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Healthy Kanji Recipe in Tamil -Brown Rice Porridge Recipe -Brown Rice Kanji Recipe

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Healthy Kanji Recipe in Tamil -Brown Rice Porridge Recipe -Brown Rice Kanji Recipe This video takes you through the process of preparing Kaikuthal Arisi Kanji / Brown Rice Porridge recipe. A healthy dish for people who are in diet and also for diabetic patients. All contents in this video are Copyrighted FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Healthy-Food-Kitchen/580300232064924 Healthy Food Kitchen-English Channel http://www.youtube.com/channel/UChdEk8dtc7kcwbM9TIcclwQ
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Text Comments (45)
Ramani Krishnan (2 months ago)
Cooked rice will also in colour
Ramani Krishnan (2 months ago)
Kerala Matta arising will not change it colour when washed
Rumana Begum (2 months ago)
evlo neram aagum rice cook aga mam
Seetha Lakshmi (3 months ago)
Super thanks aunty.
abi abi (5 months ago)
Idhukuda pondu sethu vega vaikalama
Healthy Food Kitchen (5 months ago)
i watch ur video nice information
Healthy Food Kitchen (6 months ago)
Thank you very much
Geethanjali N (6 months ago)
Where I get clay fridge I am in madurai
Healthy Food Kitchen (6 months ago)
madurai - arappalayam bus stop.
Vivek 14408 (1 year ago)
mam how to cook rice using this brown rice ? in pressure cooker.
Kirubalani .u (1 year ago)
Very useful recepie.. please post more videos of our traditional foods.. Kari vadagam epdi seiradhu??
Healthy Food Kitchen (1 year ago)
I will upload. This is the link for kari vadagam recipe : https://youtu.be/scU0oDjjTAM
usha Natarajan (1 year ago)
super madam.
salami Salam (1 year ago)
Oh my god yur recipes are really gd but I cannot understand it . pls gv in discription in english
Jayanthi Gowtham (2 years ago)
Hi, Nice and healthy kanji. Whether we can make this rice into kurunai and make kanji? for this how to make kurunai kanji out of this brown rice.
saayuj srikanth (2 years ago)
hi very useful. i tried ur ragi idly and so many recipies. all came out very well. i m searching diet recipes and really apt for me. thnks and share more diet recipes. shl we take this in d evening.?
Roopa Mukunda (2 years ago)
Very nice n simple recipe... english sub wud help understand fully... thnks
Roopa Mukunda (2 years ago)
Oh ok grt... thnks
Healthy Food Kitchen (2 years ago)
+Roopa Mukunda Thank you. In my recent videos I have added English subtitle....
Radha Ranga (2 years ago)
Hi Mam Thank u for this tasty recipe.i tried with brown rice. Ayyo. Super taste. Neenga explain pannaradhu adhavida super ta tq super
Healthy Food Kitchen (2 years ago)
+Radha Ranga Thank you for your compliment. All your comments boost up our energy to upload more new recipes. Stay tuned for more videos..
Komali (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for this video, I really appreciate your effort. Small suggestion... Please don't use aluminium vessel for cooking, it's very unhealthy.
Suresh dew (11 months ago)
Komali That's not aluminium.. It's alloy.
thank you mma
Healthy Food Kitchen (2 years ago)
+Bagirathi Chandrashekar Thank you.
Daily cook (2 years ago)
Good recipe
Healthy Food Kitchen (2 years ago)
+Daily cook Thank you.
lokesh mohan (2 years ago)
super mam, i will try it sure. thanks for the explanation about pot cooking .
Healthy Food Kitchen (2 years ago)
+lokesh mohan Thank you.Try the recipe and give us your feedback.
M Service Gain Rise (2 years ago)
Hi Sister, do have write any recipe book?
SuperModerngranny (2 years ago)
I can't find this recipe in English on your English channel. Please, can you give a link to the English translation. Thanks.
Gana Priya (3 years ago)
Ok mam ... Heard tat kudam puli has a tendency to reduce weight ...
Gana Priya (3 years ago)
Can u plz differentiate between kudam puli and normal puli ... N how to use this kudam puli ???
Healthy Food Kitchen (3 years ago)
+Gana Priya Kodampuli is Malabar Tamarind and will taste good when used for Fish kulambu . You have to soak this kodampuli in hot water , so that you can obtain tamarind puree(it takes longer time to soak and it will be hard) . Its good for people who are in diet.
Gana Priya (3 years ago)
Thank you so much mam... For a quick response and for a healthy and delicious recipie ... Plz keep uploading many recipies
Binila k. elizabeth (3 years ago)
how long should the rice be soaked?
Healthy Food Kitchen (3 years ago)
+Binila k. elizabeth The rice should be soaked for about 1 hr.
Venu Gopal (3 years ago)
Really super dish, we love this kind of healthy dishes.pl help us to prepare "pazhakanji"in Brown rice.
Geetha sree (3 years ago)
hi madam, Thanku so much for ur wonderful recipes. Valgha valamudan.
Healthy Food Kitchen (3 years ago)
+Geetha sree  Thank You
asianlite6 (3 years ago)
asianlite6 (3 years ago)
Mam...Your recipes peoves that ur channel name is prompt for that meaning ...🌹🌹🌹
asianlite6 (3 years ago)
Hello mam,really very healthy upload...can i make this kanji in pressure cooker mam or only in a open vessel?Mam actually why u dint grind it as coarse raw kurunai like instead u soaked n ground it?help me mam..thank u so much..:)
Healthy Food Kitchen (3 years ago)
+asianlite6 Thank you for ur compliment. If you grind it as coarse raw kurunai .... it will take long time to cook and moreover if you prepare this kanji in pressure cooker there are chances in which the dish may be burnt at the bottom or may lead to lumps formation. If you soak and grind the rice and use an open vessel you can stir it occasionally which prevents lumps formation and also prevent the dish from being burnt.It took only 5 min for me to prepare as I soaked the rice and then grinded it. There is one option where you can dry roast the rice in a kadai (without adding oil) and grind it coarsely (kurunai) . Using this kurunai you can prepare in pressure cooker.(this method will not form lumps)

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