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Life After High School -@MysticGotJokes

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Text Comments (298)
Salamander Man (2 months ago)
seeing this in real life makes me want to question reality, the other day i found 2 people from school
Joey_ Breezy (4 months ago)
You a bitch
Swagalicious XD (11 months ago)
Class of 2021
Curlecia Slaughter (1 year ago)
I'm 20 years old can we go out
Torron Brown (1 year ago)
Class of 2014 👨‍🎓
Torron Brown (1 year ago)
Lol Lol its good because i aint go to college to waste monry
Swagkilla Scoper (1 year ago)
Torron Brown how's life going
michael. raymond (1 year ago)
Class of 2016 here
Jahrod Vean (1 year ago)
I was under a cover bully I stayed to my damn self is what I damn did, then I met pussy-ass Jesus that told on me to God, His bisexual punk ass Father and got my life in a big miss. I mean this nigga still own people and make slaves and shit, can u believe that?... Well, He ain't no badass because the slaves are little children.
Michaela Perez (2 years ago)
"Then you realize your bully is lil Wayne"😂😂Had to be my favorite part
Chris G (1 year ago)
lol same here😂😂😂
Shalini Lalchan (2 years ago)
I wonder if Mystic does youtube videos for a living or something else to cause he's loaded. and hotttttttt
Banana Videos (2 years ago)
Carolina Velez (2 years ago)
This is hecka funny Mystic😂😂😂
Allan Juarez (2 years ago)
How tall r u ?
JaydenKris Jackson (2 years ago)
incognitoninja89 (2 years ago)
ok i liked the 14 extra-terrestrial bad bitches part. that was funny. rofl.
Gary V (2 years ago)
Lol I feel you mystic life after high schools a bitch. Knew a kid back in high school that was a dumb goofy cat but now he's a pro baseball player making millions lol
The World Reacts (2 years ago)
Imma heat that lotto
D Rodriguez (2 years ago)
+william garcia spelling won't get old dipshit
The World Reacts (2 years ago)
+D Rodriguez stfu people always throwing shade with the spelling lmao getting old
D Rodriguez (2 years ago)
+william garcia lol nah you gon heat some lattes with yo dumbass, can't spell for shit
Monkey Dayz (2 years ago)
So sweet 💋
innovator008 (2 years ago)
i lost it at "extraterrestial bad bitches"
Micheal Montoto (2 years ago)
High School was not enough for me
Zed Shah (2 years ago)
bro i just saw this vid first time and trust me i had the worst day today but the sec i started watching trust me my tears came out of laughing
R4v3nW01F 87 (2 years ago)
Kyle Lowrey (2 years ago)
yo @Mysticgotjokes man i got an offer for you, i'm getting what i call a "Stream team" together, basically, what happens is, you become part of a team that puts together channels and streams for a while... it may help you gain some new fans, if your interested in joining the brotherhood, hit me up on facebook... just so you know this is totally legit ✌🏻️, just tryin to hook you up with 75,000 more loyal ass fans, i'm not on youtube, i'm on twitch
Jerome Johnson (1 year ago)
boy bye 👋
Elijah Jenkins (2 years ago)
hahaha I live in new mexico
Elijah Jenkins (2 years ago)
+Josef Rojo koo im in albuquerque
Josef Rojo (2 years ago)
i live here too. Lovington NM
Varedz (2 years ago)
Junior Pena (1 year ago)
Ben Borlagdan (3 years ago)
Real talk man.
OSK (3 years ago)
didnt u do marijuana Mystic?
Keyzy (3 years ago)
I Thought carma was a girl?
Retro Complex (3 years ago)
I'm dead 😄
TheMonsterEminem (3 years ago)
So inspirational my nigga
gnome011111 (3 years ago)
Bruh when he said then you realized your bully was lil wayne I fucking died 😂😂
Daniel Christie (3 years ago)
your my favorite youtuber. you are so funny and not childish like some youtubers, not mentioning any names *cough, pewdiepie*
Mariana Quinntana (2 years ago)
I love both
Marcas Eagan (2 years ago)
Saying pewdiepie is childish look how many subs he has over 38.1 million or somewhere over that
Varedz (2 years ago)
Pewdiepie died in a car accident Today cause he bought a hooker in gta 5 and his girl wank him so hard he died cause it was in the car and he died "wtf cookies"
Andrew Sav (2 years ago)
+Daniel Christie he's pretty hilarious
Andrew Sav (2 years ago)
+Daniel Christie you're
Brianna P (3 years ago)
I stay laughing at your videos
Num4 Productions (3 years ago)
And then you realize your bully was lil wayne 😂😂😂
Adrian rodriguez (3 years ago)
I live in new mexico and that just killed me to funny XD
NBAOcho88 (3 years ago)
Lol these old vids are dope
Morgan Dennis Jones (3 years ago)
PlayBoy Perry (3 years ago)
What's the best kind of condom and how do I pic size
Morgan McCurry (3 years ago)
i turned on sub titles and it made everything he said giberish and then went and watched my white friends videos and it worked fine.........racist sub titles
KrypticSnow1 (3 years ago)
U are like the best motivational speaker. No joke.
Team Wagy (3 years ago)
HEY! I live in New Mexico jerk.  lol jk :D
shauna kenney (3 years ago)
Samii Mariiee (3 years ago)
Then you realize your bully was Lil Wayne. Haha
Alexis Parker (3 years ago)
He Like The Owner Of Jupiter Like How The Hell U Own A Planet .... I'm Dead !
Joy Nicole (3 years ago)
maga nasuev (3 years ago)
Haha joke about Lil wayne :D
Marissa Oliver (4 years ago)
I graduated this year #2014. Thanks for the laugh/pep talk lol.
Young Bandz (11 months ago)
Marissa Oliver did u go to college
Sean Cormier (4 years ago)
This def. true like reality is def. hitting so many college students like myself but at the end of the day its basically what we make out of it. I mean its only been a year since I graduated from high school and people are already married, having babies, in college, or just working. Its crazy how everything changes after high school.
FALUKYOURMOM (4 years ago)
class of 2013
Naseem Rogers (4 years ago)
true thats how it is frfr
desh lo (4 years ago)
Wasn't he on the show the hook up? ... saw it today..
Wait don't u steel go to college and make youtube videos???
Alexis Stephens (4 years ago)
DO A DRAW MY LIFE VIDEO !!!!!! Pleasee
Chardonet Handy (4 years ago)
Class of 2014
Sabrina Broadnax (1 year ago)
Chardonet Handy class of 2022 in the biiitch
Manu A (4 years ago)
watching your videos honestly does make me happy 
samantha hendricks (4 years ago)
Lol then u realized that lil Wayne was yiur bully
clarian levy (4 years ago)
When he was like your bully had tattoos on his face I was like then he was like like u realize it was lil Wayne my face
Nodieboo (4 years ago)
so my question is what do you do other than make youtube vids
Alaye' Russell (4 years ago)
Class of 2016
Maryam (4 years ago)
he's so cute :)
Hope ϟ (4 years ago)
Light skin niggas always tryin be different. Haha, jk
Anita Kearney (4 years ago)
I love reading the comments especially the grammar nazis that don't seem to realize that comedians take poetic license with words lmbo And Mystic you are funny as hell and right on the money...
jae729 (4 years ago)
3 years since I graduated and this video is the truth
Jamile Snagg (4 years ago)
Aint nobody got time for that :D
Kaya (4 years ago)
The weave 👏 😂 😂
Belle Romie (4 years ago)
Your videos actually make me happy
omg.lol.he is killin me:)
Lol that's all so true
darksound (4 years ago)
Graduated in May...This is so true. :) I kinda do miss HS, but only because I miss my friends. It's weird to me how I can't see them how I'm used to. But I think I'll be fine. :P Great video.
Elliot Valdez (4 years ago)
Senior year this Monday o:
monica la la (4 years ago)
my senior year starts in a week omg im going CAZY INSIDE but on the outside im like ......psh i got this ..........OMG
Joanne Rabauliman (4 years ago)
You should so do a draw my life videoooooo
Janel Denton (4 years ago)
lmbo!!!! soooo true!
Marcus Ferguson (4 years ago)
Lmfao "you know those kids that are really scary, every time I would go to talk to them, I felt like they were gonna put a spell on me, and I dont have time for dat"
skai lavona (4 years ago)
...and coming back with 14 extraterrestrial bad bitches.... lol. #T€am m¥$t¡©.
Nefertari Graham (4 years ago)
Thanks for this Heads up!
coleworld14100 (4 years ago)
hahaha man that lil wayne bit killed me.
skai lavona (4 years ago)
Me too.
X_JÅÇQÛË˧_X (5 years ago)
High Schooler got 3 more years. :'(
DeVonte Glass (5 years ago)
This video makes me so happy to be out of high school. LBS! I hated high school so much but the closer I got to graduation, the better high school became. :)
Maria Allen (5 years ago)
awwww, you dont know how much i wish kids in high school now could understand this. high school is just four lame ass years of your life. after that, you can do whatever the fuck you want to do or go where ever the fuck you wanna go. none of those people you went to school with are gonna matter anymore. just hang in there! freedom is just around the corner!!
1BlackPoet (5 years ago)
I just subscribed to you! I enjoyed your video and can wait to see more from you!
MiylaJ (5 years ago)
Lmaoo lil wayn
alison sula (5 years ago)
And then you realize your bully was lil Wayne lol
Allison KiwiQ (5 years ago)
Good video
Destiny Mariza (5 years ago)
One direction...
Tori Leira (5 years ago)
your like a combo of chris tucker and will smith. Ur just so funny, like naturally funny.
Jordan Bradshaw (5 years ago)
One year left for me
marvo0435 (5 years ago)
is this guy hodgy beats???
Forte1 (5 years ago)
im so bored lol
SnowMan2595 (5 years ago)
I dropped out of high school now I'm out here in Miami selling cocaine.
jay williams (5 years ago)
he kinda tries to hard too be funny ! but his content is coo something to watch ...
ItsJaimeeCasual (5 years ago)
Graduated My 26th!
Chernise King (5 years ago)
Lmao about the sarah part LoooL
Kathy Sims (5 years ago)
Yhu leave Lil Wayne alone
Kameron R. (5 years ago)
Graduating next Monday!!!!!
C Simone (5 years ago)
I already live in New Mexico lmao!
Chanel Salvatore (5 years ago)
Loving the references to One Direction lmaoo, aw bless Mystic is a secret Directioner;)
MysticGotJokes (5 years ago)
'I-Know'. 'Thank-you'
DoubleASanchez (5 years ago)
lmao.. you said 'lou-is'. its pronounced 'lou-ee'
Isaiah Lopez (5 years ago)
And you realize your bully was lil wayne lmfaooo

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