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Text Comments (230)
Maya's World (3 days ago)
what you're looking for 10:16
taylah Wyllie (7 days ago)
taylah Wyllie (7 days ago)
I pressed the bell
taylah Wyllie (7 days ago)
love uuuuuuuu soooon much omgggg
Hannah Bennetts (9 days ago)
Post notifications are (always) on, love your videos!!!
Bethany Hobson (10 days ago)
Post notifications on, ily guys x
Braeden Krzenski (10 days ago)
Alma M (10 days ago)
U got him so good
Alli Hayggod (10 days ago)
Jessie J Official Vevo (11 days ago)
LuMoo 3411 (11 days ago)
jãďę śpãîñę (14 days ago)
Great video 📹 I really enjoyed it
CoolFire HD (14 days ago)
i did notifications lol and feature me! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!
J0ker843 (14 days ago)
whys the swearing cut out bruv??
Horselover Bre (14 days ago)
baily! if you ever want a gf, I'm right here no jk I can't date and I don't want one, but I still think you're cute
iFurry (15 days ago)
Does Iszi have a YT channel?
AMCR AMCR (16 days ago)
It always on and never off
Isaac Baldwin (16 days ago)
Ur the best love ur work
StukTV Lover (16 days ago)
Where are the videos this week?
Nicole Diesta (17 days ago)
Lizzy xoxo (17 days ago)
Bailey is so cute,nice,responsible,caring,mature,and funny😍 😂 omg.he is my age bc I'm 15 in September and if I were ever asked out by him my answer would be hell yea😊
MAlOBAID 78 (17 days ago)
Post notification on ✅👑
Sabrina Simpson (18 days ago)
It was a funny video but he was starting to get on my nerves when he kept pushing an abortion on her. 🙄
IT LOOKED LIKE THEY GAVE SAMSHED BEFORE 👅👅💋👄🤼‍♂️💉🌡❤️💞💗💙💔🖤🖤🧡💛💔❣️💚💙💕💘
Vlogger Gracie (19 days ago)
Post notifications always on on!! #teambailey
Brendon vlogs22 (19 days ago)
Post notifications never of😃
SiNz Rambo (20 days ago)
Notifications on I love u
Kaylee Jane (20 days ago)
Literally can’t see bailey being a moral support for his friends 😂
Isan Roelf (20 days ago)
wow OMG thtz so amazing best of luck guys 2MUCH LOVE .. #NAMIBIA
Baylea Hodges (20 days ago)
Post notifications 🔔 on. I have been a fan for a long time love your videos, wish you, Izzy and Bailey could do a meet and greet in perth or busselton WA love you guys p.s Bailey is really good looking it looks like he gets his good looks from you Brooke and Izzy your so stunning btw I'm jealous
Mitchell Kane (20 days ago)
I love you guys omg
Shamar Rayner (20 days ago)
if you don't want the baby don't kill it
Jordyn O'Brien (20 days ago)
"If you guys have a baby I'm king hitting both of you" 😂😂😂
simon lerzundy (20 days ago)
Post notification on
Shiana Nicholas (20 days ago)
Never abort a baby. :'(
Jamil Tamayo (20 days ago)
Bailey you are so mean dude
Jamil Tamayo (20 days ago)
Turn on the notification Bell And 👍
Peter Piper (20 days ago)
Less pranks and more "Learn colors with toy microwave" vids
Dolly Rose (20 days ago)
What's happened to ur other channel it's losing views?
Marc Bartholemy (20 days ago)
And the oscar goes to.... Izzy
brooke Czajkowski (21 days ago)
I did it
Sarcasm Suite (21 days ago)
Didn't hit the bell 'cause I don't wanna be annoyed by your noteys. I'll come and watch the vids when I'm good and ready!
Irvin Argon (21 days ago)
How easy it is for little Bailey to be advising on abortion. o_0 What in the hell? What the actual hell? From the way he speaks, it looks like he might have had an abortion before. Like what?
Tanya Greenwood (21 days ago)
Done 💋😊📸
Chris Armstrong (21 days ago)
Bailey you should do more pranks on Brooke
Jesus Adolfo (21 days ago)
You hear guys she’s peraganananangaranant
xlenx xdamx (21 days ago)
Notifications on😝
Fien Codenie (21 days ago)
For once I did hit the notification bell when someone told me so I deserve a shoutout!( Sry for my english love from belgium🇧🇪)❤️❤️
Maggie Madden (21 days ago)
Post notifications always on bro
Saffron Laffoley (21 days ago)
Do a vlog
adam kian (21 days ago)
like your videos post notifications are always on #brooke #izy
holly wheatland (21 days ago)
Post Notifiations are always on. Keep up the amazing work <33
Taylah Delahunt (21 days ago)
kye m (21 days ago)
and #brothervbrother
kye m (21 days ago)
catching fire (21 days ago)
bailey is so mature sometimes
Marley Sonogan (21 days ago)
Done you are amazing and great love your pranks and all your videos
Subwoofersx Pranks (21 days ago)
#postnotificationsalwayson! I want Bailey as my brother #teambailey!
Houssem (21 days ago)
Post notifications always on dude !
Tiggy Wake (21 days ago)
Connie Bigham (21 days ago)
Notifications turned up 💜x
steven_ aussie (21 days ago)
Bailey didn’t rage for once
AN MEDIA. (21 days ago)
Lol the way you told him that the baby can do pranks lol
Jonah Kingma (21 days ago)
Post notifications always on
Bhavna Madhu (21 days ago)
#notificationsquadwya ly guys !!
Teagan jayde (21 days ago)
Post notification always on,Baily had the best response, he cares
Chillvibes96 x (21 days ago)
I reckon when bailey gets older he’ll be hotter than Brooke
Matthew Short (21 days ago)
What is wrong with his eyes
Kelly Davis (21 days ago)
Kelly Davis in Macon GA 🦅👈🦅👈🦅👈🦅👈🦅👈🦅👈🦅👈🦅👈🦅👈🦅👈🦅👈🦅👈🦅👈🦅👈🦅👈🦅👈🦅👈🦅👈🦅👈🦅👈🦅👈🦅
Ryan (21 days ago)
Iszi is such a nice person I hope that her and Brooke stay together 😊
Victor Moore (21 days ago)
I love how bailey was being so responsible like he is the parent lol
Electro Warrior YT (21 days ago)
Please please please shout me out please
Micah Duke (21 days ago)
Post notification always on #brothervbrother
Morgan Blizzard (21 days ago)
He tends to lie A lot 😂
Morgan Blizzard (21 days ago)
Bet you this is click bait before I watch it
Hazel Brook (21 days ago)
Post notifications always on! #TeamBailey
Lsevern (21 days ago)
Bailey is a lad of a brother. He was so savage.
Cassidy Sanchez (21 days ago)
St Mi (21 days ago)
Is Bailey the new Dr Phil
PeaceKrd 11 (21 days ago)
Bailey sounds so mature😌
Laura Ball (21 days ago)
Baliey acted so good.
Lea Firestone (21 days ago)
🐼🐶 I love your pranks !!
Skleyn09 (21 days ago)
Notifications are on! Love you guys
Mariam Tsereteli (21 days ago)
post notifications always on ❤❤❤
Gaming Stewie (21 days ago)
Post notifications always on! Love your channel.
austin burnett (21 days ago)
That's not funny there r ppl in this world that can't have kids that's messed up
Crispy (21 days ago)
xxXDearearXxx (21 days ago)
Lucy Draper (21 days ago)
More vlogs
Lucy Draper (21 days ago)
Love you guys xx
Libby Kirwan (21 days ago)
Post notifications always on❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️!!!!!!!!!
Charlotte Hull (21 days ago)
Love you guys 💕
FAZE BLAZEN (22 days ago)
Blaine Trivette (22 days ago)
Notification on and on for ever
David Nunes (22 days ago)
Much love from South Africa😁 Ozzie, Ozzie, ozzie😁😁
jonathan luna (22 days ago)
hi  Brooke
Gracie Morgan (22 days ago)
notifications on i love ur videos!!!!!:)
Love For Dolls Only (22 days ago)
Notifications are always on And liked the video
Loretta Bertiz (21 days ago)
I got the nonfiction on too😄👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽brothervbrother

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