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12 Year Old Blind Boy Honesty Test - Social Experiment

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Text Comments (11068)
Reece Kordzikowski (13 hours ago)
People piss me off so much
Joseph Moreno (13 hours ago)
Bro why’s yo torso so long
lazy Cat (1 day ago)
That mad me sick when people take money of Blind kids how do they fucking live with them slef
Aston READY (2 days ago)
great vid
Alecs D (5 days ago)
Im legally blind and rhis is sad
Edna sole (6 days ago)
I would like to do something but I would be band from utube
shivam yadav (11 days ago)
Wtf why are you blurring people's face, let them be exposed, son of bitches
CoolFire HD (12 days ago)
I would let him know that it was a fifty
T Slap (12 days ago)
This upset me. People robbing a blind kid? This is one of the reasons I don't like people...
Francesco D'elia (17 days ago)
If I would be in this situation I would kick the ass of who wants to do this
iii_omqChloe -Roblox (17 days ago)
If u ever see someone with a blurry head don't ask them
Vianey Gonzalez (18 days ago)
I would be honest and give him change for 50 if I only had or would just say "that's a 50 not a 5 so I am so sorry I can't do that I am soo sorry you should maybe ask someone else... 😊"
Gage Young (19 days ago)
That's wrong it's for a exspirement and that shows you how people are
NANA Yonce (20 days ago)
The first man is trash.
Cameron Muirhead (22 days ago)
Great vid
IKittensX (24 days ago)
I would steal the fifty, give him a thousand
Benedict Ybanez (1 month ago)
I would love to do this test. I will literally punch anyone who takes the 50 instead of the 5.
TrickyFun Nation (1 month ago)
Why do You blur the face of this assholes
TrickyFun Nation (1 month ago)
Every blind man need to see this
Marife Gongona (1 month ago)
That was so many bad boys taking a momey
Kidd Goldson (1 month ago)
Most people that's watching the videos and commenting right now are the ones that will do the same thing to a child
Abir's light (1 month ago)
I'm gonna say the true
SSSWarriors (1 month ago)
The last one, I just want to punch that mans blurry face... how can the world be so horrible?
Jonathan Southwick (1 month ago)
This makes me very angry. People are more dishonest than I thought.
Lukas Knierim (1 month ago)
Respect to all the people that didn't take the 50
Ignite999 V (1 month ago)
It is a good social experiment to see what some people do and do you live in Adelaide
Trite Assassin (1 month ago)
2:21 that man got so confused
POTATO WARLORD (1 month ago)
I actually dont know what i would do in this situation i know that mights seem bad but i could just say i would never do that id be truthul and honest but if this actaully happened to me i honestly dont know whille i do have good morals and humility all i can do is hope im better that just to lie
Internet Goon (1 month ago)
Eva LaCombe (1 month ago)
Why would you take money from a child!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????
Tom stubbings (1 month ago)
They cover the faces of people stealing from a blind boy??
William Cullen (1 month ago)
I recognized that not blurred face people are honest and blurred faces are not honest ;)
edranzelle doll (2 months ago)
Good thing i’ve never encountered blurred faces
TheDiamondCave17 (2 months ago)
blury heads.... ew
cartoon tv fun (2 months ago)
Yoo man is so good video
Marleen Januar. (2 months ago)
This is sad
Janna J (2 months ago)
Hope you approached the thieves. Why hide their face from the camera?
piyush rana (2 months ago)
Stop doing social experiment else Ur pocket will be empty 😂
Lanti Sj (2 months ago)
To many bad peoples in the world. They need a headshoot in their fucking heads. Bastards. How can they rape a 12 year old blinded guy for this money. I know its a experiment. But it makes me angry to see how bad many guys are
Jani x (3 months ago)
There you can see how our society realy is... i can't belive it!
GD Tyty2217 (3 months ago)
i think that i would have tried to learn him the different coins shapes so he can't be scammed in the future.
LPS fail or not ?! (3 months ago)
I would give him 100 dollars plus
Lxn xo (3 months ago)
I couldnt believe this
Raneem makeup artist (3 months ago)
I cant believe the last man didn't give the money back when they said it's a video
Meg Marq (3 months ago)
Messed ip
Makayla Smart (3 months ago)
I hate people hahahaha
Mustafa Muhammad (3 months ago)
wtf I can't believe grown men will steal from a defenseless kid. I'm disgusted.
Jung Kookie (3 months ago)
Why are some people so selfish
Sophy Elton (3 months ago)
plese music name
Frost Rusher (3 months ago)
Show the cops the videos
Frost Rusher (3 months ago)
Fucking dishonest bunch of fks
Jayla Marshall (3 months ago)
I think that was petty
Harry Suggett (3 months ago)
How can people be so horrible like that?
YungSalad (3 months ago)
why this niga body so loooooong
BANANA (4 months ago)
Austrindian (4 months ago)
The Guy that said “ U can have it anyways “ is the man of the century
Eibhlín Murphy (4 months ago)
I don’t get how you can take money from a blind kid. Like I would feel so bad I could never do that
Tapiwa Muronda (5 months ago)
Why would you steal $50 from a blind kid. WTF is wrong with this world
CoCo (5 months ago)
Why did you only walk up on men tho
Crazy Cousins (5 months ago)
Why is the 12 year old swearing?
Jason Voorhees (5 months ago)
Crazy Cousins Because I f*** is Mom his Gene was a Swearingen what you mean I'm swear a lot
Dragon Chap (5 months ago)
Abbie Cawley (5 months ago)
I would tell the kid it was fifty let the kid keep it but still give them five pounds in coins
Galileel (5 months ago)
Please just let all of those thief scums die off this planet.
Caio Yuji Kina Fujimoto (5 months ago)
Não me impressiono com a atitude das pessoas, são humanos, afinal. O que me impressiona é todos terem troco Don't impress me with attitude of people, are humans, after all. What impress me is everyone has change. No me impresiona la actitud de las personas, son humanos, después de tudo. Qué me impressiona es todos tener cambio. 僕は印象付けません、あなたたち人間います、けっきょく. 印象付けますは皆両替あります
Adeib Kamal (5 months ago)
music name please???
Sassy Bitch14 (6 months ago)
I woukd hit them with a stick!
Jason Voorhees (5 months ago)
Sassy Bitch14 hey b**** f****** if you want I'm Jason's for kids
Nerdy Kitty (6 months ago)
OMG how rude can some people be
Gaming Chanel (6 months ago)
How could people do this there are some ass holes out there but there are some kind hearted people out there I hope u guys are one of them
Bula Hess (6 months ago)
Mashly Byrne (6 months ago)
It's even worst, because he's a kid.
ronnette harvey (6 months ago)
Show all the theives being confronted
Anetos Hoda (6 months ago)
what a bastards exist
Music world (6 months ago)
Remember, do not trust people with blurred faces in public!
Music world (6 months ago)
You know it’s going downhill if the guy’s face is blurred.
Lauract (6 months ago)
how do they sleep knowing they took money from a blind kid
Ricknon (6 months ago)
what the fuq, actually, i would just give him the change and wouldnt even take anything for it, not because he's blind, but because we're all humans and should be there for anyone if needed. who ever those people were should go back to their cave.
Caylea Mason (6 months ago)
the world is fucked up these days I mean who would take money from a blind kid
Paulin Mosbakk (6 months ago)
I want to punch that guy at the end soooo bad
ttika (6 months ago)
I would donated him money rather exchanging
Berina S (6 months ago)
Omg that man does not wanted give it back!! What a idiot
PicturePurfect 33 (7 months ago)
I would be honest and tell the person the right thing!
Mitchell Hannam (7 months ago)
You know they're gonna be cunts if they're faces are blurd
Micmac Eber (7 months ago)
I would tell them that its 50
Gamerj j117 (7 months ago)
People are mean
мαιиα тσlσтα (7 months ago)
Why are people so mean if you want the money work for it
Lichking kyle1 (7 months ago)
I would just give the kid the money I would not ask for the money in return he can have both his money and the change
Silverslate123 (7 months ago)
People can be so mean and some can be really nice
Nichola Conway (7 months ago)
That's horrible, society is appalling
Light Bullets (7 months ago)
If I was that boys brother I would’ve said give him the money back or I’ll beat your ass with that walking stick
Mosa Faye (7 months ago)
His shirt was white and clean which in tern shows higher class. This was about classism
Zombaegirl (7 months ago)
Are these Australians? Probably
Secret gaming (7 months ago)
that guy at the end of the video he did not want to give it back but if i was him i will get a lady and say he stole my money or i will leave it alone and let god deal with it
Danke Schüler (8 months ago)
dude u spend many dollars tòday. I'll make share and like . but still very very sad
Dondog Gun (8 months ago)
so good video fuck this bad people amen
JOHN MC DANIEL'S (8 months ago)
AUSTRALIANS ARE THIEVES ...........................................
cupofdisappointment (8 months ago)
what bloody scumbags
bluerosepetal24 (8 months ago)
Smh.... That's how you know people are so fucking greedy.... 😡😡
Dreams And Winds (8 months ago)
Reflection of society today.
Ciaran Byrne (8 months ago)
I'd be honest.
DimonBekon (8 months ago)
Very good video that makes people kind. Thank you man,keep it up :3

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