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Popcorn Cake | Just Add Sugar

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It's everything yummy that you love about movie theaters in a cake! Foodbeast's Elie Ayrouth and PSGG's Brandi Milloy make a nom-tastic Popcorn Cake on today's Just Add Sugar. It's heaven on earth with Milk Duds, Butterfingers, Reese's Pieces, M&M's, Cracker Jacks, mini-marshmallows and movie theater popcorn all combined into ooey gooey goodness. Be prepared for the best movie night in ever with this tasty treat! Check out more Foodbeast here: www.youtube.com/foodbeast Subscribe to POPSUGAR Girls' Guide http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=popsugargirlsguide Are we friends yet? Join us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/PopSugar-Girls-Guide/107609912761002 Get the latest updates via Twitter! https://twitter.com/#!/popsugar Find us on Instagram! http://instagram.com/popsugargirlsguide Follow us on Tumblr! http://popsugargirlsguide.tumblr.com Add us on Google+! https://plus.google.com/110323848750933684857/posts
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Текстовые комментарии (296)
EBTL0947 (6 дней назад)
Elie is a SEXY foodbeast But you cut off the END of the video when Elie put his head over her shoulder and made this cute face...BBBOOOO!! Glad I saw this on POPSAGARchannel on PlutoTV (TVPLUS+ for samsung )
Rick Von Straufenberg (3 месяца назад)
Call me dumb, but I didn't noticed any sexual tension until I read the comments :I Maybe that's why I fail with girls...
Beverly B (1 год назад)
its basically a popcorn wad
Michelle Zhang (1 год назад)
Liv Sainz (1 год назад)
This is a recipe that would be great for butterfinger B.B.'s to come back for
Viviana Gomez (1 год назад)
At 1:27 she got a little bit of the bag of M&Ms with her butterfinger. LOL
Chester Ray (1 год назад)
Why is it so sexualy awkward 🤔😂😂😂😂😂👍🏾
sy __1013 (2 года назад)
They are perfect! 💙💙💜💜
Kitty (Napasorn) Visuttana (2 года назад)
yeah popcorn cake, but wait it think it look like rice crispy but you just put popcorn instead of rice crispy. So it a popcorn crispy !!!! yyyyyyeahhhhhh
Synae Alexander (2 года назад)
You deserve a lot more subscribers on both of your channels
Maureen Aloua (2 года назад)
i love your cooking skills and I've watched all of your shows
Maureen Aloua (2 года назад)
why is everyone saying sexual attention maybe they have to do it because they were made to
not see (2 года назад)
im a rice krispy and I find this offensive
Saniya__ 101 (2 года назад)
Guys calm down they were just having some fun. Like it's okay they're adults and they know what they're doing😀
Isabella Clifft (2 года назад)
His face at 5:00!! HaHaHa
Athena Crosby (2 года назад)
Seriously "Gooey white stuff", "Easy to slip out" ,"I'm gonna toss your popcorn, I hope you don't mind", "may I feed you?" "yes, you may" very awkward to watch... that sexual tension...
DJRosco82 (2 года назад)
It's a little ridiculous no?
Steffi Dsouza (2 года назад)
So much LoVe xP
katie (2 года назад)
Out of all the chocolate added to the popcorn, i can only eat butterfingers without gagging the rest
Gabs Fdz (2 года назад)
Its me (2 года назад)
I think yolandas popcorn cake from how to cake it is better
Qumalisa Primo (2 года назад)
me too
Husna Malik (2 года назад)
lol shit...this is so awkward to watch...
Bergen-Alexis Schmidt (2 года назад)
Right it felt like it was so dirty even tho it wasnt😂
Breanna Washington (2 года назад)
this is so perverted his face when he asked to feed her and the way she said im going to toss your popcorn like OMG
Marques Robinson (2 года назад)
make a kiwii cake
koonjar (3 года назад)
Madeleine Kubik (2 года назад)
I laughed soo hard at your comment!😅😅
EATING-ASMR (3 года назад)
Well The candies aré just as expensive as The movie theater ones, put all together very expensive
Sidney Mathews (3 года назад)
Flirting or nah... lol love Brandi so much!!
Abigail Munoz (3 года назад)
you guys have nothing else better to do than just leaving some mean comments believe you are wasting your time cuz no one cares if you didn't lie this video cuz I did so SUCK IT UP
Riley K.M (2 года назад)
Most of the comments I've read are just about how much of an Innuendo this was
Eun Jun Wang (3 года назад)
He suck at folding! I feel very frustrated. Even Brandi too.
Eun Jun Wang (3 года назад)
Even Brandi felt frustrated i mean. She is a pro at folding.
niharikajaisudan (3 года назад)
i like my popcorn crunchy and salty not soggy and sweet
Cruzita Silva (3 года назад)
he likes her
Nectaria Kolaxidou (3 года назад)
this video is like a HUGE inuendo! I feel like I have to delete my internet history like I watched porn or something
DJRosco82 (2 года назад)
I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way...
Yukaru Nshzw (3 года назад)
BRANDI flirts with everyone
Yukaru Nshzw (3 года назад)
"may I feed you?"  "yes, you may" HAHHAHHHA! SEXUAL TENSION
Jayla Roberts (3 года назад)
But its not that serious 😒
Airreona TheeElevatedSongstress (3 года назад)
She was like may you what!!?😊😊😊😊😊😊
Rachel Kellogg (3 года назад)
I really need to try popcorn on a cake. +Yolanda Gampp does it too and looks delicious!
Kayla Stubbs (3 года назад)
So many sexual innuendos..
Franki Holmes (3 года назад)
two words: sexual tension.
jaz moorman (3 года назад)
Rasinets are my fav
Razan AlKhaldi (3 года назад)
That look after he said "feed you"
foodie 3000 (3 года назад)
He a hoe lmao he was flirting odee
Jessie Peng (3 года назад)
SHIPP!! I'm gonna toss your popcorn, I hope you don't mind... lol smh
Theo Byström (3 года назад)
You didn't open the tattoe!!!
FLAWLESS YAASSS (3 года назад)
so...soooo... SOOOOOOO many innuendos....
Rachel Kuruvilla (3 года назад)
he is obviously flirting with her! i mean come on at least do it off camera
Racholli (3 года назад)
I think I've just seen the face of God.
Thamara Mejia (3 года назад)
Philip Andersson (3 года назад)
so much porn puns
Jade C (3 года назад)
We have regular, can we do peanut, OH WE HAVE PEANUT, put some peanut in there
Brooke Gallagher (3 года назад)
"May I?" "May you WHAT?"  Thank the Lord for Brandi's sass
XpenANDpaperX (3 года назад)
Oh my god! This is wayyy better than just regular popcorn! * horny voice *
Dinesh Katragadda (3 года назад)
U guys are so cute together
Tiara Bolding (3 года назад)
that was a very seductive bite followed by subtle moaning. It got real awkward real fast.
Morgan Clipper (3 года назад)
I ship them😂
Tsubakiee (3 года назад)
I am so making that
floating terror (3 года назад)
how she licks the spatula and looks at him, lololol, i'm gonna die. but he's so cute eating all the time... 
Alexandra Longoria (3 года назад)
Dude he was feelin her xD
Surreal37 (3 года назад)
My freind: wat u makin??? Me: a mess of diabetes
The DIY Geek (3 года назад)
Luxana Kirubaharan (3 года назад)
She is flirting with him. Girlll
Annyjah Watty (3 года назад)
Her " Oh my gosh " 😑 so annoying
Shaylah M. (3 года назад)
I just witnessed a first date. Lol and I'm not the only one who saw! Lol
JaclynJuice1 (3 года назад)
I ship belie SO hard.
aimee marcotte (3 года назад)
Can u try to make homemade mint Oreos
MsBossy2UBustas (3 года назад)
He's so goofy that he's sexy.
Courtney Elrod (3 года назад)
Everyone ignoring how she laughed when he said "gooey white stuff" and "easy to slip out" "Spray my hands with Pam...Really?" .... C'mon Brandi. Have more respect than that.
EBTL0947 (6 дней назад)
sexy conversation fun
YG STAN (2 года назад)
woah i didnt even notice these stuff youre saying. i think this thing is just really about people having dirty minds
Samantha Jones (2 года назад)
+Courtney LikesWaffles she didnt even laugh she smiled, isnt that what being polite is?
Courtney Elrod (3 года назад)
Self respect? Respect for the company she works for that has millions of viewers? 
yo (3 года назад)
What does that have to do with respect?
Chloe jumpiere (3 года назад)
That was awesome I will totally make this for movie night
Anne Sinkinson (3 года назад)
😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤💘💘💘💝💝💝💞💞💞💕💕💕✌💗💗💗💖💖💖👫👫👫👰💏👪👸👦👧👵👴 them people in luvv
Mercedes Fletcher (3 года назад)
Omg u 2 r too cute . He has a thang for u :)
Bryan Roberts (3 года назад)
Mmmmmm.. . . .. . . .... that looks good!!!
kaymcooper (3 года назад)
Elie is adorable and is clearly smitten over Brandy. 
MayaTheKat (3 года назад)
I feel like I need to clear my internet history....
Daviela Candelario (3 года назад)
Thiss looks soo sweet no for me
Moonlah (3 года назад)
this candy nasty :(
Bleee Blah Blah (4 года назад)
R.I.P hope this teaches a lesson abot diabetes 
Deedi (4 года назад)
We all know they had sex after this
Rick Arslan (4 года назад)
SOOOOO GOOOD 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😳😳😊
Flossy Allred-Abromowitz (4 года назад)
Ely is cute. I'd love a piece of cake and his dick in my mouth.
瑩 瑄 (3 года назад)
+Flossy Allred-Abromowitz That escalated quickly
The DIY Geek (3 года назад)
Kala Jean (3 года назад)
meld beach (4 года назад)
If I chewed this thing, my teeth would be permanently stuck on the bite, blending with the popcorn. yikes! 
Meg B (4 года назад)
The way he's describing the part of adding the marshmallow is so sexual
NikkiVegan (4 года назад)
Love how she grabs the spatula from him! lol so excited 
rianna t (4 года назад)
Hilla Sig (4 года назад)
the sexual tension omg haha
RinaTV (4 года назад)
Is he her boyfriend?
Antonio Figueredo (4 года назад)
gosh they made a perfect couple
baconpancakes13 (4 года назад)
The look on his face when he said "love peanuts" lol XD
Angel Hada (4 года назад)
i like how the video comments is only about the sexualness XDDD
jeanine ancheta (4 года назад)
It's kind of nasty how the butter is gathered at the top of the cake
jeanine ancheta (4 года назад)
OMG so sick wen Brandi is like moaning
jeanine ancheta (4 года назад)
I think after Brandi making all these things she had like 20 trips to the hospital
jeanine ancheta (4 года назад)
Eat this and have a nice trip to the ER
Vegetarians Taste Better (4 года назад)
They banged
Erin Cooper (4 года назад)
Elka (4 года назад)
Not cake.. It wasn't cake
Ishita Agarwal (4 года назад)
the sexual tension and flirting i cant
Dee Motuliki (4 года назад)
Theres love in the air.
Tia Saberwal (4 года назад)
1. Can I toss your popcorn? 2. You wanna make sure the gooey white stuff touches everywhere a little 3. We've already hit it with the the non stick cooking spray so it's really easy to slip out when you're done. 4. May I feed you? How are they controlling all this sexual tension!?
maria d (4 года назад)
"May I?" "May you what?" "Feed you" "You may" The look on Elis face just made me feel feels I didn't know I had tbh if either of you see this please do more videos together
John Budd (4 года назад)
"Can I feed you?" "Yes you may" sexual tension 😂
VictoryFire88 (4 года назад)
Never eat an apple like he does in that video of his.. Doing that too much can kill you.. Eating apples seeds is very dangerous.. I'm not trolling, I'm just warning  anyone who might think that is ok.. 
TheSlimeWarrior (4 года назад)
Isnt he one of the guys from Epic Meal time?

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