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“It Doesn’t Seem Possible”: Off The Felt with Mark Newhouse, Episode 2

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What happens when your worst-case scenario is realized? When you wait four months, eyeballing $10 million, and instead you don’t win a single additional dollar—for the second year in a row? Mark Newhouse’s 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event ended in the most dramatic, unexpected way possible. Off The Felt gives you the exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how he handled the heartbreak. For more, go to ALLINMag.com.
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Rafael Tarquínio (2 месяца назад)
The guy knows how to play poker; but don't know how to play final table. It happens! :(
Harry Nguyen (11 месяцев назад)
Man I know his play wasnt all terrible actually pretty good but 4th in chips i would have just waited for jacobson to get knocked out!. 4th in chips was in contention at that point. Oh well great story. I remember when i first saw him win that borgata WPT title i was even more enthused about poker because i was like this kid is only 21 and he massed a large score.
Steven Bustamante (1 год назад)
The dude really was inspiring and left it all on the felt when he pushed ..wished he prepped like Jacobson (that doc was great also).
tyler joyner (1 год назад)
I would tell those reporters to fuck off. seriously
Gaming Champ (2 года назад)
he was 4th in chips it was a difference of millions of dollars if he doesnt just go 4 the hero play there. It was an icm DISASTER amazing accomplishment to make back to back finals but to come 9th the first time and not even learn from it has to be insanely frustrating. He legit couldve retired if he even just sat there and didnt play a hand
KD_Sport (2 года назад)
Dont know why, but I regulary come back to this two episodes with Newhouse. Incredible story - sad as hell but inspiring also. This guy is a fucking Legend! Really rooting for him for one another big main event run. All in Mag - great job!
Jeffrey G (2 года назад)
KD_Sport I personally come back to watch this 2 part story for 2 reasons: 1) Because i'm a Newhouse fan 2) Inspiration.
P Raymond (3 года назад)
They seriously need to make a movie about this guy ... Starting with him winning big in online poker and dropping out of college then his huge win in atlantic city followed by the mayhem that ensued following that all the way up to this moment of finishing 9th for the second time ... You couldn't write a better story line
Evan Jones (3 года назад)
I'm a huge newhouse fan after watching this.
9ontheriver (3 года назад)
When you feel too much happiness in your mind, come watch this. It makes you feel sick to your stomach. Hope it all goes well for Newhouse though...
Chaka (3 года назад)
and he was so fucked up at that moment that he lit a cigarette in the casino. it seems so stupid but i feel bad for him
Julian Lopez (3 года назад)
+gakman41 you can smoke in vegas casinos buddy
Chaka (3 года назад)
i dont even want to think about the place mentally where i would be after that but its a scary thought. i would be destroyed and i dont know if i would be able to recover from that. who knows where he is know but if hes not given up then good on him. sounds so dumb too since he won 700k but that would hurt anyone
ilovewowalert (3 года назад)
@MrD i wish
ilovewowalert (3 года назад)
there is a reason hes never been past 9th fucking dumb
ilovewowalert (3 года назад)
dumbest move in poker history
Cap'n cook (3 года назад)
40 mil in the pot and he tries to bluff Tonking all-in with 10 mil... Of course he's gonna get called. That was a shitty move and he deserved to get knocked out.
atlee jones (3 года назад)
+Cap'n cook you have the sizing wrong and I don't think the play is necessarily that bad just ill timed...Mark might have failed to realize his table image and must be regretting not putting in any work on his game leading up. He made a few to many mistakes and honestly I have no idea why he even bet the turn with 1010...
danTMpro (3 года назад)
Mark you can still go back to back to back
H Martinez (3 года назад)
Черный Властелин (3 года назад)
FireFighter0254 (3 года назад)
Excellent production guys on Mark's story. Mark, keep  your head up, it will change for the better. 
mike jones (3 года назад)
what an ungrateful turd. Feeling sad because he finished 9th. That's what happens if you have a poker ego. Dude just won $750k and he's all butthurt. He should be grateful for winning that much money. This is why I can't stand people who take money for granted. Or have a huge poker ego like new house.  He's probably gonna gamble away all his money and give it back
jeremy lin (3 года назад)
busted 9h or not, he at least did something with his life. Wtf have you done, your some no name hater on youtube. Thats the bottom of pathetic
mike jones (3 года назад)
jealous bcuz the idiot busted 9th twice in a row? those winnings are probably gone now, that's what gamblers do
IQspn (3 года назад)
He knows he coulda been 1st place. That 10mil was his. The dude is skilled. Maybe it wouldn't have made a difference. But in the hand prior, if one time, he showed his nut flush. Tonkin woulda folded his queens. Idk. Maybe. Maybe not. Either way. Newhouse is sick.
Limit AK (3 года назад)
+mike jones Sorry, didn't realize I was speaking with someone who knows absolutely nothing about playing high-stakes poker, or just how brutal it must be to somehow beat the odds TWICE and get fucked both times..I really can't believe I'm going to spend this much time trying to explain this to someone that uses the word 'turd' and 'butthurt', but here goes: When you're sitting $400/$800 live and online, and playing $10k-$50k buy-ins for a living, $750k isn't that much money. Just bc 750k is a lot to you, doesn't mean that every player who's not breaking down in tears from pure excitement is a 'turd' for not showing the same emotion/gratitude that you would. You heard him in the video "I had 400k left in my account, like what am I going do to with 400k?" He's not playing fucking 1/2, he plays as high as 400/800 where $80k is 100 bbs. 750k is <10 buy-ins at those stakes. Also, it really has nothing to do with the $ amount in this case. It is fucking mental torture going through that once, let alone twice after somehow beating the odds to get back there again. People bust a final-tab of a 2k+ field and say "Well, I'll never be back there again". The odds of getting to the ME FT are astronomical to begin with. The odds of getting there 2 years in a row are unheard of. Try final-tabling in a 1k field of a $100 tournament twice in a row, let alone a $10k buy-in 6k+ field playing against the toughest players in the world with a bunch of amateur land-mines mixed in. He went through the 'getting paid 9th place money, waiting 4 months, then busting 9th' last year. He, against all odds, makes it back this year. He spends the 4 month wait this year thinking about how absolutely brutal it was busting 9th in 2013, and how he's "not busting in 9th again". Sure enough, it happens again. If you're too ignorant to understand how brutal that must be, or too much of a lower class white-knight to admit how much it would suck going through it TWICE, then idk what to tell you man. You've latched on to this argument of "He's a 'turd' bc he doesn't appreciate that $ like I would!", and it's ignorant. Also, just bc some players are better than others at putting on the 'happy face' after busting, doesn't mean he is a 'turd' for not doing so himself. Everyone is different, everyone reacts to extreme situations differently. Some people could even consider what he went through as a trauma. And he wasn't talking like he was privileged. He was just mentally tortured after his worst fear happened in the sickest of fashions. It's one thing to take a bad-beat and bust with no control. It's another to man-up and take a huge risk putting it all on the line by going with your read and bluffing with MILLIONS OF $'s IN EQUITY on the line. Most people in his position would have lost their fucking mind, so he actually did a damn good job of keeping it together during the interviews. I get bummed out busting deep in a $200 tournament, does that mean I'm ungrateful for the small profit I made? No. You sound like the type of person that talks shit when someone who is wealthy buys something nice for themselves, because 'others can't afford it', or bc 'they should have donated that $ to a good cause'. Get real man. I'm not trying to troll you, or to sound like I'm some high-stakes pro, but you're making a fool out of yourself by saying what you're saying.
Welven Da Great (3 года назад)
+mike jones  clearly his financial isnt at the best, but you miss the point, its not all about the money, its about finnish nr 1 and get the braclet
Aidyn Aimukhanov (3 года назад)
where is episode 1?
IMakeBoringVideos (3 года назад)
he claims it was a bluff shove which was sorta stupid. it should have either been a thin valueshove or a check back   He doesn't deserve these wins, he ran exceptional and was incredibly lucky to get as much money as he has from wins. And due to his lack of financial knowledge blew his first 1.5m.  [ ] i feel sorry for him
martin mckinnon (3 года назад)
karma lol 
martin mckinnon (3 года назад)
who knows 
rossdonal (3 года назад)
How so?
Simone Marongiu (3 года назад)
Apparently Newhouse doesn't know anything about ICM
GotoyourhomeBall (3 года назад)
Hard to believe that Mark didn't come with a gameplan. He took it for granted .. bluffing all in on the river in the main event when you know your opponent is strong while risking 9th place.. again...sick world. It took a lot of heart I'll give you that
IQspn (3 года назад)
So true. The 4 months off gave the rest of the guys to run their homework on Newhouse. Props to Tonkin and all, but I was really rootin for Newhouse on this one.
joeingram1 (3 года назад)
Production quality is so good! Very well done 
Chavy Cash (2 года назад)
Get him on the most GTO podcast in the world papi.
MrD (3 года назад)
Off the felt with Dan Bilzerian part 3!!
Koen (3 года назад)
What's the word between 'step' and 'go' on the banner he shows at the end?
GotoyourhomeBall (3 года назад)
You answered your own question dummy lol
Chris Hansen (3 года назад)
It's not enough moneyyyyy buuhuuuu ...ungrateful turd
Mix Pal (3 года назад)
hi pigeon
It Is What It Is (3 года назад)
most people dont have anywhere near 100% of themselves in these tournaments and he had debts to pay wouldnt be surprised if hes broke
Chris Hansen (3 года назад)
tell me aboutit! you'd have thought 900K or however much it is would be enough
Mozdk1 (3 года назад)
Wow. Are you really this disgusting of a person?
Ehsan (3 года назад)
Thats just sad as fuck :/ I think he really does dislike poker right now He said he didnt play that much poker since July.. I think he lost his passion for this game! Would not surprise me if we never see him in poker ever again..
Kevin Vouauxx (3 года назад)
Back to tweaking with Rheem bud. Better luck next time.
Sarcastic Essence (3 года назад)
If you can't figure out how to live on 730k twice, you don't deserve it. Hopefully he won't resort to scamming like his bud Chino.
T S (3 года назад)
What's the song at the end of the video from the first Mark Newhouse video?
Jordan Radford (3 года назад)
Brilliant couple of episodes guys, really insightful stuff 
Calum Goodwin (3 года назад)
Yes I feel bad for Mark but, he could of really changed it for him, but oh well id rather finish 9 twice than never at all
94 (3 года назад)
Mark... Mark... Mark....

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