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The Good Doctor 1x18 Shaun Doesn't Give Up On Saving Aaron Life

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The Good Doctor Episode 1x18 Shaun Doesn't Give Up On Saving Aaron Life || The Good Doctor Season Finale Scenes. Subscribe to channel: https://goo.gl/pc9Bsq The Good Doctor season 1 episode 19 review best moments and scenes. The Good Doctor season 1 episode 18 review best moments and scenes. Stars: Freddie Highmore (as Shaun Murphy), Nicholas Gonzalez, Antonia Thomas.
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yYSilverFoxYy (1 hour ago)
Am I the only one who absolutely agrees with Shaun? Maybe because I’m autistic too, but it would be impossible to ignore a deadly tumor in my head. Or in a loved one’s head. And no more fun and football season for Dr. Glassman if he dies. So hope he gets cured in next season. T-T
mrsmegful (27 days ago)
Freddie is just a genius!
Mein Mein (1 month ago)
*I want to eat PANCAKES!*
DeOnieon (1 month ago)
Shaun sounds like my teacher....
Monse Lopez (1 month ago)
Can someone explain to me why Netflix doesn’t have it
Weirdos Unite (1 month ago)
This makes my heart hurt every time...
Chris Finch (1 month ago)
Don't overdo this, Shaun. You're not him- you're yourself, just like Glassman is. Please don't stress him any further....
Cess SB (1 month ago)
This scene is heart breaking 😭😭😭
M5TL _- (2 months ago)
Dr. Glassman is a perfect actor to me 👌💜
PINK GUN (2 months ago)
When I watched this episode I cried 😭😭😭
성준호 成俊虎 (2 months ago)
Aaron is getting tired about his job study. He likes football games. I like movies.
Patrick Gaddis (2 months ago)
I watched American Housewife after this, but that episode that episode that week was sad too. So I had to watch Modern Family and several episodes of Friends.
Susanne Mae Dela Cruz (2 months ago)
And to think that Shaun wanted to be a doctor to be able to save his loved ones. And here he is, a doctor, but still can't save Dr. Glassman. It's frustrating for average people like us, how much more to him. I feel you, Shaun. 😢
busywl69 (3 months ago)
they always stick someone in the main cast with some kind of disease in these medicals shows lol.
Kumar Kartikey Patel (4 months ago)
can you send full episode of it as a link
Taylor Wow (4 months ago)
Shaun is just worried about him. He doesn’t want to lose the only person he considers family leave him.
dvdgalutube (4 months ago)
Glassman doesn’t have an inoperable cancer but he still have cancer. He could be still dying tho...
bendenni soufyane (4 months ago)
last episode http://koylinks.win/wmeP3
trinity spacewaffle (4 months ago)
the stress is killing dr. glassman faster. i love shaun but i agree with aaron :(
laila wagey (4 months ago)
He didn't dying!! *sigh. What a relief!! Omg i love this episode. So beautiful
Kayla Johnson (4 months ago)
laila wagey well. He still has to go through surgery. He has 3-4 months to live. Hopefully he survives and him and Shaun can go to the superbowl
Kellina (4 months ago)
I hope Shaun finds a way to save him
DTMGaming Xx (4 months ago)
Kellina he does
Angelique Canty (4 months ago)
Killing off Dr Aaron now dumb is too soon.
Angelique Canty (4 months ago)
Yeah I figure that out when I watch on Tuesday night but still it's like 30 percent he might not beat this that what my gut is telling me. We talking about Cancer here Aaron has the worst one idk maybe he can won it is a show so anything is possible.
Melenic04 (4 months ago)
Angelique Canty watch the finale there is still hope dw they wont kill glass man as it will break shaun
stephen strom henriksen (4 months ago)
I hope that shawn and dr glassman have some fun together
Edisa Collhaj (4 months ago)
Can someone who has seen the Korean version of this show tell me if doctor Glassman dies?
Stephanie Paul (16 days ago)
hey sooooooo sorry to tell you that, except the name and the first episode the two shows are not really alike. I wish there had been more series of the Korean version because it was really good..But there are only 20 episodes. it takes place in a paediatric ward and Si On is a very different character than Shaun.
Ryan Odin Kaiser (4 months ago)
Two versions are completely different. They only have the same concept, not content.
worlds end (4 months ago)
The good doctor has just gotten more brillant.
illinois garden (4 months ago)
That's the only person that Shaun has and he's dying and no one can do anything about it 😕😟
Susanne Mae Dela Cruz (2 months ago)
ShittyAnimationTV (4 months ago)
Guadalupe M Sorry. Imma grammar nazi.
illinois garden (4 months ago)
ShittyAnimationTV sorry but you understood who i was referring too☺
ShittyAnimationTV (4 months ago)
Guadalupe M shaun*
Lê Hồng Hoàng (4 months ago)
I really dont want to accept that, too. As Shaun, I think I see something wonderful on Dr. Glassman's eyes.... Hope that Shaun will be fine in the next episode... Just imaging...
Julian Boone (4 months ago)
I gotta know when will God stop punishing Shaun?
Yuriy Dovhan (2 months ago)
i dont think its ethical to kill off all your closes ones as a test, pardon me but i dont think god exists, there is no proof, we can believe in just about anything like we believe in god, but im sure the priest gets paid, has a house, and people respect them sometimes, i dont want yall to try change my mind because theres no proof
Krystal Harwood (4 months ago)
but what if he went to a service and the music bothered him and he started seizing? i'd be sad if the priest thought he was possessed and wanted to exorcise him.
Jurassic Lion (4 months ago)
I would be very interested in seeing what Shaun thinks of religion since he has said in the past of believing in heaven. For some reason in most media when it comes to autistics other parts of our natural human identity are ignored when we're also real people too. Like me, I'm autistic but I'm also a Christian yet I don't like being inside of churches because the people get me overwhelmed yet I enjoy and still like the people I go to Church with. But also while I believe in God a lot of my views on religion are not like most Americans where they are kind of prejudiced. Other people with autism might have different religious views or no religion or might be agnostic.
Krystal Harwood (4 months ago)
I would love to see that poor boy in a church
Kayla Johnson (4 months ago)
:'( even during the good parts i am going to cry
jackie (4 months ago)
shaylen sanders (4 months ago)
I hope he and Shaun go and have fun. Poor doctor Glassman :(
Amethyst Maries (4 months ago)
I love Shaun, but I agree with Dr. Glassman. He needs to stop stressing over it because that stresses Glassman, and that stress can kill him faster.
lumberluc (2 months ago)
He needs to relax. Aaron Glassman's clock is ticking, he can either extend it and get the paragraph that'll save his life, or ignore it and have fun now. Such a grand show.
Shari van Swinderen (3 months ago)
Amethyst Maries You say Shaun has proven he’s not perfect and I think you say it at a very annoying way because nobody is perfect and I think Shaun just really cares about Doctor glassman. He’s lost so many people in life and doesn’t want to lose another one. He just goes for a cure. If glassman listened he might have found a way earlier. I know what’s going to happen bcuz I’ve already seen the whole season. Shaun will find a way. you say Shaun has proven he’s not perfect and that he was wrong sometimes but does that mean he cannot prove he’s also right many times?
Jurassic Lion (4 months ago)
Welcome to Autism. We focus on a thing and it's super hard to stop focusing on it.
Amethyst Maries (4 months ago)
Krystal Harwood He said the same thing about the boy, Liam. He got his hopes up, and look what happened there. Shaun has proven that he is not perfect. He is not always right. Sometimes I think Shaun gets so involved in finding a solution that he becomes bias and misses variables. Like Glassman told him, false hope hurts more than accepting there is no hope at all.
Krystal Harwood (4 months ago)
I love shaun too. but I agree with him. if glasman would only stop stressing over the tumor and listen to what shaun has to say, I think it would put him more at ease. he's telling him that it is cureable. he has to stop thinking so negatively and trust that everything will be fine.
Kaysie Simmons (4 months ago)
Poor dr Glassman... i know Shaun don't want expect it

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