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Candace Cameron Reveals Who Will Be Returning to Fuller House

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We never thought the day would come in which Candace Cameron Bure was really and truly sharing details about a Full House reunion. But the day has finally arrived, and Candace was happy to spill all-new details about the Fuller House series during her visit to POPSUGAR's office in New York City this week! Candace, who was doing triple duty promoting Ziploc and her new Hallmark Channel movie, Just the Way You Are, shared exciting new plot details about her return as D.J. Tanner in the 2016 Netflix project. POPSUGAR Girls' Guide is your guide to living your '20s in style! We cover everything from DIY fashion and beauty, pop culture and comedy, recipes and food trends, celebrity news, and more. We also LOVE YouTubers and are lucky enough to have featured some of our favorites on PSGG, including Tyler Oakley, Ingrid Nilsen (Missglamorazzi), and many others. Subscribe to POPSUGAR Girls' Guide http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=popsugargirlsguide We just got started on Vine! Watch us there, too!
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Текстовые комментарии (492)
Sean gaming (7 месяцев назад)
no i am
{FaDe} Jaden (9 месяцев назад)
0:40 omg u can see the Olsen twins
Oswaldo Sanchez (9 месяцев назад)
Fuler gouse is good i eatch the new fuller house its on Netflix
snow flake love (10 месяцев назад)
Suhas Karched (10 месяцев назад)
The olsen twins didn't make an appearence
Kelli Byerley (1 год назад)
What about Michelle
Tesla Talks (1 год назад)
this was posted on my birthday!!!!!!'
Sloths 4EVA (1 год назад)
fuller house is the best show on Netflix I love it!!!!!!!!!! it's the best show in the world
briley walker (1 год назад)
i love you dj tanner
Haley Sherrer (2 года назад)
I watched this show for a long time
nayeli Bonal (2 года назад)
aye_itz_mimi (2 года назад)
please make a season 2. I have watched the whole season on 1.
Mable PinesTheCutiePie (2 года назад)
bring back the two pairs of twins one pair is Nicky and Alex .the second pair Mary- Kate oslen And Ashley oslen
Karely Lopez (2 года назад)
Cameron where did you get those moves in episode six and you and the cast are working hard alot so thinks you for full house and fuller house love you all in the cast
Jay Clover I (2 года назад)
Amira Heart (2 года назад)
I love you
Malaika Gibson (2 года назад)
Rihanna Morales (2 года назад)
big fan👍👍👍
Rihanna Morales (2 года назад)
why doesn't Michele go on fuller house
Mable PinesTheCutiePie (2 года назад)
MadMatt8880 (2 года назад)
My God, I can't believe how hot Candace Cameron turned out to be after all these years. She's gotta be pushin 40, but she looks about 25 to me. She's drop dead gorgeous!!!!!!!
Jennifer Kelly (2 года назад)
Rene Ruiz-Diego (2 года назад)
Ciarra Manfedi (2 года назад)
Can't wait😄
Kristy Chapman (2 года назад)
I am your biggest fans love jack laflesh
Dakota Domingues (2 года назад)
What about the olsen twins
Mustache Nerds (2 года назад)
Sadly No Mary and Ashley :(
Erica Gonzalez (2 года назад)
Mimi Stacks (2 года назад)
I cant waittt!!!!! 😍😍 I just watched the trailer!!!!!😭🙌
Jennifer Henninger (2 года назад)
I was totally hoping she ended up marrying Steve
rachelpinkrox (2 года назад)
I also really like Candace ' s dress.
rachelpinkrox (2 года назад)
I really admire Candace Cameron Bure, and my sisters and I have watched Full House for years. I am so excited for this!! :)
Nai Deed Dum (2 года назад)
I am watching Full House right now on nick
Becca Lowry (2 года назад)
This actually looks like it'll be pretty funny but was I the only one who thought that Kimmy's home life must have have really sucked if she's always wanted to live with the Tanners that badly?
Quinoa Songs (2 года назад)
+Becca Lowry Kimmy's background seems so mixed; she often implies her parents wanting to get rid of her, or that they give her whatever they want, and she also had a very unreliable brother. I read somewhere that they're making Kimmy a divorced mom of a daughter and auditioning for a recurring role as her ex-husband. In the original, Kimmy's family was never shown; we'll see if they are now, or even talked about......
Derp Crew (2 года назад)
my name is , zoe fuller. I am blessed
Sarah Moran (2 года назад)
Candace is so beautiful!
rodolfo jimenez (2 года назад)
Who's the dad
Davidofun (2 года назад)
0:40 look at the left. THAT IS STEVE That hairline tho
JToad Flavored Candy (2 года назад)
Kimia Akhondzada (2 года назад)
OMG I'm so exited full house was my favourite show when I was a kid! I can't wait till fuller house comes out
ImLittleBecca (2 года назад)
i want to see the olsen twins! They were the reason i found out about Full House!
Emelina bella (2 года назад)
I love full house
Lost Kuprina (2 года назад)
Ok so i know the olsen twins said no but what about jesse's twin boys on the show are they gonna be in it or were they even asked
FireStormBaller (2 года назад)
I thought she was going to marry Steve.
FireStormBaller (2 года назад)
She's a widow? So boring. I was hyped for this but now it's lame.
ThePoeticAngel (2 года назад)
It is so hard for me to believe she is 39 with kids! She looks like she is in her 20s to me. Same goes goes for Jodie and Andrea.
Nikos Pappas (2 года назад)
Michelle needs to come back
Mable PinesTheCutiePie (2 года назад)
duhhhhhh we are all ganna miss here
daphne fedor (2 года назад)
I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo exited I'm not a 90s kid butni watch reruns everty night
Chris E. (2 года назад)
I just found out now. At least I don't have to wait a lot
Caroline's Cave (2 года назад)
I can't wait!!!!!! Ahhhh!!🤗🤗🤗
The Girls With Glasses (2 года назад)
I just love her! x
Lizzy Riley (2 года назад)
she should totally go back with Steve since her husband passed
Kaira Lund (2 года назад)
i can't wait for fuller house as long as jessie danny tanner and every one in full house i'll be HAPPY!!!
Michelle Huff (2 года назад)
I did not know buddy died
Rita Heidrich (2 года назад)
I love you Candace Cameron you make me feel so happy!😍
Whole Food Plant-Based Man (2 года назад)
She was on Wizards of Waverly Place.
neilani monteiro (2 года назад)
Candace looks kind of old
ugh chelsey (2 года назад)
ugh chelsey (2 года назад)
She's so pretty
ProjectJ (2 года назад)
I'm shocked Full House has fans. Piece of garbage show back then and the reboot will suck too
Kara Thompson (2 года назад)
沙滩 天河 妇产科? 噢他是 啊 个噢噢的 是我
Mambo Ndisang (2 года назад)
Candace omg . looks just like she did when she was younger  on full house
EatPlums (2 года назад)
I never thought this was a good show. There were better shows on then.
zomeister (2 года назад)
It's all about Kimmy.
Angelica Le'noir (2 года назад)
I really wish they would show on nick because I do not have Netflix :(
sinister kiid (2 года назад)
Damn, didn't see that one coming. the full house girls all turned out to me MILFs...
Raging Runt (2 года назад)
Yea especially Stephanie
maxim millions2002 (2 года назад)
Didnt jesse actually marry becky in real life
Elisia Gallegos (2 года назад)
omg full house was my faves show now fuller house is here so happy😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌❤❤❤❤💚💎💎💎💎
Hev N. (2 года назад)
are d.j.'s kids going to be all boys or something
IARRCSim (2 года назад)
If my eyes were closed, I'd be sure Sarah Palin is taking up an acting hobby.
Kyle Koehler (2 года назад)
I wish it was more original, it's basically the old show
Amanda Unzicker (2 года назад)
Never mind I hope Steve comes back!!
Amanda Unzicker (2 года назад)
What?! So Steve died??!!😭
Soph227 (2 года назад)
me to I love Stephanie
Deena La Sorsa (2 года назад)
I a big full house fan
Emileigh Matthews (2 года назад)
Mike Puentes (2 года назад)
hey i love you
You Mad? (2 года назад)
the fucked up girls meets world please don't mess this up fuck this generation just be the same old characters
Adolfo Palacios (2 года назад)
They are only the genders will all be the opposite of Full Housr
Bullit Cake (2 года назад)
she's overacting in this interview.
Emily Krueger (2 года назад)
So excited for fuller house. I love full house so I can't wait until fuller house comes on!!!!😀😀😀😀🏠
Gracie Hoover (2 года назад)
Wow is practicly a gender swap with the new generation
Candace Cain (2 года назад)
yaaaay!!! Fuller house!!!
Stacy Bennett (2 года назад)
Did Lori really get pregnant with Nikky and Alex
Ekatherina2339 2545 (2 года назад)
Cameron's voice sounds different compared to her on Full House
Kara Thompson (2 года назад)
CrazyNinjaBoy 360 (2 года назад)
Itsjustcortney (2 года назад)
yes!!!! i love this yay my favorite was always michelle but yeah~~~~
Dank_London (2 года назад)
I am guessing that DJ got widowed because of car accident.
Betty M. (2 года назад)
I don't think Michelle will be in every episode. I mean, the Oslen twins are FAMOUS. As in, way more famous then DJ. I'm gonna scream with joy if Michelle, with some miracle, comes in every episode.
Sýnchysi (2 года назад)
With Special Guest: Jesus
Kayla The YouTube Star! (2 года назад)
I'm so excited!
Sofia D'Kova (2 года назад)
As soon as i heard john stamos i knew this was gonna be good af
Justin Martin (2 года назад)
Has she ever done a movie/show where her mom ISNT DEAD?!?
Victoria Vargas (2 года назад)
Is it going to be on tv
The Kaiden and Owen show (2 года назад)
they better have kimmy vs stephanie roast offs
SoniB Xo (2 года назад)
Seriously they just had to make her a widow too?? Why can't she be a divorcee... not "wholesome" enough? Dang.
Mary (2 года назад)
also then they'd have to halve the time with the dad.
manguy2000 (2 года назад)
+Yasmine Xo Gee I don't know...you don't think there is enough garbage on tv already with ultra amounts of sex and violence and people cheating, lying, using each other..etc.etc. I pine for the days where there were shows with some actual morals, good life lessons..happy endings..sometimes...imagine.
taomeowa (2 года назад)
Because they're trying to replicate the original full house. Danny's wife had passed and he brought in his best friend and brother in law to help raise the kids. Now DJ is going through the same thing.
jobloe3393 (2 года назад)
+Yasmine Xo Because then her ex-husband would still help raise the kids, and she wouldn't necessarily "need the help of the whole family". Being the divorcee of a deadbeat dad however would definitely not be wholesome enough.
Sophia Imerti (2 года назад)
Soooo exited!!!!!!
Rochelle Walker (2 года назад)
she looks so fantastic. wow :)
Lucia Brus (2 года назад)
Yay yay I'm a huge full house fan
7peacefrog (2 года назад)
When is this going to happen?
Josahany Alondra (2 года назад)
Josahany Alondra (2 года назад)
2016 on Netflix
Nick Ray (2 года назад)
Star Wars, Full House, and Rocky are all back 🙃
Roniesha Benjamin (2 года назад)
im so glad full house is my favorite show
Christopher Lenney (2 года назад)
"Always did luv Candace Cameron, on Full House..."

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