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12-year-old survives being stabbed 19 times by her friends: 20/20 Part 2

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Surgeon John Keleman says if one stab wound had cut through Payton's artery, "she would have had a major heart attack from the amount of bleeding and probably died." WATCH THE FULL 'SLENDER MAN' EPISODE OF 20/20: https://bit.ly/2B0BESv
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Ally Brown (1 hour ago)
I feel so bad for her
John Smith (2 hours ago)
Anyone else wondering why the interviewer dressed up like a doctor too?
summer lawrence (3 hours ago)
Wow 19 time I thought if u get stabbed 6 times u die 😱
ingrid tillman (4 hours ago)
but like morgan is sooo manipulative like..
she tried to *KILL* her *BEST FRIEND* like those girls are *FUCKING CRAZY PHYCHOPATHS*
Romansoldier1 (7 hours ago)
Svu made a episode like this call glasgowman’s warth
Bella Myron (11 hours ago)
This is a fucking miracle tf
Bella Myron (11 hours ago)
How is she a friend lmao
Axlina love (12 hours ago)
This girl is so brave
Grace Nichols (12 hours ago)
that's not friends that's sad
Aiva-Marie Hartley (14 hours ago)
I thought I was a bad friend by hitting my friend
Marchu (16 hours ago)
Well I don’t have friends soooo..
Starmadien2019 (19 hours ago)
Imagine being the parents of Morgan and Anissa. Imagine raising your little girl the best you can suspecting nothing because nothing seems out of place. And learning that those little girls were hiding monstrous side to them.
Squishy Madness (19 hours ago)
Jordyn Smith (19 hours ago)
Creepypasta fans where you at?
kermit sewerside (21 hours ago)
*"why" vine starts playing*
kermit sewerside (21 hours ago)
She survived? I thought she died but she's a true warrior
Lucas Fontenot (22 hours ago)
What assholes. I hope those little bitches were both stabbed 19 times as punishment.
ArianaGrandeJapan (22 hours ago)
“stabbed her 19 times” how do you have true friends like that? never have sleepovers.
Amira Jones (1 day ago)
This is y i dont like creepy pastas😂😂
Abigail Martinez (1 day ago)
It’s what I call a miracle
Captain Qwaz Caz (1 day ago)
*28 STAB WOUNDS* oh wait nvm
Novai (1 day ago)
Kids these days..
Knife Boszz (1 day ago)
Those little girls belong in a mental hospital.
Lacey Mcnair (1 day ago)
How sad this makes me feel
Jacquie 18 (1 day ago)
Wow I thought MY friends had backed stabbed me but damn this is just sad and horrifying
It’s not real
Diego Lujan (1 day ago)
Wait is this the story from slender man those girls have the same faces and the same story from them ..... huh
Snoozle ._. (1 day ago)
Wow I just realized that this happened in 2013 I remember seeing this on the news when it happened
So glad shes alive
Jill Seufert (1 day ago)
Crazy bitches
akeem anderson (1 day ago)
So this is why I'm not allowed at sleep overs.....
Diamondheart (1 day ago)
Why would children want to be a proxy!?!
Hamilton Saved Me (1 day ago)
Why the hell would they put friends in the title those aren’t friends
FirePhoenix (1 day ago)
Ill never understand the human body. I’ll hear stories of someone dying from a single punch, while a child can survive getting stabbed 19 times.
nana baybii (1 day ago)
justsomeonehere (1 day ago)
Im sorry but *T W E N T Y E I G H T S T A B W O U N D S*
HM And Stuff (1 day ago)
This is so bad. I hope those girls get what they deserve. Poor Payton... you’re in my prayers..❤️
Brianna Seeley (1 day ago)
With horrible storys like this, it makes it very hard to imagine what could very well happen in a world like this.
Duane Nguyen (1 day ago)
This is why I dont have any friends:))
Sans The Skeleton (1 day ago)
Kaibailey 11 (1 day ago)
I survived getting stabbed in my torso worst pain I e ever been in
BetaBeats16 (1 day ago)
I’m not sure u can call her, her friends
Salefurey fortnite (1 day ago)
If she was stabbed 19 times are they really her friends?
Roseprincess (1 day ago)
This is the sickest story I’ve ever heard . Why would u try to kill someone - (your best friend ) to try and prove “slender man “ existed 😫. If my friends ever suggested something like that I’d never do It !!!
Hekkle (1 day ago)
Why are people so fucking stupid?
Frosty Island (1 day ago)
Why am i watching this at night?????
whetley_ (1 day ago)
Damage given: 98 in 19 to Payton Leutner
Cherish Washington (1 day ago)
A girl name nyla lifewood got stabbed a whole bunch of times by her *friends* and died
C. S. (1 day ago)
Let's not kid ourselves and believe them blaming some slenderman myth. These sickos knew exactly what they were doing as they stabbed the girl not just once but 19 times! while she screamed in pain and left her to die there. Now they hope they can get it easy by cunningly playing dumb role of minor who didn't know better.
Mar-See Yaaa (1 day ago)
damn it really be your own
Trevor Rogers (2 days ago)
Friends do not stab you 19 times, enemies stab you 19 times.
Michelle Gutierrez (2 days ago)
So when you are young and you seek for the devil and his stuff for example horror stories and horror movies ect. You will get the devil himself because everything you listen to or watch you have a spirit behind it. Because they knew the story of slender man the devil he hides between this fictional characters and so I believe that "slender man" guided these girls to do it because The devil does these things. He doesnt care about you he only cares for hurting you like this..
Legend Matter (2 days ago)
Now there’s a movie
Luc tranchemontagne (2 days ago)
So after all my friends are pretty awsome
Maisie Noble (2 days ago)
Literal backstabbing
Matt Cleppe (2 days ago)
i use lived where she got stabbed think got i moved
Girls watchPorn2 (2 days ago)
I knew santa wasnt real when i was 5. Kids today r retarded
Girls watchPorn2 (2 days ago)
Piggy Adventures u r joking. Tell them the truth
Piggy Adventures (2 days ago)
Girls watchPorn2 ok that's just rude. So, that means you're addressing every single kid that believes in santa?? My two little sisters who are 7 and 9 think hes real. What is so wrong with that??
xio 23 (2 days ago)
This girls are sick and the parents are guilty too, why would you let young girls watch this type of stuff. Bad parenting at its best
Piggy Adventures (2 days ago)
xio 23 they probably didnt know. It just kind of happened I guess... now I'm not saying it's ok, and it is really sad. I dunno just.. never mind 😓
NoStar (2 days ago)
watch your friends more than your enemy
SmokeMemes Everyday (2 days ago)
You should do a story on the palm beach gardens boy who got stabbed 32 times and survived
Cheyenne Hoerr (2 days ago)
Something is up with that short haired mom..
Cheyenne Hoerr (1 day ago)
Well, the vibe is very fake and rehearsed and aloof, unlike the other mother's. Soo yeah something is up with her
Piggy Adventures (2 days ago)
Cheyenne Hoerr yo that's messed up. You're a grown ass women saying "something is up with that short haired mom" that's just plain RUDE to say that about someone. She didnt do anything!!
k Koo (2 days ago)
Whoever made slender man must feel horrible after seeing this
The Granny. (2 days ago)
I survived being stabbed with a scissor I’m a warrior (#-_-#)
Chillaxed Chloe (2 days ago)
Gabano V.2 Default (2 days ago)
Slenderman? More like Slensperman! *Ba* *dum* *tsss* That wasn't funny F ma lyfe
Gabano V.2 Default (2 days ago)
How could you be so fuckin stupid at 12 ??? I thought 12yo kids were smarter.Im a kid too .im 13 But this slender shit has gone too far And how could they join "slensperman's" "gang" if they kill someone if they didnt even see him in real life *WTF*
CMC 2 (2 days ago)
I new them
Kim Lam (2 days ago)
Poor baby
Anna De (2 days ago)
Hi 👋🏻 I'm 38 and I cannot look at the screen when they show clips of Slender man. But somehow these little girls can. #deadinside
Dee Holmboe (2 days ago)
The slender man movie should be based on this 😢
Dee Holmboe (2 days ago)
Some friends
TanishaSnow (2 days ago)
See what happens when you don't monitor what your kids do over the internet?
TanishaSnow (2 days ago)
Piggy Adventures yes, at that age parents should be monitoring every website they go to..
Piggy Adventures (2 days ago)
TanishaSnow agreed. So agreed. This happened because the parents didnt monitor the kids.
Ella Walters (2 days ago)
I know slender man is real. I think the used it as an excuse but what crap friends they are. I mean if my daughter had killed her so called best friend I don't think i would ever want to speak to her again
Aaliyah Tipton (2 days ago)
Wow I thought my bully’s were bad
mangle101lover (2 days ago)
The original story of slender man is that he would take children who were abused or in bad homes and let's them live with him in his mansion, he would never hurt them unless the children were hurting others
Noah Garnaas (3 days ago)
David Ferguson (3 days ago)
Hey golden
Assariah Jason (3 days ago)
1Like=Support=1 support=1Slap on my face (Not fake i’m gonna do it)
KpopXLovers (3 days ago)
How's Bella now ? Is she fine ? I know I'm late but is she really fine ? Please someone can tell me if that poor girl is fine.....
Ducko 123 (3 days ago)
“ *19 StAb WoUnDs* ”
Ducko 123 (3 days ago)
“*19 StAb WoUnDs*”
Megan Whitaker (3 days ago)
Those two fuking girls
Calleigh Simon (3 days ago)
I don't get the joy in killing people it's just an awfull feeling just thinking about it. you are taking their life what if that life was yours and their only 12 i have much more to say about this it's just awfull 😞😞😞😞
BEAST killer6030 (3 days ago)
*Stabbed 19 times:* lives *A singular bullet* Death
Cady Cat (3 days ago)
Who does that, “ya I was excited” how do they even have a conversation like we should kill someone, who I don’t know maybe our friend. Like whaa
Naven John (3 days ago)
Not her friends anymore.
Nyla Hoffman (3 days ago)
And there making a slender man movie now this world can be soo stupid sometimes
Kk Chan (3 days ago)
Who the hell would go to the trouble to prove a stupid horror story?! These chicks are Insane!!
Slime Spawner7 (3 days ago)
The two “friends” had a mental issue and thought slender man was real they wanted to be workers or something for slender man, it was on the news Idk if it says it on this video that’s why I’m saying this
The Golden kai (3 days ago)
Um what so her friends stabbed her 19 times HOW IN THE WORLD IS SHE ALIVE
Keegan Sochocky (3 days ago)
Morgan is not as bad as Anissa
Ati J (3 days ago)
SLENDER MAN!!! AH! 19 Times Well Uh I Guess I Can Say HOW THE F** IS SHE ALIVE!
Danielli Cameron (3 days ago)
Hope they put these away forever
GunnrMan plays (3 days ago)
If my friends tried to stab me I would fuck their asses up...Don’t fuck with me cunts
fresh scammer (3 days ago)
Why the hell did they stab someone I'm bringing a knife with my friends wen I go out now
K ED (3 days ago)
"Friends" Uh huh. Okay. Sure, people.
DIY Unicorn Twins (3 days ago)
I had like 3 fake friends
venessa cifarelli (3 days ago)
I feel bad for her but I don't want any friends
Dancer 12 (3 days ago)
Damn I live 10 minutes from here and didn’t know this happened
Kawaii Unicorn 259 (3 days ago)
Now that is getting *stabbed in the back*

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