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SELFIE: Episode 13: I encountered casting couch during my struggle period: Ranveer Singh

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Watch the struggle story of the versatile actor of this generation, Ranveer Singh. For latest breaking news, other top stories log on to: http://www.abplive.in & http://www.youtube.com/abpnewsTV
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Text Comments (246)
PRITHWIRAJ DEY (19 days ago)
yeh makram deshpande swades movie ka famous gane mai tha na ? "yu hi chala"?
Washim Akram Laskar (26 days ago)
This guy is the future of Bollywood...He is the next shahrukh khan
Baldev Singh (27 days ago)
2000 mai gya after completing his degree of 4 years he came back in 2007 How it is possible 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Heer Raza (27 days ago)
Wish you all the best
samyb786 (28 days ago)
He slept with aditya chopra and karan johar to make debut in industry. only way a man of his average looks and ability got a chance
DHARTI (29 days ago)
I think when Ranveer Singh was narrating his story the host shouldn't have laughed.....imagine a girl narrating the same story and a male host laughing at her like that. It is time we take harassment towards Men seriously
Renu Tripathi (30 days ago)
he is a perfect actor he can play every role
Hardik bhavsar (2 months ago)
🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏📺📺🙏📺📺📺📺📺📺📺📺📺📺📺📺🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 LOVEYOU BABA#RANVEERSINGH
Akhil Kale (2 months ago)
Most amazing video I learned a lot from this Sir. Thanks Ranveer Singh
ANKIT BHARDWAJ (3 months ago)
Parmeshwar Ramnath (3 months ago)
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sadanand poojari (3 months ago)
great actor
Munna Rajpoot (3 months ago)
Very good
Sanchit Gogia (3 months ago)
I am also Sindhi.
varsha choudhary (3 months ago)
He is sonam kapoor's cousin. He used to spend his holidays abroad, not a poor guy. Studied in one of most expensive university in America. He is one of best actor but he lies about his background nd conditions
Funny Society (3 months ago)
Yaar he is my ideal. Best actor....
Golu Kumar (3 months ago)
sir you r my inspiration.i follow you
prince yogi (3 months ago)
Love u sirrrr
Chinmay Sarpotdar (4 months ago)
Kishor Namit Kapoor says that Ranveer was very hardworking, dedicated and focused. But Ranveer was criticizing the training that he was getting in those classes. What is this mystery?
Suraj Sharma (4 months ago)
i proud you
Naveen prajapat (4 months ago)
Thank u so much sir👌👌😊😊
miss Renee (4 months ago)
Love you ranver
Shivam Jha (4 months ago)
the shining gold we see is due to the endless polishing they hv suffered.They deserve it.
Rohan 24 (4 months ago)
Going to work with you soon sir
Game Walkthrough (4 months ago)
ekdam bokbas actor hain Ranveer Singh
Honey Singh (4 months ago)
I love u ranveerrrrr
Siidayswar Pujari (4 months ago)
Thanks for uploading this video. All his struggle and hard work is paying off. He's really a superstar
sameer kumar (5 months ago)
Aage jake kuch bada jarur karega
aadil 2 (5 months ago)
Roop Das (5 months ago)
mariah hasan (5 months ago)
Why he copied ranbir kapoor's speaking style Soft polite sober He was always energetic And kinda chichora but now here he is copying
Shazaib Maqsood (5 months ago)
war gay bhai ... itni achi video chl rhi hoti h aur ye news walay apni chuss marne lag jatay hain ranveer ko bolne do bs
Tithi Banerjee (6 months ago)
how will actors like Ranveer get a chance, when 'great actors' like Fardeen Khan, Tushar, Esha Deol, Sooraj Pancholi, Twinkle n Rinky Khanna, Riya Sen, Arya Babbar , Shamita Shetty, Uday Chopra, Imran Khan are occupying the places... only if the people had been more transparent n non-partial, then we could have had more genuine talented actors and actresses like ( Ranveer, Vidya, Kangana )and intelligent good movies ...... #Nepotism sucks
sandeep sharma (6 months ago)
In 2000 he was 19 years old so as per 2018 he should be near 37. Now, please check what google showing the age of brilliant RS age.
Sahil Singh (4 months ago)
sandeep sharma kaha bola hai in 2000 he was 19
Pre Nogi (6 months ago)
your intro music hahahahahahahaha
17th August 1995 Mistake (6 months ago)
What's wrong with your eyes?
Krishna Pramod (6 months ago)
Have never seen an actor so pumped up, enthusiastic, and subtly converting that energy into acting...Kudos
Prakhar Dubey (6 months ago)
He is a person who cant be stopped from getting his shine by the whatever obstacles which come on the path. Great job
Surajit Das (6 months ago)
Big sacrifice from your Father..... I salute ur father too.
Mahesh Rayamajhi (7 months ago)
Ash B (7 months ago)
Thanks to his father
Jawad Sharif (7 months ago)
ye sab mehnat ek tarah aur sallu bhai kisi b movie me shirt nikalde usse hi movie hit hojati hai.. na script na acting...v need to giv credit to correct people..
Aftab Khan (7 months ago)
NYC Hero
Ismail Masoomi (7 months ago)
Sanjay leelabhansali had played with history in his film padmavati. The war was not for padmavati but on chittorgarh to Unite india under his own control. Alauddins campaign to chittorgarh was a part of his military expeditions to make India United and strong under his own control and not to romance with a married padmavati. To which most of the historians have rejected the authenticity of the legend that the great son and emperor of powerful india who defeated almost every enemies of nation. He also defended india against the tatar and monguls invasions, who introduced and put into practice many revenue reforms which were practiced till british raj ,who fought corruption, rebellions, who was the first emperor who paid monthly salaries to his troops, who banned liquor and gambling ,who ruled almost present day india pakistan bangladesh n parts of afghan . An emperor who personally took part in war campaigns, ministeries, law making dewanekhaas , religious ceremonies, controlling poverty corruption and high prices . An emperor with such busy schedule , can't effort to put the lives in danger of his trained paid army just to romance padmavati. Sati was a common phenomenon among Hindus especially rajputs in order not to face any humiliation after the death of their husbands even in the war and even the winner or invader were non muslim.
Aashif Shikh (7 months ago)
bhai love u yr
technical vigyan (7 months ago)
Is he taking about kjo
Sagar Kale (7 months ago)
Super star ❤️😘🔥😍
Sadanand Koli (7 months ago)
Nice all the best....
Now he proved it in padmawat
Harsha Rathod (7 months ago)
Ranveer singh Hardwork His Passion For His Work And He Never Thinks That This Roles I Don't Desver It and All Ranveer Singh Have Did All Kind Of Roles Bitu From Band Baja Barat To Padmawat Alluldin Khilji He Never Think About Anyone He Always Put a Focus On His Hardwork & Also To There Acting. Ranveer Singh Is Like My BOY and Has A Mother I Am Giving Blessing To Ranveer Beta Very Soon You are Also Going To Rock The Hollywood Movies very Soon Love you Ranveer Beta God Bless You
Amit Baghel (8 months ago)
Please give .me tips
Rj Anuj Pandey (8 months ago)
Call me 8565842076
suraj kumar (8 months ago)
Love u brother respect
Dev Advani (9 months ago)
Robin j (9 months ago)
All d Best ranveer bhai...hatssupp
Vinay Chauhan (10 months ago)
Baap business man hai saale kaa ab aap samhj jaou
Happily Human (10 months ago)
He's so natural
Audition School (10 months ago)
Communication gap is the only reason behind every exploitations - Thanks (Audition School - a hindi channel about Casting & Audition).
vikash yadav nic (10 months ago)
super Star of Bollywood next
vaibhavnitesh (10 months ago)
Struggle period: Abbe yaar I'm dying laughing.....
rajeev kumar Gupta (10 months ago)
nice life
TheMozez10 (10 months ago)
I think the guy ranveer was talking about in the beginning was Karan johar
Surendra Kumar (29 days ago)
I think it's Imam.. the way he mimicked of the person!
Rahul Verma (10 months ago)
Love you bade bhaiyaaaaaa!!!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Ravi Dhokiya (10 months ago)
my chan (10 months ago)
Chootiyapa saala padhayi America Jake karsakta hai to film me aana kounsa badi baat haai
param ojha (11 months ago)
Thats right!
Abhishek Pawar (11 months ago)
Apa sahi ho sur
Piyush jain (11 months ago)
when he used galeech I realised he is from delhi
amazing actor!!😊
prem pritam (1 year ago)
Next amitabh
Sunny Dutta roy (1 year ago)
There is no shortcut especially when you're outsider.
Sondarva Hardik (1 year ago)
are yar ap saif ali khan ki photo or ranbir kapoor ki photo dikhana bandh karo...
Kajal Sharma (1 year ago)
love uh ranveer....u r a real hero...
luv u ranveer
Aditya Manuwal (1 year ago)
Is it only me or it seems as if Ranveer was referring to Karan Johar?
NAGA NAG (1 year ago)
hare saale dikhlane se kya hoththa touch karne se kya hoththa yaar
Shirin Ali (1 year ago)
so much to learn
arun kumar (1 year ago)
AK (1 year ago)
So if he didn't have no background then how was he friends with all these directors shaad ali? abbas? And not to mention his best friend arjun kapoor. he did have connections...otherwise it is impossible to get into Bollywood
Aayush Tiwari (1 year ago)
yeh 2-sra govinda h
Aayush Tiwari (1 year ago)
he is a second govinda
Ch M.Usama Hargan (1 year ago)
rk rk (1 year ago)
best actor ranveer singh
Amartya Chakraborty (1 year ago)
his dad was rich... his uncle is anil Kapoor
Yuvraj Hans (1 year ago)
he is really good actor👌👌
Md.sarfaraz Alam (1 year ago)
Chutiya h Actor ni actress k lyak h
Join Films (1 year ago)
this is really very good tips for any actor - Actor should always learn from these experienced celebrities .
deepak gupta (3 months ago)
Nikunj Barodia portfolio is necessary
Ritik Sharma (10 months ago)
Join Films sir!!hard din ye vedio dekhta ho!!ek alag sa josh milta hai dekh ke!!ki ham bhi mehnat kre to ban skte hai ek successful actor!!
Sara Ahmed (1 year ago)
Why are ppl so curious as to where or how his father got the money, regardless his father could've spent it on his retirement or the rest of the family. There was no guarantee that Ranveer would make it, but they believed in him and he proved himself.
Sara Ahmed (1 year ago)
Mashallah,I know that his parents are proud, I hope he never forgets their sacrifices😘
Piyush Tiwari (1 year ago)
ranveer is my brother he is great humanbein and greatest superstar of bollywood
Sumit Kendre (1 year ago)
Rohit Singh Kanwar (1 year ago)
sup guys
Sharifa Akbar Ali (1 year ago)
Sujay Langade (1 year ago)
A true insipiration to all those who wish to become an actor!!!! Including me!!!
Mahboob Alam (1 year ago)
u also want to be a actor its wow
Rahul Rampal (1 year ago)
salman amir srk all three quality in ranveer Singh
Ebz Chandan (1 year ago)
sach ho jhut ho kahani acha hhh
Shreyas Sharma (1 year ago)
Ranbir singh the best actor of our current gen and my biggest motivation ❤❤❤
Anonymous (1 year ago)
Bande Main sach main koi badhiyaa Baat hain..!
Sapna Valmik (10 months ago)
Veryyy good working
Abraaham khan (1 year ago)
I love Ranveer
Bikram Sehdev (2 years ago)
Love u man

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