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Meet the Judge Who Went Viral For His Creative Punishments

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Painesville, Ohio, Judge Michael Cicconetti say he believes in making the punishment fit the crime.
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Harry Bull (1 hour ago)
They need to do this the UK
LeafFanRyeGuy (7 hours ago)
Great judge but animal cruelty... should have starved her for a month. It would be a favour to her in the end..
dhaval patel (8 hours ago)
Judge deserves an award. More practical and helpful sentences than jail would ever be. Plus it keeps people from becoming hardened criminals who repeat offend. This judge is a genius
Rob chicoGunitmug (14 hours ago)
That pig treating that pooche like that is disturbing.
aceous99 (15 hours ago)
Id love for this type of entertainment to go on tv :)
vinod kumar (17 hours ago)
Hats off
kyle stewart (20 hours ago)
Great judge!
Bill Hall (21 hours ago)
I wish I had met this judge when I was young, maybe I would have turned out to be a better person.
BattlerTheBaster (21 hours ago)
Its funny but he is letting criminals get away with really easy punishments, I don't like it.
sdee azaqzqz (21 hours ago)
rush8able (22 hours ago)
LOL some people didn't get his message...he says his method is better for MINOR OFFENSES, the initial steps of a full-fledged criminal. He says if you put it someone directly in jail for a minor offense, let's say at a young age, you don't teach very much, you actually make the offender "criminally smarter" than before. So it's better to stop any future criminal behaviour at this stage, by teaching a lesson with humiliation, empathy with the victim etc. rather than mere jail time
Peter Hawthorn (23 hours ago)
What an amazing man. We all make mistakes and do stupid shit we’re ashamed of but at least this method of punishment gives one chance to not have your life ruined by it. Well done sir, well done
Euford King (1 day ago)
The poor go to jail...the famous and rich walk out...lady liberty doesn't exist
Euford King (1 day ago)
Courts use fancy words to hide that they are assholes in reality.
Euford King (1 day ago)
Most judges are arrogant control seeking mongers who need their own medecine....of course criminals are scum..but judges are there cause of power..corrupt power .
If I Had a nickle (1 day ago)
We need more judges like this.
Zeek M (1 day ago)
ABC your business practices are bullshit. You somehow think you don't have to answer to me.
Bloody_Crow (1 day ago)
If it lowers the repeat offense let him be.
Zeek M (1 day ago)
That's not where their punishment ends, once the cops pin that felony on you, you can't get a place to live or a job. Then you go right back to prison where they really want you to be so they can kill you in there. They just pretend to care. Their job is to get rid of you or use you till you're dead.
Philosophy BA (1 day ago)
Cruel and Unusual Punishment. “Under the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, individuals convicted of a crime have the right to be free of "cruel and unusual" punishment while in jail or prison.” Put this criminal in judge attire in jail. Italian as usual. Nazis are taking over this country.
juan broht (1 day ago)
So just make up punishments that aren't lawful punishments for the crime. Stupid
Nick Talleyrand (1 day ago)
What's it called again... unusual punishment.
Sneauboard (1 day ago)
I'd be pissed by the pepper spray sentencing. My job requires exposure to it, and it's terrible. If someone hit me with spray, I want them to either be in jail or at least be exposed to it as well.
Frances Lambert (1 day ago)
I like this judge!!! He is compassionate and just at the same time. I think the animal abuser should have been given more time at the dump. 8 hours is not long enough for what she did to that poor dog. And the bike thief was having too much fun to have his lesson learned.
Finn Conroy (1 day ago)
30 days= 30 miles!? Should have been 300 miles
Jesus Christ...! that's why I like to live in Brazil, but that's nice, kkkkkkk (I mean lolol)
TonedMars0734 (1 day ago)
This guys awesome
IndraUchiha997 (1 day ago)
Dancing pandas? I wanna see
Prayceez (1 day ago)
That's a dope ass judge
bigtaxrefund (1 day ago)
jail time does not solve any problem.@ 3:56. he says "they get in jail and get smarter criminally". his punishment is a great solution
Andrew Bolay (1 day ago)
12 million views BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gavin McDevitt (2 days ago)
Idiots in Rockford (2 days ago)
I've walked 20 miles in a day b4 for 2 grams of weed lol hell yeah I would walk 30 if it means no jail
Goddy (2 days ago)
I guess he went famous after this video was released
Maryiam Gani (2 days ago)
love it
Ddd Bbb (2 days ago)
Zionist Jews are controlling America and Europe
vg4life (2 days ago)
People forgot about ted Poe apprently
liam ferguson (2 days ago)
She said '' its ONLY 100 dollars'' pay your fucking fair then jesus christ
rakesh radhakrishna (2 days ago)
Americans are full of bullshit..
I am just a mom (2 days ago)
Should have been real spray.
Nate Huynh (2 days ago)
I would leave that dog abuser in the dump for a whole day.
Tye Curtis (2 days ago)
Two thumbs up judge!
I love this judge!. Only a 10% return rate he's on to something!.. And don't do the crime if you can't do the time or alternative sentence that simple!.
Babs Maxwell (2 days ago)
that is the way my parents raised me blessed be babs ohio
Babs Maxwell (2 days ago)
from ohio love this man awsome
karyappa k h (2 days ago)
Hi there!
soneelita (2 days ago)
People who speed should be made to go for an 8 hour walk .
soulersteam (2 days ago)
5:53 i wonder what song that guy is listening to
Maniac Reigns (2 days ago)
Thats not a nice way to refer to a judge ..anchor!!
aldoscamaro90 (2 days ago)
florin baiduc (3 days ago)
no 8 hours in a dump will not make that monster feel what the dog did. 90 days in jail would have been too lenient as well. Who can treat a dog like this, can do it with a human as well, and will not be cured in 8 hours of sitting in stink. Disagree with this sentencing...
TheReet (3 days ago)
I like his sentencing but... i like the way Germany handles this. Here, this would be impossible because the first fcking law says the human dignity shall be inviolable
Eliza Schuyler (3 days ago)
This is so me. We had a school court thing and they made me the judge. So I sat at the teacher's podium. A kid had been showing embarrassing pictures of another kid around the school. The whole school was there to see what his punishment would be. "You could have a weeks suspension, or," I smirked evilly. "You can have an embarrassing picture of you in the SCHOOL DISTRICTS newspaper." "Photo." "CASE DISMISSED" Well, that was one embarrassing photo. I was the judge of the school. When the principal needed help I was called in.
Telesforo Ramirez (3 days ago)
That's how you know the system is full of s**t how are you going to record in the Courthouse
Pukes (3 days ago)
Oh you killed someone? You have two choices. Either die from capital punishment, or castration without pain meds and any medical care. Your choice.
asifur rahman (3 days ago)
How the hell a person can gain that much weight! How!! Stop freaking EATING EVERYTHING.
Fiery Storm (3 days ago)
Yes yes yes and yes agree with this alot
Sebastian Lopez (3 days ago)
Who else finally gave in and finally watched this vid they always see on suggested
MayzrGamez (3 days ago)
am i the only one who cant stand the way news anchors talk
GibbyBree (3 days ago)
The Eighth Amendment (Amendment VIII) of the United States Constitution prohibits the federal government from imposing excessive bail, excessive fines, or cruel and unusual punishments. Jk, he's cool.
George Nkwocha (3 days ago)
My name is George. :(
George Nkwocha (3 days ago)
This judge is like a judge in ancient Mesopotamia, you do something and you get the same thing back to you.
Claudio Osorio (3 days ago)
Judge: so you like taking pictures of women without knowing Sentenced: yeh Judge: well you are sentenced to recording my sextape. Sentenced:tight
Dane Anderson (3 days ago)
60 days in jail for stealing a bike?
Jj T (3 days ago)
The funny thing is the name: "Painsville" I know it's with an e, but the pun is almost impossible to elude.
qaaxz (3 days ago)
That dog had the time of his life a whole house full of trash for him to get into
Damon Clark (3 days ago)
Why can’t he be my Judge
7z (3 days ago)
NBA Leauge Boy (3 days ago)
Good for moose 💯
verified profile (3 days ago)
30 miles is like $5 in sweatcoin so yeah
Hyunho Ji (3 days ago)
Is this violating 8th amendment? Cruel and unusual punishment
Bryant Bravo (3 days ago)
Wow this is actually a great system. The judge makes them reflect on their issues while saving the state money. Good shit I hope more judges act like this. But i have a feeling someone will do this and take it too far....
Mr. Re-in-act-ment (3 days ago)
It is better than going to jail. You get to be seen as a person who did a wrong doing but made up for it.
Joshua Williams (3 days ago)
An eye for an eye doesn't leave the whole world blind, congrats judge
Sundowner Mc (3 days ago)
Like the description says, the worlds a better place when "the punishment fits the crime". When the main focus is a 30-60-90 day jail for petty crimes it hurts the futures of those who could with a little guidance better themselves. Yes community service is used in some cases, but it's easier to just throw people into jail versus actually addressing the core issues of their character, in the hopes of never seeing them again in court.
kinda poep (3 days ago)
that fat b*tch must stay in a dumb for weeks
Brendan Tester (3 days ago)
Eye for an eye tooth for a tooth
Gurloirrr Marlow (3 days ago)
Other judges need to follow in his footsteps
michael underdown (4 days ago)
i think peper spray is not cruel punishment when she did it to the other person. I think it is fair, not like it poses a health risk . It would giver her insight into why she should do that to others.
Mr Now (4 days ago)
The judge is well educated, pure hearted and extremely cool.
Dark_Flame (4 days ago)
“Girl not the right clothes” “ya ik the shoes” has on a dress wtf
2love1life (1 day ago)
Good Listener (4 days ago)
Judges in Australia and New Zealand are way to greedy.
Nedrick The First (4 days ago)
Ok then
Naiya Devine Cominos (4 days ago)
Chick who starved and abandoned dog needs to be locked in a cage for a week with zero food and be banned from having pets AND children. Sorry.
Julian Smith (4 days ago)
Oh I’m from Ohio too😎😏
Death Star (4 days ago)
Judge: 30 days or walk 30 miles Me: what about 15 days?
caleb j young (4 days ago)
Yes keep doing this 🙏🏻
Emma Dancing-Moon (4 days ago)
That animal abuser is a piece of shit. She should be whipped, starved and put on a leash for a month.
WISDOMPHIΦΦΦ (4 days ago)
Cargo Movers (4 days ago)
We need every municipal judge in the U.S. to mirror this judge. Awesome Judge.
When you think about it, all punishments are cruel and unusual. Going to prison isn't nice or normal.
Tianna Rivera (4 days ago)
He's like my mom, the punnishment must fit the crime.
Are (5 days ago)
If I got pepper sprayed at work for no reason and the criminal just got sprayed with water as punishment I would be pissed.
Cole Davidson (5 days ago)
Rebekah Heath (5 days ago)
This is great and proper.
Alejandra Salazar (5 days ago)
What about the 8th amendment : no cruel or unusual punishment ': /
Random Dude (5 days ago)
7:12 Did he just say Moose is recooverating?
Salt God (5 days ago)
Wouldn’t he get in trouble for cruel and unusual punishment?
John Doe (5 days ago)
Wtf? Why does a judge have so much leeway? This seems arbitrary.
OldFlightSimmer (5 days ago)
The judge was onto something when he said the root of the problem goes way back, but I would say it goes even further back, tp education, to school. Just think about how much teachers make and how much politicians make. There’s your answer. The countries with the lowest crime rates have the best school system.

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