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Delhi Metro’s Harmonica Man

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60-year-old Munindra Sagar is an English teacher at British School of Language, Noida. What makes him different is his passion to play harmonica. After getting married and with all the fatherly responsibilities, he was not left with much time to play. For year he couldn’t even afford an instrument. “I had no choice. I had to sustain my family, “ he said. This was a difficult phase in his life. Things changed in 2011, with a new job. “Once while coming back from my institute, I started playing. a metro, he decided to use his time to do what he loves most - playing harmonica. When the exhausted commuters, frustrated after that day’s work heard him play for the first time, they found a reason to feel good. When they came to Munindra, showered him with praises, did he find the purpose of living - to play for the people and spread happiness. When it’s become common for most people to leave their hobbies and passions behind, this uncommon tale of never giving up on what one loves doing the most, inspires hope.
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Text Comments (450)
Anil Thakur (1 day ago)
the man
Ritesh Panchal (2 days ago)
Fantastic Salute to you 🤗🤗
neetu singhparcha (3 days ago)
Delhi m talent ki kmi nhi h Lekin apke jese logo ki kmi h Jo dusro ki Khushi k bare m sochte h ......keep playing harmonica sir ..proud of you
The LifeLeSSon (5 days ago)
Love u sir
Anshika Tripathi (6 days ago)
wow yr ..ishwar apko lambi umr de..
brian forward (6 days ago)
Satish Kumar (7 days ago)
Awesome! Just keep it up... Don't listen to the biting people...Live your passion, keep spreading happiness...
Amman Tiwari (8 days ago)
I've seen him playing more than 20-30 times.... I can't even count...... Great Man
Varun Bharadwaj (8 days ago)
You want to be happy, Be him. Salute you sir
Sharik Cool (8 days ago)
I love u uncle
Soumya Mukhopadhyay (8 days ago)
Salute sir. Aise log or v Chahiye. Or v. Or v. Dekhte hai kaise ye dunie Nahi Bodle. Sabhi jage srif khushiye e khushiye ragenge. Sayad mahi na rahu .. lakin din o AANA hi Chahiye. Salute sir
Hrudananda Pradhan (9 days ago)
Very nyc music. WTF nyc thought. Mere saath instruments v.......
Anand Rajput (9 days ago)
I can't believe how people's click dislike button for this type of person..
Aosang Jamir (9 days ago)
Pradip Anchan (10 days ago)
Kudos to this kind hearted person 🙏👍👌👏
Pranab Ghosh (10 days ago)
aap sach me greate ho boss ...aaj ke din me aap phle insan ho bina swart ke dusro ki khusi ke lia bajate hon dhun ......aap ko mera salam ...........ase he aap or so sal jio taki aap ki dhun ko har dukhi dil tansan wale dil tak pohse aap sangit
happy yy (11 days ago)
Hai apna Dil to aawara Na Jane kiss pe aayega...
abhi kumar (11 days ago)
Nice sirji salute 2 u kisi ka stress bhi kam ho jaaye aur kya chahiye kisi...
deepak25saxena (12 days ago)
Sumit Sharma (13 days ago)
Here you go!!!!! Qunit at it best to demonize the security forces those who keep us safe sound and contribute so that we can bebate on freedom of speech. Sometime I wonder how these guys can get so much negativity??? it must be paid right!!
apoorv joshi (13 days ago)
bhosadike apne gharpe bajq
siddharth singh (13 days ago)
I will address you as sir.. A man with due respect who is socialistic, who care about people there stress, smile n happiness.. Sir, live long.. Play your instruments freely.. Playing instruments in public places is not Illegal and this is what i understand n believe.. People start making there own laws when they find a change. Take care
Sanjay Baruah (14 days ago)
Wow amazing.
manoj Kale (15 days ago)
Aap great ho sir good job.
Tushar gautam (15 days ago)
Aapke liye Salute hai sir... Love the people like you
Vishnu Soni (15 days ago)
आपको आपकी सोच को सेल्यूट है सर.!
kaniscc (20 days ago)
Sir, I feel this , me v logo ko asey he hsata (laughing) retha hu . . . . . . I love , be ek ajeeb sa kuch , hota hai jb log hastey hai.
Drift n Drive (21 days ago)
बहुत ही प्यारी धुन है सर!😊😊 अब ऐसे साफ़ और नेक दिल इन्सान बहुत ही कम बचे हैं इस स्वार्थ की दुनिया में। हम सबको मिल कर इन्हें प्रोत्साहित करना चाहिए।
743337 new road. (22 days ago)
I have a mouth organ but I can not make it. I want to learn please..
Pashupati Singh (24 days ago)
Sir i want to learn this instrument . Could you teach me???
Sachin Singh (26 days ago)
Amazing ser
Gopi Yadav (26 days ago)
Roni Mondal (27 days ago)
I love it! I love u grand la... it's not a passion! It's a self respect of love music!
Sheetal Bhoyar (28 days ago)
superb sir salute for ur talent and u r thoughts
Amol Ramteke (28 days ago)
great play sir it is very tough instrument to play and the way you played its just great
jitender Kumar (29 days ago)
Hates off sir, Love the way you follow. I am learning this instrument since couple of days. Your instrument will be inspiration after you Sir.
June Bhattacharjee (29 days ago)
Music soothes the soul ,, great
Manu Trivedi (30 days ago)
the quality of this man spirit equals the quality of his playing. This plus his humility is what creates magic. many million miles of playing to you sir. cheers.
pushkar dandekar (1 month ago)
Vohi ghisi piti jindagi jine wale k liye aap ek motivation ho - Khushi bateteto ho... Jay Hind..
Dhruvrajsinh Jadeja (1 month ago)
Superb playing sir 👌💐👍
Suman Saurav saurav (1 month ago)
कुछ तो लोग कहेंगे, लोगों का काम है कहना
Athul Sasidharan (1 month ago)
Lovable ❤️
kochi homestay (1 month ago)
wonderful songs mr. munindra. i feel crying after hearing your music. loved it. firoz kochi www.kochihomestay.com
Vijay Wakekar (1 month ago)
बहुत बढीया 👌
Kya baat hai g great passion
Utkarsh Sharma (1 month ago)
Hanste gaate yaha se guzar, duniya ki tu parwa_h na kar..
Sudhir tALEKAR (1 month ago)
Jeet Sharma (1 month ago)
We , most of the Indians Don't Know How to Appreciate Others properly .
Gurubachn Singh (1 month ago)
Very nice
showkat ahmad malik (1 month ago)
Love u dear teacher. Hats off
Kamal Khare (1 month ago)
NYC sir
Light of Asia (1 month ago)
World is so beautiful becouse of these kind of people 😊
Excellent sir
Fayiz Yahya (1 month ago)
His age made him realise the fact that money has only the power to buy cheap stuffs, expensive ones are always priceless.
Subodh Mahobe (1 month ago)
Great job Sir. Love this video 😀
arun rawal (1 month ago)
nice uncle
ALTAF MULANI (1 month ago)
Sr bahot badi Sega hai
Lalpuri Gosai (1 month ago)
Bahot badiya sir supper very good kyabat Kya bat kya bat kya
zakir husain suthar (1 month ago)
great going...........
Badal Kumar (2 months ago)
अजीब दास्ताँ है ये कहाँ शुरू कहाँ ख़तम ये मंजिलें है कौन सी न वो समझ सके न हम Too beautiful uncle 👍👌👌
Sohan Dhande (2 months ago)
S N (2 months ago)
So that's why you've to play 'Man with harmonica'
Chandrapati Tirth (2 months ago)
Keep going sir
Soni Bhardwaj (2 months ago)
sooo sweet sir I want to meet u
aravind singH (2 months ago)
Niteesh Chaturvedi (2 months ago)
Jab tak piano aankhe khol ko bajao to tab tak koi bhi song bajana difficult lagta hai Aur jab aankh band kar lo to sare song apne aap bajte jate hain😌
Duni Chand Thakur (2 months ago)
Sir u r an excellent harmonica player. May God bless u with good health n keep entertaining people
rahul saha (2 months ago)
Very nice 😊😊
Erwin Rommel (3 months ago)
Amazing .... nothing else
Dhan Kumar (3 months ago)
sooo... nice ""very nice.... very... I like it ""very nice Song... 👍👍👍👌👌👌👌
Dhan Kumar (3 months ago)
nice...very... nice... I like its.... well tallen...
Ved Prakash Singh (3 months ago)
Jo aap ka huner Hai wo bahut Kam logo ke pas hai
Ravi Harchandani (3 months ago)
AMOL NAGTURE (3 months ago)
Akash Kumar (3 months ago)
Sir, you are the great...actually you are the proud of India... Heads off to you...sir
Pallab Das (3 months ago)
Gokul Paul (3 months ago)
AK NEWS & ENTERTAINMENT (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/gFczu3j8ro4 In mumbai local train... Must watch
NAVJEET SAGAR (3 months ago)
isi ka naam zinda dilli hai 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Shakir Khan (3 months ago)
Nice sir ....
Tanuj Mittal (3 months ago)
Got emotional ....hats off to you..i am in delhi for one month & commute through metro daily hope i got a chance to hear you sir
Robinson Trck (3 months ago)
Sir...your Fantastic.God bless u You.
All in 1 (3 months ago)
Nice sir ji
munazir hussain (3 months ago)
atul tyagi (3 months ago)
Shabina Khan (3 months ago)
Woww gud sir
Davinder Kumar (3 months ago)
Delhi ke qtiya log
ARCHANA SHARMA (3 months ago)
I salute u sir.... Hope will meet u soon...
Gagan Deep (3 months ago)
Godless u uncle ji
Prdp Mehra7 (3 months ago)
Good job sir a salute for u
ganesh kumar (3 months ago)
Waw really nice
Sumit Sharma (3 months ago)
Nice sir........
mohammad Sajid Khan (3 months ago)
What a lovely music... This is real god gifted....
ASHUTOSH SINGH (3 months ago)
Happiness is the thing which spread when you share it. Keep sharing happiness Sir , One day you will be star of my country.
Sachin Mathur (3 months ago)
pahle apna ghar baad me music
Virender Kumar (3 months ago)
Great job sir , salute to u.
Shubham singh (3 months ago)
Wow.. Great work
Bhavna Shethia (3 months ago)
Thos day childern do not no how ply...? Children only ply vedio game
Bhavna Shethia (3 months ago)
Why give dislike....?

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