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Why Do I Have to Use a Number 2 Pencil?

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Why do exams always tell you to use a number 2 pencil? What happens if you don’t? Quick Questions explains! Hosted by: Michael Aranda ---------- Messages from our Subbable subscribers: “Man, I was really holding out for that lab coat!” - Erik Avalos “Flabbergasted lemmings elegantly circumnavigate unanticipated pandemoniums utilizing transparent aluminium hovercraft.” - Eric Svensson “I thank God for your work, SciShow team!” - Jay J. Atherton “Piret you are awesome and truly good friend” - Stiina Sild “Practice. Don't wait until you are good at something to do it.” - Mike Chaput “Thank you, Kim for my beautiful babies! Go Science!” - Jonathon Dunn “Proud to support SciShow. You should too!” - Sharon Vaughn “Rainy days a perfect!” - Viktorija Zuran “Love you Scott. In our hearts forever ❤ UMW Theatre” - Sam Wilhelm “Don't Forget to Be Awesome.” - Elise Logan ---------- Dooblydoo thanks go to the following Patreon supporters -- we couldn't make SciShow without them! Shout out to Justin Lentz, John Szymakowski, Ruben Galvao, and Peso255. ---------- Like SciShow? Want to help support us, and also get things to put on your walls, cover your torso and hold your liquids? Check out our awesome products over at DFTBA Records: http://dftba.com/scishow Or help support us by becoming our patron on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/scishow ---------- Looking for SciShow elsewhere on the internet? Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/scishow Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/scishow Tumblr: http://scishow.tumblr.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/thescishow Sources: http://www-03.ibm.com/ibm/history/ibm100/us/en/icons/testscore/ http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2010/10/why-you-used-to-have-to-use-2-pencils-with-scantron-forms/ http://mentalfloss.com/article/24832/what-makes-2-pencils-so-special http://pencils.com/what-is-a-no-2-pencil/ http://www.howeverythingworks.org/page1.php?QNum=1529
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Text Comments (1542)
Itz Madi (30 days ago)
My brother and I made a bet of 150$ if u have to use #2 pencils and so I’m doing research!!
Respiir (1 month ago)
After about 3rd grade I never used a number 2 pencil and now I’m in college...still haven’t.
palitsa (1 month ago)
ARGH!!! I used to think No.2 pencil = 2B pencil!
Muhammad Alfarizi (1 month ago)
In indonesia we use 2B pencils for exams
James Rogers (1 month ago)
i was told not to erase my marks but to instead to make and X on it and make the correct mark idk why though
dank sunday (2 months ago)
I have actually never seen other kinds of pencils. I know they exist, but I only ever see number 2
Dwarf Nuggets (2 months ago)
i remember one time my teacher said: "okay class take out your number 3 pencil" me:"WHAT THE HELL IS A NUMBER "3" PENCIL???"
Saim Sachin (3 months ago)
But actually teachers check them by hand 😒, not by machines ख
Jan Řehák (3 months ago)
2:03 I will take my Chem and Phys SAT's with number 3 pencils in two days. I am SO testing that hypothesis.
Syed Sammer Haider (3 months ago)
0:14 I do... I'm an artist As I'm from Pakistan I used to use HB pencils
Dry Wall (4 months ago)
I take tests with a 10HB
PrestonPlayzRoblox 117 (4 months ago)
Eliot _ (4 months ago)
I just discovered there was a "imperial system"-like thing for pencils, just to make things simpler. Cool. Now stop using this.
Cloudy Edgar Plays (4 months ago)
Well hey my school district is using computers know so, CYA #2 PENCIL.
Matt Lambert (4 months ago)
The real reason is that Scangrade The Magnificent, a test grading/world domination device, uses lead from the number 2 pencil as it's energy source and after 50 years of testing his power will finally be great enough to take over the world.
Yes, I took selected art classes in high school and majored in Fine Arts and Visual Communications in college; so, I'm quite familiar with the different "H", "B" and "HB" grades of drawing pencils. Charcoal and pastel crayons have similar gradings for the relative darkness when applied to a given surface or how course or fine its grain is in reference to the former or how saturated or diffused the color is for the latter.
golden10 (5 months ago)
Do we have 🅱️ pencils?
Khan tulu (5 months ago)
2 lol
NuckChorris12345 (5 months ago)
Finally, asking the real questions.
HX Malcolm (5 months ago)
We in the commonwealth use the 2B pencil
Skystrike70 (6 months ago)
Wait so why can't we use a pen then
Najmah Chant (6 months ago)
hahah nope my school's machines failed every student in school and we all used 2b pencils but the machines were really trashy at detecting the marks and the highest score anyone got was 54. teachers had to remark every single student's answers for all the subjects but those low scores were still kept in our reports.
SpaceCatCan't (7 months ago)
yEaH wHaT aBoUt My ChArCoAl Or 6B pEnCiLs D:< (As an artist i always bring the wrong pencil ;-;")
fitrian hidayat (7 months ago)
Hold up, in my country we use 2b. I thought it was equivalent to your number 2, but it isn't?
Goldenfire Fox (7 months ago)
Now I know all about these pencils
Caustic Lyeshroom (7 months ago)
I have a #3 pencil
AdaliaNL (7 months ago)
Melia (7 months ago)
I use a number 666 pencil
mohammad sit (7 months ago)
why do they tells us that it is safer to fill bubbles with blue ink?
lil big mac (7 months ago)
What about a number 1 pencil
Silver Low (8 months ago)
For some reason the one in Malaysia we are supposed to use 2B Pencils..
Laboratory (8 months ago)
I still have a # 3 pencil
310 IQ (8 months ago)
I'm that one kid that circles the answers and then realizing what I've done when the instructor tells us that we can keep the questions but the other sheet had to be handed in.
Evergreen (8 months ago)
We use 2B
Eunice Rodrigues (9 months ago)
The poop signal pencil
中原マリ (9 months ago)
If you used a number one, then you're score sheet would get wet.
IslandPC (9 months ago)
In the UK we have to use pen...
Animal Pack (9 months ago)
I'm going to take my AP exams with a #4 pencil in May wish me luck y'all
A' Le (9 months ago)
My teachers always explained this... however I dnt live in the US
Chinemere Uche (9 months ago)
who are you
Blue Knight (9 months ago)
In Portugal, we use Pen
Ayser Hasim 2 (9 months ago)
Do i have to bring toilet paper with that number 2
John Rey (9 months ago)
2017?! Anyone
Vicky Le (9 months ago)
In the 8th grade everyone was taking a state standardized test and the guy behind me bubbled everything in pen and then ripped his answer document in half. I was horrified.
Alex Rotaru (9 months ago)
Dude: "Bring a couple of number 2's to your test" Me: well that won't be so hard
TheKaratePro (9 months ago)
Because number 1 will make the paper soggy.
Salvy Gonzy (9 months ago)
I hack the scantrone checker its not really electrical its surface censor try to shade all circle with the tip of the ballpen cover then pick a answer using a pencil the machine will register your answer is correct
YGhappyvirus (9 months ago)
I used 3B lol
Caiden Wichert (9 months ago)
The funny part it they kinda explained this at my school
Raihan Islam (9 months ago)
In the uk, we have soooooo many different types on hand XD
Jessicaisrealawesome (9 months ago)
We actually use 2B pencils in Australia for exams. Not HB (number 2 as you Americans call it). 2B pencils are softer and hence darker. Pretty sure other countries use 2B pencils too.
Anthony Theodore Trillo (9 months ago)
I used a no.1 pencil in my college entrance exam
Mega Spin (9 months ago)
SAT tomorrow -_-
Rafael Garcia (9 months ago)
What happens if you bubble in all of the answer choices in a scranton?
neko_r ising (10 months ago)
We Malaysian were ordered to use 2B. I think it is your number 4.
Kim Heechul (10 months ago)
my teacher even circled the answer with marker and it still worked. just how amazing it is
rondom mick say (10 months ago)
I took my test with a 69 pencil
J TheOnlyOne (10 months ago)
I asked this to my teachers way b4 this video, got the same answer.
Daniel Voronenko (10 months ago)
They still don’t allow mechanical pencils
Daniel Voronenko (10 months ago)
What if you use a mechanical pencil
Ruzaini Badrul Zaman (10 months ago)
2B and BB pencils are the recommended type of pencil in my country for answering objective questions.
Zee Captain (10 months ago)
Hey Vsauce! Michael here
Ate AiBarra (10 months ago)
I used 2B 😂😂😂😂😂😂
If we take tests with a number 1 pencil we’ll get all the answers correct.
Practical Dragon (10 months ago)
The only thing my pencil says on it is "china"
SkyOfIce (10 months ago)
Zoe Pence (10 months ago)
Ive never seen hb h, 2h, etc pencils reffered to as #1, 2, 3 etc in the US
TYler_ SChecter (10 months ago)
Does anyone else use scantrons in school? I hate them! They are SO annoying!
What if I want to use a 9B pencil and a kneaded eraser? Why can't I do that? It's darker than a No. 2 pencil, and since I'm the only one at my school with enough sense to wear a pair of Artist gloves when I draw or write, no one can do the sameas me(smudgy lines. Very smudgy lines)
Punky Nene (10 months ago)
I took all my finals with a pen... it’s the same :l
Latonya Johnson (10 months ago)
They always say that but I use mechanical pencils
Because number 1 is reserved for me.
Antti Hernesniemi (10 months ago)
I have never done an multiple choice test or a test that is automatically checked for the right answers.
Nova Calisthenics (10 months ago)
In my country we use 2B pencil So what is the number of the pencil?
Abel Boni Bangari (10 months ago)
It's also the case for Cambridge Exams
Cameron Meetze (10 months ago)
I thought this was obvious
SwiftlyMusic GT (10 months ago)
2b pencil
Junaed Islam (10 months ago)
Wait I thought everyone uses pen for this. Wtf At least in our country. The video is I guess totally irrelevant for us.
Lone Wanderer (10 months ago)
Theres no test in the wastland come here
pusheenx (10 months ago)
Not HB. 2B
Ok Danks (10 months ago)
Anna_ Phoenix (10 months ago)
I only know about other types of pencils because during art class when my teacher taught us and never said anything about it after that year
Knäckebrot (10 months ago)
Why does the US want to be different and use almost everywhere another unit?!
Yiğit Alp Alakoç (10 months ago)
2B pencils are easier to use when filling optical forms
undefinedVoid (10 months ago)
So, a shitty pencil?
{cookiemonster} Stu:Dio (10 months ago)
I hate the #2 pencils thru give us They get those cheap crappy Dixon #2 pencils They don't get us like Ticonderoga pencil Those are good
I knew using my 0.7 mech. Pencil was ok! But the teachee just had to be a rude backside
Xinli Dai (10 months ago)
Sadly I cannot take my next test with a number 2 pencil because of the amazing inventions called the computer and the internet.
Peachinne (10 months ago)
SciShow. Answering the important questions in life.
Brian Aylor (10 months ago)
I am going to test this on a test
Im an artist
Avoxion (10 months ago)
hmm I wonder what will happen if I bring an H12 pencil to such a machine
Friedrich Nietzsche (10 months ago)
Even types of penciles have to be named differently in the US and differently in the rest of the world. Are you doing this deliberately?
Raccoon Chipmunk (10 months ago)
Cause first is the worst, second is the best, the third one breaks all the time
Glurp Bot (10 months ago)
Pssshhh.. Once when I was in 7th grade we had to take a stupid muscle test in gym, I didn't have a number 2 pencil so I used my mechanical pencil, it still worked. So suck it teachers who freak out if you're using a mechanical pencil!
potato (10 months ago)
I live in europe and i don't get that circle-marking-exam thing.We just get questions and write the answer in the blank area. PS.sry. for bad engl.
AimanNurAdlina (10 months ago)
It's 2B in Malaysia
Pupheus (10 months ago)
In brazil we use pens
C K (10 months ago)
I use number 5 pencil for 60 mcq questions. Buy me at least 1 minutes 45 second, enough to answer another 1 or 2 questions :)
ArizonaMapping83 PX (10 months ago)
Then why do they call it lead of a pencil if its grafite thing

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