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Top 10 Alkaline Foods You Should Be Eating Everyday

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Not many people are aware, but the human body functions the best at a pH level that is slightly on the alkaline side. pH levels can range from 0, or completely acidic, to 14, completely alkaline. Ideally, the body’s pH levels should sit around 7.35 to 7.45 in order to function properly. Unfortunately, the majority of people consume a highly processed diet that is high in sugar. This causes the body’s pH to become acidic. Therefore, most of the people walking around today have pH levels that are not stabilized and are acidic. Luckily, the pH in the human body can be restored. Today’s video will discuss ten powerful foods that are consumed on the alkaline diet and can improve one’s health. 1. Spinach Spinach is a powerful vegetable that has many health characteristics, including its alkaline effects. This is largely due to it’s high content of chlorophyll, which causes the spinach to be an alkalizing agent to the body and restore the pH level back to its ideal. 2. Lemons This may be surprising, as lemons are often seen as an acidic fruit. However, they are actually high in alkaline properties. This is because once the citric acid in lemons are metabolized, they provide an alkaline effect on the body. They help to cleanse and detox the body, using essential minerals like calcium and iron. 3. Kale Kale is another powerful green that should be added to a daily diet. It has the ability to stabilize the body’s pH levels, while providing detoxification and antioxidant properties. Kale contains Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium, Copper, Potassium, Iron, Protein, Phosphorus and Manganese. 4. Avocados Avocados are another one of those foods that are packed with essential vitamins and minerals that help to flush out harmful toxins from the body and help to restore the body’s pH level to its optimum level. By doing so, avocados help the cardiovascular system, the immune system, the circulatory system and the digestive system. 5. Wheatgrass Wheatgrass also helps to detoxify the body. In doing so, it also helps to protect the liver from harmful toxins. Since it contains essential vitamins and minerals, along with ridding the body of toxins that weigh it down, wheatgrass helps to boost energy, lose weight, stabilize blood sugar and fight cancerous cells. 6. Celery Celery is a healthful food that is not given the credit it is deserved. Celery is normally found on every diet’s menu. This is largely because celery is a diuretic, as it helps the body to get rid of any excess fluids. Celery can also neutralize the acid in the body and bring the pH level back to a slightly alkaline level. 7. Broccoli Broccoli is one of the most important foods to eat in order to maintain an alkalized pH levels. That is because broccoli contains phytochemicals that alkalize the body, reduce estrogen dominance and increase estrogen metabolism. Broccoli also contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. 8. Cucumbers Cucumbers are another food that have a high water content and help to flush out harmful toxins from the body. They can help to restore the pH level of the body by neutralizing the acids. They also help to reduce any inflammation within the body. 9. Bell Peppers One highly underestimated food is the bell pepper. Not only can the bell pepper help to neutralize the acid in the body and raise the pH level to alkaline, but it can help to reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and fight cancer. 10. Garlic Like many contained in this list, garlic has so many healthy characteristics that go far beyond restoring the pH level in the body. Garlic helps to support the body’s overall health. It contains Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Calcium, Copper, Selenium and Manganese. It acts as an antibacterial food, an antiviral food, an antioxidant food, and an anti-fungal food. Let us know, have you tried the alkaline diet? What has your experience been like? After watching this video, do you plan to try anything else? Let us know in our comment section. Disclaimer: The materials and the information contained on Natural Cures channel are provided for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider prior to starting any new diet or treatment and with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider. Images licensed under CC: www.pixabay.com www.flickr.com www.pexels.com en.wikipedia.org commons.wikimedia.org www.publicdomainpictures.net Some images downloaded from shutterstock.com.
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Natural Cures (3 months ago)
Hello everyone, There is a mistake on the video, when we say "The body’s pH levels can range from 0, or completely acidic, to 14, completely alkaline". The right sentence is "pH levels can range from 0, or completely acidic, to 14, completely alkaline". Sorry for the confusion!
Ana Zamama (23 days ago)
William Cuthbertson (1 month ago)
That’s an interesting video but there is no way that the average person can work all that food in their diet everyday or even every week. Are there supplements that can provide the necessary nutrients daily?
Peter Grainda (1 month ago)
David Parkell Cool story man.
M.S Khan cider is acid
Nathalie Robichaud (1 month ago)
same. Dr. Sebi says to avoid brocoli at all cost and yet this video says to eat it 3-4 times per week! SMH. definitly going to go talk to a naturopathic doctor instead of watching contradicting videos.
Gina Smith (13 days ago)
Love all these foods and without knowing have been drawn to these foods by preference. I do plan to add cucumber to my list of favorite.
Da Swell (15 days ago)
Broccoli is a hybrid vegetable therefore incomplete but still alkaline.
Patrick Coogan (17 days ago)
I eat these regularly except for wheat grass. I'm curious to know if wheat grass has anything to do with gluten intolerance. Also, are a few cups of instant coffee bad for the body?
riaz majd (18 days ago)
Raw garlic harms the stomach
guuciem (19 days ago)
I want to do this diet for my skin
Jaime Torres Jr. (21 days ago)
Cynster777 (23 days ago)
Love your video.
Valesia Jones (23 days ago)
Edeeee re
Ruud Poot (23 days ago)
i take broccoli sprouts....easy to grow..exellent video btw.Thes are the foods i take for about 10 years now....also carrots....hemp/chia/flax seeds for omega 3 6 9
Shantorey Wilkins (26 days ago)
P. D (27 days ago)
The garlic & broccoli make my coffee taste awful...
Marjorie Reid (28 days ago)
I did an Alkaline Diet years ago with amazing results. I will be adding these foods as to my diet again and hope for great results. Such a nice voice
Noeline Sambaza (29 days ago)
Does dried garlic have the same effect as fresh garlic?
Freyr SeaWolf (30 days ago)
The blood is alkaline anyway!
SECURITY FIRST (30 days ago)
Perfect.this vidio has help me more than you think.many thans!
Jack Woods (1 month ago)
I already eat most of the food.
John D. (1 month ago)
Excellent! Very well done. The background music, while unnecessary, is soft and not annoying. A real person with a pleasing voice does the narration. If only more videos were done like this.
Dominique Parekh (1 month ago)
Appreciate the text and liked it therefore.
Derickson Muzo (1 month ago)
I thought brocolli is man-made?
Carol Perciballi (1 month ago)
Uec nolst
mizzzelly69 (1 month ago)
I am allergic to produce I try and sneak some down, I pay a price for it later What is healthy is deathly for me, yet I know I need it This sucks!!
Bob & Paula (1 month ago)
This great Thank you! I have a faster way to balance the ph also
g.i. joe (1 month ago)
excellent video. i have seen that eating a high alkaline diet has definitely improved my health
Aurelia Tribegurl (1 month ago)
Where's fruits, nuts, seeds.
b1i2l336 (1 month ago)
This is a wonderful and important video which I doubly appreciate for the pleasant, well modulated and articulate speaking voice of the narrator; I click off any video that has the sound of a robot or a whiny voice speaking too fast and jumbled
Tom Stamos (1 month ago)
I have just become aware of alkaline/acid levels in our food and bodies. I am confused about garlic and lemons on this list as both appeared on another list of foods to avoid if one has acid stomach and acid reflux. Is there no connection between high acid ph and acid stomach? I assumed the two were connected
Sandy Carr (1 month ago)
I wish you had shown the chart listing these foods...No way to stick the video to the fridge !!!
my ignorant mind (1 month ago)
In December 2017 i had the horrible expierience of urinating blood, im 34 and had a bad lifestyle. I thought my kidneys were failing (luckily it was a bad infection). I gave up meat, ate raw garlic every morning 2 cloves crushed with honey, drank a smoothie every other day of cucumber, a whole lemon with rind, parsley and a large ginger root. On alternate days i drank different green smoothies, i felt amazing and got well quick and it was so simple cheap and effective(i even regrew a 2 inch bald patch within 6 weeks id had for over a year). We have a terrible disease called food lust, we are so un-nourished by our consumerist lifes we turn to food for joy. Its wrong, we eat and kill billions of animals every year, its awful for our health, ethics as a aparently advanced race, im including processed food in this too and why do we crave it? Salts and fats, my friends life should be about life, learning and love we live by taste, drama\tv and lust. I was depressed and harmed myself with anything society had to offer but society wants your money and doesnt care if you die in pain. Food is the consumption of living matter which deserves respect and thanks for giving us life but we have been tricked into thinking we have a right to eat it when we want with no repocusion because it tastes nice? I challenge anyone i talk too to explain why they eat animals and they either say because i can or it tastes nice and i just see fools.😢 We should learn to love nature in taste and life.
Barbara Gilchrist (1 month ago)
i eat these akaline foods and i will start eating more everyday this was great information
saiful issam (1 month ago)
I think u missed out onions.
MrPreliminary (1 month ago)
Thank You!
Cub Scout (1 month ago)
I make eating raw garlic a part of my everyday morning routine. All you have to do is take 1 to 2 garlic cloves ( depending on the size ) and chop them up with a knife on a cutting board. Next all you have to do is , take a spoon and scoop it up , then put it all in your mouth and wash it down with some water ( without chewing it ). It goes down easy like a pill and you get all the great health benefits without the unpleasant flavor from chewing it.
Sap Set apart (1 month ago)
Thanks! I plan to try the diet ❤️
Jaxx Brat (1 month ago)
2 to 3 stalks of celery per day?..not gonna happen
Dark Lady (1 month ago)
What? No Snickers?
Intruder Alert (1 month ago)
I recommend natural remedies rather than *money remedies* they took your money without even getting cured and only 20% or something chance of survival like what the he'll. . And it's like IDK. More than your house lot needs. Doctors these days are craving for money.
Intruder Alert (1 month ago)
I don't know if it works but hey tell me if it did! And share your story.
laduke (1 month ago)
Sometimes, to much of a good thing can also cause things to go wrong too. I experienced it with lemons, could not sleep well for days, so I looked up what could have caused it, and lemons was one on that list. So I stayed away from them for years. I use them now, but, modestly. I do not like computer generated voice, but, since it was about health I thought I would share this.
Melody Reed (1 month ago)
eating healthy and avoiding too much sugar is definitely better for you
JRRnotTolkien (1 month ago)
Many of these food items won't last a week, so to have them on hand all the time, one would need to go to the grocery store at least twice a week. This is just not realistic for many people, who can just barely make it to the store once a week. But, if you don't have to work (or have other time-consuming responsibilities) and are able to shop several times a week ...
Yahu Yahu (1 month ago)
Go vegan..90 ℅problem solved
Yahu Yahu (1 month ago)
This video will be pulled down by pharmacy and Dr lobby as their business will suffer.
Darvi Large (2 months ago)
I m going to try this, I will tell others, if it works for me!! Thank you!!
Carmen Banks (2 months ago)
I have omitted for some time Spinach due to its Purine properties I have read, and also I had a case of slight high level of folate, so as with Htperurecemia or very high Uric acid! Is it correct that spinach is high in uric acid or purines? So, as with kale due to high folate or iron, All the rest in the list I have been taking for its alkaline effects, reducing acids in my stomach, but I wonder I still get painful cramps in the morning waking me up when I have eaten food with preservatives or sugary and yeast-containing foods that I cannot avoid @ times! What can I still eat from my food intolerance, including dairy & coffee, Is decaffeinated coffee alright to drink with almond milk & 1/2 tsp Demerara brown sugar? Thanks to GOD my recent full blood tests, including electrolytes, vitamin D, gluten allergy & stool specimen for stomach infection all came out normal & have no major health concern, GOD Bless except persisten leg cramps nearly every day! Doctors I had spoken to on checkups don't seem to know the solution or advice about this frequent painful leg cramps after knowing all my blood test are okay! What should I do or where do I go for help? Watching my daily food intake is driving me crazy! I have been reading on YT for alkaline-rich food and what to avoid to rid of acid in my body. I have been hyperacidic for ages!
Maks Mononoke (2 months ago)
Just eat Korean food and you'll be healthy, 😊🍲😁🍜🍝😋
Jimenez Fernando (2 months ago)
Love your Video !!!! and thank you for video and listing them !!!! I knew about it and implemented in my daily life I lost weight and like my friends told me "Fernando, you also lost 20 years !!!! " Subscribed !!!!
Bryan Calhoun (2 months ago)
word.... this is cool info and real voice....
Mobarak Ali (2 months ago)
cuteblackberry1 (2 months ago)
Comment from London, so relieved to hear a soothing voice. Unlike dreaded computer robot voice! Information is sinking! ;)
Michael Harris (2 months ago)
This really work people.
Wendy A. (2 months ago)
Integumentary= Hair, skin, nails, scales, feathers and hooves.
Caila Porsch (2 months ago)
Lol. I have to take anticoagulants so as much as I'd love to add more spinach and kale, that's how I get clots.
CrisiMi (2 months ago)
great video. Thank you!
Patricia Blue (2 months ago)
Lee Turner (2 months ago)
Hmmm well check out WATERCRESS people! The best green veggie there is!! Research 👍🏼🇦🇺☮️
Snoop Mason (2 months ago)
Dr Sebi says spanach shouldn't be consumed. It's not alkaline
Jacinta Angus (2 months ago)
Thank you
Sandra Martin (2 months ago)
a lot of the stuff on this list are hybrids. spinach, kale, brocolli, and lemons are hybrids
Brent Mcfadden (2 months ago)
Thankyou! Much!
Brent Mcfadden (2 months ago)
Guess Popeye was bang on! Toot toot!
John Gembel (2 months ago)
I have often wondered why where I rest my head it eats a hole in the fabric. I put blankets on my recliner where my head rests to not ruin my chair. I must be acidic.
Bret Allen (2 months ago)
Completely bunk science. Our food pyramid is a big lie. Some of the healthiest people on earth eat nothing but dairy products and saturated fats, fact. Grains cause inflammation and lead to atherosclerosis and heart attacks. Ask yourself this, if grains and vegetables are so great, why do we have the highest rates of heart disease and cancer in the world? Since the 50's they blamed everything on saturated fats and overall health is on the decline. Go read 'The Big Fat Surprise' and educate yourself to the dangers of the food pyramid and the agricultural industries meddling with human health.
Janice Marie Singleton (2 months ago)
jason mcnamara (2 months ago)
just have 1/4 teaspoon bicarb soda with splash of kemon juice in half cup of water for few days, take 2 day break, repeat. drink extra water when doing so. eat well.
Anand Sanglikar (2 months ago)
Nice 👌👌👌👍👍Video clip Nice Information
Gerald C. Zeke Struve (2 months ago)
Think you need to study Kale more... it is not that good..
Gerald C. Zeke Struve (2 months ago)
There isn't any way the body can be completely acid or alkaline? Death before that..!!!
Zubi Zahmad a Akbar (2 months ago)
Garlicis indeed special..
SHAUN CAMPBELL9 (2 months ago)
Hi. Broccoli raises my potassium level. Although I like the broccoli I have to cut it out if my diet Good video though. Quick and to the point. All the best Shaun of NYC
moonmaidrainbow (2 months ago)
I often eat every food on your list, except that I use oat grass instead of wheat. milder flavor and also abundantly available wild during the right seasons...
Liliana Rovegno (2 months ago)
I would like to know how long it takes to feel the benefit of consuming the foods for having a balanced ph and if quitting sugar can be added to the list. Thank you
Preeti Kamble (2 months ago)
loved the font you have used in the video ❤️
Martin Huerta (2 months ago)
....wow....the good dr. said " no broccoli".......fk this video.
Monica Dillard (2 months ago)
I follow Dr. Sebi's alkaline diet. I love it. I lost weight without even trying...And I am healthy!!👍🏻👍🏻
L2design (2 months ago)
OMG THANK YOU!!! I'll be trying this on my akita. Her PH right now is climbing slowly but surely 6.78... I'll let you know what it is after I chop up: Kale, brocolli, bell peppers, cucumber, garlic in her food! GOD BLESS and send a prayer to my Nikita Bear please.
emad eldin (3 months ago)
ان شاء الله
tonya white (3 months ago)
Where can I find the Alkaline diet?
Salome Peretz (3 months ago)
Very pleasant voice...finally something more human! Thank u👏👏
imaginepeace63 (3 months ago)
What about cauliflower? I like eating that as well as broccoli
imaginepeace63 (3 months ago)
Oh man Kale is so salty. I have a hard time eating it.
Lawrence Lapitan (3 months ago)
This is a misleading video, all the foods (in moderation) are probably healthy and probably good for you but not because of the effects on pH. Your body functions in a range of different pH levels. your stomach, for example, has different pH's within itself. Different parts of your stomach have different pH's (upper stomach 4-6.5 and lower stomach can be ~2). Also, it has different pHs for different times and actions. A specific pH is essential to the function of a specific part at a specific time, you're stomach needs to be acidic and your blood around 7.4. You're blood is always (always, always) at the ~ 7.35 to 7.45 pH, and you're body regulates that pH independently of what you eat because it needs to. Only a small amount of the H+ ions (what makes something acidic) enter through food. most of the acid actually comes as byproducts of other reactions in your body. Every motion, breathe, and even the action of thinking likely produces acid in your body. Your Body controls pH primarily in 3 ways that are ranked here in responsiveness: 1) chemical buffer 2) Respiration 3) Urine. 1) Chemical Buffer Fast Acting, responds to pH changes in fractions of a second, and readily available in the body. This process relies on NaCL (salt) and H2CO3 (carbonic acid). These comes from eating salt, drinking water and simply breathing. 2) Respiration Slower, can take 1-3 minutes to activate, but has the effectiveness of 1-2 times all the chemical buffers in your body. it can take H+ ions and oxygen and expels H2O as moisture in your breath in a reversible reaction. Your breathing can produce dramatic changes in your blood pH and in minutes. That means this affects your body pH way more effectively and significantly than digesting food which takes days. It can typically negate all effects of other factors to blood/body pH. 3) Urine Your body pees out all the excess acids and bases that your body cannot get rid of by breathing. That is you can't breathe out phosphoric, uric, or lactic acids. Because of this, this is the only pH that is affected by the foods you eat... and your pee doesn't have to be at the same ph as your blood. it is usually around 6 on the ph scale. as long as it's around there. you're healthy in terms of pee. Since your body needs to maintain these pH levels to function, it doesn't wait for you to eat the right foods (which can take days in digesting and extracting or expelling the H+ ions) to correct for blood pH. It actually uses your respiratory system for the most part. if the buffers are thrown off balance. Since your body is really good at controlling pH. Abnormal pH levels aren't usually the primary causes for diseases, they are reactions to it. Think of the abnormal pH as a forest fire started by lightning. The Forest fire didn't cause the lightning. Now think of your body trying to fix this with rain. The effect of diet on your pH would be like tears in that rain.
John Michael (3 months ago)
glad to see you corrected the erroneous statement that the human BODY could have a pH ranging from 0 to 14. however, to be technically correct 0 and 14 are NOT the limits of the range of pH values. those are the pH values of one molar acid and one molar alkali, respectively. since concentrations considerably higher are possible, the practical range of pH values extends from approximately -1.5 to +15.5, tho at these extreme concentrations, the concept of pH itself is of limited significance. it should also be mentioned that the pH scale is a logarithmic scale, so a difference of one pH unit actually means a ten-fold change in acidity/alkalinity. physiological death occurs if the pH goes outside a small range of a few tenths of one ph unit from the ideal of 7.4.
Spirit of God (3 months ago)
I have been doing this type of diet off on for twenty years. This time I lost 75 lbs. I am 48 and feel great at just 174 lbs and 10 over my weight in high school. Love the video and it really is True. Thanks:)
Curtistine Miller (3 months ago)
Abhisek Nanda (3 months ago)
All which i hate!!
Kuldeep Kaur Sharma (3 months ago)
Thank you
karen stone (3 months ago)
you lost me on the garlic, which is not fit for human consumption especially on a long term basis
Debby Mitchell (3 months ago)
Have found garlic to have healing properties excellent for stomach problems
This is truly wonderful information! Thank You!
Align Ten Meant (3 months ago)
This video is misleading if you have sulfate allergies or sulfuric allergies kale, garlic, onions and fruit acid will harm you horribly..
thomas (3 months ago)
Reason is corn surp is acidic in the 8-9 range and equal to 40-60 grams of sugar. What in sour candy corn surp. Keep away unless you want free radical to kill million of face cells in renew.= aging.
Silvana Ramos (3 months ago)
2-4 cloves of garlic per day ... who would want to do that?
Ehung Loh (3 months ago)
How does sugar cause an acidic pH value in the body when sugar itself is neutral?
Norine Holland (3 months ago)
The body may function best on the alkaline side, but MUST be 7.35 to 7.45 to not be deathly ill. It is NEVER <7.0 which is acidic, and incompatible w life. In 44 years of nursing in critical care, I’ve seen maybe 4 or 5 people with ph 7.1 or below and they all died. Excess alkalinity can also kill. Any ph of a human is ALWAYS alkaline on the 0-14 scale because human ph is 7.35 to 7.45 normally.
Melba Perez (3 months ago)
I am vegan all these vegetables I eat alwayssssss.
Hans Killuminati (3 months ago)
Wheat Grass Juice!!! The Powder is not that potent!
Jeanie Sovereign (3 months ago)
Yes I did start eating these and feel better plus all my levels went back to normal! Woohoo 🙌
f u (3 months ago)
Mike Lacey (3 months ago)
I was informed yesterday that I have cancer in six places in my body. My battle plan is to alkaline my body ASAP. The information that you have provided will be very helpful in the coming days. Thank you
Ms Ebony Centric (10 days ago)
Prayers to you. Stay positive in any way possible through this battle. Peace and comfort to you.
Anthony Goines (12 days ago)
Mike Lacey I pray your healing in the name of Jesus Christ
Paddy Ninja (13 days ago)
Andreas Moritz wrote a book called "Cancer is a not a disease, it is a survival mechanism". They say cancer flourishes in an acidic environment and uses sugar for fuel. An acidic environment in the body is anaerobic (without oxygen). They also say an alkalized diet promotes energy and oxygenates the body. Gerson and Dr. Morse are other good sources to go to. It's worth noting that although there are some cancers that are in-operable given their locations in the body, that green juices can reach into every crack and crevice and into every cell that surgical instruments cannot. Check Dr. Robert Morse videos "The Great Lymphatic System" he covers completely the protocols to rid the body of blockages which he says leads to cancers and other dis-ease in the body. What ever the outcome Mike, God takes the good unto Himself. Stay close to Him and talk to Him constantly throughout the day. He tends to remember those that remember Him. I pray daily Mike so I will remember to mention you. Pat Ireland.
Jemica Bond (16 days ago)
Take blackseed oil look it up and moringa sea moss add this to ur diets luke warm lemon water on empty stomach every morning u will beat this
Rem Henshaw (1 month ago)
Mike Lacey look into Kangen water if you can!!!

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