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Top Ten Medical Innovations: #3 - Mass Spectrometry for Bacterial Identification

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Learn about Mass Spectrometry for Bacterial Identification, the 3rd top medical innovation from the Cleveland Clinic. The rapid identification of microorganisms has been a major obstacle to clinicians as they struggle to provide appropriate antimicrobial treatment while waiting sometimes days for a definitive identification of the pathogen. Now, a new method has emerged that can reduce identification to a few minutes. Mass Spectrometry (MS) is a technique used to screen simultaneously a multitude of molecules and determine their identity by analyzing their individual mass-to-charge ratio. These molecular "signatures" can be used for rapid bacterial and fungal identification (ID) from isolated colonies.
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TheZoeBig (3 года назад)
Kuzgun Poet (5 лет назад)
Very good.. I wish in my master thesis, I could continue to my studies with MALDI or Q-ToF.. But bad luck came in and took my thesis from my hands and gave another thesis title after spending a year to get ready for it.. I'm sorry but I have to say: F..k the system in Turkey!.. Doing science is almost impossible here!! :(
Anthonia Orji (5 лет назад)
Nice One!

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