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Bill O'Reilly Calls Jimmy Dore - TJDS Episode 3 (Part 2)

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Comedian Jimmy Dore, star of several Comedy Central specials, a writer-performer for the Off-Broadway hit The Marijuana - Logues, and a guest host and contributor for The Young Turks, breaks down news, politics, and social commentary on the third episode of The Jimmy Dore Show. This week Fox News host Bill O'Reilly* calls in to discuss poor people and WalMart. *Credit to comedian and voice actor Mike MacRae: http://mikemacrae.com/ Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=townsquare Watch the latest 'Oh My God!' segment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRkitxW8-GI Watch Part 1 of Episode 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XW7_XYabBM Follow Jimmy on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/jimmy_dore Caricature of Jimmy courtesy of DonkeyHotey: http://www.flickr.com/photos/donkeyhotey/5346022953/ Support The Point for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=townsquaretyt-20
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Text Comments (104)
jkh6148 (1 year ago)
SO poor people aren't allowed to receive gifts from family and friends?
Midwestern Rocker (2 years ago)
this video is the best
Coachwhip (2 years ago)
Ugh, unfunny, talentless hack. What a fucking loser
stoopiDOH (1 year ago)
+Coachwhip No one under the age of 65 can possibly defend Bill O'Reilly or even get butthurt that someone makes fun of your ideaology. Not everyone agrees with you. And thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for that!
stoopiDOH (1 year ago)
Butthurt conservative. But hey, at least you think your Desert Jew dawg Jesus loves you.
Just Errantics (2 years ago)
So both my parents went to university and got jobs, but were still poor... Thats because of where we live. Theres not enough well paying jobs and a factory we had shut down
OD Music (4 years ago)
Damn! That's one insanely good O'Reilly impression.
jackamazing77777 (4 years ago)
Lou Dobbs is clearly O'Reilly's bitch
SamanthaJones (5 years ago)
Sorry, I can't hear you well with that silver spoon stuck up your ass... : /
waswestkan (5 years ago)
Having a washer & dryer is smart business, but turds like O'Reilly don't have a clue. Many poor who have cellphones don't have POTS most likely their cell phone is a pre pay service. Many places don't allow outdoor antennas to to be able to receive free OTA TV. Not enough space to go further
tomitstube (5 years ago)
poor people ride the bus and it has air conditioning, and the lunch room at work has a microwave, and that cell phone was free, it's the service you can't afford... i can't believe how spoiled poor people are, sometimes they watch t.v. after their three part time jobs. fricking loafers... lol, bill o'reilly, "how'd the moon get there? how'd the sun get there? how'd it get there? can you explain that to me? how come we have that and mars doesn't?"
malighn (5 years ago)
sheesh most cheap apartments come with most of that stuff
freedom1234573 (5 years ago)
freedom1234573 (5 years ago)
good for you jimbo ....exercising your rights as a lazy fat ass american -no researching facts for you -nahh not for jimbo no jimbo sits his fat ass on the couch and listens to the news media that tells exactly what he wants to hear ---congratulations jimbo!! you are a credit to your trailer park....
AnelyMG (5 years ago)
OMG this cracked me up!!! So funny!!!
GManGT (5 years ago)
'The poor have it good right now....I'm not gonna get a flying car till I'm about 98 years old'
bigraviolees (5 years ago)
Lou Dobbs on a stripper pole? Oreilly wishes
Andrew Challand (6 years ago)
Of course that's not him come on people...
Bryan Newton (6 years ago)
"Sayonara Fuck-face!" Classic.
ScreamingForClemency (6 years ago)
that's not a half bad Billo impression.
Cody Heindselman (6 years ago)
nipplewort (6 years ago)
That Bill O impression was amazing.
THE JACK HQ (2 months ago)
nipplewort 5 years later, and I’m still in awe of the impression.
Alberto Elias (6 years ago)
dryer....noooot bad!
Karstens Creations (6 years ago)
'Conservative Think Tank'... What a massive oxymoron.
begalthegreat (6 years ago)
so when did tyt start ripping off the soup?
village1diot (6 years ago)
I am fairly certain that person is not "rich" by any means of the definition. The fact that there are any poor people elsewhere in the world is irrelevant. This is America, the wealthiest country in the world. There should not be ANY poverty at all in this country. None period. Bill and his ilk make me sick.
AthenaSchroedinger (6 years ago)
To Billo the clown (channeling Mrs. Brown), "That's nice."
Tim Murphy (6 years ago)
The company I work for is crawling with extreme conservatives. I have to hear this shit all day, everyday. I am the only liberal at the company, so of course I am uninformed and delusional. After watching this O'Reilly show clip, I'm certain that my conservative co-worker's political banter is a word for word recital of Fox News propaganda.
village1diot (6 years ago)
Poor person response: Microwave - 1988 model given from parents Air conditioning - Window cooler, came with apartment TV#1 - 17" black and white, neighbor was throwing it away TV#2 - 24" got it for bday 1997 Basic cable $16.99 per month cell phone - prepaid, used for emergencies Personal computer - Pentium2 with dial-up modem The poor need to sell everything, spend that $30 on drugs, become insane, and live on the streets so they can be locked up in privately owned prisons for profit.
annoythefish (6 years ago)
God damn, Jimmy Dore is a frequent guest on TYT and you can't be assed to write an introduction so you just rip one from wikipedia? That's low.
fatouche99 (6 years ago)
Wouldn't it be nice if we could sacrifice a worthless old guy like O'Reilly to bring back someone we who was good, maybe someone we loved. Who wouldn't trade in O'Reilly for their favorite grandparent. Hell, I'd sacrifice O'Reilly for one more conversation with my grandpa. It wouldn't have to be a government program, so conservatives could use it too.
grinstall (6 years ago)
Well, I used to half respect Lou Dobbs when he was over at CNN.
Mark Bradley (6 years ago)
Obviously there are plenty of "poor" people who are poor because of legitimate reasons...but there are poor families who I just can't feel sorry for. I'm personally "poor". Graduated university not too long ago and I can't find a real job in my field...but there are families where there are 3 generations of welfare/food stamp recipients living under the same housing project roof. What the fuck? Too many people are content living off the government tit (including rich people like the Bachmanns).
Irri Wa (6 years ago)
Lol, none of those things are even that expensive! God, O'Reiley is an idiot!
BelgianBrain (6 years ago)
Could be good to make a list of what the 1% has: submarines, islands, banks, companies, politicians, personal ballwashers.....
James Fraser (6 years ago)
None of that stuff is expensive. really. I'm not surprised.
It seems like they have poor confused with homeless?
palakar13 (6 years ago)
To make this phone call at least moderately believable, maybe you should spell Bill O'Reilly correctly.
Sgt. Chuckles Cheese3 (6 years ago)
oh shit that guy can heat up a TV dinner hes a yuppie
TheHersey (6 years ago)
Is there an audience or are they using a laugh track?
Bob Loblaw (6 years ago)
i like the fake bill o'reilly. real one's a little too crazy for my taste.
Panda (6 years ago)
bermudaguy1 (6 years ago)
This needs to on more often....it's pretty good!
StyngRay1 (6 years ago)
LOL these fucking bastards will go to hell
devourerofbabies (6 years ago)
Snoop Dogg said it best when he said: "Fuck Bill O'Reilly"
Steven S (6 years ago)
And you love to vomit up the oldest line in conservatism in order to relieve yourself of resposibility to do something about our rigged system.
Duplicat (6 years ago)
Jimmaaaaaay, vacation time is over buddy. So get your lazy ass back in to the studio and write something funny, Fans might love you, but I still hate ya, thx, Bill O'Reilly .... ps. I think you get under Micheal Shure's collar just a bit, that's my job to piss people off, but strangely I find it very amusing :) Why don't you call my show sometime, I promise the interview will be shorter than your youtube video's, hahahahahaha, bye fuqface, thx, Bill O'Reilly.
poorandimmature (6 years ago)
Damn I checked yesterday and today for a new Jimmy Dore show, nothing :(
bobbyright2010 (6 years ago)
People can not think this guy is funny?
bobbyright2010 (6 years ago)
I'm poor cause of inflation over taxation!
predalienmack (6 years ago)
That Bill O'Reilly voice actor was awesome
Bolgernow (6 years ago)
"sayonara fuckface!"
Fahrenheit4051 (6 years ago)
The O'Reilly call was a joke. It wasn't actually him. If you're talking about what he said on Fox News, O'Reilly was 100% serious.
WillBravo63 (6 years ago)
Mike MacRae (@MikeMacRaeMike) is the voice of O'Reilly. And if you like his BillO, his Mitt will make you brit shicks. I think he's a genious.
KesselRunner606 (6 years ago)
When you listen to FUX News, with their arrogant dismissal of human suffering, and denial of reality, there's some real comparisons to the absolute monarchy of France just prior the Revolution. "Hey, they got microwaves" is the "Let them eat cake" of our era.
Malicious Asshole (6 years ago)
Bill Oreilly perception of reality is so fucking distorted.
Malicious Asshole (6 years ago)
these conservatives are so fucking.
dblazer321 (6 years ago)
props for the O'Reilly voice actor
Mikail Zavalet (6 years ago)
LOL Who did O'Reilly's voice? You nailed it. Was it Michael? haha I don't know why the voice sounded kind of similar imo.
James Brown (6 years ago)
Best episode yet
WaterGirl1960 (6 years ago)
I loathe Fox News, but.....What is the percentage of high school drop outs make at least 50K a year? A livable wage? And did their parents drop out as well? What about low IQ's? What does a person with a 100 IQ or less make on average? Compare to a 110 or 115 IQ. We will always have plenty of poverty. No one wants to hear that.
flake452 (6 years ago)
I think using the term poor is fine, here in the UK people use the word poverty far to often.
0nlyHuman1 (6 years ago)
I think this shows just how OLD Bill O'reilly and other conservatives are... not only are those things they list really, REALLY cheap now days (basic ones anyway), but things like a mobile phone and a computer are pretty much essential to being able to function in the modern workforce.
Abjuron (6 years ago)
Jimmy, you won me over here. The first two episodes were good, but this episode hit it out of the park. The O'Reilly impersonator was brilliant too. He got the cadence and accent nearly PERFECT. I'm thinking that may be a great recurring segment.
goemon9378 (6 years ago)
o geez sooo funny
moestietabarnak (6 years ago)
and a grandma working 3 jobs is a 'real american' according to bush
moestietabarnak (6 years ago)
what really sad is there 18% that don't even have a microwave .. a $100 appliance! And I remember OReally complaining about the poor having a cofeemaker .. bought my last one for $19 ... i'm RICH !
peleproductions (6 years ago)
A lot of rich people are rich because they were born into rich families and don't work hard at all. I was surprised that this wasn't brought to Bill's attention.
adamishaw (6 years ago)
brilliant formula jimmy!
rohannesburg (6 years ago)
These fuckin retards at FOX don't know the difference between daily Necessities and Wants
Jennifer Haftl (6 years ago)
Right on Jimmy !!! Loved this ! BO is such a major butt nugget fucktard. .... Who is clearly a drop-out from humanity.
4tech69 (6 years ago)
The tide comes in the tide goes out.
SkamGame (6 years ago)
Those things cost like.. 20 dollars up to... 50... OMG LOTS OF STUFF
Phillip David (6 years ago)
I know this wasn't Bill O'Reilly because Jimmy got to finish his sentences
Shehab Aldeen (6 years ago)
Was that really him?
Yabbablabba (6 years ago)
TV's Frank!
truthmouthpiece2 (6 years ago)
it was bill o'rilley, let's say you're tired not stupid^^
Sam (6 years ago)
And where did Bill get this information? *poof* OUTTA THE SKY! As Cenk would say...
Sam (6 years ago)
Was that actually Bill O'Reilly??? Or am I stupid?
Cazem (6 years ago)
Shouldn't the title be Jimmy Dore calls Bill O'Reilly
ChimaTheKilla (6 years ago)
@townsquarenwas that really Bill O' Reilly because no human can possibly be that ignorant
Feliciano Frontado (6 years ago)
Dropouts huh ? I guess that's exactly why republicans want to take money from the military and put it into public education. Oh wait...
IdidnotFartedIswear (6 years ago)
awesome show lol
majors77 (6 years ago)
These videos are a treat!
Steve27775 (6 years ago)
Says Bill O'Rilley on the screen. Shouldn't that be Bill O'Really? As in 'oh, really??'
Steve27775 (6 years ago)
Who's the young, handsome, vigorous guy in the caricature at the start?
billybobhobnob101 (6 years ago)
cont- So to conclude this Heritage Institute piece of disingenuous mind fuckery that doesn't count the homeless, people forced economically to live with family or friends, makes no distinction between ownership or uses of items, makes no distinction in the quality of items, was biased towards the wealthiest households in each zip code- lastly you can be middle-class 30 years get sick or injured and be deciding while watching you big TVs whether you want food or your utilities all on.
billybobhobnob101 (6 years ago)
cont- ie a 13inch 30 year old TV counts as a TV the Same as a brand new LCD 54 inch TV. 5. The way the survey was done ( people going door to door and using average income by zip code) may be fine for an energy survey but is problematic at the very least to then use that information to say what the poor do or do not have, first bias which houses do the surveyors try (well kept ones that do not look dangerous) second bias who replies to the survey (people not ashamed of their conditions) cont
OMG!! i cant believe they really called bill'o!! lolz
billybobhobnob101 (6 years ago)
This information about what poor people have comes from an energy usage survey from the DOE, that had people go to houses and survey the households about energy usage- 1. It doesn't say what the poor people own merely what they have use of ie they may not own the refrigerator, washer, dryer, stove, dishwasher they have use of as renters 2. the survey doesn't count the homeless 3. doesn't count the poor taken in by family or friends 4. the age, quality, of the item was not noted - cont
Drake Santiago (6 years ago)
The Heritage Foundation, that Jimmy Dore mentions at the beginning of this video is a "Conservative Think Tank". Now that is an oxymoron if I ever heard of one.
myndwork (6 years ago)
dumb ass, those numbers should be each 100%. those are basic things in life at this day and age.
Cornelius Maximilianus (6 years ago)
Jimmy you rock!!!! awesome show
ThatCrazyLiberal (6 years ago)
I thought it was a laugh track, but nope. lol
Nick Terrance (6 years ago)
I'm "On the pot" right now.
Nick Terrance (6 years ago)
This guy has really grown on me. Funny dude.
littleguypainting (6 years ago)
Mike McCray (spelling...anyone?) impersonator extraordinaire.
Jeffrey LaCohn (6 years ago)
So the next time you see someone poorer than thee, or someone so derelict. Don't act like a dick, a pompous prick, or like your life's been wrecked. Those are people, human beings there, they don't deserve your hate. They deserve a meal, a second/third chance, not you acting all irate. -mrlurp
Jeffrey LaCohn (6 years ago)
Bill O'Reilly, why not smiling? Got your mind on all the poor? Oh O'Reilly, just stop piling your shit outside our doors. It's not as simple as you say, druggies, dropouts and the deranged. They're all just stuck having to pay the fucks who fixed the game.
UserUnfriendly21 (6 years ago)
Makes the point quite elegantly.
gtfkiller (6 years ago)
"you know not bad" hahhahaaa LOVE YOU JIMMY!!!!!!!!!!
AudioForAnarchistsII (6 years ago)
Jimmy Dore kicks ass! The show's coming along great, they just need to fix the presentation. Get a bigger crowd and fix the cheesy intro/outro.

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