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The Search For Earth-Like Planets - Version 1

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See the expanded and updated version of this show on... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxG66QMd4wE The search for Earth-like planets is reaching a fever-pitch. Does the evidence so far help shed light on the ancient question: Is the galaxy filled with life, or is Earth just a beautiful, lonely aberration? If things dont work out on this planet Or if our itch to explore becomes unbearable at some point in the future Astronomers have recently found out what kind of galactic real estate might be available to us. Well have to develop advanced transport to land there, 20 light years away. The question right now: is it worth the trip? If things don't work out on this planet... Or if our itch to explore becomes unbearable at some point in the future... Astronomers have recently found out what kind of galactic real estate might be available to us. We'll have to develop advanced transport to land there, 20 light years away.... But that's for later. The question right now: is it worth the trip? The destination is a star that you can't see with your naked eye, in the southern constellation Libra, called Gliese 581. Identified over 40 years ago by the German astronomer Wilhelm Gliese, it's a red dwarf with 31% of the Sun's mass... and only 1.3% of its luminosity. Until recently, the so-called M Stars like Gliese 581 flew below the radar of planet hunters. They give off so little energy that a planet would have to orbit dangerously close just to get enough heat. Now, these unlikely realms are beginning to show some promise... as their dim light yields to precision technologies... ...as well as supercomputers... honed in the battle to understand global changes on this planet... Earth. Will we now begin to detect signs of alien life? Or will these worlds, and the galaxy itself, turn out to be lifeless... and Earth, just a beautiful, lonely aberration? To some, like astronomer and author Carl Sagan, the sheer number and diversity of stars makes it, as he said, "far more likely that the universe is brimming over with life." This so-called "many worlds" view can be traced back to ancient observers... in China, India, Greece and Egypt. The Qur'an, the Talmud, and many Hindu texts all imagined a universe full of living beings. In the 16th Century, this view got a boost from astronomer and mathematician Nikolas Copernicus... who came to believe that Earth is not the center of the universe, but revolves around the Sun. Seven decades after Copernicus, Galileo Galilei used his newly developed telescope to show that our Sun was just one among countless other stars in the universe. By the modern era, the "many worlds" view held sway in scientific circles. A variety of thinkers considered what and who inhabited worlds beyond our own. From Martians desperate to get off their planet... to alien invaders intent on launching pre-emptive strikes against ours... or simple life forms on an evolutionary track to complexity. But other thinkers have been struck by a different view. The Greek philosophers Aristotle and Ptolemy believed that humans and Earth are unique. With the spread of Christianity, this Ptolemaic system became widely accepted. The latest variation on this theme is what's called the "Rare Earth" hypothesis. It holds that Earth and sophisticated life were the result of fortuitous circumstances that may not be easy to find again in our galaxy. Does the current search for planets shed light on this debate... sending it in one direction or the other? So far, our only good reference for recognizing an Earth-like planet is... Earth. It does have some fortuitous characteristics... it's dense, it's rocky -- with a complex make-up of minerals and organic compounds -- and it has lots and lots of water. It's also got a nearly circular orbit around the Sun, at a distance that allows liquid water to flow... not too close and not too far away, in the so-called "Habitable Zone." That's defined as the range of distance from a parent star that a planet would need to maintain surface temperatures between the freezing and boiling points of water. Of course, that depends on the size of the planet, the make-up of its atmosphere, and a host of other factors. And whether the parent star is large; medium like the Sun; or small. Some scientists also believe we live in a "Galactic Habitable Zone." We're close enough to the galactic center to be infused with heavy elements generated by countless stellar explosions over the eons... But far enough away from deadly gamma radiation that roars out of the center. If there is a galactic habitable zone... it's thought to lie 26,000 light years from the center... about where we are... give or take about 6,000 light years.
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LeatherIsHere (1 месяц назад)
i don’t think that trappist-1 was discovered when this video was made but trappist-1e is a good example of a truly earth-like planet
LeatherIsHere (1 месяц назад)
13:22 those are brown dwarfs not red dwarfs
LeatherIsHere (1 месяц назад)
11:40 that’s nothing in planet standards but a whole lot in human standers
LeatherIsHere (1 месяц назад)
plz use metric system
LeatherIsHere (1 месяц назад)
more proof says that the planet doesn’t actually exist ):
Hajili Jukerin (1 месяц назад)
Im afraid if scientis eager to find out what would be outside of our Lovely earth.... Loke will get angry and will push thor to end the edge of the world
Ghost Man (2 месяца назад)
I think Earth is VERY RARE...So rare in fact that an entire galaxy may exist just to produce one or two of our homestyle worlds.
LeatherIsHere (1 месяц назад)
+Ghost Man lol look at science dude
LeatherIsHere (1 месяц назад)
+Ghost Man i don’t think so
Cereal Killer (2 месяца назад)
I just want to share what I think of life on other planets. What if the conditions to have a life on other planets shouldn't be necessarily the same as the conditions of life to live on Earth? What if life on other planets doesn't need water or oxygen to live? Instead, they adapted to something else in order to live. I know NASA is looking for life on other planets that has water on its surface because there are MORE CHANCES to have a life on a planet that has a water on its surface.
LeatherIsHere (1 месяц назад)
+Raven i thought that too
susan Duffy (3 месяца назад)
there has to be another earth. if the universe made one once they can make another
LeatherIsHere (1 месяц назад)
i agree
LeatherIsHere (1 месяц назад)
get ready to get spammed with **god doesn’t exist** comments
without a name (3 месяца назад)
I luv this video, I put it on all the time it helps me sleep ,I think it's the guys voice ,it's very soothing ,and also the information it's self is extremely interesting ,it's right up my alley
Sean Peterson (3 месяца назад)
Joey Loder I thought I was the only one. The music, and narrators voice is a masterpiece.
Fishslap 33 (3 месяца назад)
Unusual to have the communist brainwashing at the start of the propaganda film. Interesting...
LeatherIsHere (1 месяц назад)
Salvador Garcia (4 месяца назад)
zalkanuva the God of destruction (4 месяца назад)
Humans : hey why don't we find a planet like earth raid it then destroy it
Tasos Papanastasiou (4 месяца назад)
Proves without doubt that life is a miracle and God is our father!
Fletcher DeMaine (3 месяца назад)
You're a grown up. Act accordingly.
colin Paterson (5 месяцев назад)
Unfortnately the only template we have is the Earth end the Solar System but we don't know the true values of the limitations on life. We assume and base our searches on Terrestrial life forms. We are like blind men trying to make sense of something we cannot sense.
Joseph Mazzulla (5 месяцев назад)
lousey music
Charles Lona (6 месяцев назад)
Patty Rayfield (6 месяцев назад)
Please check out the trailer for my audio book "Lailu" it is about the search for new home in the stars following a catastrophic threat to the Earth https://youtu.be/fQtSFqbbnSs due out soon
Ivan Drago (6 месяцев назад)
Let's make our own planets.
Ebin Joseph (8 месяцев назад)
That ending was perfect #lifefindsaway
Joe Masters (8 месяцев назад)
If things don't work out on this planet, we can find another one to destroy
SKC1967 (8 месяцев назад)
The Narrator said if things don't work out on this planet Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Lets go find another one to destroy.
kenny birle (9 месяцев назад)
Siris Hawk (9 месяцев назад)
❤️❤️ Is this possible? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iG5K86QsERc
VINEET PAWAIA (9 месяцев назад)
Sinju George (9 месяцев назад)
Or maybe, life in another universe is highly possible.We, in a bubble of an universe with trillions of galaxies will never b able 2 find Xtraterrestrials within our universe and our galaxy.Technology has NO MATCH and will never be able to quest this Super Xtraordinary Creation .We r the aliens among ourselves.Terrorism,viruses etc The more advancement in Techlgy, the farther we get away from other galaxies.we will have 2 travel atleast 2times the speed of light to search.Hubble(first declared seeing billions of galaxies & now it see's trillions of galaxies ...what next Mr Hubble..quadrillion!) and the latest forthcoming Toys will have limits to see not even quarter of the length of the universe. we r being stretched by space 74 km/sec rather than stars just moving away.
Teddles Peddles (9 месяцев назад)
Humans are a parasite, we consume, we destroy our environment, we killing off many life forms into extinction, we turning this planet into a dessert, worst of all we battle each other for land and resources so why would anyone think we should find another planet only to occupy or destroy it too? Hopefully humans will go EXTINCT. 🦂
anti non gamers association (2 месяца назад)
Teddles Peddles you're so fucking hypocritical iconoclast
GameCityGaming (9 месяцев назад)
Teddles Peddles So you hate yourself?
Edward Fominykh (9 месяцев назад)
Who's the narrator form this video?
Notnot Monmon (10 месяцев назад)
we need mass relay that can transport things from one place to another like a teleportation thingy Fuck light speed
Anthony Maniaci Music (1 год назад)
We were seeded by highly advanced midgets
Jed Wayne (1 год назад)
there is no such thing as the south pole, and those "planets" nothing more than wandering stars.
RED MOBILE uk (2 года назад)
it's probably how we originally got here
RED MOBILE uk (1 год назад)
+Bredah Jake that story is about as accurate and realistic as harry Potter
What? You've given up on Adam and Eve then?
Ges (2 года назад)
What if our sun suddenly has a massive flare and incinerates every single thing on Earth?
Shaider (2 года назад)
We would all be dead would be one thing :/
Dipendra Sanjel (2 года назад)
we can invent a device having speed 4 times the light speed is by using two most active elements. by nuclear fission
Na En (2 года назад)
no way can out of Glaxy milkyaway
Trippy Eggos (2 года назад)
WTF? No Dick Rodstein? I'm out.
Reynher Jude Velasco (2 года назад)
What planet earth has to lived us here ,that does not have the other planet ?
Reynher Jude Velasco (2 года назад)
why earth is the only planet that is habitable ?
Na En (2 года назад)
Only earth planets habitable for sure in our milkyway
Jabbar Abdullah (2 года назад)
im just asking aymen she said wrong Quran That Earth Is Only Living planet in the entire Universe Because
abloogywoogywoo (2 года назад)
I'm starting to think the Rare Earth Hypothesis is not just a idea, but a fact. Life is insanely complex and has sooo many prerequisites for it to happen.... Red dwarf systems are incapable of sustaining life as we know it, which greatly annoys scientists, since it makes their work 'astronomically' cut out for them.....
abloogywoogywoo (2 года назад)
+JB Townsend The universe is hostile to life. If there are trillions of systems, the probability decreases, not increases, because the requirements for life haven't changed, but now, you have trillions of possible different system configurations than ours. Remember, you need our current setup because it favors life. We need the right type of galaxy, the right distance from the center of the galaxy, the right type of star, the right distance away from other stars that'll perturb and screw up its system, the right number of planets in a stable orbit, large outer gas giants that prevent debris obliterating the terrestrial worlds, terrestrial worlds in the Goldilocks zone, the right sized planet, the right type of planet with an iron core that generates a magnetic field, the right type of atmosphere, volcanic, liquid water present on the surface, a moon that causes tidal forces that prevent the crust thickening and interfering with the mantle and magma, and so on. Trillions of systems mean any one of these factors can vary wildly, and you get a totally different and unique system, beautiful, but it can't support life, let alone complex life.
JB Townsend (2 года назад)
+abloogywoogywoo Not sure if I'm fully on board with the exact logic of the dice rolling analogy if I examine it further-- although I understand that it was meant to be illustrative of the probability of life, and I understand your point. If a planet represents a "roll" of the dice, or a "chance" of life and the dice represent the variables involved for life (the fermi paradox/drake equation) 6 being ideal, and there are trillions of stars in the universe, and a number somewhere in that magnitude of planets exist- therefore that many rolls, then the odds are still vast- but the rolling is also vast- you know what i mean? Whether or not we are capable of examining each and every one (rolling the dice a trillion times) wouldn't necessarily determine whether or not life exists elsewhere or not. Intelligent life should exist regardless, given the numbers are high enough, or are in fact infinite.
abloogywoogywoo (2 года назад)
+JB Townsend That's not the way probability works. Increasing the die and yet expecting that much needed "all-6" result, the odds of life has significantly decreased. Still possible, but now billions of times unlikely. Its like wining the lottery - yeah you can do it, even if the numbers required for a jackpot increase, but don't ever have high hopes of accomplishing such a feat within a single lifetime. Complex life, merely increases the playable die even further. Complex life that can survive long enough to build civilizations, just add a few more billion die, and so on and so on.
JB Townsend (2 года назад)
Although, if you get billions (perhaps infinite) rolls of the dice, for every planet/moon that exists in a habitable zone or has potential for life, it becomes a higher probability. The variable that is the most daunting in my opinion is Time, and the degree to which intelligent life is living in their exploratory time. There could be intelligent species searching for life in another galaxy, which would be vast on it's own and too far away. There could be life that has seen our solar system, but is so far away there's no way to reach us. Just as we couldn't reach most galaxies.
abloogywoogywoo (2 года назад)
+Michael Atwell It would have a lot of requirements. Look at our solar system's configuration, and our location in the galaxy. The prerequisites for life is just insane. Its like grabbing a boxful of dice, and they all roll, and all land on "6", yes its possible, but the odds are extreme. Most of time you'll get millions and millions of other undesirable outcomes.
Shejustdidnotsaythatshit Gorlplease (2 года назад)
is nasa looking for a new earth because Donald trump is wining
melisnmatt (2 года назад)
+Adriana Balanta there is no other planet with life on it nasa should know that :(
Maddie Stephens (2 года назад)
Earth has been doomed the cause of the doom... Humans
Comments (2 года назад)
poor choice of background music
Father Mother (2 года назад)
I would like to see Jesus vs Allah on mma ppv to end this shitty debate.. every god is shitty so just keep it to yourself..
Jabbar Abdullah (2 года назад)
Why Allah Build Another Planet Thats My questions
Danty sawkm (9 месяцев назад)
We should send all moslems to Mars. They are just wasting our oxygen.
Jabbar Abdullah (2 года назад)
+abloogywoogywoo im just asking aymen she said wrong Quran said that the Earth Is living in the entire Universe that Time i Dont Know How reply a comment sorry im just 12 Years old
abloogywoogywoo (2 года назад)
+Jabbar Abdullah What the hell are you on about? I've spoken to Muslims who praise their god for creating so many worlds...
Khakonov (2 года назад)
Music Tryad - Our Lives Change
Aymn Aymn (2 года назад)
Wrong , Quran said that the earth is the only living planet in the entire universe ,
Danty sawkm (9 месяцев назад)
Fuck your allah. He is a serial killer
Josh Traffanstedt (2 года назад)
+Josh Traffanstedt my bad... god.ain't capitalizing shit associated with allah
Josh Traffanstedt (2 года назад)
+Syazwi Waffiuddin get off the gas. Allah also tells people to suicide bomb mother fuckers. sounds like a bullshit version of a God to me.
Timothy Keegan (2 года назад)
no one's getting out of here alive
LeatherIsHere (1 месяц назад)
how do you know
Husain Barafwala (2 года назад)
life finds a way.... :)
Atul Gupta (3 года назад)
What music is playing in the very beginning?
Scott Scott (3 года назад)
If we do find other planets, people are going to repeat our destructive cycle and drive other alien life, and never learn from this. This will then result in a potential war over the galaxy, (if intelligent life is out there) mabye in 500 000 years our futre grandchildren will shake spartan 117's hand (MasterChief) then, SPARTAN LOCKE IS GOING TO CHARGE OUT OF NOWHERE AND START SWINGING HIS SWORD AT MASTER CHIEF, AND THEN CORTANA IS GOING TO MASH UP EVERYTHING, THEN MASTERCHIEF FIGURES OUT THAT HE IS A HOLOGRAM AND THEN SPARTAN LOCKE RUNS HIM OVER WITH A WARTHOG. The point is that we should not go and destroy other planets for our own personal gain, like really, but at the same time we are running out of earth materials. So we should get out there and drive live to extinction :) and weild energy swords. If humans do find other planets, we are officialy the most desructive living things in the universe. :p
Josh Traffanstedt (2 года назад)
if we do find a planet? we've found them and just can't get to them. we'll NEVER be able to. we'll destroy this planet first. And I say we because not one mother fucker who ever lived from the industrial revolution on has polluted the earth any less than the next man. so quit looking down at people, passing judgement, and face your own actions. anytime you use electricity, drive a car, or anything of that nature, YOU ARE FUCKING UP THE OZONE LAYER.
Scott Scott (3 года назад)
pseudocomrade09 (3 года назад)
If we ever find another earth-like planet, then maybe we should send all those whining Christians there. Yeah! Lets make them a home on that planet for those religious nutjobs, where they can practice their stupid fairy tales. That way we don't have to worry seeing those fucking Christians back on earth! Mwahahahaha! #fuckreligion
Danty sawkm (9 месяцев назад)
pseudocomrade09 Atheists are the problem in this world. We should kill them all.
Ben Lansford (2 года назад)
how about you go live in one of the middle eastern countries and see how well you do over there? you're lucky to live in a country where christians are the majority. other religions don't even tolerate people who don't belong to their own religion. you'd be dead.
Al Mathews (2 года назад)
You know Christianity isn't the only religion in the world, right? What about Islam. Judaism Buddhist Etc...
defexorcist (2 года назад)
+Ben Sylvester  I have known plenty of atheists who are very nice, loving people - much less brutal and warmongering than many Christians I have known. I have also met atheists so tightly bound to their own dogma that they end up practicing the scientific method in reverse (kinda like religion), and so arrogant that they outright ignore undisputable evidence when it runs contrary to their beliefs. Some atheists can be as rabidly bloodthirsty in the defense of their own beliefs and dogma as the most fanatical of L. Ron Hubbard's disciples. It's just how people roll...
Jose santos (3 года назад)
GLRY Zakuul (3 года назад)
mulugeta sime (3 года назад)
how the narater looks  is not my business
Aden's Lab (3 года назад)
Name one of them REACH
tuan luong (3 года назад)
nice, we gonna see woman with 3 niples on that planet if we luckily made it
johnbernard17 (3 года назад)
I have to say is that; there is no place like home.
Joshua Garcia (3 года назад)
I wonder if we will be like the depicted Kryptonian race with their planet. Exploring space and mining other planets and such lol.
Повелитель Дев (3 года назад)
на российский переведи мне стремительно
Anneli Nevelius (3 года назад)
If it does´nt work out on this planet, why dont find a new planet to destroy...
utuberine (3 года назад)
We are the aliens we search for.  There is no point in trying to send our mushy pathetic bodies through such an ordeal as space travel of such duration. Why? Because anywhere that would be possibly habitable, we would already be, living in some form, maybe a different size and shape but just in the same way we managed to get to and evolve on this rock we would already have done so elsewhere. Unless of course if you believe that someone or something waved a wand and we magically appeared from nothing, we came here as micro organisms on meteorites. Like seeds from other worlds just like ours that were smashed to bits in some collision or a star blowing up and sending many pieces of matter in every direction, our origins are part of an endless cycling of matter through time and space. Now aint that a blast?
Scott Scott (3 года назад)
utuberine (3 года назад)
+Scott Scott It is the only logical one there is. I am surprised it isnt common knowledge on everyones lips. Or is it we live in a world full of people who just dont  see.
Scott Scott (3 года назад)
That is a very good point.
utuberine (3 года назад)
Tanks bro.
severinus grata gandi (3 года назад)
+utuberine good teori dude,,2 tumbs up
Fuad Hasan (3 года назад)
there is a background music at 17:15 to 18:07....can you tell me the name of that song?
Fantasy Numb (4 года назад)
Quran mentions science and mathematics...many of things in there..like about bees..there is chapter about bees...bees cannot die because they are source of life.
Tixu Oty (4 года назад)
~~The Present~~ is a small book that helped me in a lot in my search for truth. It is available for free at TruthContest○com
Lyphrus (3 года назад)
+Tixu Oty Dude, apologize m8. Bullying is not cool. You can cause serious damage to a person by bullying.
Tixu Oty (3 года назад)
+Sam Rowe For what?!
Sam Rowe (3 года назад)
Just apologize dude.
Tixu Oty (3 года назад)
I still don't understand what you mean.
Tixu Oty (3 года назад)
What the fuck are you talking about?
Floppy Skynet (4 года назад)
The problem is not to find life on other planets, i am sure that there are many planets with life as we know it, with large animals and multitude of species, the real problem that i am really afraid, is how many of them are "inteligent as we could expect" pretty much like us. Because no one has answered that question, how have we become inteligent ? We don't know and we would perhaps never know, so how could we predict inteligence life on other planet if we don't even know how we became ourselves inteligent. To me discovering new worlds with animals would be great, but other inteligent species would just be awesome.
Joshua Garcia (3 года назад)
Pure luck it seems to be.a Perfect scenario lol
Floppy Skynet (3 года назад)
Some other animals uses their brain to get their food or their protection against predators. it does not make them inteligent, then it does not explain how we became inteligent, and them are still being stupid. If we knew the exact process, it would help, and of course it is evolution, what else could it be ?
Joshua Garcia (3 года назад)
There are many theories as to why the human race is the way it is. Mutations and evolution, early ape needed to adapt to survive and critical thinking was achieved with the use of basic tools. Tools like measuring the depth of water and to grab ants from deep within the trees with use of a stick. This type of thinking eventually led to humankind.
Gregzenegair Skynet (4 года назад)
james j (4 года назад)
thank you for uploading
Mayank Verma (4 года назад)
I think that Gliesa 581D should be closer examined. It could hold life that we don't know about.
lee denbigh (3 года назад)
+Joshua Garcia The Gliese planets are 20 light years away.
Joshua Garcia (3 года назад)
I think the same things but our technology just cannot look past the planets atmosphere right now. These planets are 500 light years away and up. I can't wait for that type of telescopic technology.
thechington (4 года назад)
Any one up for Sirius A .
treid100182 (4 года назад)
"lifeless"???? THE UNIVERSE IS LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
treid100182 (4 года назад)
This guy doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.
john smith (4 года назад)
Rest assure God took care of everything, he made sure that we never reach another planet. He gave us only one planet to destroy. If things don't workout on this planet/if we destroy the planet or when we destroy this planet. How miserable and perverse is that and with how much pride he is telling us, like we are so smart and capable to reach for other planets. The truth of the matter is that we are the devil who will destroy anything and everything. Imagine now if we were just another animal on the earth there would've not been any atom bombs there would've not been any pollution, the earth would've been in absolute equilibrium.
anti non gamers association (2 месяца назад)
+Rozen Maiden no you
Rozen Maiden (2 месяца назад)
+anti non gamers association you're such a failure
anti non gamers association (2 месяца назад)
And without religion all form of crime is not prohibited So it means Atheist world = bloody world
anti non gamers association (2 месяца назад)
+Rozen Maiden ok, if you think religious people are dumb so you think all famous scientists that has invented many technology and science theories but upholding their religion too are dumb ? And try to explain to me the beginning of the big bang theory Taste this bastard
Rozen Maiden (2 месяца назад)
+anti non gamers association and u failed at trolling, good luck next time
Greg Dougall (4 года назад)
Here are 10 planets inhabited by intelligent humans: Timar (DAL Universe), Erra (Plejares System), Deron (Vega System), Sater (Lyra System), Deneb (Cygnus System), Druan (Nol System), Njsan (Lyra System), Askal (Plejares System), Luseta (Plejares System), Bardan (Coma Galaxy) This can be confirmed through the 80,000 plus pages of Billy Meier evidence. Everyone else is either lying or stupid. Why don't you focus on these areas instead of guessing?
StarRareMoon (4 года назад)
I heard a planet Naboo had Humen thousands of years ago on it.
StarRareMoon (4 года назад)
I heard a planet Naboo had Humen thousands of years ago on it.
Michael Echeverria (4 года назад)
Man, after watching this, it makes you think if there really is life in the universe. O.O
Yln Murthy (4 года назад)
Terry Larry (4 года назад)
Why would you live out there it might be more life out there it that is so advance then us they might kill us or make us slaves
Terry Larry (4 года назад)
Why would you live out there it might be more life out there it that is so advance then us they might kill us or make us slaves
SMGJohn (4 года назад)
There are most likely life out there that are several times more intelligent and advanced than we are.
Matthew Stasch (4 года назад)
We will get to other planets, but once we can locate them we then must be able to survive to and on these new worlds.  Most likely the new world will be a different size, distance from the sun, have no moon or multiple moons, strange orbit.. all of these new phenomena will affect us physically and mentally.  I can only think of two possible solutions, 1. create protective suits and take certain drugs that will keep us alive and strong to deal with space travel and the new planets or genetically mutate the human body to deal with specific situations or all of them.  I would think the second method would be the most rational.
Yln Murthy (4 года назад)
so nice views
Hung Nguyen Gia (4 года назад)
so good
Shane McFarlane (4 года назад)
People that cant see that ET and alot of them are real, docos that suggest we are alone is government brainwashing propaganda.
poliwrathlord (4 года назад)
What is the song at 10:16
Robert Loomis (4 года назад)
Life does not find a way Mr. Brody God makes a way for life to exist.
أبو علاوي (4 года назад)
Anti-DillonHacker channel (4 года назад)
is there any habitable planets that are smaller than earth?
MrTheman11234 (4 года назад)
With our galaxy being as big as it is, there is a likely chance that there are habitable planets smaller than earth. Just, don't quote me on this.
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PhoenixDood (4 года назад)
Its a 99.99999.99999% chance of there being more life,anyway if there is no other life,we will explore other universes!
Meller 25 (4 года назад)
Ya ik what you mean but I had to say something lol
PhoenixDood (4 года назад)
+Austin Quiring Its mars,also youre kinda right,but i mean intelligent/tribal or atleast life that can think for itself,there has been already found alien bacteria,so atheists +1 point
Meller 25 (4 года назад)
+thefiremaster112 there's life in water mares has water boom
PhoenixDood (4 года назад)
+Sand Cristian How do you know?
Sand Cristian (4 года назад)
is just  a  universe
FaceOfGod2 (4 года назад)
*We'd make great pets!* There can also be non earth like planets that have intelligent life that is vastly different from us. Like a planet with oceans of arsenic and an atmosphere of sulphur dioxide that produced intelligent life that's perfectly adapted to that environment. Why do we discount this notion? We may not be able to survive there and they may not be able to survive here but if we limit our search and only investigate earth like planets we can possibly miss the most intelligent of life that's out there. This is why I think the more intense search now for earth like planets is more *POLITICAL* and has more to do with colonization and resource gathering than it does with finding other intelligent life. In other words, more about greed, power and control expanding beyond just the earth, since those in control here are nearing being finished with "raping" this planet and it still isn't enough for them. Think about it for a moment. This may be why we now have the UN writing "just in case" policies for scenarios should we bump into extraterrestrial intelligent life that may not be so thrilled about our intentions. And if I'm correct on this you can bet it would be the same old repeated UN bullshit "policy" of power and greed, forcible control, wars and killing as they currently carry out now all over this earth, and they probably have the hubris to think they could expand their wicked, greedy ways out into the galaxy. So while I think the idea of finding earth like planets is fantastic, it may be that the true intentions behind it are likely the wrong intentions. We as a species need to evolve from what is still such a primitive mindset of materialism, selfishness, competition and the whole idea of greed, personal wealth, power through violence, etc., before we should even begin to think about exploring the galaxy and meeting other intelligent life who may likely not think like us at all. If we are still so primitive that we can't even get along with each other and still have wars all around our own little planet for nonsense reasons and imaginary borders, and people who starve to death for no real reason outside of greed and selfishness and a lack of compassion, are we really even yet prepared mentally, emotionally or spiritually to link up with another intelligent species from another planet who might see us as we see monkeys fighting with sticks over who gets the biggest banana or which monkey gets to claim the area of the jungle with the tastier fruit? These ET's would probably be perplexed as to why humans as a whole species have so very much knowledge and power, yet so little understanding of how to use it and share it properly. *We might only make great pets for them!* Just my thoughts.
b2clown (4 года назад)
galaxies that takes us hundreds of thousands of light years to cross it, with hundred of thousands of planets in each galaxy and billions of galaxy's in the universe...there has to be life out there it would be so cool if they finally found one and somehow we would be able to communicate
King Chris (4 года назад)
I believe there is life outside of Earth. We go by what we were taught as a child and growing up in schools. I believe scientist are doing test now to send people to other plants to test life forms. With the technology we have today someone please tell me what happen to Malaysian Airlines Flight 370? Scientist  say the Earth is over 100 million yrs old. The year is 2014 how do we know what happned over 100 million yrs ago? I believe scientist know something about another life form beyond earth. I also believe they are keeping some things a secret so people don't panic.
utuberine (3 года назад)
+Hiperforteca No. its older. Its just that science says its that old because that is the age of the oldest rocks we have found. But there had to be a planet here already for those rocks to form as they did. 
Inactive (4 года назад)
Earth is 4,5 billion years old.
John Callaghan (4 года назад)
There's is a comparison with the sentence 'Oh, look, how lucky we are that we live in thàt specific era!'. Meaning 'We wouldn't have liked to have lived 500 years ago!'. This the essence of 'being', one who is establishing that he is alive, can only do that whilst being alive. Same thing with 'How animal life made it upto humans'. You just nééd to be a human to establish that. If it hadn't evolved up to here, nobody would have bothered about it. I now, gradually, evolve into thinking that there is no 'innate' or 'death', everything that has electrons running around is 'alive'. We just see and define our own features to sth 'being alive' or 'not being alive', but everything is interconnected. If my body is burnt in an oven, there is still the same amount of energy transforming into ashes and smoke, and a certain amount and time of fire (heat). This heat, nor the ashes or the smoke, leaves the planet. The plastic on which I am typing, used to be the skin of a fish, sipped into the ground... oil... plastic. The 'fish' is back... . We take 'life' way to literal, into 'our' context. It is all a mere energy, or transformation of energy.
Haily Bui (4 года назад)
Makes you really think about the vastness and uniqueness of our universe and how the universe is so mysterious and filled with questions that may only be answered with time, but question is will we have enough time on earth to find out those answers or will the human ares be long gone by then? Or will all life on earth be gone? Will earth even survive long enough? Will we ever know these answers to the curiosity that drives us humans? Will we ever be able to fulfill these questions that burn our minds? P.s eh I'll be long dead! PPS most likely PPPS oh no!
Kokul Prem (4 года назад)
Dont watch the how the earth will end kinda videos cos it will give you some hardcore nightmares 
Selinor578 (4 года назад)
...when will the non dumbed down version of this video be released?
George Zapo (4 года назад)
Peter Panda (4 года назад)
BioHazard (4 года назад)
I feel like humanity will never be able to visit any of these worlds.  The distances are just too big... even if we attain light-speed travel.
astronation (1 год назад)
You are right.To become true stellar explorers, light speed is too slow Im afraid.
G Schel (4 года назад)
That was pretty calm
aaantonios (4 года назад)
dude  we wont be time travelling we will mind travel. our body will arrive on another planet by thought... calm down tiger
k0na123 (4 года назад)
I saw some unidentified lights flying in the sky on march 16/2014 in Canada, the video is on my channel if you would like to see. I saw 5 lights flying in formation, only captured 3 on film

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