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'Sugar Daddies' Hook Up with Young Women | Nightline | ABC News

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From paying tuition to buying designer, older men trade cash for companionship. We take a look into the lives of men who have become Sugar Daddies. SUBSCRIBE for the latest news and updates from ABC News ► http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=abcnews To read the full story and others, visit http://www.abcnews.com Watch more news stories from ABC News! More from Nightline► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPy38U3aSTs&list=PL31751769A1264A20 Similar stories from ABC News ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEH-VI950Yw&list=PLQOa26lW-uI-ZAhmue5vKNNKQTVmNMiqo --To read the full story and others, visit http://www.abcnews.com Follow ABC News across the web! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/abcnews Twitter: http://twitter.com/ABC Instagram: https://instagram.com/ABCNews/ These stories may be not safe for work (NSFW)! With the popularity of “50 Shades,” alternative sexual practices and the voyeuristic mindset are at the forefront of today’s culture. It leaves us asking what is the new taboo in human sexuality? Adult video, oversexualized role models, and information on once taboo sex practices are well distributed on the internet. As a result, children and teens emulating the often hyper-sexualized adults that they see in mainstream media. ABC News investigates teens trying to enter the porn industry, a gigolos reality show, and the secret world of swingers with strange arrangements. Watch as ABC News gives you an inside look into the life of porn stars, cougars, romance novelists, teens that are too sexy too soon, and more. Nightline is a 30 minute late-night news program currently airing weeknights on ABC at 12:35am | 1:35am ET. Hosts Juju Chang, Dan Abrams and Dan Harris bring you in-depth reporting on the major stories, hot topics, and the day’s breaking news. You can catch Nightline every night just after Jimmy Kimmel Live! Make ABC News your daily news outlet for breaking national and world news, broadcast video coverage, and exclusive interviews that will help you stay up to date on the events shaping our world. ABC News’ show roster has both leaders in daily evening and morning programming. Kick start your weekday mornings with news updates from Good Morning America (GMA) and Sundays with This Week with George Stephanopoulos. Get your evening fix with 20/20, Nightline, and ABC World News Tonight with David Muir. Head to abc.go.com for programming schedule and more information on ABC News.
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Text Comments (12075)
god563616 (1 hour ago)
Wow what insecurity in both beings. Lord help them to be whole within
Jayden Wilding (1 hour ago)
gold digger
Anonymous Xyz (4 hours ago)
these people need mental check up.
Israel M (7 hours ago)
He transfer he fast into a hooker😂😂😂 ho
Matt hey (11 hours ago)
Deja (14 hours ago)
Just hold my hand
Jen Werner (16 hours ago)
Reword the title .. Sugar-Daddies give sex to sluttish college gals....
Robertson Tirado (16 hours ago)
UltraEgo (19 hours ago)
Who cares
Os Cj (20 hours ago)
Living the dream
Deddy Trianto (21 hours ago)
Symon PhoeniX (22 hours ago)
Why would they tell on themselves? Everybody is just going to grab the opportunity to be fake saints and witchhunters.
jedi1967 (1 day ago)
jedi1967 (1 day ago)
He taught me how to golf, cook, fuck me hard....etc CASE CLOSED
Baxter Schlong (1 day ago)
Justice L (1 day ago)
He treats those girls a lot better than many couples treat each other.
Luv Life (1 day ago)
It’s called NO RESPECT. And this is why divorce rate is so high...tramps. How could anybody touch a gross man like that...ewww...skanks
coolstay85 (1 day ago)
high class prostitute
idil ali (1 day ago)
"It is what it is " translation " I gotta pay my dues for his dow"
Thomas Souza (1 day ago)
What's the difference between a sugar baby and a professional basketball player, baseball player, football player or any athlete and that includes you so-called movie stars!...NONE! They all use their bodies to get what they want; as do the Team owners; the so-called Sugar Daddies and even the lowly local John paying a girl on the street to perform for him...They are performing the same professional duty for financial gain...Using their bodies to earn a living...Now here is another aspect of the aforementioned that is sort of off limits when the discussion prostitution is brought to the political debate...It seems that there is a double standard when debating the legality of this profession. NOTE This is the oldest profession patronized by mankind, along with carpentry and hunting. There seems to be a stigma attached to those who have chosen this profession, by using their bodies, to attain their financial security just like the big guys; those same basketball-football and all athletes, but in fact are persecuted by those in the legal profession as undesirable and yet these Noble authoritarians of justice...The so-called Supreme Adjudicators of Legal and Blind justice, cheerfully pay for their well practiced game play and unique human physical services but not for financial gain but for self gratification. So what's the difference..If Selling one's physical talents to earn a living is to be condemned then we must prosecute all those using their bodies to earn a paycheck!
emanresukcuf (1 day ago)
Prostitution is the oldest profession ( job ) in this world , sooooo. So be careful on how you raise your daughters.
kristi estes (1 day ago)
What a dumb cunt. I’m sorry, but someone who does this for a living has neither self respect nor belief in herself. I get that it seems easy, but ughhh. You could never say you’re self made.
Fahd Mana (1 day ago)
Would these men allow their own daughters to be someone else's sugar babies ? I don't think so. The term "sugar babies" is a sugar coating for prostitution.
sam hawkz (1 day ago)
Young wet pussy is always irresistible 😂
AUDIOHOSTEM187 (1 day ago)
Mormon? LOL!
Bryant Espinoza (1 day ago)
I thought that dude was gay lol... He's paying a hooker for the gf experience.
EzErNzK (1 day ago)
Just very expensive whores....
Manuel Fernandez (1 day ago)
idiot and the family .
A.K AKH (2 days ago)
MONEY TALK ..Ahhh si j'étais riche ! 😋
Da Killah (2 days ago)
i want whores and i wanna be their pimp
Yo ski (2 days ago)
cheeper than marriage
Lana Larue (2 days ago)
Splash Attack TCG (2 days ago)
Boobs, these THOTS always want boobs.
dwight st. john (2 days ago)
The tats are gross and she's way, way too old to be a "college girl". yuk
Shao Lor (2 days ago)
I want to be a sugar daddy when I am retired.
4 Ben Media (2 days ago)
Two consenting adults enter into an agreement where they both get something beneficial out of the deal. I see no problem here
Tu Thu (2 days ago)
Men remember when we are old, with money comes honey.
Rafael Garcia (2 days ago)
I want to be an IT executive
Marc Schuyler (2 days ago)
Wouldn't they call that prostitution lol
Cheese Man (2 days ago)
Since she was 19.... We have completely lost our senses
where can i find a sugar daddy asking for myself lol......
Stanley Sykes (2 days ago)
Olivia breast job is trash
Boo Morningstar (2 days ago)
Maintenance for life lol
Boo Morningstar (2 days ago)
Pervy old dirty men and every typical slut out there
Mike Cranston (2 days ago)
because they can
Fallin underground (2 days ago)
Still is prostituting yourself when we have a government that supposed to give us better grant money for students so they don't have to do these kind of asked for money and sex and it should be going to school and educating and field in the world for special in the United States I don't agree with the the lifestyle
Fallin underground (2 days ago)
Sound like rich people doing they always do take you take advantage of the week in the Young
Isaac Pulido (2 days ago)
Thots... Vag for money is called prostitution
Beaverj420 (2 days ago)
Sloppy 2nds.
May May (2 days ago)
It is what it is Lol
Jeff M (2 days ago)
"Taught me how to be classy" 😂 getting lessons in class from an old perv who orders hookers online and delivered like a Fedex package 😂
ADAM Samirovitch (3 days ago)
DEAR LADIES The Equality Starts When Women Stop Being Sexual Objects For Men
Philip Franklin (3 days ago)
You rock Tom
Nancy Delali (3 days ago)
Noob Saibot (3 days ago)
Im Sorry for that Old Man lol ^^ And i hope that Girl can make it out with her Mental Health, i would Feel pretty bad if i would do that, you are a Object, there is no Love and nothing.
TheHotcrumbs (3 days ago)
Lance Cobb (3 days ago)
Women. All I gotta say.
Miss Leading (3 days ago)
My wig... *WHERE IS MY WIG?* *Sobs*
Explorer Mike (3 days ago)
women empowered. Taking control of their lives. Building respect.
asifur rahman (3 days ago)
This girls r prostitute. If anyone think it's not then check up dictionary for the definition
Diane Burks (3 days ago)
Cesare Borgia (3 days ago)
The purest form of relationship. Feels good knowing that when I'm too old to go to the bathroom myself, I can still be banging hot 20 year olds. God bless women.
Alex Zais (3 days ago)
Raymond Chadman (3 days ago)
I see where some people are classifying these young ladies as prostitutes etc. Then tell me some females ,when U have multiple partners in your lifetime ,and also have a man and whenever U don't get cash U decide not to give him sex ,what are U , I will let U decide ,pro or con ?
RavenFeathers90 (3 days ago)
For everyone saying "do something useful with your life", I do SA on the side and I work TWO jobs. I do what I need to make ends meet. I can't help it that your prudish views of morals let you think its ok to ostracize women and men who do this!
Vanessa (3 days ago)
I want sugar daddy!
Jose420 Parra (3 days ago)
His pull out game must be strong asf
jorge chirinos (3 days ago)
‘Need cash need some money?”... YEA!
katherine diaz (4 days ago)
Jobless hoes. Jajajajaja.....
TheGnurgen (4 days ago)
I dont see what the problem is here. He is happy and gets what he wants, she is happy and gets what she wants. Win win, whats the big deal?
TheGnurgen (6 hours ago)
By that logic marriage and relationships in general arent solid and doesnt set a good example to a successful life for anyone. Because sooner or later, for the majority of marriages and relationships, one of them will get turned down or hurt in some way, shape or form.
Matt hey (11 hours ago)
Because it isn't a "win win". This isn't solid. It doesn't set a good example to a successful life for anyone. One of them will get turned down or hurt over this in some way, shape, or form. It's inevitable. A "win win" is doing life right.
Marcus Cali (4 days ago)
That girls needs a bbc in her life!
Cameron Morrison (4 days ago)
How can someone else respect you when you don’t respect yourself?
Daniel Galan (4 days ago)
Women come here and troll which only shows their inner envy 😂 Maybe because they are not attractive enough to pull a business like this. Or maybe because they just simply are trapped behind their “values” and can’t get themselves to live a less constricting life. They are quick to yell “goldiggers” or “prostitution”!!! You are aware that these sugar daddies could just hire an escort or a 1st class prostitute for a lot less right? Let people (men and women) have relationships anyway they want as long as they are respectful and legal. Stop making false claims out of blind “prudence”!
Yllawish (4 days ago)
empy headed cold hearted people. The Sugar people , not more than hooker. Never heard of norms and values, living an empty life..in my opinion....makes me very sad.
Ian MD (4 days ago)
I'm not gay but money is money. where do i sign my ass up.
Lauren Wade (4 days ago)
Ew ew and ew
Cheese Does Gaming (4 days ago)
That 61 year old isnt like some old baggy dude... yet
Annacel Sancho (4 days ago)
"Wives do it for refrigerators" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 woahhh that man, and how he looks at women! Wonder how he looks up to his Mom or sister or whoever woman in his life! #SickDirtyOldMan
Karen Love (4 days ago)
An old dirty pervert
Ronald Harris (4 days ago)
Don’t blame him at all, older women have too much baggage
Samuel Jakah (4 days ago)
This is America😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ranch (4 days ago)
all girls are golddiggers.
Any older lady need a young bull like me; I'm willing to do sexual favors and stuff.
Jeff Owen (5 days ago)
If I was a fine ass girl i would be doing the same thing
Evan R. (5 days ago)
deejaysoundsgood (5 days ago)
gotta love gold diggers, it shows how ungrateful they are to their man and leaves em with absolutely nothing. That's cold
miguel frias (5 days ago)
I can't believe he's wealthy ass man are very smart investors and they're so dumb to throw all their money away but then again those hundred that they're giving it to those broad's is like dollar bills to them f*** it it is what it is
NAME (5 days ago)
Thot detected
miguel frias (5 days ago)
no bitch is worth that much money over b****** all day
Drew Smithson (5 days ago)
I support this. Is it terrible? Maybe. But if two people have the means (one with money and one with looks) and are both consenting, then go for it. It doesn't make him a creep. We can all pretend but gorgeous women run the world. Men want sex, you can't change that. It's biological. We want to hump the prettiest women we can. We pay for it with feelings, time, effort, and money if possible. If I'm a 4,5,6..and she's a 10, let's not make up some bullshit here, my chances of getting her are basically non-existent. So money is the equalizer. We can pretend and you might want to play some 'moral high ground' game..but this is what everyone dreams of. Having the best looking people we can to sleep with.
catalina marin (5 days ago)
These hoed aint loyal😂 the first guy is a fucking baller thoooo! Respect
Urban Community TV (5 days ago)
Men love beautiful women, so whats the big deal! are people really dumb enough to ask a beautiful woman when was the last time she had a job when she can get an older man with means? Loooool good luck with that.
Paddy Egan (5 days ago)
fake news
Live Wire (5 days ago)
If I had to bribe a girl to be around me, I would see myself as an embarrassing , pitiful loser, and so would she.
Jo. Mo. (5 days ago)
Dirty man, dirty woman. This is prostitution, they should be arrested !!
Cindy Madrid (5 days ago)
Second clue (5 days ago)
And you guys complain bout sharia law. LOL
krinkov545 (5 days ago)
What a loser dickhole.
Liam K (5 days ago)
What about when he gives her a facial? Shouldn't we just call it antiquing? Lol

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