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The race to prevent the sudden death of mothers in childbirth in the U.S.

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About 700 women die each year in the U.S. due to complications from pregnancy or giving birth, according to the CDC, which Dr. Neel Shah is hoping to change.
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Victoria Jenkins (1 day ago)
Beth Israel Deaconess? Is that a Catholic hospital? If so, then you won’t get far with improving women’s healthcare there, considering they won’t provide basics like birth control. They won’t even preform an abortion to save the mother’s life, like in cases where a fertilized egg ends up in a Fallopian tube, where there’s no chance of the baby surviving. If you are a women’s healthcare advocate, that would be a great area to focus on, unless the hospital is paying you.
Ingoingmage920 (2 days ago)
3:08 Thats pretty disappointing I had a class Mate who told the class that when her mom went to have labor the doctors didn't believe her and told her to go home and she did then she came back and that time the doctors believed her They were black
Vicky Duon (3 days ago)
That's sad
Consuelo Cruz (4 days ago)
I wasn't high risk at all in my pregnancy. I was in pain during my labor and they send me home and to come back when the pain was unbearable. I came back and they were going to send me home when they find out my daughter's heart rate dropped for no reason. They kept me and started me on pitocin and put a balloon in to make my labor go quickly as my daughter's heart rate could drop again and it did. Luckily she came out healthy and safe. Imagine if her heart rate dropped again while on the while back and had her stillbirth. Doctors need to listen because we know when something is wrong.
Wonderful Mom (5 days ago)
Omg then a mom kills herself?!! Sooo sad!!!
Wonderful Mom (5 days ago)
So unreal! Wrong on so many levels
HolowatyVlogs (6 days ago)
I almost lost it when the dad was like “We’re going to see mommy.” and the kids were excited. I can’t imagine the amount of pain in this family.
Jean Presley (6 days ago)
doctors dont care my son was born had c section got sick stayed in the hospital 3 WEEKS they at EDGEWATER in Chicago took great care of us . 4 years later daughter was born at another hospital after hard labor baby s head crowned at 2pm after 7 more hours DR. POPER said i wasnot a failure for needing a c section 2 days later tossed me out had to return for infection and pain . thanks Doctor still have sever pain
Raw Cienna (7 days ago)
This is why I prefer to go to female doctors, and ones of color at that. My current doctor is Asian and she’s a sweetheart I love her! I’m sorry this woman lost her life. She’s beautiful....and she has a beautiful family.
Maleah Maleah (9 days ago)
Ok. It's official. I'm adopting.
H Jay (9 days ago)
Hmm im suspicious. Baby is beautiful tho
Mrs. Hicks (9 days ago)
Lol I think I'll stick to one kid. After this video, I think he will be my only child.
Julia Santacroce (9 days ago)
Yup... i almost died with my thrid child.. i had issues with almost passing out everytime i tried to walk somewhere during the summer.. bp was 110 over 60 almost everytime i went in to my appointments. I had very low iron.. iron tablets helped but not quite enough.. had issues gaining enough weight even though i ate ridiculous amounts of food.. my son was 3 days old when i got the worst headache u could ever imagine. Went to the er three times, the first time they didnt do much. Second time they tried to give me morphine and it made my head hurt MORE. (I looked at my bp the second time i went, 158 over 80, and pointed it out but nothing else was said about it) so they gave me diloted or however its spelled, one of the strongest pain killers to get my head to not hurt. And i had a spinal tap, for literally no reason. Then they sent me home with pain meds and said it was a migraine.. the next day i had a seizure at home, literally seconds before my husband left for work. Which would have been cute had he left cuz our son was 5 days old and my oldest son was with a friend for the night. I had another seizure as they were taking me out of the ambulance. I dont remember much else after that until 3 weeks later.. i had eclampsia that was ignored. I wasnt "typical" as far as symptoms go and had two other kids who i didnt have those problems with. But there were enough clues after going to the er two days in a row, having had my son in the same hospital.... idk, i feel like alot of drs just dont care to do proper research on their patients. All they had to do was open my records, which shows everything they would have needed. Only 1 dr did that and figured out what was going on.. im sure I'm not the only one whos had similar things happen at the same hospital.. i feel bad for everyone who has to suffer through things because the doctor they saw sucks.
heylinda (10 days ago)
When I had my second baby I went in with pain the nurses joked saying they thought I wasn't in labor so that means when I asked for my epidural they took there Sweet time and also the nurse lied how many centimeters I was so after I had my epidural my water broke and since the on call doctor wasn't there they told me.not to push my blood pressure and my son's were super High put of all the nurses in the room None wanted to help.deliver my son I was shaking so bad and started going into shock then the doctor came idk how I did it
Queen McCabe (11 days ago)
Theres theres farrr too much focus on the well being of the fetus. The mother may as well be the walking dead in american obstetrics.
LadySinsReal (11 days ago)
I had children without prenatal care and with care ... Guess which one I had the better chance of with care I was told I was going to die without care I had my child on the floor and they said it was a perfect birth fuck doctors
marion (12 days ago)
we're just not gonna give y'all children then lmao
Blue Rose (12 days ago)
I strted following them right she died she was so beautiful my heart goes out to them
Honey Bee (13 days ago)
Ellena B (13 days ago)
Voracious Reader (13 days ago)
This man is a HERO! I can’t believe we’re in the 21st century and women are STILL not surviving from childbirth, the cornerstone of our survival as a species??? Disgusting.
Leslie Diane (13 days ago)
I have four children and have NEVER had postpartum depression, however I do have severe panic attacks and I've jumped out of a moving vehicle twice. It becomes a fight or flight response when that fear hits you. I'm so sorry for your loss. You have a beautiful family
thebionicmom (13 days ago)
Sadly self advocacy and education are necessary... don’t just take what they say— demand, explain, fire them and go somewhere else etc. DRs aren’t Gods...
yunggoth (15 days ago)
wtffff I never want to give birth D:
pug hoe (15 days ago)
oh my god when the family was driving to see their mother and I found out it was at a cemetery I started crying so hard
Summer (16 days ago)
holy shit, a csection at the bedside! That poor woman and her family.
tolyna sollis (18 days ago)
I’m in Australia and I think the gender thing is the complete opposite, men are usually the ones that are less believed in our Er. I’m always brought in and then taken straight out back, usually because of my blood pressure
Dee Kang (19 days ago)
An epidural for a first child???? And this is routine? This obstructs the mother’s ability to pay attention to how her body is giving birth. It shouldn’t be refused, but it also shouldn’t be done routinely. Why is this done routinely? It also interferes with other things. It is things like this, and routine Caesarians, all wrong. And a system that thinks these things are ok, is a system that also doesn’t examine a lot of other things, in my opinion.
Maryiam Gani (13 days ago)
you know shock is deadly to right
UFLauren Gator (19 days ago)
Who else is in tears?
Sunny Quackers (20 days ago)
WAY TOO high a number. RIP young mothers. Tears. Nothing can be done for amniotic embolis. And agreed about the men getting the cardiologist automatically. my dad did and survived and his sister did not; he got the cardiologist, she got sent home, both were age 51 at the time. RIP my aunt
Renèe Suleiman (21 days ago)
America is fucked up. Sexist and racist. Hell no.
Makaela Bossert (21 days ago)
Im so sorry for the daddys loss im so sorry
Ren kilmer (21 days ago)
in 2018.... theres nothing doctors can do?! its so sad for everyone, and the child will be hurt when he understands :(
Fallon Bender (22 days ago)
One of my friends passed away from an amniotic fluid embolism during birth she never got to meet her son :( two months later I gave birth to my son i sometimes feel guilty
Robyn Holliday (23 days ago)
So terribly sad
maeve young (23 days ago)
My heart go out the father of baby that lost it mother
maeve young (23 days ago)
This is so weird that in the USA that babys are born by doctor in the uk they are most delivered by midwife
Brandy Y. (25 days ago)
I had Medicaid when I was pregnant.. I understand the necessity for gov health care.. poor people would have no other way of getting help, however my experience with Medicaid was very bad. My dr chose to induce me, when I didn’t progress by the end of the day my dr chose to give me a csection.. I feel like he wanted to deliver me and go home tbh. I got a csection, my anesthesia didn’t work properly because I could feel them cutting me, they put me under and when I woke up I was in soooo much pain I couldn’t even hold my baby. I was in the hospital for a little over 24 hours after that before they told me I had to leave. They didn’t even wheel me out of the hospital.. I felt like a huge inconvenience.. gov healthcare will never be the best.. they will cut corners and not give a shit about you tbh
Melinda Simon (26 days ago)
I have five boys never took any pain killers cause I always remember what my mom said listen to your body be alert as possible and communicate with your medical team clearly and insistenly
FateAndFurie (26 days ago)
My heart goes out to him and his son ❤ RIP to Tanisha
Rebecca Skibo (26 days ago)
Who cares? They're are already too many people on the planet. A few thousand dead people won't put a dent in the overall population.
Maryiam Gani (13 days ago)
dude cold but thank you for proving women are natural care givers
K B (26 days ago)
I once heard a guy say that women should be prepared for the possibility that they may die whenever they get pregnant. If there are complications and the pregnancy needs to be terminated, they should just suck it up, continue through with it, and hope things turn out okay. It's all about bringing the baby safely into the world. I don't think its inherently about race. Some people just don't give a fuck about the women carrying the babies. They only care about the babies themselves. Simple as that.
Maryiam Gani (13 days ago)
i have seen this so much youll never guess where "PRO LIFE" camp ESPECIALLY men saying it, it makes me angry and sick to the stomach how can people be that low
Rene (26 days ago)
five kids? people don't respect childbirth for the life risk that it is. I knew someone as a kid whose mom died during childbirth, it's extremely common but there's so many women out here who go without an epidural who have multiple kids one after the other thinking that women have been doing it since the beginning of time and they'll be fine. Yes women have been giving birth since the beginning of time they've also been dying during childbirth since the beginning of time. each childbirth is extremely risky in it of itself and should be respected as such.
20PINKluvr (27 days ago)
Unfortunately, black women are more susceptible to childbirth death than whites due to bias
Blackskye211 (27 days ago)
Makes me thankful my birth went well.🙏🏾🙏🏾 R.I.P beautiful mama.
Lori Beth Tauscher (27 days ago)
I had postpartum psychosis- i actually thought about suicide, I fantasized about it. I prayed out to God to give me cancer so that I could die and it wouldn’t be my choice. I know how bad that sounds. For 7 days and nights I couldn’t sleep - not 1 minute. I was taking ambien like candy. After going to the psych ward I was finally given medicine that worked. It took a full year but I made it out of the darkness! I was able to bond with my youngest baby and was able to be mommy again to my other two. Get help! It’s not shameful!
look a critic (27 days ago)
Tammy Mcguire (28 days ago)
So terrible & so sorry. I suffered that depression😢 i got help. God bless you & family
Elaine M (28 days ago)
Two amazing strong women in sadly gone far too soon. Two amazing stronh dads. Wishing them all the best. <3
Natalee Denlinger (28 days ago)
He’s such a sweet guy. The US has a really terrible OB practice
Dallas Norris (29 days ago)
It breaks my heart they will never have their happy ending and she will never got to see her son grow. She was beautiful. You’re a strong man and I have no doubt you will do amazing. Good luck sir
J Beauty (29 days ago)
Starting to dislike america #disgust stop racism
Infinite Beauty (29 days ago)
Rest in peace to all those lost🙏
valerie rodriguez (29 days ago)
What an adorable baby boyyyyy
Barnes Barnes (1 month ago)
So sad
vigorlilover (1 month ago)
I’m 7 months pregnant. I should not have watched this. 😭
Ermira Kajtazaj (1 month ago)
What? So sad 😭😭
Micheala Young (1 month ago)
My husbands mother died three days after he was born. she was only 16.
Cindy Song (1 month ago)
When the baby asked “we’re going to see mommy?” I thought they were going to pull into a mental health institution then I saw the cemetery and it broke my heart 😢
Thank you sir. May the most high bless u
bob thompkins (1 month ago)
Blacks brought it upon themselves. They lie and cheat to much.
biasfjgc yz (1 month ago)
Am i the only one thinks that life is too fucking short and disgusting and we all gonna die and rot why are we still making kids ( people)? God is SADİSTİC .
Krista w (1 month ago)
I almost died an hour after I gave birth. Had a severe post partum hemhorage and passed out.. when I woke up a nurse was on top of me pounding on my stomach and the doctor had his hand in my uterus. They saved my life
Carrie Perkins (1 month ago)
Don't try and give birth without pain relief lying on your back! Get up, walk around squat, get on your hands and knees.....let gravity work in your favour!
Salad Sister (1 month ago)
I had a friend who died 3 days after giving birth. She died from post eclampsia.
Jessica Woodmus (1 month ago)
My heart just dropped when they say they lost their loved ones my heart goes out to you I remember when I had my son 3 years ago now and for the 5 weeks leading to the 6 week checkup they asked me if I wanted a visiting nurse to make sure that I had no mental symptoms or complications and I'm glad they asked because I did go through postpartum and with my husband not there that passed away when I was 3 months pregnant I was grateful for their help and I'm glad they offered it when I had my other children I didn't get that....
Raya Jayce (1 month ago)
Not surprising she had a tear/hemorrhage while delivering on her back after an epidural. Women should be encouraged and ALLOWED to deliver in an upright position which fully allows the pelvis to open. American doctors so often unknowingly force institutional violence upon women in childbirth being taught in schools that they must make women adhere to their (often dangerous) birthing structure. So many of us are victims.
Whitney shree (1 month ago)
I think c section comes in here 2 avoid women from depression n dying
Becky Belmontes (1 month ago)
The hospitals are always pushing patients out way to fast also and it’s because of the stupid insurance companies!! They need to re vamp the insurance companies that we all pay so much to have to actually cover a lot more things AND bring deductibles DOWN!!!
Becky Belmontes (1 month ago)
This is sooooo sad!! Broke my heart!! These damn hospitals need to get on the ball!!! But LEAVE the COLOR OUT of this!!!
giselle joseph (1 month ago)
So heartbreaking i feel his pain
Aprill Roberts (1 month ago)
Young mothers are not believed too. So yeah it's a problem
Adrieana Josephine (1 month ago)
Omg this is so sad 💔😞
Rebecca Jimenez (1 month ago)
My sister almost died giving birth. The doctor was busy and so the nurses were taking care of her. My sister is a tiny 100 pound woman, the baby was about 10 pounds. She carried two weeks past due date and thusly was very very large. Baby couldn't fit coming out. She pushed for five hours before the doctor came in and yelled for not telling him it was getting bad. The baby girl was stuck now, they did the c section and had to pull her out of the birth canal. She bled very heavily too, they didn't think she would but she pulled through. Baby girl and mother is fine but I agree. We need to be more careful especially concirning bringing a new life in.
Jennifer Carr (1 month ago)
This is so sad and shocking but these people working for change are amazing!
Bree lee (1 month ago)
When the little boy ran to her grave .. omg i just started crying.. that's such a hard thing to imagine not being there for my kids
James Peter (1 month ago)
Weird that they used a white mother and baby on the thumbnail when this condition affects more black women.
Cynthia A (11 days ago)
James Peter girl shutup. It’s not that deep lmao.
Pixelmaniagirl 1995 (1 month ago)
So sad 😞
Liz Mowrey (1 month ago)
That's shameful. They shouldn't be dying from this, not today
124Nightwing (1 month ago)
After seeing so many comments about the kind of care people received in hospitals while pregnant, it absolutely baffles me why the medical staff doesn't pay more attention when the woman says she's in pain. Only she can tell you how she feels, it wouldn't hurt to at least run a few tests in the event something is horribly wrong inside of her.
Captcha Neon (1 month ago)
Bullshit. First off all of us can have terrible healthcare and we do. Many white, black, Mexican and so on die in child birth. My white doctor who was treating me (native) when I was pregnant with my first child insisted my child would come when he was ready. I was 42 weeks, 3 days pregnant he wasn't coming. Finally after threatening a lawsuit they delivered me, he was nearly 10 pounds and 22 1/2 inches long, purple, swollen and struggling. He is now a teenager and doing well but it could have been worse.
unknown Man (1 month ago)
Here's a thought dont wait until your almost 40 to have a baby
Victoria NunYa (1 month ago)
One of the best things you can do to help start punishing for better care when you’re pregnant if to hire a Birth Doula. A birth doula is a trained professional who helps you navigate the system and encourages you to advocate for your care. 9 times out of 10 when a provider hears you have and doula you are moved up to the top of the list for better care because they know that that doula is trained to recognize bull crap on the doctors behalf. I know all this because I am a birth doula. ALL of the families that have hired me so far have been families expecting their second child. They hired me because their First births went horribly. I had one African American family who wasn’t give options and told they HAD to have a c section they also didn’t believe her epidural had worn off and when they did the incision she felt the whole thing. So they hired me the second time around. The second time around I was able to recognize a severe health concern was just beginning to start and brought it to her attention to ask the doctor. Turned out my guess was correct and she was able to have a safe delivery in time with no complications. I had another family that was low income and state insured. They were delivering at a hospital that pretty much locked state insured patients in their delivery room giving them no options for comfort. Because I was there the nurses allowed this family to be able to walk the halls, use a birth ball, and labor how they wanted. They wouldn’t have been allowed that option had they not had a doula. And finally I had a well off family who was having their dream birth. But even with that the midwives thanked me after because they wouldn’t have been able to give her one on one care without me because they were short staffed. Had I not been there they would have had to send the family home to labor longer instead of being in the safe environment. Because I was there they were able to lock us in the birth center and go see other patients with me in charge of calling them if there was a concern. Doulas don’t do anything medical. They’re there to help you and only you. They listen to you. They have no other agenda than to help you. They even stay working for you up to six weeks after and help guide you to appropriate care if postpartum depression or anxiety becomes apparent. I’ve known several doulas who stayed with a mother all day and all night to hold the baby until the mother was able to be transported to a care facility for postpartum depression. And they are trained in the bare basics of knowing right from wrong when it comes to labor and delivery. Doulas are also experienced in knowing which hospitals are good and which doctors are bad. (There’s A LOT of bad doctors out there. And bad hospitals) Have a doula on your side and you’ll hands down receive better care.
Ming Song (1 month ago)
I think the racism is because people think black women are tough, they can hear a lot of children, raise them while being single mom, and the negative connotation that a lot of black girls engage in sexual activities very early, and get pregnant early.
Leah Tverly (1 month ago)
Yep they die because 1. OBGYNs are idiots and want to medicalize the actual process of giving birth, which is NOT POSSIBLE! 2. The medicalization of birth is one of the worst things that has ever happened to women. Do you get down on all fours in front of a toilet when you want to poop, and pray that your turd falls in? Or do you just sit on the toilet with gravity on your side? Giving birth on your back with your legs up is as ridiculous as getting on all fours in front of a toilet to take a poop. 3.THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY IS PROFIT DRIVEN AND RACIST!!!!! BLACK WOMEN DIE THE MOST FREQUENTLY IN THIS COUNTRY BC DOCTORS ARE RACISTS!!!!!! 4. Women need to take initiative and see a midwife about giving birth. 5. The US needs to take some goddamned cues from other developed countries with VASTLY DIFFERENT systems for childbirth. Sweden and Norway are really doing phenomenal. 6. DON'T GIVE BIRTH IN A HOSPITAL IF YOU CAN HELP IT! DOCTORS LET WOMEN DIE AND KILL THEM BY GIVING THEM IMPROPER DRUGS!!!!!
Kendra Danehart (24 days ago)
Couldn't have said it better Valerie!!
Valerie Rodger (28 days ago)
Don't give birth in a hospital? Yeah, why have trained medical professionals and state-of-the-art equipment at hand in case something goes wrong? It's not like modern medicine saves lives or anything. /sarcasm I have an amazing nephew because he was born in the hospital. His cord was wrapped around his neck. Because they were in the hospital being monitored by professionals, when his heart rate dropped during labor an emergency C-section was performed immediately. Because they were in a hospital, he is alive and well, and a wonderful young man. Had they not been in the hospital, he would not have survived.
Sarah de Raat (1 month ago)
Leah Tverly k
Ms Londonlove (1 month ago)
The thumbnail was of a white lady but I had seen this mans story on Instagram and he was the first thing the came to mind, that’s why I clicked on the video and then he actually pops up .. made me sad all over again honestly. RIP to all these beautiful women 😞💕
Candice Nicole (1 month ago)
Thank goodness Trump has a team of morality police making policy decisions about womens healthcare.
Liza Ortiz (1 month ago)
So sad 😭 I wish both u and ur prince nothing but love happiness and safety
Alisa Modin (1 month ago)
This is so sad :( I'm 2 minutes into the video and I don't know if I can even finish watching it. What a beautiful woman, she just looked so happy and like a truly good person. Her poor husband and son too. This is heartbreaking!!
tamberlin ferguson (1 month ago)
Post partum depression is real!! I had it with my two youngest son and i feel like it was due to breastfeeding. The last mom was overwhelmed!! All these stories are sad. Check on your pregnant/ post baby friend or family member
Betty Crocker-Page (1 month ago)
Everything in this video is SO IMPORTANT! Sometimes phyce meds make things worse...
Legends Always Die (1 month ago)
It's always the good people
Young Professional (1 month ago)
Thanking God that I am alive after my baby. Who would have guessed she would be gone? She expected to raise her baby.
Gmore Matyas (1 month ago)
Artistforchange (1 month ago)
I waited 8 hours to see an ER OB/GYN. I almost died of sepdis due to uterine infection a week after having my baby...
annettel Lathan (1 month ago)
African American women are dying in high numbers giving birth something is not right. Our care and concerns are being ignored by doctors
Lucky Lex (1 month ago)
Man, the minute the kid said "were gonna see mommy?!" My heart broke.
Shawna Wade (1 month ago)
First of all women shouldnt be giving birth on her back but rather standing up in squat position like youre taking a poop in the woods. It can prevent alot of the complications they have today 🤦🏾‍♀️

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