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50 Shades of Grey PRANK!

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Text Comments (410)
Jasmine Munn (3 years ago)
"You know 50 shades of grey is a white man" 😂😂😂
Super Dr999 (3 years ago)
He should fire his manager for that!
Jack Rogers (3 years ago)
"Come on, you know Christian Grey is a white man" lmao this line got me 😂😂
DrSuperpump (3 years ago)
♡~Chi Chi~♥ (3 years ago)
Woah he got you good mystic
Gabriel Paredes (3 years ago)
this bitch cant even spell the movies hes auditioning for
Sofia (3 years ago)
Christian grey suddenly turns into a hot ass light skin
Jordan M (3 years ago)
Keelan September (3 years ago)
50 shades of mystic
Suheib Hh (3 years ago)
"I DONT MAKE LOVE I FYCKK HARD" had me dying and shot
MrJzilla1 (3 years ago)
Mystic that's yo fault you know fifty shades of grey is a white man they ain't going to change that!!
Where did you buy that Blue Blazer
gerliNy (3 years ago)
They got you good
DJ (3 years ago)
Mystic when u said i fuck my mom was next to me
mipziie les (3 years ago)
she smashed his ballllls!!! 0.0
106 Ar (3 years ago)
He pulled up his pants for the first time
KayG Torres (3 years ago)
LMAOO damnn this was too funny his reactions every time she whipped him xD and how deep he arched his back lmaoo nigga was not trying to get burned! Mystic not into that kinky ishh ;x
Ashvin Jablonski (3 years ago)
Jeevan Matharu (3 years ago)
He looks so uncomfortable!
Awww hahah poor mystic bless his heart
Lil David Jr (3 years ago)
joanna mendoza (3 years ago)
yay finally his real name
Eduardete Enrique (3 years ago)
I bet something mystic wont reply
Grady TrippyTv (3 years ago)
LOL man, Kitty seemed like she was hitting him hard af the first times
BCUBED (3 years ago)
Couldn't handle me huh ;) lmao!!
Nasiha Ali (3 years ago)
Ha you just got pranked
Hiseaht (3 years ago)
Just came across your channel, so funny man just subbed.
egane lyl (3 years ago)
this video was so funny
Jedie_nvz (3 years ago)
Why is there so much likes on these comments?
THECDP (3 years ago)
Still better than the movie though
THECDP (3 years ago)
This was so hard to watch hahahah
Yesenia (3 years ago)
Lol crazy that you didn't know the actors signed the contract for all three movies lol so this audition would have been avoided lol but I love this
ShesooBreezy (3 years ago)
aww thats messed i knew u were excited but you're a good actor tho
MiGUEL RODRIGIRES (3 years ago)
Mark got jokes biatchhhhhhhhhh 😂😂😂no more mystic got jokes
Askhowfly _ (3 years ago)
You will do it big mystic
Jaden Jones (3 years ago)
I finally figure it out mystic is desean jackson
DJCurry25 (3 years ago)
like how it had to be a black chick doing the whipping. if it was a white chick shit would go cray
jared mcpe (3 years ago)
when is you movie going to come out mystic
Amy Ratcliff (3 years ago)
The look on his face when that girl walked in the room with that mask on LMAO
Lew Silverthorn (3 years ago)
bet you Mystic got with that girl after too.
Moon Safari (3 years ago)
kitty got ass
Endera Allen (3 years ago)
"Say my name" Kitty... Kitty Kat lol
Phosporen (3 years ago)
*cough * mystic hmmm, you like that?..
JohnAcosta Vlogs (3 years ago)
Mystic got jokes. I'm a huge fan ------------------------------
robin bayer (3 years ago)
At 2:07 mystic was just like: "the fuck...?"
ALawson Vlog (3 years ago)
Yoooooo this was too funny !!
ROYAL PRINCESS (3 years ago)
Francisca Raine (3 years ago)
zaki Kimo (3 years ago)
Lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
brownboii305 (3 years ago)
I don't see why everyone so surprised by his name. He has said it before in his videos a long long time ago.
Chris Martinez (3 years ago)
Lmao that shit had me rolling lol
Forsaken Jojo (3 years ago)
It is 50 Shades Of Grey.  1st reason is its the same TITLE of the movie regardless of the spelling. 2nd Other countries uses Gray or Grey, In conclusion there is no right or wrong!!.
Cat Videos yay! (3 years ago)
Margiela BatMan (3 years ago)
That was fuck up tbh around the end that was a good prank I would've been mad
Bank Rollz (3 years ago)
Lol did u see mystic bending down when he knew that that candle was coming😂😂
sol-man kim (3 years ago)
lol ^__^
How do I post a comment on youtube???
BeatsByNano (3 years ago)
it was hard to see mark like this
Knockback Guy (3 years ago)
Great job MARK!!!
Adam Patel (3 years ago)
Song at start ?
Pink Paruuu (3 years ago)
Maaaaan, he got you good!
Tobias Braswell (3 years ago)
Didn't know his name was mark
Courtney Higgins (3 years ago)
How his face dropped when she walked in with the whip😂
kayla (3 years ago)
You can tell he's nervous awh
Plague Doc (3 years ago)
I'd never do that shit, regardless if it was for a big movie role.
Harry Calligeros (3 years ago)
Feeling for you Mystic, though he got you good! How about declaring a prank war?
SitOnMyFaceBookXD (3 years ago)
Casting couch lol
kokaha river (3 years ago)
Al Zia (3 years ago)
i legit thought he your name was Mystic hahaha
Luke (3 years ago)
... So your name isn't Mystic?
I don't care (3 years ago)
I had a feeling Mystic was getting pranked from the start lol.
MCJAZR97 (3 years ago)
This is a actually a good thing people will look at him as an actor and see he is flexible about doing roles that are uncomfortable.
Sairez1990 (3 years ago)
50 shades of nigga
Hip hop fanatic (3 years ago)
All Def Digital!
Austin Nicolas (3 years ago)
This nigga is a fool hahaha 😂😂
Kareem Wellington (3 years ago)
You got it 😂😂😂
Hossein _.7 (3 years ago)
Old Towne Orange (3 years ago)
love4music09 (3 years ago)
Watching you prepare yourself for the hot wax in just a few second was hilarious. 4:55 and on had me in tears 😆😂
Tyson (3 years ago)
Lol this prank is even better if you watched his last vlog as he was hyped af to get this opportunity.
Kay (3 years ago)
The way you jumped LMFAO
Renee Bryan (3 years ago)
This actually had me dying😂😭
Sena Sahin (3 years ago)
why would they want another christian grey if there is already one? like.. that bothered me
Paige Menzies (3 years ago)
Your real name is mark!!! Yas now i know hahaha
Angela Trang (3 years ago)
Your acting reminds me of Will Smith lol
K Woods (3 years ago)
im mad you stuck and did that stupid shit 😂ol freaky shit aha that arch tho... 😱dl dl lol jp
Jay (3 years ago)
lmao damn mystic you better get you manager back!!!!! Damn he got
DomGunniN (3 years ago)
This shit had me dying the whole video
Akcel Lepe (3 years ago)
Give me some of the girls ass
Esiri Eya'ufe (3 years ago)
I CRINGED SOOO HARD AT THIS AHAHAHAHA, first of all, why would mystic even audition for such a part and not expecting it to be a bit crazy lmao.
JustDontGetIt (3 years ago)
I died at the candle part lmfao xD
Demitri Diggs (3 years ago)
It's weird hearing him say my name's. Demitri
TheThrillaofmanila (3 years ago)
Say my name loll
TheThrillaofmanila (3 years ago)
Oh man loll
alex Nieves (3 years ago)
When they poured the wax on was funny i couldn't stop laughing
Turbo (3 years ago)
I died when she got on his back 😭😭😭
ahmed n (3 years ago)
I bet Mystic and the hoe fucked after the prank on that director table
Juren Moore (3 years ago)
i dieeeed!😂😂👌🏽
XXX Buu (3 years ago)
He was heart broken when he said it was a prank lol
gamingninja (3 years ago)
Man U was jumping like u was at a dance studio

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