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Ethan Nadelmann: Why we need to end the War on Drugs

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Is the War on Drugs doing more harm than good? In a bold talk, drug policy reformist Ethan Nadelmann makes an impassioned plea to end the "backward, heartless, disastrous" movement to stamp out the drug trade. He gives two big reasons we should focus on intelligent regulation instead. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at http://www.ted.com/translate Follow TED news on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tednews Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDtalksDirector
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Dick Van Whiskey (3 дня назад)
The WOD is the single greatest Human Rights Violation of our time! I'm so happy to see more and more people are waking up to this reality and questioning the "Drugs R Bad" propaganda that we've been fed since we were born!
Burmese - (6 дней назад)
Lets legalize murder so we can kill scum like this fuckin stupid Ethan and all his drug addicts cocksuckers
Grant Shortridge (30 дней назад)
Robert M (2 месяца назад)
The racism card is overplayed and turns off half of your audience. Please stop. Drug laws are supported and were implemented because well-meaning people thought they would help a group of people who were clearly making bad decisions. We have enough legitimate racial problems in the western world, we don't need to make stuff up. I agree that the war on drugs has not and cannot be won and that drugs should be legalized and taxed. This almost neuters the drug lords and gangs within months which may reduce violence in many places. It also helps pay for the treatment of overdose treatment and other drug treatment needs, and hopefully will help fund infrastructure so other taxes can be reduced (I know, I'm dreaming). There will be a human cost to drug legalization and there will be an explosion of #metoo infractions because when drugs are at play judgement is ALWAYS impacted, in both men and women. Are we, as a society, ready to accept that? More people will become users and FAR more people will become addicted. I am ready personally, but I don't believe that most of the people who agree with legalization are. Intelligent regulation is a silly idea. Most people I know stopped getting drunk when they reached the age to purchase alcohol. Not because they suddenly matured, but because the allure of doing something naughty was gone.
Carla Costa (2 месяца назад)
Thanks alot Nancy Reagan. You helped destroy our country with the war on drugs.
Carla Costa (2 месяца назад)
More money spent on rehab, not policing. This administration is trying to roll back medicinal cannibas. Unbelievable.
Peter Wang (2 месяца назад)
F1 Rocket Engine (3 месяца назад)
Don't blame the SUBSTANCE. For example; Conservatively estimated 50 Million, just in the worst way, are today without opiate pain killer because of false information, the so-called "opioid crisis", is designed TO GIVE THE IMPRESSION there is a need to hate all doctor prescribed opiate pain killer under all circumstances, while OD death, from what was always illicit use, is rising _fast._ Pain patients are now a distinct group among those committing suicide. www.facebook.com/poppnow/
Sherlock Smith (3 месяца назад)
You shouldn't prohibit tobacco they initiate-and-implement prohibition or legislate prohibition and enforce prohibition and eliminate demand but only by restricting not prohibiting supply and reduce demand this is applicable to cultured vices such as and specifically alcohol such as and specifically marijuana and such as and specifically tobacco other herbal's/botanical's and popular/common recreational softer psychoactive drug's/substances/chemicals which include dietary supplements/herbal/botanical supplements/nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical drug's/substances/chemicals don't buy into the verbal slight of hand of supplier's-and-demand's seller's-and-buyer's producer's/distributor's-and-consumer's dealer's-and-user's pusher's-and-puller's predator-and-prey hunter's-and-hunted perpetrator's-and-victim's
Sherlock Smith (3 месяца назад)
+Sherlock Smith Young adult people/person's are full of hedonistic narcissism/opportunistic individualism even in the era of helicopter parenting which is a net negative on it's own only exacerbated when intoxicated on either alcohol or marijuana
Sherlock Smith (3 месяца назад)
+Sherlock Smith These commodities are usable's/consumable's so by fomenting-and-fostering an etiquette over year's-and-decades or over centuries-and-millennia's such as and specifically through-and-under slogans such as and specifically know your limits everything in moderation whilst continuing to discourage/disendorse alcohol intoxication both whilst driving and expand this to public alcohol intoxication broadly discourage/disendorse poly-drug/substance/chemical usage/consumption or discourage/disendorse multi-drug/substance/chemical usage/consumption restrict pregnant women from using/consuming alcohol marijuana tobacco and other drug's/substances/chemicals through soft-core/soft-line policies-and-programmes overall encourage/endorse know your limits everything in moderation
Sherlock Smith (3 месяца назад)
Alcohol education and marijuana education are both subsets of drug/substance/chemical education just as both marijuana and tobacco are subsets of herbal/botanical supplements
Lacey Lachney (3 месяца назад)
legalize it ALLL yes there will be some that ignore the directions and will OD and may pass away, but at least them it was totally their choice because they chose not to follow the dosing directions for the whatever drug of choice. not because they got a bad batch or to high potency than they was use to. and if people are Sri) mad about the few who literly choose to OD well just remember you can OD and die on sleeping meds, and guess what people do OD on them. because to much of ANYYHING is deadly. lets take bananas they are healthy good for you right? what if you was to eat your body weight in them? not so healthy right? the once healthy potassium that bananas are healthy for actually will cause some major damage to your heart and kidneys cause them to shut down..... aka OD by bananas. anyways I hear and see so many stories about accidental OD death. some been using for years other 1st times. seen one story of a girl who went to a party and OD on x because the heroin in the batch of pills was so strong. but if just if they was made in a real lab that had formals and directions and dosage on the box who knows how many 1st time/long time party youth didn't get cut short. another thing just to throw how law is taking our rights and freewell would some like to explain to me why it is ILLEGAL for a( man and woman/man and man/woman and woman/ and so on ALL PARTIES OF AGE AND IN CONSENT) to engage in sexual behaviors in exchange for money, BUTTTT completely legal to do it as long as you have someone film it aka pornographic movies??? just saying.....
Danny Oosthuizen (4 месяца назад)
You are so my hero!
Anthony Ingram (6 месяцев назад)
This guy is a criminal
Eric Youmans (6 месяцев назад)
Damn this is a great speech
HandsomeMGTOW (6 месяцев назад)
Take the yellow pill! The war on drugs is a failure! Kratom harms ZERO people a year, yet the FDA thinks it needs to be banned. The same FDA who promote their addictive pharmaceutical opiates and lack of knowlegde of drugs means that criminals can synthesize and sell dangerous heroin. Also, the amphetamine and memantine stack is safe. Yet the US bans amphetamine and memantine stack, only for dangerous and illegal methamphetamine to be floating around in the streets. MDMA is safer than ethyl alcohol, yet they demonize MDMA while promoting cigarretes and alcohol. selegiline can help, but the drug war will only make the most dangerous ones float around and lack of knowledge. Phenylpiracetam, NSI-189, and selank also helps. Shrooms are pretty safe. Khat is safer than crack, yet they ban the khat plant. Knowledge is the key, not criminalization. Legalize and decriminalize! Intelligent regulation and knowledge maximization can shift use towards using safer ones instead of using the most dangerous ones, and health treatment is superior to jail.
Steven Greene (7 месяцев назад)
The reality behind the drug prohibition. Money, control, and discombobulation. Money from all three sides of the coin, legal police state growth, illegal black market cash flow, and the collusion of the political control for big pharmaceutical. Control through labeling, manipulation, and incarceration. And discombobulation of the masses to reduce our ability to engage in rational or meaningful dialogues about the truth behind governmental policy and need for change.
River Lewis (7 месяцев назад)
The talk is like a shell game, distracting from the hard issues. He wants to mostly talk about marijuana, and let you know it's great, total psychological manipulation. Touch on the bad drugs for one second then bring the crowd over to wonderful marijuana and help them to feel good about it with the speaker's own feel good testimony. Don't bother trying to stop harmful drug access, the speaker says young people have the best access already and always will. Wonder where this guys paycheck might be coming from? Intelligent regulation is a great idea. Washington's doing it and Oregon. There we go again, it's already in motion everybody, and besides it's really great! Also the speaker notes that it's likely humans have an overwhelming need to experiment with drugs!! Yes!! Wow!! So it really must be great!!! So my point is there are plenty of illicit drugs that are not great! They're not great at all!!!! They cause a lot of damage!!!!! To the users/ the users family members/ other members of the community!!!! Yes!!!!!! NO!!!!!!! They don't actually!!!!! The drug manufacturers and dealers cause a lot of damage!!!!! How so? Well... first of all they are engaged in manufacturing and trafficking of illegal harmful substances (but let's make them legal and then everything's ok!!!!), and second, I didn't hear our wonderful speaker say that Yes!! they lure innocent young people into trying, buying, and becoming dependent, knowing that they are harming and killing people. What did the speaker say about that in his whole speech?? I bet he has never lived out of a shopping cart!!!! Of course not!!!!! Shopping cart people never ever have only half a moustache that is for people with a warm house. But wait!!!! The speaker tells us the real villain is alcohol!!!! But wait again!!!! Alcohol is legal and regulated!!!!! It can't be the villain harming users/family members/bystanders!!!! That would negate the intelligent regulation argument. (PS alcohol causes cancer. Sad face.)
Rahul Hari (7 месяцев назад)
Like prohibition, the war on drugs has failed miserably because those who want the drugs know where to find them, no law or fear of law has dissuaded them from doing what they want. Instead legalize and regulate drugs, tax it to the hilt and use the money on constructive purposes like infrastructure, education etc.
Rob Wright (8 месяцев назад)
Parents please take your KID SOLDIERS out of this war!! It’s easy to tell them the TRUTH and you better do so now because the “Reefer Madness” bullshit won’t fly with today’s 6 year olds. We are all heart broken veterans of this war aren’t we? Our country lied to us and it hurts to be burned doesn’t it? Put some CBD oil on that burn and go be a hero.
Joseph Wright (8 месяцев назад)
God i wanna join in
j s (8 месяцев назад)
Sin City Quinn (9 месяцев назад)
Conservatives always want to make laws telling other people what they can or can't do with their bodies. But as soon as you try to take away their guns or something they scream about the government needing to be small and needing to stay out of their business.
Terraj (9 месяцев назад)
**standing ovation**
Brokkoli OMG (10 месяцев назад)
Man why does this talk only has 200k views?
James Murphy (10 месяцев назад)
The CIA needs money to fund it's black operations
donald desrosiers (11 месяцев назад)
It would be ten times worth without the war on drugs damn dope pushers like you are the ones making it worse.
donald desrosiers (11 месяцев назад)
jonathan rainey (11 месяцев назад)
i wanna make legal aswel but just cant see it happening
Ha Tran (11 месяцев назад)
:v Vietsub bị thiếu một số chỗ
96NightRider96 (1 год назад)
Drugs are what pimps use on child prostitutes to keep them doped up so they can be abused every day. Get them out of here forever.
Angry Nerd Bird (1 год назад)
Sadly, Mr. Nadelmann here is actually incorrect on his opening point. Last year, some info went public about an interview with John Ehrlichman (former adviser to Nixon, who started the War on Drugs) that took place in 1994. In that interview, Ehrlichman said the following. This is a direct quote: *"The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. You understand what I’m saying? We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did."* It was founded as as means to arrest people and disrupt the left and black folks (Who are mostly left). That's not even hyperbole. That's literally the reason the war on drugs was created. It completely explains why black folks are about 3 times as likely to be arrested for drug offenses, and almost 6 times more likely to get put in prison for it, doesn't it?
Qismekwik (1 год назад)
Mike Uhlir (1 год назад)
When it comes to the drug war... America sucks!!!!! Absolutely disgusting how America has been the driving force in the world in this failed war.
AVLRECORDS (1 год назад)
Drugs illegal!!!!!!!! atomic weapons all over the place.. if korea strikes MURRCAAaaaaa i will laugh so hard
Sylabi Sylibi (1 год назад)
Something that only hurts you, shouldn't have you fearful that someone else is out to get you for it.
padmanabh mayekar (1 год назад)
Yasmin Sousa (1 год назад)
Everyone should watch it, thank you so much Ethan
Mona Powers (1 год назад)
A very powerful and thought provoking talk! Well done!!
Herpeslip Herpeslip (1 год назад)
I don't agree with higher taxes and business restrictions to reduce consumption. That still involves government acting as one's nanny. Public health campaigns are fine. Those are educational and don't require tax funded coffers. But for f's sake, end the regressive taxation and take your boot off distributors. For cigarettes, cannabis and all other substances that people should be free to consume.
Bo Cisyk (1 год назад)
Yes, legalize drugs, ensure their safety and tax them as you do alcohol.
vSusan Wexler (1 год назад)
excellent argument...well done!
Vinicio Viquez (1 год назад)
Stop the stigmata as this is a personal choice. Drugs doesn't make you a criminal. Acceptance of your own choices does actually make you grow and each person has the right to choose what and how and when to do or not to do a substance regardless. The true fact is that people is so focus on drugs instead of the global warming and negative impact that us as humans are causing to this planet which is going to be the home for our future generations.
PittBird (1 год назад)
Michael (1 год назад)
I'd watch this, but no point. I agree. Legalize all drugs, and regulate the dangerous ones, like alcohol. Cannabis should be unregulated, as it's completely harmless.
Nager McDuck (1 год назад)
Step 1 to ending drug war: Ending "marijuana" prohibition. Step 1 to ending "marijuana" prohibition: Stop using the stigma, racism & manipulation-connected word "marijuana" and start calling it by its actual name: Cannabis.
just plain_name (1 год назад)
"ted talks" are now in the toilet
Michael Casten (1 год назад)
robertpal9 (1 год назад)
I think there should be a mandatory class In school on the UNBIASED FACTUAL history of drugs. that way don't have a society of sheep and we can finally end this probably.
Thy Duck (1 год назад)
I have solid proof that the drug war has never worked. Let me quote someone I heard, "I don't know anyone over 21 to buy alcohol, lets go buy some pot" That's all the proof I need.
ParadymShift (1 год назад)
Fantastic speech. We need to spread the word, talk about this openly and candidly amongst your family, friends, co-workers, and peers. The biggest thing holding back this movement is the lack of momentum on our part. We all need to become activists in order to enact true policy change.
Don Hyon (1 год назад)
You know they're not going to listen. Just give up.
Bertha Yellowfinch (1 год назад)
To all our friends south of the USA borders, join with American families to shut down dope. We know you have suffered horrific losses as we have also. We welcome you to join our efforts. Together we can shut that horror down. Thank you.
Cramunhão Rasta (1 год назад)
Bertha Yellowfinch (1 год назад)
We have been researching dope and found something VERY interesting on the internet. Fake juz are behind the demand to legalize dope. Did you know that, folks?? Research it yourself. It's true. Here's a few tidbits: Re: Israeli weapons dealing and South American cartel organizations.  " ... an Israeli paramilitary training company called "Spearhead," directed by a former senior army officer, Yair Klein, was hired to train members of a drug cartel in Colombia. "Klein was eventually fined all of $13,000 by Israeli authorities for "exporting defense know-how not covered in his permit." [HIRSCHBERG, p. 13]   "Jewish Week reported that "three United States officials were in Israel ... investigating possible Israeli connections to the Colombian drug cartel" and that earlier NBC had reported "Israeli reserve officers.... provided military training to drug-cartel gunmen." [GOLBERG, A, p. 51] " " There is way more of this type of information on the internet, folks. Fake juz are killing our children. Know this. Their weapons are dope.
Christina Gaffney (1 год назад)
This man must be Washington's Kryptonite.
Ian Battles (1 год назад)
Want proof that the Drug War is not about safety? It's 100% legal for me to go out and buy enough alcohol to kill myself ten times over. No cop is gonna raid my house if I give myself cancer with cigarettes. Imagine if possession of even a single cigarette was a felony...
Bertha Yellowfinch (1 год назад)
Wow. Scumbags, cartels and dope dealers and now allowed to advertise on youtube.
Jon Wiseman (1 год назад)
Everything he's saying is accurate, but he's a little too eccentric for the majority to take seriously. Not that there's anything wrong with being different, but if we want to enact change, we need more educated individuals like him preaching these ideals, but ones that speak in a plain, level-headed, "intellectual" manner if we're going to get the masses to really begin to take notice. One thing is for sure, though... the War on Drugs and the criminalization of drug use/simple possession are complete policy failures, and they do more harm than good.
MA (1 год назад)
I'm full two minutes into it, and all I see is an agitated, twitching, squeaking piece of a man onstage. Quite ironical for someone advocating the weed legalization, isn't it?
Herpeslip Herpeslip (1 год назад)
MA Ad hominem doesn't win debates. Would you mind giving us your thoughts about the lecture. Legalization or prohibition? Jail or treatment?
Diana Janna (2 года назад)
Rowan Morrison (1 год назад)
Your best bet is probably twitter - https://twitter.com/ethannadelmann or here - http://www.drugpolicy.org/staff-and-board/staff/ethan-nadelmann-executive-director
Taylor Ward (2 года назад)
Well played Good Sir !!!!! loved it!!!!
Dylan Johnson (2 года назад)
Very, very good video.
Travis (2 года назад)
I enjoyed listening to Bill Burr so much during this Ted Talk!!
luke c (2 года назад)
Dong La Ly (2 года назад)
luke c Thankfully they reversed their decision. Now for them to reverse their decision on marijuana...
Ryan McNeel (2 года назад)
When I cloudy eyes I hear the voice of " everybody loves Raymond"
Knightmessenger (2 года назад)
125 people work for the DEA or prison guard unions.
TANVI MONGIA (2 года назад)
you're a genius ethan! i just clapped at my computer screen at the end of the video!!!!
TANVI MONGIA (2 года назад)
this guy knows what hes talking about. props. props.
TANVI MONGIA (2 года назад)
just plain_name (1 год назад)
Increase sentences for drug dealers, and get the dope off our streets.
xiao L (2 года назад)
Dat Boi (2 года назад)
If I may, I am a 14 year old male who lives in a suburban neighborhood in the Capitol of California. and the more I watch, the more I learn and the more I expirience drugs, the more I realize that they shouldn't be government regulated. who's to tell me what substances I can or cannot ingest, and I realize the government doesn't understand enough to even be allowed to ban theses drugs, they know that an assult rifle looks more dangerous than a hunting rifle of the same calibre, so, they ban it, they know that dmt, lsd, and psilocybin, make you think out of your body, enjoy life and connect to the gods, which if I may add is what I believe our purpose on earth is. nothing but a spiritual learning expirience, but the government bans the substances anyway, well as of now the government stays "unbiased" toward religion, but if you ask me, they promote an atheist society, seeing as NOONE is allowed to meet the gods and correct their wrongs, but rather to stay on earth and live a repetitive meaningless life. Makes alot of sense doesn't it, real fair isn't it. -Thank You.
Ed Smith (2 года назад)
Pino K. K. (2 года назад)
my country violates my birth rights.
Sarah Christine (2 года назад)
+Pino K. K. yes they do. I watched a video on youtube "Your laws violate my rights" That kid should have won that court case... I think he could have if he had played it a tiny bit differently.
Ryan Eagleton (2 года назад)
gov has always been an oppressive force. I don't see it as a time of rejoice just because big daddy temporarily lifted his very heavy hand and allowed sick people access to pot some of time without destroying them. Big Daddy is still destroying people in "legal" States. I hope the drug war and the many dark truths about governments wakes up the next several generations. A 75% reduction in government power is a time to rejoice
Hankdafishtank A (2 года назад)
Please sign this on the white house website! https://petitions.whitehouse.gov//petition/end-war-drugs-and-adopt-policy-harm-reduction
jonathan rainey (2 года назад)
please stop the war on drugs
Sarah Christine (2 года назад)
+jonathan rainey send that exact sentence to your representative http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/ Just type in your zip code, and they'll come up. They are the only ones that can actually change the laws. And they'll do it if they know more and more people want it... not because they care about us necessarily, but because they want to get re-elected. Either way, it's effective. ❤︎
張耀中 (3 года назад)
A Self Called L (3 года назад)
This was a really good TED talk in both the idea and execution, and a surprisingly tame comment section.
ja sten (3 года назад)
☀ google legal name fraud ☀
Kurtis Coleman (3 года назад)
Notice how ted talks put up a disclaimer lol
Kandyyman Pharaoh (3 года назад)
packr72 (3 года назад)
Disband the DEA
Brady Davidow (4 месяца назад)
Is drug war makes our own people pows to our own nation.
Mike Uhlir (1 год назад)
just plain_name you are truly blessed with ignorance
Herpeslip Herpeslip (1 год назад)
just plain_name Can we start with those dealing alcohol and cigarettes?
just plain_name (1 год назад)
Increase sentences for dealers and get all this dope off our streets.
Ranch Creek Recovery (3 года назад)
While it may be too soon to say whether drug legalization is the right thing to do, there's on thing for sure: if it can be ensured that drugs cause the least possible harm, we should find out what it is. Oh, and also, there should be more effort put into the health and recovery aspect of drug use rather than the penal aspect of it; help the users instead of punishing them.
nelson fernandez (3 года назад)
Damn he's good explaining
corebass420 (3 года назад)
People who think that it's okay for heavily armed men to trespass on a person's land, destroy their property by kicking in the door, assault them, tie them up, kidnap them, lock them in a cage, steal their possessions and beat or possibly kill them if they resist - even though the person hasn't harmed anyone physically or monetarily - are evil, soulless sub-humans with a non existent moral compass.
PineAppleWilly (5 месяцев назад)
Bertha Yellowfinch You're so ignorant and uninformed.
pack the ripper FPV (8 месяцев назад)
Bertha Yellowfinch u r an uneducated moron who obviously didn't watch the video.
Joseph Theclown (11 месяцев назад)
Bertha Yellowfinch you are really uninformed & it’s really mean but I really hope the end is near for you yes I want you to die because every time a idiot like you dies we are slowly getting closer to a more sympathetic government & society that is intelligent not just dumb & brain washed by what they’ve been told the us heroin epidemic is proof of this failed war and the harm it causes so again I hope you will die soon & if you wanna be nice and contribute to the world?? Take your own life please right now go kill yourself
corebass420 (3 года назад)
The War on Drugs is a failure. We need to stop blaming inanimate objects for the actions of people. People need to be held accountable for their actions, not their possessions. Make all drugs legal, taxed and regulated like the drug alcohol, offer mental help to addicts and put *far* harsher penalties on crimes against people and property. *Stop locking people who haven't harmed anyone physically or monetarily in cages.*
Joseph Wright (8 месяцев назад)
Follow the constitution. Has it effected anyone's life liberty or pursuit of happiness? No? Legal. Yes? Illegal. Drug user assaults someone? Unconstitutional - illegal. Drug user sits in his house not hurting anyone? Constitutional - legal god dammit!
The Investigamer (1 год назад)
E.L.Dorado Secondly: I seriously would recommend going to some European country, like the UK for instance and just ask them about their healthcare, go to a market square and go shopping. You'll see it's a capitalist country just like ours with your typical everyday first world livelihoods, similar people to ours, and they all have health insurance whenever they need it regardless of who they are or where they live.
The Investigamer (1 год назад)
E.L.Dorado Firstly: public healthcare legislation is not going full socialist, so let's stop with the strawman please? My position is not socialism, my position is mixed market capitalist economy where we as the people collectively have a state that ensures the BASICS of life are off the table in the marketplace. Most countries say the first thing they need to pay for above all else with taxes is healthcare, we never did that because we spend over 60% of our total budget ever single year on military which makes it almost impossible to pay for healthcare or infrastructure in the way that most modern nations do. This is a budgeting issue, it's not a socialism vs capitalism issue. I fully embrace capitalism, I just recognize like every other 1st world human being that if anything should be handled by public services, it is healthcare, the measure of whether you live or die if calamity strikes. You already use public roads, subsidized food, probably went to subsidized highschool education, etc. There's nothing wrong with allocating the taxes we already pay to healthcare and ending our ridiculous medical payments.
E.L.Dorado (1 год назад)
Yes I know the constitution very well but you obviously don't. Most of the crap they have been doing for the last 100 years is unconstitutional. And general "welfare" did not mean redistribution of wealth.The whole tax system is not even legal. You are dreaming if you think we will ever go full socialist.it's never going to happen. If you want those things so bad then why don't you just leave to one of your socialist utopias?
João Vitor (3 года назад)
Legaliza aii Dilma
Ser Torrhen Clegane (3 года назад)
I say legalize drugs cause I am just sick of hearing people whine about the War on Drugs.
Billy Day (1 год назад)
Ser Torrhen Clegane Good enough for me.
nathan dufur (1 год назад)
Ser Torrhen Clegane die
Herpeslip Herpeslip (1 год назад)
Ser Torrhen Clegane Treating non-violent consumers as criminals tends to upset people. So we will continue to "whine" until more liberty is restored.
TheCherry1994 (3 года назад)
Why are there (almost) never German subtitles on TED videos ._. I'd like to show this to some people who aren't proficient in English.
mikey mize (3 года назад)
+TheCherry1994 Da die meisten dieser Diskussionen sind für Englisch sprechende Mitarbeiter. Ich bin damit einverstanden, es wäre toll, wenn sie für andere Nationalitäten vorgenommen wurden.
Geordi La Forge (3 года назад)
Good stuff, keep up the good work Ethan.
Alexis Dover (3 года назад)
Elise Smith (3 года назад)
What other program. "War" if you will. Have we fought for 40 years, spent 1 trillion dollars, lost countless lives and continued based on nothing but rhetoric? The data is clear. It's a completely flawed and failed institution. It has made a very few wealthy, drug cartels, private prison complex and law enforcement agencies that were created and directly financially benefit from seizure. Common sense dictates that no one is advocating drug abuse and addiction should be treated as the health problem that it is. There is NO sound reason to continue.
444suse (3 года назад)
Heroin/morphine using in Finland 1941-44 : 250 million doses. 99 kilos of prescription heroin in 1946 and 150 kilos in 1948.  How many drug addicts (including those using amphetamine, cocaine, luminal...)? Hardly more than 400. Alcohol was surely hundreds of times worse problem. In 1949 UN and USA started effective propaganda campaign against Finland's liberal drug practise demonizing Finland as "huge Opium den". Finally Finnish politicians gave up and abandoned heroin as prescription drug (1957). Scientific studies are largely debunked the claim of devastating heroin addiction.
Rafael Modestia (3 года назад)
Ted, me and some friends want to translate this talks to Portuguese (Brazil) and bring that learning to our people. Is there any way some one contact me about that? Can i get you permission to do that?? Thanks a lot for you work.
Ben Lageson (3 года назад)
The purpose of a society is to benefit those who are willing to cooperate and contribute. Unfortunately we have no such thing in this world. What we have is a competition masked as society. The goal of this competition is what it has been since the dark ages, power. These days power is measured in money, or profits. The most profitable endeavor in this world is unfortunately, war, and much like Vietnam, the drug war is not meant to be won, only sustained. If ever one needed an example of irony it is prohibition. It's almost poetic how out-of-control our so called "controlled substances" really are. So sit back, relax, get high and watch the world destroy itself. It's hilarious really, especially if you're stoned.
azmhyr (3 года назад)
Look at the name of the person. "Nadelmann". You know that this Jewish filth spews nothing but lies from his mouth. "Focusing on intelligent regulation". There is no intelligent regulation. Drugs are a means to enslave populations, in particular, poorer sections of the population.  Given that global poverty is becoming higher every day, it is no surprise that Jews want to re-introduce legality for the today illicit drug use. They will form new corporations, and globalize the market even further, and sell their drugs to the most downtrodden nations, and instigate new opium wars, just as they did against china once. Legalizing drugs is a death sentence for the whole world.
Jack van (2 года назад)
+azmhyr You are from a country that committed a crime against humanity . The genocide on the Armenians and at this very moment on the Kurds , so don't blame the according to you'r holly book the qur'an the chosen people , because they have done more good to the world than any other folk on any field that matters . And what muslim country has contributed any thing to the good of the world the last 100 years ? Hope you will get some insight some day , the first you have to do is turn you back on islam otherwise you will never succeed . Have a nice day
azmhyr (3 года назад)
+TheBoldImperator Look at the mirror.
azmhyr (3 года назад)
+TheBoldImperator I'd rather kill you. But unfortunately I cannot extend my hands through the monitor to strangle you.
azmhyr (3 года назад)
+TheBoldImperator My movement is not the movement of Hitler. But I guess it is the Jewish infiltrated mind that spews words such as this: "kil yourself", "hitler lost", blah blah blah. 
bud385 (3 года назад)
Rx dugs   KILL OVER  HALF A MILLION  people  every year         ( NO PROBLEM)       illegal  drugs     far  less than   50  K          so  its easy to  see  why  they're  illegal    however   BIG PHARMA  will  continue to  slaughter    OVER 5 MILLION people  per  DECADE!!!!
Nick Kiriakakis (3 года назад)
This is what happens when people are desperate for drugs, we need to put an end to this one way or another,we aither legalise and regulate drugs, or arrest and execute all dealers and addicts do you understand people? You are all responsible for doing nothing about this we are all guilty of manslaughter of this little girl. at least I am trying to make a difference so ask yourselves are you ? This little girl was killed by her father and Mother on drugs then she was cooked and eaten https://www.change.org/p/prime-minister-of-australia-the-hon-tony-abbott-mp-legalise-drugs Take action now sign the petition and make a difference
pamela mccoll (3 года назад)
Where is his science and the evidence for any of his idea - there is nothing natural or automatic about using drugs - they are pushed on people and North America has experiences periods of popularity of drugs but like any other fashion the interest wains - look at the UK - look to Holland, look to what is happening in California and even in Colorado - the turn back is happening and people are rejecting pot. 25% of men stop smoking because of sexual dysfunction. There is nothing natural about filling your lungs with smoke - it reminds one of a fish on the dock gasping for breath - all the while pondering - now what........................
James DuMouchel (3 года назад)
+pamela mccoll Every society in the history of mankind has used mind altering drugs. The government owns neither your body nor your mind.
Michael Driscoll (3 года назад)
Always with the taxing.
rapper250 (3 года назад)
The people who control and influence our governments profit greatly from the drug war. Its not going to be easy to end it. 
Robin Harrison (2 года назад)
For what it's worth I think we may be about halfway through this transition to a sustainable future. Of course there's no guarantee we'll make it but who would have thought 50yrs ago one of the main driving forces in our favour was economic. It turns out sustainable practice makes far better economic sense. That should move the odds in our favour. Another impossible dream come true.
Robin Harrison (2 года назад)
Thank you.
esotericrefuse (2 года назад)
+Robin Harrison exellent point.
Robin Harrison (2 года назад)
You can only fool all of the people some of the time and we've come a long way. For instance, the current situation where the majority of people are, to some extent, environmentally concerned was an impossible dream 50yrs ago. We knew it had to happen but it seemed impossible. And now we have more impossible dreams coming true. The coal industry is going bankrupt because renewable energy is cheaper and nuclear is facing the same trouble. On top of that the herb is being legalised in the USA where this fake war started. Of course there's lots of rubbish going on and we who are sensitive to it get inundated. But there are positive signs which are easy to miss until you start looking for them.
Joel Allen (3 года назад)
I don't like his logic on Tobacco. He says that consumption has decreased because of increasing restrictions put on the sale (taxes) and consumption (can't smoke in certain places etc): these are small prohibitions, the very thesis that talk is against. People quit smoking predominantly for health reasons. Those reasons are plain and obvious to a smoker in the short term, and there has been a huge public eduction campaign focusing on long term consequences of smoking. Health reasons, not prohibitions.
Tobias Beer (3 года назад)
unfortunately, the powers to be have no interest in less policing ...they want you to fear and respect their bullshit authority

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