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SLM 00 Introduction to Sustainable Land Management

Еще от: countrywisejo
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An introduction to 12 programmes on Sustainable Land Management in Africa. Filmed in both East and West Africa. Funded by IFAD, IIED, World Bank Institute and Vreij Universitat, Amsterdam. Music reproduced under licence from Audio Network.
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Andreas Herzog (1 год назад)
Brilliant, simple ideas and practices. The SLM 01-12 videos are impressive. Well done. BUT ... I'm now looking for the institution or project which *applies* these ideas on a large scale. Any idea where I can find it ?
Brooks Anderson (3 года назад)
Brilliant, clearly presented, series. I will be transferring these techniques to here in Mexico. Gracias!
Brooks Anderson (3 года назад)
That sounds good to me. We have been experiencing drought, high rainfall variability, and seasonal shift in rainfall (we got good rains two months early this year and many plants are out of sync with their pollinators)  and desertification (goat-caused in many cases). Seeing different approaches is really helpful. I'm looking forward to the Spanish versions. They will help me spread the information here. 
countrywisejo (3 года назад)
+Brooks Anderson There are new videso being added all the time to Access Agriculture, soon there will be a number that have been produced in South America that may also be of interest - and in Spanish!
Brooks Anderson (3 года назад)
I went to the  site and watched a couple of the videos. I got some ideas that will be useful here in the arid areas of Northern Mexico, especially arid region water conservation. I will be watching the others. Again, thank you!
countrywisejo (3 года назад)
+Brooks Anderson Hi Brooks, glad you like the programems... also check out other useful practical videos (including these) at www.accessagriculture.org

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