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Jake Paul - It's Everyday Bro (Official Music Video) REACTION

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"ENGLAND IS MY CITY!" Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSlb1ezRqfA Credits: Maddy Dean - @funny.peculiar Janai Dionne - @Janaidionne Alyssa Klein - @checatsbe Poonam Basu - @poonam222 Producer: Patrick Boylan - @Patterickboy Editor: Onjonet Williams - @OnJOfficial New ones uploaded every other week!
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Text Comments (4)
roisan mading (5 months ago)
You gays suck at rapping and break danceing
Aj Che (6 months ago)
who the hell r u judge him ..U don't know him or anything about his life , stay out of his business Jake Paul have viewers. . shut the f**k jealous people... spreading negative
Mahayla Kanivatoa (10 months ago)
aw the one who said why is everyone white you all just suckers you just jealous cause you can't break dance you just haters
Ava Klein (29 days ago)
That's my sister, and no, she is not jealous. It's freaking 2018 she just wants diversity. Go troll some where else

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