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3 Fights that Should be Seen by Every Fan of Boxing - Part 3

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Make your bets here 1XBET - http://bit.ly/2HUz9TW Thank you for watching! Subscribe now! Click here: https://goo.gl/v7huqp, comment, share if you like this video. Number 1. George Foreman vs Muhammad Ali - boxing match that was held on October 30th, 1974 in the city of Kinshasa, Zaire. This fight is often regarded as one of the greatest boxing matches of the XX th century, it was held in tropical conditions, during the rain and high humidity period. The duel ended in 8th round with the victory of Mohammed Ali. Number 2. Sugar Ray Leonard vs Marvin Hagler - April 6th, 1987 the two very promising fighters met inside the ring. This was the 12th defense for Hegler, Ray Leonard wasn’t seen inside the ring for three years and took only one fight in the last 5 years. All tickets were sold out in 16 days. Of the 21 boxing reviewers, 18 said that victory would be for Hegler and only three supported Leonard. Number 3. Nigel Benn vs Gerald McClellan - January 25th, 1995 in London took place the fight which was later revealed to be one of the most tragic fights in the history of boxing. That night Nigel and Gerald decided who was worthy of the WBC belt. We are in social networks: ►Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/this_is_interestingtv/ ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/sportnews05 ►Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/116137208475021983570/116137208475021983570 SEE MORE▼ ► 3 Fights that Should be Seen by Every Fan of Boxing - Part 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCsBGaAMGLU ► Legendary Boxer - Roy Jones Jr. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZsE8qsDYAc ► How Prince Naseem Hamed Brutally Destroyed His Opponents! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeRf1JdRCck
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Text Comments (978)
dhananjay G. (5 hours ago)
Tyson the only and one.
dhananjay G. (5 hours ago)
Tyson the only and one.
Oliver Porciuncula (9 hours ago)
The Foreman and Ali fight was devastating but a Tyson and Foreman fight would have been brutal.
Trinity Hill (14 hours ago)
Hagler got snubbed big time
Kirk Payne (18 hours ago)
Lenarard was a coward .He opt out when he beat hearns next fight was marvin hagler.He claimed a retina in his right eye.But Roberto Duran and hearns had the balls to fight hagler.even though they lost,they still had balls.lenarad after the fact if he can hit and run maybe he can out point hagler.boxing is crooked they robbed hagler and Leonard wells man that use to be my idle.but when he cheesed up on hagler I lost respect.Real fighters like John beast magobee,the hawk Duran was real brawlers who deserved to fight hagler.If I was hagler I would have never given lenarard the fight.He didn't earn it.It was just the price was right.
Paul Mirich (19 hours ago)
Ok never seen that last one good one brother
Paul Mirich (19 hours ago)
Last 30sec of each round flury very smart
Paul Mirich (19 hours ago)
I was told that ali throw 21 straight rights first round took it to him and he ko him in the 8th with a straight right crazy
Law Gill (22 hours ago)
Leonard scored well hitting Hagler, this was surprising at the time, plus many expected Hagler to knock Leonard out. Leonard took Haglers assault well and even responded by scoring. This was somewhat surprising at that time. Many figured Hagler would just mop up knocking Leonard out. This did not happen. In fact in many rounds Leonard appeared able to bounce back and score. Hagler appeared not able to score well at times, Leonard out boxed him much of the time and appeared able to brawl at times and come out after taking shots. Hagler brawled and Leonard boxed. It was close on scoring. If Hagler had hurt Leonard real good one time down the stretch Hagler would have won. That didn’t happen, Leonard was is a quick talented boxer. Leonard held up well and scored well, Hagler needed to brawl as he did but then also buckle Leonard’s knees good down the stretch or otherwise hurt him big, this really didn’t happen or if it did it was not enough hurt and it was too late. Leonard boxed well, scored well and withstood Haglers vaunted attack. Hagler had opportunity to hurt Leonard more, but didn’t primarily because Leonard was too quick in the ring and in strong physical shape since he knew he had to be to respond to a brawler. Leonard boxed, Hagler brawled. In the end I think they both won.
moehammondmedia (1 day ago)
And the winner Sugar Ray Leonardo Di Vinci !!!
de_dongle (1 day ago)
What is this voice-over? Japanese guy doing a british accent
The Hark (1 day ago)
Sugar Ray had some hands back then didn't he!!!! sad how he went out, Hearns, and Hauler had some food ones too.
Riaz Ullah (1 day ago)
Mclellans trainer is a son of a bitch the bastaerd neede to get a bullet in his head someone ftom mclellans family or his homies needed to take the fucker out and as for Don king I hope one day that bastaerd gets what he deserves.
Riaz Ullah (1 day ago)
Ray Leonard didn't win that fight not at all.
wee ronnie (1 day ago)
What's wrong with the wanker's voice doing the narration?!
riaz shaikh (1 day ago)
Great fight
Eric Stenzel (1 day ago)
Typical draft-dodger game plan.
Akbar X (1 day ago)
Hagler was completely robbed against Leonard, shame on boxing!
Richard Hirviniemi (1 day ago)
you are going to put it all on me?
Carlos Leal (1 day ago)
Ali, the greatest
krzeselko (2 days ago)
9:24 is that Lundrgen in the back?
woodspirit Sherrill (2 days ago)
most baddest? Horrible English
jupiter moongauge (2 days ago)
I just don't see why Ali got respect for the rope a dope bullshit. The ropes were too slack. Ali's win was about as valid as a Rocky Balboa victory. sugar ray Leonard was a cheating ponce as well
Chitae Ganda lalake (2 days ago)
Ali foreman?? FIXED!!!
Ingaz (3 days ago)
For those wondering what happened to McClellan. He had a brain freeze in sparring for this fight where he froze and blinked his eyes repeatedly. He recovered however and went ahead with the fight. However towards the end there he was clearly feeling some effect to his sight and sound senses. McClellan had emergency surgery to remove a blood clot from his brain. He spent eleven days in a coma and he was found to have suffered extensive brain damage. He lost his eyesight, the ability to walk unassisted and was reported as being 80 percent deaf. He has recently recovered some ability to walk, being helped by a cane, but he has not recovered his eyesight. In addition to being blind, his short-term memory was also profoundly affected.
cam land (3 days ago)
Crazy. . . Hagler, the Champ, got robbed on that decision. . . . Robbed.
escobar mohammed (3 days ago)
I think the Haggler vs Hearns fight was a lot better than Haggler vs ray leonard
James The Archaic One (3 days ago)
Man these computer voices . . . Ray Lee-O-Nard? FFS man your channel is trash, money generating trash - but trash nonetheless
Charles Fuller (3 days ago)
I think those announcers where watching a different fight in the Clay-Foreman fight,Foreman was dominating.looked like the ref was in Clays cornor,letting him lay against the ropes most of the fight.even when he broke them up,he let Clay stay leaning instead of moving them both back to the center of the ring.looked fixed to me.
kevin sullivan (4 days ago)
I quit watching boxing after Hagler was robbed.......
john e Lawler (4 days ago)
I still say Hagler should have won
Marla Holt (4 days ago)
sport of our captors, blood letting
oliver baxendale (4 days ago)
Hagler vs hearns
Mudge Mudgee (4 days ago)
shit video
the ropes were unusually loose (ali's doing) and that enabled him to lean back that far. with regulation ropes, his head would have been taken off.
Fat Tony (4 days ago)
Ali : is this all you got , George?
mark toney (5 days ago)
I don't know what fight the judges saw but Hagler beat his ASS ...
buckleysdead (5 days ago)
10:36 - 11:17 Fucking wow!
sufian sufi (5 days ago)
George foreman weak in defence in rhis fight
COMBAT DOC (5 days ago)
Fuyu neko (5 days ago)
I AM SURE (5 days ago)
People who say Ali just let George do "His Thing" until George was tired and Ali knocked him out, like this was nothing !! .. TRY TO TAKE ONE PUNCH FROM GEORGE .. Let alone take punches for 7 rounds .. Ali taking punches all the way from GEORGE and still come back with a knock out is near impossible to do for any fighter .. I mean Ali was not being passive .. He was tolerating torture
strangetranceoffaith (5 days ago)
Hagler for me all day long one man came forward for the entire match the other ran away.
Skunny87 (5 days ago)
lol can't pronounce LEONARD
kaiyeem (5 days ago)
Ray Lea-Nard? WTF lmao
Croatian Guy (5 days ago)
My father loved Muhammad Ali. I was too young to watch when he was on top of his game. Ali forever
Dan0101010101010 (5 days ago)
Ali has a white brain, and a white skull/face, he was mainly a winner via being smarter than his opponents, im sick of  black people trying to take credit for our fighters! He's a white man! He is handsome! Foreman is ugly!
Jake Roberts (5 days ago)
6:56 DAMN I never knew Floyd Mayweather Sr. fought Montel Williams? When was this???
stezothewhitenegro (5 days ago)
Richard Steele ,  The guy who saved Razor Ruddick from being knocked into the first row from Tyson .  He stopped a couple fights pre maturely and pissed off the world  !
bbbeto02 (5 days ago)
It seems like Sugar Ray Leonard was getting old during the fight. lol
Iron Fist (6 days ago)
Big George #1
Catalina Dumangon (6 days ago)
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Ben DeVeny (6 days ago)
Haglers head was made of granite. He took sooooo many hits and it didnt phase him.
8.20 under the belt !!!!!!!! coward
Tim Gates (6 days ago)
haglers defence sucks...
Joe Horizon (6 days ago)
Ali was the ONLY man on the planet that ever KOd big George.
Atlas (6 days ago)
форман канеш тупоумный блять сохатый
Shawnaldo75 (6 days ago)
"Ray leo-NARD" lol Ray LEN-nerd
Adog (7 days ago)
Forgot that fight between Rocky and Creed. Now that was a classic.
Judo Lover (7 days ago)
Gerald McClellan suffered so much brain damage during that fight. Poor guy.
James Mills (7 days ago)
Marvin Hagler beat the crap out of Leonard. No question but politics went to work on behalf of Leonard. I hope those "judges" enjuoyed their mafia given benefits for stealing an easy win from Hagler.
Tim Hallas (7 days ago)
Four times in this fight, Leonard punched himself out in a round and was saved by the bell. Five times he was saved by the referee stepping in to push the two fighters apart. On each of those occasions Haggler had Ray trapped on the ropes and was pummeling him. There was no clinch, just Leonard trying to grab Haggler's arms. I have nothing against Ray Leonard, a great fighter indeed, but this time he ran and boxed his way to victory, while the ref and the bell saved him each time he was about to be beat up.
Tim Hallas (7 days ago)
Hot and humid favors the smaller man. In an air-conditioned arena, Foreman would have taken Ali into the late rounds and knocked him out.
kize32 (7 days ago)
That 3rd fight looks like it was directed by Sly Stallone
MultiArkle (7 days ago)
Who the fuck is Sugar Ray Lee On ARD....Pronounced "Lenard" you annoying asshole
Lalo Ballesteros (7 days ago)
sugar . drugs , mohhamad ali :drugs , maradona . drugs , eople just like drug-addicted athletes...............................
kyle morton (7 days ago)
NO WAY!!! Where's the 1975 Foreman-Lyle fight!!!
Robert Morrison (8 days ago)
I consider Leonard to be one of the very very best ever, but Hagler won that fight. It was close, but Hagler controlled the entire fight. Hagler was so disgusted he retired and moved to Italy.
Jason Strom (8 days ago)
The Ali vs Foreman fight was a complete fraud.... He and King stole that fight. They had it in that corrupt-ass country because they knew Ali couldn't beat Foreman anywhere else. They also knew that the people and the government there would treat Foreman not only as if he were an outcast and treat Ali as if he were some sort of God or king, but that they'd also treat Foreman as if he were almost some sort of criminal.... So not only was there all of that bullshit for Big G to deal with, but anyone who knows the sport of boxing and has seen more than a few fights and has analyzed this particular fight, knows damm well that those ropes were losened(fake-ass Ropa-Dope)... Never in the history of boxing have ropes been allowed to be that lose. It looked more like a WWE ring set-up... A complete joke and anyone who doesn't notice it is either totally biased and an Ali nuthugger, or they're totally blind..... Ali was nothing but a cheal fraud and a puppet to the Left Wing Establishment and his Nation Of Fakeslam handlers.... He called other black guys Uncle Tom, but he was the only one acting a certain way for all the White Leftist eyes of America. Creating a character the way he did just to get their attention..... So he was the real Uncle Tom, not to mention a fake Muslim if I ever saw one... The Nation Of Islam is the largest fraudulent fake religious group I've ever seen. True Muslims (Middle Easterners etc, and even those who migrated here to the United States....) see the Nation Of Islam as a complete and utter joke, and nothing more than a circus act with Ali (at the time) being the lead circus monkey doing tricks and putting on a show for his true masters and handlers... No true respectable Muslim would be seen with the likes of an idiot fraud like Ali or his idiot handlers like Elijah Mohammed. Nothing but a bunch of fakes and corrupt-ass losers and hustlers..... Even Malcom X saw through the hustle, eventually seeing them clearly for what they were and then finally leaving the Nation Of Fakeslam.... Ali on the other hand stayed with his masters and let them use him the same way Don King used him... Those two were meant for each other. Two fraudulent two-bit hustler scumbags..... Foreman and Frazier were not only better fighters, but better men than Ali was. Ali deserved what he got when it comes to his brain turning to mush.... Talking down to other grown men/fighters, calling them Uncle Tom just because they didn't follow what he did and allow themselves to be used by a bunch of Fakeslam Master Handlers.... At least those guys knew who they were and didn't change for anyone... Ali on the other hand had no idea who or what he wanted to be. That's why the ignorant fool put on an act every day because he needed all that attention just to get by in life, and talk down to others because he felt like shit about who he truly was.... Nothing but a pathetic fool.
Jenny Atherton (8 days ago)
Omg fast pace of hagler and leonard 😨. I'd need the kiss of life after 1 rnd😭
Akram Sayed (8 days ago)
Ali the GREATEST !!!!
Cordelia Spraggins (8 days ago)
I gotta say I love listening to the commentators they be having me rolling.😅😅😅😅
Peter Goddard (8 days ago)
They both finished up the 2 black eyes. This fight proved Ali was the greatest boxer that ever lived.
BEUM SIK U (8 days ago)
EpaHulk (8 days ago)
Two monsters!
Pre00 (8 days ago)
Foreman was drugged..common knowledge..he shoulda killed puss ali
sean carr (9 days ago)
Only Ali Foreman deserves b there Hit man v marvellous should b there foll
Blank Atmcardorg (9 days ago)
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Jose Castillo (9 days ago)
13:30 almost positive I heard the announcer say Leonard is the new heavyweight champion. And why is that stupid referee letting Gerald box with his mouth piece hanging out.
jake the masked gamer (9 days ago)
Logan Paul vs ksi
wayne Sharp (9 days ago)
so sad to see someone hurt like that....Mclelland was a pretty unpleasant character what with the dog fighting n all...but still now he's in a wheelchair
Justin Hembree (9 days ago)
Leo won that fight easy
Justin Hembree (9 days ago)
kills me nobody ever mentions the greatest sugar ray! Sugar Ray Robinson was one of the top 5 boxers ever.. And Ruban the Hurricane Carter, I mean come on he got robbed in his prime an should have went down in top 5 also.. Ali that counter jab thou, he times it perfectly
quintin laroda (9 days ago)
foreman got outsmarted before the fight. He was a big heavy dude , why the hell go box in hot africa. The heat and humidity alone did him in
freedoms2010 (9 days ago)
Fuck Maywheater, those boxers were the real deal. Maywheater is nothing compare to Leonard, Hagler and the rest. We will rarely see those kind of war today. Those fight that takes years out of a boxer, that is for sure. I've watched those 3 fights and I'm tired just to look at them.
Lyle Wiley (9 days ago)
Foreman vs Ron Lyle!! The greatest heavyweight fight of all time. How could you leave that fight out of the top 3??? Watch it on YouTube.
ManIel Polanskie (10 days ago)
Klitschko vs Lewis great fight too
Darren Fred (10 days ago)
Gerald McClellan got only half of what he deserved... True justice would include severe and endless physical torture while he's stuck in his wheelchair. Vile disgusting monster that POS is.
oliver empleo (10 days ago)
now I know that lionel ritchie was a former boxing referre during the hagler vs leonard fight!
chris price (10 days ago)
Please explain to your stupid computer commentator that "Leonard" is pronounced "Lennard". Got it?
Harold Baker (10 days ago)
Hagler was robbed
Emmanuel Mosoti (10 days ago)
Hagler's feet only moved forward; no dancing.
Robert Brody (10 days ago)
Hagler lost because Sugar was quicker and controlled the action. Hagler came forward, but was less effective. Sugar Ray's speed was the big factor since both men landed a lot. It's hard to not be impressed, since Sugar lacked the power to really keep Hagler off of him, so he was forced to adapt, outmaneuver him and still take some seriously hard shots. A draw would have been acceptable just like a Hagler decision. 12 rounds wasn't enough to get the true winner! But maybe that's for the best.
Rommel Navarrette (11 days ago)
Thomas Hearns, Hagler, these guya were warriors. I never like Leonards style, maybe because he was too caucky and disrespectfull towards his opponents.
John Valdez (11 days ago)
Leonard LOST!
sagheer insari (11 days ago)
only champion Ali
Moses Hill (11 days ago)
You can actually hear the "knock" at around 17:45 when it happens full speed.
Moses Hill (11 days ago)
Benn vs McClellan: anyone know what happened to McClellan? Looks like at 17:53, during that "slip" of Benn's, McClellan also caught a full-on headbutt from the right side of Benn's head. You can also see at 18:18 when he drops to a knee and grabs his nose/face as the announcer is saying that "something is hurting him". That headbutt was all I saw that could have done it.
Koletti Pireaus (11 days ago)
Total Nonsense again by a poster that knows nothing about boxing. They post the Ali - Foreman fight and ignore probably the greatest fight ever.....Ali -Frazier I.

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