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Gambhir Singh’s Homecoming: From Mumbai to Manipur in 40 Years

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Gambhir Singh reunited with his family after forty years. He had come to Mumbai in 1978 and since then he was unable to return home. After a video of him went viral on youtube, Manipur and Mumbai police worked together to bring him home. Video: The Quint Music: Big Bang Fuzz
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Text Comments (50)
Please take special interview with him..😊 so we can know better story about him..
Daniel Hijam (3 months ago)
Thank you sir for making the video and making him return home
athoiba aribam (4 months ago)
Like how the negros fought for racism in America northeast Indians people should start fighting against racism in India against mainland indians.
Lars Sarcastic (4 months ago)
Athoiba Aribam It means hypocrisy ,Hope you can find it in Dictionary.
athoiba aribam (4 months ago)
Lars Sarcastic sorry but my vocabulary is limited what does lawai macha mean.
Lars Sarcastic (4 months ago)
Athoiba Aribam Look we should not stereotype people.There are some half educated assholes in mainland who might be calling people from northeast chinki.An educated person with a sense will never discriminate between people based on the background.Similarly there are many Lawai Machas in Manipur who bully people from hills and other state.If we are to live peacefully we need to follow a path of tolerance and respect towards people of different backgrounds.This is what education teaches us.The path of intolerance is gross destruction on the either side...
Lars Sarcastic (4 months ago)
Athoiba Aribam Like Hao is for tribe and Mayang is for foreigners ,same is chinki for small eyes.They are basically all categories.Why can't you just refer them as human beings? Do you need to remind them of their identity whether they belong to hills or somewhere far away land? Can't you call them by their name?
athoiba aribam (4 months ago)
Lars Sarcastic it's like talking to a stone. How the hell it's racist when hoa and meiyang are manipuri words just like water is called pani in Hindi. In meitei language hoa- tribe Meiyang/meyan - foreigner Or how dumb or low is your IQ do I still have to explained further. If chinki isnt racist then brown monkey ain't racist too.
Romina SHARMA (4 months ago)
Salute to that gentleman who found him. Salute to you sir again
Manoj Kumar (4 months ago)
home welcone
Namguangrei Gangmei (4 months ago)
Shame on mainland indians for being racist... Shame
Lars Sarcastic (4 months ago)
What have you suffered in Mainland.Can you please elaborate.
Namguangrei Gangmei (4 months ago)
Lars Sarcastic go come to see our place.. You will see people living in peace free from religious intolerance, and the likes.. Unlike mainland
Lars Sarcastic (4 months ago)
Namguangrei Gangmei what about the mainland Naga my friend.As if they are not racist towards people from other state and tribes
Makhal Mathel (4 months ago)
Millions of words comes in my mind after seeing this video and feel too emotional and gave me something unknown power to do something good in my life.. superb job done by FIROZ and the channel as well 😶
RAJU SINGH (4 months ago)
40 year is a long time GAMABHIR BHAI.
northeastern people (4 months ago)
Even manipuri people should change there mind set..they should speak Hindi and love to speak Hindi..and love Indian national..we are Indian . I am Indian ..Jai Hind
Ojit Soraizm (4 months ago)
Agang Maringmei (4 months ago)
firoze shakir you are the visible god.thank u
Wahengbam Boboy (4 months ago)
What a humanity... It shows true love do exist in this world no matter who we are where we from n what we do what colour what caste love do exist.
premjit yumlembam (4 months ago)
I am not express any word for this lovely sadly moment...
Manish Leitanthem (4 months ago)
Yam nungsi
Surmutum Surmutum (4 months ago)
Ymn thmoi kyningai oibni punc sangn wkhl leitan nungybt oirsnu lemhwrib punc mtek khrse epuse
Jenson Ookrm (4 months ago)
Why did those indians called us Nepali???
Lars Sarcastic (4 months ago)
Jenson Ookrm who are Indians my friend?
ROMAN PANMEI (4 months ago)
He is Indian Moses.
laishram singh (4 months ago)
Wat a wonderful video by quint. You take a big role covering this when the entire manipuri media is ignoring him since he does not belong to rich family. Feel real pity for them.
rajat gill (4 months ago)
vandana mandingbam (4 months ago)
😢😢😢 I'm speechless
Stoner Vedey Ate Beita (4 months ago)
Omg my tears is coming
kingnish (4 months ago)
Fuck! Love you Firoze! Love you!
Sharma Really (4 months ago)
kingnish no gay love here pls. Lolz
kingnish (4 months ago)
kumar ravi yeah...if one's comment ain't half as good as chandler bing's, one should keep mum.
Lars Sarcastic (4 months ago)
kingnish is it love or gay sex
Abhishek Toppian (4 months ago)
Great .....
Rohit Maringmei (4 months ago)
Thank u from Imphal Manipur
Roshila Tamochou (4 months ago)
yam nungsi epuse
Viz Mangang (4 months ago)
Soumya Gorai (5 months ago)
#Quint awsome...☺☺ to bring ths stry to light...finally some good journalism...
Abhinav Mishra (5 months ago)
We are a bloody racist nation. I apologize on the behalf of these assholes.
SUNIL YADAV (5 months ago)
O my god tears in my eyes ... We are so unaware of our diversity ethnicity... And culture... People of the various parts of country Ares still unaware of others ... And lot of discrimination exists ..Weather biharis or NE INDIANS
Rebel Munna (5 months ago)
By seeing this type of instants we believe in social media. "Be happy with your family mr. Gambhir singh"
bushra sayeed (4 months ago)
Rebel Munna ameen..hope he get what he lost ameeeen ..may he live his rest life happy and relax ameeen
Arghadeep Kayal (5 months ago)
It broke my heart when I heard that people used to call him Nepali. We need to change our mindset
Ashwani Longjam (4 months ago)
Arghadeep Kayal no they won't...it's inherent on their mindset...
Ayush (5 months ago)
damn! Thats so emotional.Love to you and your family sir.Hope you wont leave them again.
bushra sayeed (4 months ago)
Ayush Gangwar ameeeen

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