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Vanessa Watch with Audrey Middleton & Clay Honeycutt

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Audrey and Clay discuss what they think of Vanessa's strategy in the house and what they would've done differently in the Big Brother house.
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Текстовые комментарии (31)
kellie77381 (9 месяцев назад)
Taylor Vonerich (2 года назад)
There close I think
Kaylee Harris (2 года назад)
They lowkey fucking
Taylor X (3 года назад)
Clay can't do an interview by himself because he's such a fucking dumbass and can't think/speak for himself.
Daniel N (3 года назад)
I'm really glad Clay is giving Vanessa her due. She definitely played the strongest game of the season. I don't understand though why he says that he would've aligned with the other side of the house i.e. James, Jackie, Meg, etc. They were AWFUL in competitions Clay. You would've gone even sooner had you been part of that side of the house because you would've been the biggest target by far. Vanessa was smart to form an alliance with STRONG competitors like Shelli, Clay, Austin, Liz and Steve because they won HOH more often than not. For Clay to say he would've aligned with the Gremlins makes zero sense.
Vanessa Salinas (3 года назад)
My pretty face
Vanessa Salinas (3 года назад)
My pretty face
Melissa Thomas (3 года назад)
Vanessa is awesome. She should've won, and does not deserve any grief!
AntisocialCrybaby (3 года назад)
When he's not talking, Clay's face is like "I want pizza."
Crys (3 года назад)
I wish Audrey were in the final 3 instead of Liz. =(
Ybnv_us (3 года назад)
Clay is a complete idiot, like just disappear already.
Misty Shakleford (3 года назад)
i KNEW Clay & Audrey would be banging! It was obvious on the show he was into her.
myusernameistaken23 (2 года назад)
+Misty Shakleford  Live Feed. Search "James Talks BB17 hookups"
Misty Shakleford (2 года назад)
+myusernameistaken23 I missed that...did you see that on live feeds or bbad?
myusernameistaken23 (2 года назад)
James basically confirmed on the new big Brother that Clay and Audrey slept together
idkman anonymous (2 года назад)
+catwalk33 seems like your jealous and just wants audrey and clay to date you dumb bitch
catwalk33 (3 года назад)
+coco63524 well see how long that lasts. 
Kristen B (3 года назад)
love it! hope she wins!
Kristen B (2 года назад)
Well duh my post is over a year ago
Jackson Heck (2 года назад)
She didn't XD
Jennifer Morgan (3 года назад)
benjamin ricciardi (3 года назад)
great stuff guys

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