 trump 0 or -10
Precious Nick (1 month ago)
Long live the QUEEN ❤️
monique 45 (1 month ago)
I didnt know michelle had all that junk in the trunk! You go girl! Lol
ariston sitanggang (1 month ago)
Ninja k (1 month ago)
Looks cozy. I think i would fall asleep with the fire going and sitting in those couches.
Surge Juice (1 month ago)
Queen holding on to that purse.
Steve Taty (1 month ago)
Go trump ..... 😄thank God your on there ...
israel sandoval (1 month ago)
goooood bless obama
Stone Roses (1 month ago)
Glad the Queen's hubby didn't make an idiotic racist comment like he usually does lol! When he went to China he said "Don't stay here too long, or you'll start to get slitty eyes!" and when he met an Australian Aboriginal person he asked, "So how are you at throwing spears?"
Kris B (1 month ago)
I bet the royal family worked hard for that lifestyle.
Neville Vector (1 month ago)
Izvolite u salonu!
Arkadaş61 Küçük (1 month ago)
İki sikik millet
jfoster1515 (1 month ago)
Looks like Prince Phillip didn't want to get too close to Michelle... Did he think the color would rub off...? He's a German anyway, so it makes sense ! Andy yes, classy women !
The Jaw Breaker (2 months ago)
I was half expecting to see some Mexican chair people
Steven Levar Coard (2 months ago)
Our King!
Visegràd (2 months ago)
W Hitler
oğuzhan türküzel (2 months ago)
slave king visits queen of colonizor
Luis Hernandez Gonz (2 months ago)
Qué miedo ... 🐉
xfiler2013 (2 months ago)
I love how the queen introduces her lady in waiting. May I ask what exactly is a lady in waiting and what is she waiting on??
Uzma Siddiqui (2 months ago)
The setting is soo dated
Morgan Oloo (2 months ago)
Evil you

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