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Meet the Judge Who Went Viral For His Creative Punishments

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Painesville, Ohio, Judge Michael Cicconetti say he believes in making the punishment fit the crime.
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TheDennisShow (1 hour ago)
I read ‘creative puns’
TRIX (2 hours ago)
Only 100 but she can’t pay a cab fair
Michael W (4 hours ago)
Oh god , can we have lots and lots more of judges like this one , please . Our children and our elders need this
Storm Phillipson (5 hours ago)
What the actual hell is American court
Reload Fire (7 hours ago)
The dog lady I would have send her straight to jail , no alternative . And be ban to own any pets .
NDRAMSMOOTH (10 hours ago)
CRAZEDrAg0n52 (10 hours ago)
So she pepper sprayed some random person which is assault and she only got pranked with some water
Max Schager (13 hours ago)
This is amazing i really like this judge. Its true you put a kid in jail he comes out a criminal, so i like that he tries to avoid that.
MarufTIM (13 hours ago)
Give this man a medal!
Christopher West (15 hours ago)
I like this. It suits the crime. Just sending people to jail for 30 days... I donno. Reminds me of punishments a good king might give out.
TheAlienFan (15 hours ago)
I love Doritos (16 hours ago)
If I commit a crime,I want this judge
a happy vitamin (19 hours ago)
moose, i love you
《XD Gaming》 (20 hours ago)
u want to see more of this judge
TG Nandi (20 hours ago)
Thumbnail suggests those punishments involved fisting
horse renoir (23 hours ago)
juju Chang is gorgeous
Logan Joseph (1 day ago)
Much better idea than jail tho
Logan Joseph (1 day ago)
I would hate to be a judge, contstantly dealing with idiotic waste of spaces that just tske up resources and do nothing in return
Lord Pears (1 day ago)
I can just imagine this judge with jigsaw's voice saying "I want to play a game". Or "Live or Die, make your choice". 😂😂😂
StaticStrike (1 day ago)
Should have forced that whale to starve or atleast limit her meals for a week. I'm always utterly disgusted and wish a slow and painful death to anyone who treats an animal like garbage. What a pathetic waste of life.
William M (1 day ago)
This judge is a dickhead...just lock the mofos up for maximum time allowed by law
He couldn't use real pepper spray? I'm sure they could've worked out a contract and had her sign it or something.
Kahlyle (1 day ago)
How do you get 60 days in jail for stealing a bike 😒 and only 90 days for leaving a dog to die
Tom Man (1 day ago)
i wonder if the judge, would make a corrupt cop do the same?
Wyatt Polinko (1 day ago)
So is unusual punishment allowed if you give them the option of normal or unusual
Wile E Coyote (1 day ago)
I wish they had judges like this in the UK.....but they are held back by the European Human Rights bullshit.....this guy has balls!! He’s doing what every other judge should be doing.....but they couldn’t do this in the UK because people would whinge and cry about human rights crap!
Shaylaszone (1 day ago)
You starve a child or animal & you work at the dump for a day. Bullshit.
Chris News (1 day ago)
Yeah it works but just in small towns
96nairrA (1 day ago)
nigga stole my bike
Ahmed Hachem (1 day ago)
What about someone who shoots someone? U gonna shoot him with a water gun?
Julie Clarke (1 day ago)
Amazing Judge! You could see how the animal cruelty case affected him. I feel that jail time was necessary for that particular case. Either way I hope that woman learned her lesson and won't treat another animal like that again.
Kermit of Rivia (1 day ago)
The kid who stole the bike seemed like a good kid. Just a bit stupid, but hopefully he learned his lesson. The judge nor did the guy whose bike got stolen wanted the kid to go to jail for being a bike thief. I think this judge's "eye for eye technique" works! The fat girl should've been put to exercise as a punishment and made to eat dog food for a month.
Splagnet (1 day ago)
Definitely counts as unusual punishment imo
dixoniii Studios (1 day ago)
man only if we had more like him.
exalt_thy (1 day ago)
I’m going to go to Ohio and jwalk. I wanna see my punishment.
Lucille 1234 (1 day ago)
Fat bitch
J. Harris (2 days ago)
Great punishment instead of spending tax $$$ to house criminals
Jose Belindo (2 days ago)
ribmeat hamhock (2 days ago)
she should have been denied food, she could live off her fat!
ribmeat hamhock (2 days ago)
ALL Judges should be this good!
Precious Baby420 (2 days ago)
Fook the system. no judge or jury should be able to dictate any punishment on another person. i hate laws, because they are man made. the courts are nothing but big business. most people who are in jail are there for stupid offenses such as drinking in public, urinating in public, or soliciting prostitution.
Dark Knight0570 (2 days ago)
This judge is my inspiration for my job and behaviour in it....
Rosa Flores (2 days ago)
Of i eber go to court i want him to be my judge
DMSG1981 (2 days ago)
Wow, now they're praising a judge for humiliating people, thus violating the right for human dignity. Seems like all hope is lost for the US once more.
jae sweetz (2 days ago)
These are the judges who need to be in the supreme court
Sir Caco (2 days ago)
1:05 Tay Zonday in 50 years
jutubaeh (2 days ago)
RemembäR ki+z anti clöckwise is cömmie ^ ^
TheReprobate (2 days ago)
If that woman was horrible enough to pepper spray someone in the face I see nothing wrong with her getting pepper sprayed herself.
Selam (2 days ago)
Cool Judge
Brendan Ryan (2 days ago)
Good dude
asoom (2 days ago)
fat bitch showed up in sandals at a DUMP LOL
Muhamad Nur Ridwan (2 days ago)
Video made 3 years ago, wonder how is he going now. But still, he is awesome.
ImUnloved (2 days ago)
jo-mornin' (2 days ago)
Man I wish that bitch could get a year in jail for what she did to that dog
Tom Tom (2 days ago)
Id say I’m torn I think what that piece of shit lady did to that dog is horrible and she shouldn’t only have to pick up trash she should be arrested
NothingMaster (2 days ago)
Excellent judge! 👍🏻
awesome guy (2 days ago)
8hrs on a dumping site wasnt that much of eye for n eye... come on... she lived in a place worst than that... her house is worst...
Diamond potato (3 days ago)
Isnt this the guy from the movie cars?
jay smith (3 days ago)
Crap punishments.
LoneGaming (3 days ago)
If I had to go to court, that will acctually be the place I go.... because I acctually live near there xD
Lil Pozo (3 days ago)
1 mile= 20 blocks 30✖️20= 600 blocks 😱😱😱😱😱😱
100anti (3 days ago)
It saves more money n keeps the crime rate down.
Felix Niederhauser (3 days ago)
A real judge as it should be. God bless this judge.
Tim Holt (3 days ago)
This judge is awesome! Put the fat bitch in jail for life though.....or don't let her eat for a week as she lives in shit.
Federico Miranda (3 days ago)
Best Judge EVER EXIST in human rationality and in law interpretation
DOGE (3 days ago)
"You are not the father"
Best judge I look up to this man
Ricardo Santos (3 days ago)
I like this judge. Jail does not rehabilitate anyone. But a punishment must be given. The 30 mile walk is a fair punishment. Plus she gets to exercise.
Doug Grief (3 days ago)
Rose L (3 days ago)
That's sad how would you feel if you told someone else
I thought that this was gonna be stupid, but this is actually and amazing way to do things as a judge.
DiegoFX (3 days ago)
V I R A L JUDGE.i really like chewing judges
Mike Johnson (3 days ago)
he can play judge judy all he wants but yall know his final destination!!
Bill Cipher (3 days ago)
I love this guy. I need to move to Painesville if I ever get in trouble
John Smith (3 days ago)
This is crap
Anthony Games (3 days ago)
Who ever that fat ugly ass bitch is she deserves to go to prison OR the electric chair because that was cruel
Aæsthetic._. Hoe (3 days ago)
So I’m not trying to be a hater to this judge, but if this judge doesn’t give a actual punishment these criminals they will keep doing bad things
greencandyteaflame (3 days ago)
I love this judge why can’t we have more judges like him? He is a really good judge
T Sama (4 days ago)
Seriously someone should get this guy a TV show!!
Neon Lightz (4 days ago)
Justice for mooose!
Midgetpower Studios (4 days ago)
Moose is a dumb name for a dog.
TheKid Youtube (4 days ago)
This comment is 11,970
York Hunt (4 days ago)
Judge cicconetti rules. Saves taxes, saves people.
esthetique (4 days ago)
bitch id rather go to jail for a month than walk 30 miles
Narresh Ramdayal (4 days ago)
God bless this judge abundantly
DoctorBlankenstein (4 days ago)
The last woman deserved a lot harsher of a penalty for treating Moose like that. Sickening
What surprises me most is this is happening in Ohio, USA, a country I always link to life imprisonment and death penalty statements. In my country, Spain, a rapper was sentenced to 3 years in prison for his songs. A singer... the most dangerous criminal for our society. Well, I don't think Mr. Cicconetti punished those people but they have learnt every action has its consequences.
skydemon101 (4 days ago)
Dragma Plays - New (4 days ago)
I think the bike thief should've gotten a bit more punishment, I bet he enjoyed biking with the "parade", he should have at least had to go a long distance so he got exhausted.
Wow....I need this Judge for my divorce!!!
_ A.C.O _ (4 days ago)
Steve Spencer (4 days ago)
well done, as an ex prison officer of 20yrs service I would have loved to see a judge like this preside over many I looked after. 10% return tells me he knows what he is doing, I ran a youth wing like this and with the help of a dedicated team of officers and crims, yes crims the return was just 2 in 300 prisoners, did we do it right, you decide but tough love works on so many levels, well done Judge keep up the great work
1hellokittymeow (4 days ago)
Love this Judge!
EthanYt1000 Gaming (4 days ago)
The judge is not allowed in to make unusual punishments because there is a amendment that prevents judges to make unusual punishment
ScorpionZam (4 days ago)
I'm shocked about the pepper spray one. That 100% deserves jail time
M Thomas (4 days ago)
0:00 Of all the things to go viral on the internet, its those beautifully plump seagulls..
Marshall McNamee (4 days ago)
I already have 2 dogs but I want to adopt moose!!
Jesus Christ (4 days ago)
lol some people would do that "public humiliation" for a youtube video
Emily Surprise (4 days ago)
30 miles? fuck that give me 30 in the clink
Noah Calderon (4 days ago)
Pleed the 8th

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