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fox news - China's reveals new video of hypersonic strike aircraft

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fox news - China's reveals new video of hypersonic strike aircraft Chinese state media has revealed the country's first ever images of a model of its hypersonic glide vehicle, a nuclear weapons expert has claimed.The secretive missile delivery craft, known as the DF-ZF, could travel at up to ten times the speed of sound (7,680 mph/12,360 kph) according to some estimates.Its speed will ensure the country's nuclear threat can reliably breach the United States' ballistic missile defence shield, which fires incoming strikes out of the air.The model was briefly shown during a State-run TV special covering the country's JF-12 hypersonic wind tunnel.The innovative setup is the largest of its kind in the world and is capable of testing missiles and aircraft up to 6,900mph (11,100kph).The news follows a US Navy announcement yesterday that it had successfully test fired a hypersonic missile that could hit 'anywhere in the world' within an hour.China's DF-ZF is a hypersonic glide vehicle capable of travelling at up to ten times the speed of sound (7,680 mph/12,360 kph), according to some estimates.The Chinese Ministry of National Defense first revealed it had successfully tested a hypersonic vehicle for 'scientific' purposes in January 2014.Officials have carried out at least five more launches since then, with the most recent coming in April 2016.China has never officially disclosed the purpose of the innovative aircraft, but a range of tactical applications are possible.By definition, hypersonic vehicles can travel five times the speed of sound, and the craft could help China ensure its nuclear weapons can breach US missile defence systems, experts claim.Hypersonic vehicles would travel so rapidly and unpredictably they could provide an almost-immediate threat to nations across the globe.The craft would travel at such speeds that the gap between identifying a threat and launching an attack on it would drop from hours to minutes, even at long distances.The TV clip aired on October 8 via State broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV), and shows an arrowhead-shaped model is shown inside the Beijing-based wind tunnel.Its design looks like official Chinese mock-ups of the DF-ZF, which was codenamed the WU-14 by the Pentagon before its official name was released by Beijing.Chinese officials have confirmed several test flights of hypersonic glide vehicles since 2013, but have kept the details top secret.This is likely the first time China has shown any test models linked to the project.The broadcast also showed a weapon with a shape similar to the last stage of a ballistic missile, and computer generated images of a new triangular-framed glider.Raymond Wang, an expert in stopping the international spread of nuclear weapons, from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, California, was one of the first to spot the DF-ZF model.Writing on Twitter, he noted the programme's narrator didn't specifically refer to hypersonic boost-glide vehicles (HBGVs) or the DF-ZF at any point.'China just showed its hypersoni Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5065527/China-s-reveals-new-video-hypersonic-strike-aircraft.html
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1quickster (3 months ago)
The US has this type of technology back in the 90's The US dark government aka NWO has a plane called TAW 50 capable of speed over Mach54. China and Russia didn't have anything close to it until now. Now, the US dark government is working on teleportation missiles and nuclear weapons so it doesn' t need planes or submarines to deliver them to the enemies. Look it up
Leslie Grayson (4 months ago)
South Korea, Japan have Modern navies India has a similar large but also not so modern navy as China with many 4th gen jets and out dated ships subs and China has only one aircraft carrier... China cant afford to not listen the US or the US can stop its half its yearly income US$2 trillion dollars. It is wise to note the US and its Allies( South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, France, Israel) have over 85% of "All" Modern Military might in the world. It is also wise to note that Russia has a great reason to side with India not China as they have joint defence developments plans... China fears India who also have a similar huge debt... China has a US $32trillion debt.. and there economy is slowing.. US is making things again rather than buying them to sell from their conglomerates.
Truth Matters (5 months ago)
We are not sure if we can strike NK's ICBM. This missile is impossible to take out. It is too fast.
kent gladden (4 months ago)
20 minutes... for the Geo-SBIRS satellites to identify, lock on, & send the TADS coordinates to ground based lasers. The Geo-SBIRS does all that in the first 90 seconds of ANY launched missile. Our lasers, upon firing, take ~1 second to hit said missile. BOOM
Truth Matters (4 months ago)
Why do you think China has only one? China is the world production center. They can create more than the number the US is holding if they want. But it is meaningless when it takes more than 20 minutes to shoot 100 ICBM. Chinese hyper sonic will arrive in 20 minutes. Also, we are not sure if any old ICBM made in 1940 and sitting there will work. In the last Tomahawk, one out of 60 did not fly out. Have over one thousand OLD ICBM, how many fail to fly, or it may explode when the switch is on. Scarily.
Killswitch 58 (5 months ago)
Alot of photographs only.China's psywarfare propaganda?
Ken kenny (3 months ago)
No, Fox New propaganda...I am sure the Chinese are too busy making money from us.
Bri Guy (5 months ago)
I think China is getting ready to destroy the USA military!!!!! Np!
Leslie Grayson (4 months ago)
ld love to see them try... it has been shown that the US can be half way across china in 6months if China struck the US first and gave them an open hand to hit them with anything they want!!! India cleaning up what the US doesnt!!!
Big Tom (5 months ago)
GREAT, but can it haul rice and hydrogen bombs in the same hold at the same time ?
min magar (6 months ago)
Good china thknkuy

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