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I can't believe this happened... 😃 SUBSCRIBE ► http://www.youtube.com/c/ErikaCostell WATCH MY LAST VLOG ► [VIDEO LINK] CHECKOUT MY NEW MERCH HERE► https://fanjoy.co/costell GET YOUR TEAM10 TOUR TICKETS HERE ► https://www.team10official.com/tour TURN ON MY POST NOTIFICATIONS! *FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA! * MY INSTAGRAM (@ErikaCostell) ► https://www.instagram.com/ErikaCostell MY TWITTER (@Erika_Costell) ► http://twitter.com/Erika_Costell MY FACEBOOK ► https://www.facebook.com/ErikaCostell1 MY SNAPCHAT ► ErkCostell Music Credits: -Intro: Small Town by Luke Christopher Link to song on BangersOnly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtVVhbkhWeI -Element by Zak Downtown Link to song on BangersOnly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z-gzkcfKpg -Chicas by Ruchir Link to song on BangersOnly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrvC6YNK1BE
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Text Comments (4628)
Tracey Gooden (3 hours ago)
Love you❤️
Carol Ortega (5 hours ago)
Can u do a show close by compton
Zamari Brown (8 hours ago)
What about There for you
Cecilia n/a (12 hours ago)
marie st jean (14 hours ago)
I love you Erika 😃🥇
Jaena Alquiza (16 hours ago)
Did you see who was in the background haha
Jaena Alquiza (16 hours ago)
Your tour in Detroit was a best! You guys are awsome and very funny! I luv u!😍😘😄
Dania Klein (16 hours ago)
Do pranks on Team 10!!!!!
Daniela Munguia (19 hours ago)
You just came from Texas and your now saying " Ya'll "
rebecca russell (23 hours ago)
i love in houston and i seen you but i didn’t see the show
rebecca russell (23 hours ago)
i love in houston and i seen you but i didn’t see the show
rebecca russell (23 hours ago)
you should move to texas
Keila-Kayla Penate (1 day ago)
emma oliver (1 day ago)
and i wish i could come to one of your shows or meet you
emma oliver (1 day ago)
i love you soooo muchand i love your new song chitty bang i listen to it like all day i just love you
Mikayla Lopez (1 day ago)
My grandma was born in San Antonio and some of my familia also lives there
Shandee Lee (1 day ago)
i want to see everything you do like every thing
Briseida Hernandez (1 day ago)
It's lit Always (1 day ago)
Are you going to kansas
It's lit Always (1 day ago)
I lived 10 minutes from phonixe
Araceli Alderete (1 day ago)
You are so ungly Ericka
Genoveva Davila (1 day ago)
You Are...Not Erika....Btw Learn To Spell
No more gold (2 days ago)
Hey its me rick
Elise Marie (2 days ago)
Can you do a makeup video on what your makeup artist does for your makeup on tour!? Love you Erika and of course your vlogs 😍
Sannah The coco girl (2 days ago)
Abby Homie (2 days ago)
I live in Houston and that’s in teaxs
Julie Daniels (2 days ago)
Ayeee 106.1 lol
Miranda Robledo (2 days ago)
you should make Jake Paul Lamborghini cake
Grace West (2 days ago)
Regular vlogs
misha schotborg (2 days ago)
I WANNA see every thing you say
Gail Pender (3 days ago)
You look nice
NA beauty xox (3 days ago)
When are u going to London
Ruth Rodriguez (3 days ago)
Weren’t they all
Lauren Szarzynski (3 days ago)
You are so pretty!🐐🐐🐐🐐
Ella Cov (3 days ago)
I love u Erika do behind the scenes and some normal vlogs I’m only twelve but I loved Hanna Montana when I was younger
Evelett Beltran (3 days ago)
I liked and subscribed and I ❤️ your hair
Elon Zania (3 days ago)
I wanna see a “Day in my life- on tour” Vlog to see what your schedule is like on a normal day on tour!!!
Isabel Ozuna (3 days ago)
U guys were awesome when you went to Dallas 👌🤘👍
I wanna see sound check and backstage
rajni toora (3 days ago)
Love youuuuuw
Cara Yanda (3 days ago)
The tour
Madison Carter (3 days ago)
Ahhhhhhhhhhh HTX I’m so mad I missed it😭
Ariana O'Neal (4 days ago)
I live in Texas it awesome!
Sister Vlog (4 days ago)
What does chitty bang mean
Ofelia Holguin (4 days ago)
I live in San Antonio and I went
Christy dodd (4 days ago)
We want to see it all!
julio martinez (4 days ago)
Give this comment a like if you live in San Antonio
Teresa Mortimer (4 days ago)
I was there and you are pretty
That One Guy (4 days ago)
Is it actually her singing?
Cristina Padilla (4 days ago)
Erika autocorrect
Cristina Padilla (4 days ago)
Erica you are so pretty wanted to come to San Antonio show but it was my graduation and I live in the Laredo Texas
Mary Paw (4 days ago)
Melina Herrera (4 days ago)
I live in San Antonio bro
NiAni Favorites (4 days ago)
your always saying things are a disaster, when really your just exaggerating
Besa Sabani (5 days ago)
I wanna see everything !!!!!!
Me and Roblox (5 days ago)
When she said Houston I was in shock idk why but the reason I was in shock because my last name is Houston
Izabella Burkel (5 days ago)
Film all of the above!!!!!
Marcela Quevedo (5 days ago)
I went to the Miami Concert, and it was LIT
Christian Hilario (5 days ago)
vcast 101 (5 days ago)
San Antonio rocks lol I live in San Antonio I wanted to go but I couldn't 😢💖
jaydavee (5 days ago)
"what do y'all want to see?" Show & tell all about the tights, please.
Juliana Heynes (6 days ago)
I think that she looks prettier with out the makeup
Fr32boost (6 days ago)
can u go to london xxx love you
Monique Ortiz (6 days ago)
jerika moments!!!!!!!!!
Carlos Soriano (6 days ago)
I have your merch
Brookelyn Athay (6 days ago)
I turned on the notifications Your amazing
Rosita Supak (6 days ago)
On CHITTY BANG I love it so much by the way my name is anna I play rolblox and I name myself Erika everyday i play CHITTY BANG and my sister's say to turn it down I don't plz reapply I love y'all so much
john michael (6 days ago)
Phoenix Martin (6 days ago)
Christina Cutshaw (6 days ago)
hay I em a hug fan
Christina Cutshaw (6 days ago)
hay I em a hug fan
Andrew Randle (6 days ago)
i have the same birthday as you
Karson Pryor (6 days ago)
I lesend to it so many times! And my teacher by Jake
Savanah Lamb (6 days ago)
Jazzmine Roberts (6 days ago)
Do y'all do any thing around lake city Florida
Jazzmine Roberts (6 days ago)
I want u to do a vlog at the concert like Jake Paul did
Sune Bekker (6 days ago)
I want to visit you
Katie Howell (6 days ago)
i would love to see a full show ERIKA COSTELL LOVE YOU GIRL
Evelin Rosales (6 days ago)
Do more vlogs and show us sunnys bus
Som Sesa (6 days ago)
Niya Nation (7 days ago)
Backstage videos plzzzzz
April mcconnell (7 days ago)
Erica loves Texas y'all! Me too! 💜✌️😉 On each major city stop, will you be going to each of the most popular radio stations to play your song?
yuh San Antonio but it sucks that I didn't get to go but I hope y'all do more tours and might go love you erika
samantha graham (7 days ago)
your hosabeen is jake bose
Yadira Casarrubias (7 days ago)
I went but I was in the back love you erika
randy sears (7 days ago)
I love yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anna camila (7 days ago)
u don't have boobs
Gabriel Zambrano (7 days ago)
Can you do normal vlogs there so funney olease I love you ❤️ And you are so pretty👛
AcieanaPlays family (7 days ago)
Love your vids
Kam Burch (7 days ago)
She has no self respect
Falon Jones (7 days ago)
do a video on what you eat in a day on your
Ariana York (7 days ago)
I DIDN'T MEAN TO NOT HUG YOU AT THE BOSTON MA CONCERT I wanted to but then i had to go so other people could meet you guys im so sorry
Meagan Wells (7 days ago)
Video tour so that the people who can’t come can see u sing 🎤
Elizabeth Chavez (7 days ago)
I live in Arizona phoenix
Makenna Thorpe (7 days ago)
I got here by watching the music video! And I wish you guys didn’t go to phoniex first because I live so close to there and I could have gone only if you guys didn’t go there first.
Mary Loves Foxes (7 days ago)
Can you go to Greece 2 pls
Sophie Auld (8 days ago)
Is she wearing a shirt with her face on it .... she's not Trish ....
ashley madison (8 days ago)
LanaMai :D (8 days ago)
You were obviously lip syncing a recording.
Master Gaming (8 days ago)
I want to see u perform on stage Chitty Bang with Jake
I want to be in your video please

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