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What Happens if Your Body is Exposed to the Vacuum of Space?

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Hank answers a SciShow viewer's most pressing question about what happens if the human body gets exposed to space. Would your head really explode? Like SciShow? http://www.facebook.com/scishow Follow SciShow! http://www.twitter.com/scishow T*umbl SciShow. http://scishow.tumblr.com References http://imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/ask_astro/answers/970603.html http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/badastronomy/2012/01/31/qba-what-happens-if-you-are-exposed-to-the-vacuum-of-space/#.UMGD-pPjn0g
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Thanos Something (1 day ago)
Thanos Something (1 day ago)
can you live wiyhout a heart please aqncer this for me i been wondering forever
Victoria Thomas (4 days ago)
Inco gneito (5 days ago)
Jim LeBlanc said the last thing he remembered before passing out in the vacuum chamber was, "I could feel the saliva on my tongue start to BUBBLE." He did NOT say his saliva was beginning to boil.
May Wilson (10 days ago)
I can't wait for someone popular to say that vacuums do,t suck
Disabled_ Grandpa_76 (15 days ago)
You guys should do an episode on the kissing bug, i believe there are 185 or 115 species and a small percent are native to the U.S. they have recently started migrating farther north though and can have some bad parasites that can kill, by congestive heart failure. You guys are a very well trusted and great channel so maybe you could spread awareness for those who dont know :)
Rino Iavazzo (17 days ago)
What about your body? Will it decompose or will it stay as an eternal flating corpse? xD
SirajSyed (20 days ago)
But in reality every liquid inside you would STILL BOIL cuz of how BURNING space is, SPACE IS NOT FREEZING LEARN YOUR ASTRONOMY PEOPLE!
Dale Minkel (26 days ago)
Jesus Christ, this was the most horrible video ever on what happens in a vacuum. SPACE is a negative 10 torr. Vacuum chambers on earth such as the one here in Houston at NASA can achieve a 7 TORR (supposedly) but still far less perfect a vacuum than space. Your whole body would essentially disintegrate as there would be nothing left to keep you integrated. Even a balloon in a 7 TORR vacuum creates an air bubble where there was none because of vacuum pulled out every bit of free gas from the water and the balloon bursted. We are by far more porous than a rubber balloon and we are also ¾ water so other than some of our bones and some parts of the marrow within the bone and cartilage and hair, all other aspects of our body would disintegrate into nothingness. That's simply a physical condition that cannot be denied or mistaken as being something far weaker. The sun light travels through how much space? It maintains all it needs to transfer heat from space to a rich and protective atmosphere. There doesn't need to be any 'transfer' to get the job done. This would all take place the moment your protection was breeched by just the smallest of things. A thumbprint where something is supposed to be sealed breaks the seal so the design has to be unrealistically meticulous and this still does not cover what would be needed in space. Of course then you also have the so-called Kármán line that separates atmosphere from space. No aircraft could survive going from positive pressure to a perfect vacuum and even if it could, the craft would spin in place and make it no further than the other side of the magical line. Let's stick with the facts, folks
Namari Gross (30 days ago)
BUT HEY ITS JUST A THEORY..A GAME....oh wait that’s not u
Ray Akuma (1 month ago)
So you could survive in space with a tight Bodysuit maybe with an high density but still flexible, and something to get fresh air into your lung xD
Pinnapple x Chief (1 month ago)
The universe is the coldest place in the universe *Insert curb your enthusiasm meme here*
Squicx (1 month ago)
orrrr! what happens if we could survive up there? no one has done is before so....
Kiran Nemiwal (1 month ago)
Is there any temperature change in vaccum?
Sethra Janani (1 month ago)
Can the air molecules which is being transferred from our body to vaccum act as a medium to conduct heat?????
Alice Bressette (2 months ago)
Tobi Stacks (2 months ago)
so what would happen if i suddenly expose just my arm in space?
Zuzuuu Killaaa (2 months ago)
I was the one who asked I should get props
Garrett Sparks (2 months ago)
Your blood would boil in space because of the dissolved gases, particularly nitrogen. It’s the same reason divers slowly ascend to the surface rather that swimming up immediately.
Zack Corley (2 months ago)
If an astronaut shits their self in space alone, will it make a smell?
Nord4 Life (2 months ago)
Is it like a cold boil?
TheChgz (2 months ago)
Space is a lie. Earth is flat.
Thomas White (2 months ago)
Your pet monkey is still floating around out there somewhere. :))/
Ben Tv Howman (2 months ago)
Thanks for your whole team and the amazing videos you produce
Carlos (3 months ago)
Well actualy you would freeze in space. Body can give away heat through radiation. But it will take about 30 seconds for effects to kick in or longer if i recall it right. Ofcourse you would'nt need to worry about it,cause by that time you would be gone,but you would freeze.
Richard Rester (3 months ago)
This has been known for quite some time. Therefore JJ Abrams is an idiot.
Swayzeo (3 months ago)
If you were an astronaut, in a spacesuit, doing a spacewalk. And the temperature was -273 Celsius. Does the spacesuit have to warm up 273 degrees?
Sky PROF90 (3 months ago)
Hi! What makes thunderstrike sound like jet passing supersonic barrier?
jessestylex (4 months ago)
We need to stop guessing and send a dozen ISIS memebers to space and film what happens.
LA GAMING! (4 months ago)
Bro (4 months ago)
U look like Steve rogers
Anra Sjar (4 months ago)
what would happen if vacuum enters our body like for eg. if you like inject an empty syringe to our body,would we die??
Mr Twister (4 months ago)
So a person, in theory could survive up to 15 seconds in space without a life support system?
Shake M (4 months ago)
So the vacuum chamber that NASA has never been used on humans...ever?! Except for one time when it almost killed an astronaut.
Ozan Sezer (4 months ago)
I have watched a few videos on this subject and they explain quite differently.
Daniel (4 months ago)
Yeah there is this Chris Hadfield video when he talks about myths in space and said you blood would boil, sooo i am confused of what the truth is
Gaurav Sharma (4 months ago)
i don't understand.. first u said that blood will not boil and after that u said that blood started boiling.. can u explain plzz
kobra6660 (4 months ago)
You'd basically implode
RiptideV10 (5 months ago)
what an amazing way to go out. the earth under your feet, everything that has ever been, so tiny. 15s later you enter eternal slumber, entering wherever your subconscious brings you. if you think theres a heaven and hell and you think you deserve hell, you'll burn there. if you imagine playing games forever, there you'll be. nobody to shout at you for playing too long n=and friends telling you to get a life.
The Jokester (5 months ago)
What will if you get a cut in your blood is being exposed to the vacuum of space because if an astronaut was exposed to space is probably because the spacecraft crashed and they may have a cut on their body
FactDOTCom (5 months ago)
If we die in space then will our body be decay or not?
Matt Woodworth (5 months ago)
That was horrible!!!
Gaurav Sharma (5 months ago)
i don't understand , first u said the blood will not boil as there is no medium to transfer heat.. but on the second case u said that the saliva of that guy was boiling..
dork xx (5 months ago)
he’s so adorable ❤️❤️❤️💗💖❤️💗❤️💗
Games TV (5 months ago)
I got sucked down a toilet once passing gas.
Jen- A-Purr (5 months ago)
Lol he’s hilarious 😂
KVN1957 (6 months ago)
Lindsay Wheatcroft (6 months ago)
If you had a cut, would the blood leak out at a normal rate and pool on your skin and boil away, or would it blast out like a fire hose and turn into crimson steam?
That's terrifying to know this information as a female. It's like when a guy sees someone getting kicked in the balls.
Che Tra (6 months ago)
But lack of pressure can also freeze the water
Adam Bryant (6 months ago)
a young hank has appeared.
Heads Tails (6 months ago)
Can we send back a razor in time?
Aidan Worthington (6 months ago)
Why is angular momentum quantized and why do we call a quantum number 'spin' even though it doesn't relate to spinning??
Johnny Todd (6 months ago)
How stupid this video is, they tested an astronaut suit in a vacuum less than the moon and it leaked and the astronaut said he could feel his saliva start to boil on his tongue and he passed out............not to mention an object in space does not need air to transfer the temperature to the object the object itself would conduct the radiation of the sun or the freezing temperature of space, this was easily demonstrated by shining a light at a thermometer in a vacuum, the thermometer itself was all the matter that was needed to conduct the heat
Joe Days (6 months ago)
What a load of crap!!! If course your blood would boil. Hi watch videos on YouTube where people put their have into a chamber and start a vacuum inside. Heck, just take a vacuum cleaner and put it on your neck or stomach. And after a few seconds you can see your blood bring sucked out through your skin. iE..a big hickey. That's the blood in your body boiling and coming to the surface because there is no pressure holding it in. Or in these cases being sucked out. Boiling doesn't "technically" mean actually boil like how water boils on a stove. Boiling is when the little bubble in your blood start to get stimulated to being sucked out and separated from your actual liquid plasma (blood)
Oh Alone (6 months ago)
What If we do a boxing match in zero gravity ?
Reggie Cook (6 months ago)
The universe is like an endless ocean where you'll drown, scary!
Twisties T (6 months ago)
What would happen if you depressurized yourself then exposed yourself to the vacuum of space ? Answer that one mahahah
LinMarlene (7 months ago)
the universe isn't the coldest place in the universe, my ex boyfriend's heart is.
CHA REE CHAN (7 months ago)
Beginning of video: "contrary to beliefs Your blood wouldnt boil " 1:00 min later "your intestines an body would start to boil" Smh gtfoh
Derek Wall (7 months ago)
well if that were to happen mercifully enough it doesnt sound like a very painful way to die. hell you're unconscious in 15 seconds and if you do feel anything you wont suffer for long
Martin Godinez (7 months ago)
But what happens to d air does it spread evenly in space? Or does it couse a less powerful vacuum in space? Lol someone please answer me.
Scream bloody gore (7 months ago)
The object can be anything to make it fun (:
Scream bloody gore (7 months ago)
How hard would you have to punch something to break every single bone in the arm you punch with??
David Serrano (7 months ago)
So ,theoretically, you could last 5 seconds in space?
Ethan_Fantastic (7 months ago)
I know that this is kinda off topic but how far exactly can the human eye see i mean we can see the moon and the sun and stars and there extremely far away is it just because there bright and if that's true couldn't we see like an Infinite amount as long as it's something super bright
digitalquartergod (7 months ago)
Ethan_Fantastic We can only see light that is reaching our eyes. The further something is away the darker it seems to be. So you're right, we can only see stars because they are so bright. But we can't see into infinity. Light travels at lightspeed as we know. So the light of a star that is 4 lightyears away travels 4 years to Earth. But the universe is only about 14 billion years old. So light from stars that are more than 14 billion lightyears away didn't have enough time to reach earth yet. So the distance the eye can see is limited by the big bang itself
J o k e r (7 months ago)
So if we die in space we won't suffer
Queen D (7 months ago)
He talks too fast annoying
Aggro Vader (7 months ago)
From fiction this might be as close to reality as you're going to get from Hollywood: https://youtu.be/wp70vEiAn7E
Bobby Willis (8 months ago)
So there you have it, all you annoying people saying that the “Leia poppins” scene in the last Jedi didn’t make since. You don’t explode or implode, but you will die shortly. You can survive 15 seconds before blacking out and she used those 15 seconds to get back to the ship before blacking out. So shut up.
darthkahn45 (8 months ago)
When you thought it was the force but it was 2:05
Karan Raj (8 months ago)
1:27 😂😂😂
digitalquartergod (7 months ago)
Karan Raj She only did the superman pose so it doesn't look strange
Lancelot HipHop (8 months ago)
On the bright side, if you black out in 10-15 seconds, your death would probably be pretty much painless. Not the worst way to go imo
Marshall Pederson (8 months ago)
So anyone mind answering this? When you are sucked out into space, from a ship, wouldn't the heat leave your body by transferring to the leaving atmosphere?
Der SchnittProphet (8 months ago)
Who is from Star Wars Stories?
ِ ِ (8 months ago)
Kannst du auch ruhig auf Deutsch schreiben. xd
Kaleb Acosta (8 months ago)
Anybody else here after watching The Last Jedi?
this guy (5 months ago)
She used the force dammit! Lol
Walter Kleber (8 months ago)
Take that Leia!
Modiwo (8 months ago)
R.I.P. Leia
DatMoadl (8 months ago)
Carry doesn’t care.
Jephro Gaming (8 months ago)
Anyone else here after Episode 8? XD
Caleb Higginbotham (9 months ago)
Somebody should have told Rian Johnson and Princess Leia
Anakin Skywalker (9 months ago)
"You would Die, You arent Superman" [TLJ SPOILERS] Unless you're Leia Organa
Steven Mathews (9 months ago)
But if we somehow survived would the radiation give us superpowers?
Mixedupcrazy1 (9 months ago)
The Last Jedi brought me here. Is Star Wars becoming Guardians of the Galaxy now?
venator5 (9 months ago)
But what happens when you get into vacuum rapidly? Like your suit damaged?
markleyg (9 months ago)
You would get the bends just like a scuba diver does when ascending too fast.
BlackZero Rs (9 months ago)
In this video, they have finger exposed to the vacuum in space! How that is possible? Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WF7v_0qvug4 Oh, because space is a hoax!
yea02 (9 months ago)
10-15 seconds of concious dying... Not really funny.
aunun ally (9 months ago)
you're a liar create the vacuum in your lab and put a glass of water in it it will boil then it will turn to ice. and it doesn't matter what kind of container you put it in
uncleanunicorn (9 months ago)
So it would be possible for a brave, bold, space hero to jump from one airlock to another wearing nothing but his own bravery if it took less than 15 seconds.
D Ricks (9 months ago)
So it would be possible for a brave, bold, space hero to jump from one airlock to another wearing nothing but his own bravery if it took less than 15 seconds.
Dominique Harris (9 months ago)
Get the wrost sunburn ever
Asrar Sultan (9 months ago)
u wud still lose heat through radiation,no need for the material to conduct that energy.
Administra2rS (10 months ago)
SPACE THRUST DEBUNKED!!! Look :) If you are standing in a vacuum chamber, you will NOT move until you stretch out your arm against a wall. If you blow very very hard since your body is very dense, you will move because the AIR is stopping AGAINST the WALL. It creates something, a barrier against something, a physical object material you can push against. NOW! What happens if you REMOVE the WALL??? Thrust in the vacuum of space is a HOAX it is FAKE, do NOT THRUST NASA!!!
Administra2rS (9 months ago)
In the vacuum of space, there are no gravity and negative pressure. No way for thrust to form. A bullet works cuz there are two hard parts, gas and liquid does not fit in this category. The bullet works cuz the two hard parts HOLDS together. A thrust in the vacuum of space will work if you can physically screw the air/gas that is coming out of the rocket to the chassis of the rocket, something that we can not do. Thrust does not work in space. It has EVERY thing to say witch material is used. Recoil can ONLY happen when there are two hard material parts connected. When the exhaust leaves the rocket THEN it still hangs in a sucking vacuum and it's no logen CONNECTED to the rocket. No thrust can be created. If the rocket was spitting out something of HARD material that is connected physically to the rocket, then the push could have been made (like a minigun propulsion system). You can not glue exhaust to the rocket, there for the thrust won't work. The vacuum of space is PULLING the rocket in all directions. On the surface of the earth it is positive pressure that is pushing everything IN. So the rocket can travel and thrust in positive pressure where Newton's 3 law WORKS, but FAILS in the sucking vacuum of space.
GamingTheSystems (9 months ago)
If you stand on a skateboard and throw a bowling ball forward, that force will push you and the skateboard back. It's not because the bowling ball is hitting a wall or air. This is how thrust works in space too. The act of pushing something out one end, causes the other end to move away. Your example of something blowing air very hard out their mouth would work the same way, wall or no wall.
Johnny Herbert (10 months ago)
who names the colours
Aimon Chaudry (10 months ago)
Why do the bodies float in space ? @SciShow
Genius Charismatic Badass (10 months ago)
Decompression for all!
Travis-Colt Gray (10 months ago)
Sure are a lot of scientists in the comments.
Marcia (10 months ago)
A friend told me when he did an experiment in high school science class of putting a mouse in a vacuum (before animal rights) and the mouse blew up.

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