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The story behind it all...
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medped (4 hours ago)
Thank you
tina nona (4 hours ago)
Was his mom a drug addict ?
darlene dcrosby (4 hours ago)
Father God Give him the peace he is looking for The peace only you can give 😥
Brenda Rivera (5 hours ago)
God does not make mistakes u are here for a reason God has a plan in ur life u are loved God Loves you an what better love then his his close to the broken hearted his your healer when u felt alone unwanted just know God was right there just leave it in his hands let him heal your heart surrender it all to him these something you had to go threw because God wants u to help those that been threw the same thing an u are going to help others just know u are loved an special in God eyes an others God Bless in my prayers 🙏🏽❤️
Call Me TJ (6 hours ago)
I know exactly how you feel. From the outside to your inner core I feel your pain. But I promise you, you are not alone. It’s a lot to take in I know but, just take it one day at a time and remember, all in due time 💜
Tanya Terry (6 hours ago)
Mystic, I don't know how I landed on your page but you have touched my heart. I very seldom speak about my personal business but there is something I would like to share. In 1964 when I was 15 years old, I gave birth to a son who I placed for adoption. Back in those days, if you were pregnant and unmarried, you were considered damaged goods and you couldn't even go to school. When my pregnancy became noticable, I was sent away to a home for unwed mothers for the final months sof my pregnancy. Girls like me were 'sent away". When I returned home and went back to school, there were whispers but my famiy never spoke one word about my child. I suffered and carried that hole in my heart everyday of my life. There were drugs, no good men and plenty of self loathing. I went through this all by myself. Back in those days all adoptions were closed so when the 15 year old me signed those papers it was a wrap. When I became an adult, I gave birth to another son and I thought the hole in my heart would go away. I learned the hard way that one child does not replace another. In 2004, I began the process of trying to find my son. It was a long and heart draining process and there were financial cost, but I was relentless. I searched for 13 years and 18 months ago, I located my child who at this time was 51 years old. His parents were both deceased and he never knew that he was adopted. I finally got to see his face and hold him in my arms in May of last year and since then, it has been on and poppin' He is a hunk and an absolutely wonderful human being. He grew up less than 20 miles away. He calls or text nearly everyday and we hang out and have a ball. He requested some "mama chili" yesterday and I couldn't wait to get in that kitchen. Luckily, he was never told he was adopted so as a child, he did not experience the feelings of abandment that you are feeling but he still has tons of questions. I'm not sure why I am writing all of this but if I can ease your heart or the heart of anyone else, I will be happy, Mystic, don't you ever believe that you are not worth it. If your birth mom is anything like me, she carried you in her heart for every day of your life. I want to leave with this message: Never, ever place a child up for adoption. If you have to bundle that child up and move into a homeless shelter, at least you are together. God Bless you and your mom!
Sensational Finds (6 hours ago)
I'm adopted and I thank my birth parents for life, because the easy way out was an abortion. Imagine all the kids that have emotional scars bc their parents would "never choose" adoption, yet they're being mentally, physically and sexually abused bc the parent isn't really able to parent. We ALL have issues, some more then others and your birth family will never fix those issues and vice versa. Meeting your birth family is just the cover of the book, your about to open. Ans they're complete strangers. Set boundaries and make an effort to build the relationship bc they're all trying to heal just like you. Much love and best of luck in the new chapter.
Millie Gamoneda (8 hours ago)
Don’t feel you were a mistake.
Millie Gamoneda (9 hours ago)
Stay strong the Lord loves you deeply
Janis Young (9 hours ago)
I just subscribe to your channel, I just watched you and I listening to you I can feel your pain. Never ever feel it's your fault for being in this world! Nobody ask to be born. You are here for a reason. You are here to change life's you don't need to beat yourself up. You have so much love to give. I cried when you cried I felt like I was there with you! I tell my daughter no matter what you're going through, this to shall pass! I will be keeping up with you! Bless you and love you!
Rina Ortega (11 hours ago)
God loves you. No matter your situation just know you are meant to be here. God never said life would be easy but he does promise to be with us every step of the way. You have a purpose. We are only human and people can fail you. GOD is perfect, all loving and all knowing. He is the only one who can fill all our voids and heal our wounds. give it all to him and watch your life change before your eyes! Blessings
Queen Bilquis (14 hours ago)
your NO MISTAKE!!!....your Simply Beautiful!
it's your channel people shouldn't dislike your videos because it's serious and not funny you're human like everyone else God bless you
TeeOhAreWhy1 (17 hours ago)
Your heart is so pure. This is your testimony and will continue to be a great one. Much love ❤
brenda watt (18 hours ago)
You know what young man! I'm so sorry you and your family have gone through this. I'm here to tell you God makes no mistakes! Every path or obstacles we are given are the Lord way of testing our strength and showing us our paths. You are meant for something great and life changing and helping others in situations they may feel that can't pull through alone ❤ God bless you and yours.
D S (19 hours ago)
You're not a mistake GOD put you here on earth to do what you do now which is helping others dealing similar issues that you went through.. I also have an adopted niece going through similar issues. I do appreciate you open yourself up and put yourself out there.. It tells me that you VERY strong person. Keep staying strong!!
Ashley Adams (1 day ago)
I love your story, it inspired me and I love your shoulders. baby, I love your shoulders.
the the (1 day ago)
Same situation
Charlene Vance (1 day ago)
Your here for a reason.You are a gift to them you don't ever have to feel that way.Because you had to deal with a lot to. I have ever been adopted but I feel like I'm not part of my own family because of all the mess that goes on I feel like a black sheep. So I feel like I was born in to the wrong family especially my mom's side. But I get more love from my dad's side of the family. Be blessed Isaiah.
Briana Spellman (1 day ago)
Praying for you 🙏🏽💙
Amy Okoye (1 day ago)
I just want to Hugg you, u look like my brother. U and i both have a similar story regarding our mums. Long story. You are well spoken, very intelligent, u have charisma.....your awesome. Your foster parents did a remarkable job raising you. U should be proud. May God bless you, i know you will make an awesome father. P.s this is completely random, but can you make a video on Ancestry DNA. I am curious to know if you're part Nigerian. Well i am Nigerian but born in Nebraska....ok I'll end here, keep your head up. God bless you 🙂
Tommy Gibson (1 day ago)
That's why parents be careful how you treat your children because it really affects what kind of adults they turn out to be #facts
Tisa Reid (1 day ago)
Mystic be strong,it only gonna takes sometime.,
Shenia McFarlane (1 day ago)
My heart is breaking watching this video😢
Amber Sample (1 day ago)
Watching you put the pieces of your puzzle together is inspiring. This is your testimony which will help others along their path. Don’t consume others decisions as your fault, I wasn’t adopted but my mother let my grandmother raise me. I’m on this same journey of finding out why. I noticed it prevented me from becoming close to any woman in my life and Im a female; but female friends were far and few. In order to move past this I had to heal myself and find out why my brothers got to live there but I wasn’t. My point is, even if your Aunt had raised you the pain is still the same. Seem like they both love you dearly maybe The Most High needed to make you neutral in the situation for you to help mend the relationship because the love they have for you would make them do it. Hope you continue your relationship with them more healing in the process. Plus it seems that you have been blessed with wonderful parents so you have love all around. Remember your on the path to revealing your purpose don’t ever confuse that with being a mistake call you aunt for clarification and ask your mother some questions if need to but get answers and close those doors so you have no reason to feel confused.
Nativo Holmes (1 day ago)
I hope you get to read my comment, understand you were so loved even before you were born. God makes no mistake, you were meant to be hear, you just need to see things through a different lens. You searching for love and you are love, your whole life has been the result of love. Your birth mother, your aunt, your adopted parents God placed in your life because he loved you soooo much, he gave you several vessels to pour love into you at certain periods of your life. You were never a mistake. YOU ARE LOVE.
Linda keys (1 day ago)
This is so hard for me to watch because I can’t imagine how u feel but just seeing u hurt ..hurts me so much ! To hear you say u think it’s all ur fault or ur a mistake it’s so painful to hear because it’s truly not ur fault and your not a mistake. I wish u a life of happiness and I hope you know and understand you belong here. You living proof that god wants u here on earth much love my brother god bless u
Connie L. (1 day ago)
Don't you dear blame yourself! When we are put in that situation, we are lead to believe we are the problem, we feel guilty for that situation that we did not choose ourselves to be in. You have a lot of love to be able to meet your real mum and family. Stay strong and be an advocate for those who are going through it. That alone will give you the strength to overcome what you are going through and give strength to those crying out for help. You have truly come along way! Stay strong and may God Bless your heart!!
Esther Williams (2 days ago)
Look my brother God makes no mistakes your presence is a purpose. Believe in yourself life is learning. You went through it you have come out on the other side a better man. You know we have to kiss some frogs to find your princess. You learned from failed relationships to be and do better. I just happen upon your video and I commend you for your courage in allowing others to see your vulnerability. You have what you need to make it again trust in yourself and the progress you have made. I will say a special prayer for you and your family. Moving forward is never easy but it's what we have to do. Be blessed
Rashell Lemos (2 days ago)
Deep and so much growth ❤️❤️
Rhonda Hogan (2 days ago)
Bless your heart🙏🏽❤️
Dominique’s World (2 days ago)
😔😔😔😭😭😭 no words! Your definitely not a mistake!
terry diomande (2 days ago)
You're not a mistake.... New life is never a mistake, it's a joy and blessing. Xxxx
J. Clarke (2 days ago)
Your transparency is so inspiring. Thanks for being real.
Myers Bev (2 days ago)
Hold Strong Young Man-God is with you! Put your pain and heartache before him (pray) and ask him to take it from you. Children can not blame themselves for adult behaviors. I am an adoptive mother and I want the best for my son. I'm watching this to learn so that I can help him cope with whatever feelings of loss that he may experience in the future. He is just seven now. Still, I know that God gave me my son and that's what I told him too. His biological mother wanted me to raise him. Like you, it wasn't for lack of love but his biological mother was not in a position to care for him. Like your biological mother, my son's bio Mom didn't want him to be raised by her family. We can't turn back the hands of time. I think it might help to surround yourself with as much support as possible, turn away negative influences, keep sharing if it helps but most of all tap into your faith, give more time to focus on God and his plan for your life. Thanks for sharing!
Hanna Quiroz (2 days ago)
You were never a mistake. Your birth mother will always love you. Your adoptive parents will always love you. You have a purpose for being here, rather you feel it or you don’t. You have a purpose. Nobody should ever feel that they were a “mistake”. We did ask to be here, we were made to be here. Sometimes we go through things, and we have no reason or explanation for it. It’s just something God had put us through so we can overcome it. Turn it into something positive, and good. Take the time you have now, to heal, spend time with your family, and cherish the time you are given now. Keep your head up, you’ve already come so far.
Beeutiful (2 days ago)
God is the realest one out there, his the one that will never abandon you, is always with you from birth until you die, always stay by your side when in hardship, he was the one that has given us everything without expecting anything in return.. Return to him for thats truly where our hearts will find peace.
Amber U (3 days ago)
Ill honestly say before these videos about your adoption journey I was straight up annoyed by you for years .... like how you appeared to treat women etc. But this was 100% genuine and made you so human and relatable, you were honest about all these things that many ppl go through for various reasons. Appreciated. You will be alright this will be a new chapter in your life and with your mother a chance for healing.
It’s Jt (3 days ago)
Your a great person keep your head up 👍
latinachula20002000 (3 days ago)
You made me cry. But listen you was loved. Don’t ever feel like you was a mistake, everyone around you wanted you and loved you. And you are awesome and strong, thank you for opening up to us.
Wallie Goolsby (3 days ago)
You are not a mistake. You have people who ❤️ love you. You need to take a stand and fight for what you want in life. We are not given a silver spoon or the perfect family so you adapt and go on. I lost my mother when I was two. My Dad physically and sexually abused me. I went into foster care and later was adopted at the age of 14. I joined the military and started my own family. Things to day are not great. I suffer from PTSD and on meds but I am still here. Never give up.
Crystal Bise (3 days ago)
Nothing or no one is a mistake!! You are here for a reason, or you wouldn't be. None of this is your fault. Keep growing, living seeking the Most High God your heavenly father. He will fill any voids you have. He's the parent of all parents. Its good you realize you are loved by both sides of your family. The MOST HIGH God loves you EVEN more than any earthly person. Jeremiah 29:11-14 please read that scripture!!!!Matthew 6:33 as well( &whole chapter as well.)Thanks for sharing. So many tears right now. Just stumbled across your page. You also remind me so much of my brother who passed 1 ago. EVERYONE IN SIMILAR SITUATIONS, HANG IN THERE!!!!!!!
Kay Killa602 (3 days ago)
Mane .....so Fucken relatable (thoughts wise ) ...
bettybundgaard (3 days ago)
I haven't seen any of your comedy stuff; but this is real, thank you for sharing <3
Angela Steele (3 days ago)
I want to just give you a hug.n
Charon Speights (3 days ago)
I usually don't comment on videos I watch but I had to comment. I am praying that God give you peace in your soul. Please know that God had a purpose for you. You went through so someone could hear your story and not feel like they are alone. What we go through in life good or bad is not for us but for the next person in a similar situation.
nia coller (4 days ago)
things come together for a good ending your definitely not a mistake
Leona Fraser (4 days ago)
Well God breathed life into you when you were formed in your mothers womb. God makes no mistakes and his timing is perfect. Trust that everything you're feeling and going through is going to be worth it one day, you'll look back and know that it helped mould you into the man you are destined to become. The Journey is just as important as the destination x
joslynn johnson (4 days ago)
we love you so much ❤️ & so so proud 😫
Aissa Gaby (4 days ago)
Honey, stop believing the lies you are sometimes telling yourself. And instead know that you are here for a good reason. You deserve to be on earth and you are a sun :). Basically I have only seen now the three videos from your adoption story so I have just discovered you, but man you made me cry... So pure, so lovely. And since you are making funny videos it makes me think to what we say about clowns, that deep down they have lots of sadness. I know. This is amazing what you are genuinely sharing and who you become. Thanks. Oh and you can heal! :)<3<3<3
JediKnightAhsoka (4 days ago)
No ones' life would be better without you, you have touched so many people's lives and made them 100 times better. We love you so much Mystic ❤️ you're nowhere near a mistake
Amanda Cortis (4 days ago)
Slick Whipps (4 days ago)
I'm going to adopt my niece. REMEMBER THIS YOUNG MAN YOU ARE AND NEVER BE A MISTAKE. YOU SAVED ME BELIEVE THAT. I WAS ADOPTED BUT I WAS " ABUSED... " sexually😭😭😭😭😭 suicide was on my mind but I came your channel. I was planning my death that day. Hugs go to you from me
Jay Clarks (4 days ago)
Wen your father tries to touch u is also the worst thing tht can ever hppn so I get it trying to look for love Nd hurt others bc one man hav ruined your life I live with thys everyday the hate I hav for him isn’t rte but I love God Nd ik he wouldn’t want tht but it’s hard.
Tamera (5 days ago)
This make me so happy
Leilani Gonzalez (5 days ago)
Leilani Gonzalez (5 days ago)
WE ALL LOVE AND CARE FOR UUUU!!!!!💯💯💯♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Leilani Gonzalez (5 days ago)
Olivia Jasinski (5 days ago)
you’re so strong ❤️
Jessica Freeman (5 days ago)
I'm a birth mother and I'm just so happy that my son will always be able to contact me because it's an open adoption. I get to see him every 2 months and over the years I can answer whatever questions he has because hes only 1 call away. And I'll always be able to be there for him. I cant even imagine the pain that your mom has gone through all these years. 😢 Everyone needs to realize how SELFLESS we birthmothers are. It's disgusting that people actually think it was easy for us to do.
Tracey Ragin (5 days ago)
God doesn't make mistakes.
Abbie Henneman (5 days ago)
I'm prayin' for you💗💗
Nadia Germana (5 days ago)
Stop knocking yourself down for decisions adults made in their lives ( birth mom, aunt etc..) Your a blessing to your adopted parents. Sounds like they really wanted a baby & God blessed them with you. Now your a blessing to the world & the family you will procreate. Don't ever think about taking yourself out of this world, I truly feel that God has so many more Wonderful things in-store for you. God bless you.
xRochellex (5 days ago)
You are worthy, God made you for a reason and a purpose. No one is a mistake. He loves you so much. Stay positive and blessed x
joolsy (5 days ago)
Keep your head up hun , you are loved and you are blessed x
Yvette Gangoo (5 days ago)
I was adopted as well and I can feel your pain and the reason I was adopted was because my mom had fool child protection of me but she was a drug addict and my father was in a gang but sadly my mom is dead now she I around 37 years of age and like I said my father was in a gang and mind you I was 4 and only remember seeing him once in my life and I felt a connection with you and to let you know I was adopted at 5 years of age and I am know 11 years of age so I feel you on a personal level if life I have felt the same ways so many time to the point that if I where to cry I would tell myself I don’t deserve to be on this planet and I would try to commit suicid but I am a lot better now
Thtgurlamira (5 days ago)
You are not a mistake or a burden. God put you on this earth for a reason. You have a purpose and a destiny.
Yosfeli Perez (6 days ago)
Your not a mistake and it’s not your fault and look how big u go on YouTube god put u though this for a reason and I hope u can feel better😭❤️😞
Elizabeth Ortega (6 days ago)
You are love. You are important.
Chris Jackson (6 days ago)
Filip Kasumovic (6 days ago)
You aren’t a mistake
I know how u feel. Been through the same
Briana (6 days ago)
never should u ever blame your self :(
Karen Ledford (6 days ago)
I have never even heard of u before BUT I can tell you are an awesome man no matter how you came to be! So glad you shared your story. Life is messy & you are a beautiful man.💜
Amielle Anderson (7 days ago)
SeraRose96 (7 days ago)
you are special. you are loved. you are kind. you are a blessing. you are one of the most genuine people. you were meant to be put on this earth. we love you. stay strong.
Tasha Lee (7 days ago)
No one is a mistake. Your life has purpose. You were a blessing for your adoptive family that was God's plan. He touched your mom's heart to give the best life she could by giving you to someone that could give you all that you deserved. Im sure all the pain you feel she felt. You are a blessing
Suha Sameer (7 days ago)
Don’t u ever say you’re mistak beck dis is not your fault 🙏🏻❤️
Suha Sameer (7 days ago)
Because **
Darkness Eclipse (7 days ago)
Larry Ellison (7 days ago)
i want to say that watching this,i was tearing up because you got the chance to meet your birth mother and there was no resentment between you and your mom.What hurts is watching you going through all this pain.I want you to know that you were not a mistake you were a blessing from god and your mom needed help.I don't want you to think that you were a mistake.So now you have been blessed with your mom and now it's time to bond with her.
Elia Larrea (7 days ago)
The world needs more people like you. Your genuine. God bless you. Thanks for sharing your true self. I just came across your video about your adoption. I'm happy I watched. I love your words. You say everything so right. I cried my eyes out with these adoption videos.
Chan Watson (7 days ago)
you're amazing x
shanaka madushan (7 days ago)
Really you do youtube for you hurt then why you use gf butt thumbnails I'm your ex gf bf
shanaka madushan (7 days ago)
Truth is your mom sell you for money
Nadege Mindine (8 days ago)
Oh God don't say that u are a blessing from God not a mistake oh my God I love u
Debra Lewis (8 days ago)
Crying here, you are not mistake! you are helping people, spreading love and truth.
naudia arkward (8 days ago)
https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCGz4tj_t0aY-hk59dXlypHw GOD LOVES YOU & YOU ARE STRONG !!! “Christ’s love is greater than anyone can ever know, but I pray that you will be able to know that love. Then you can be filled with everything God has for you.”‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭3:19‬ ‭ERV‬‬http://bible.com/406/eph.3.19.erv I’m so proud of you & your an inspiration to others. Satan is your only enemy! Your life isn’t a mistake & you deserve to keep enjoying always ! Keep fighting the good fight. I’m praying for you, let God show you the way & consider Him , He loves you more than anyone. God is so proud of you✨✨💗⭐️🌸
reccosdailylife (8 days ago)
you turned out amazing .. i was half adopted my name was changed and i never new who my real father tell i was 15 years old cus i was the only one with green eyes while everyone had blue eyes i found that i was half adopted when i turned 15 cus i was becoming a rebal do to not knowing anything and YOU R NOT A MASTACE your ment to be on this world for reasons that only god knows you are doing amazing keep that head up and keep fighting threw your thoughts it will heal now that your birth mother and you are comunicating
Bruna Abreu (8 days ago)
I just wanna jump thru the screen and give you a hug!
jieun lee (8 days ago)
Everything happens for a reason and God has a plan for everyone.
Tamiko Davis (8 days ago)
You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God! You were not a mistake when he formed you in your mother’s womb!! I’m praying for you! You will make it! Don’t bury the pain, I’m proud of you for confronting it!! This to shall pass and you will continue to help others who have been through what you went through! God says in his word he will never leave you or forsake you! Thank you for sharing and being courageous! You got this!
April Artis (8 days ago)
Nothing better than being yourself you will get more love than you know! God doesn't make mistakes always remember that.
Koï Mt (8 days ago)
You know, for you to come to this world, your mother or father must have had the desire. It's not your fault. Maybe she was worried about raising a child. Maybe she did not feel capable enough. You know people sometimes would like to have children, but they are afraid of not having enough money, enough education, to not be smart enough for children. You really don't know what's going on in their mind. But I understand your feelings. I mean 50%. When I was 18, I met my dad and he told me about his concerns. As a child, I just thought he did not love me, I was not pretty or valuable enough. He was ashamed to still be poor. I'm older now, but my earlier thoughts are still the same.
Jasmine Mensah (8 days ago)
You shouldn't blame yourself. Your biological family was made stronger and you may have been a bonding factor for them. I feel like in this situation you gained two loving families. That is more than a blessing. And if you weren't supposed to be here God wouldn't allow you be here. You still have a mission and your life has so much value.
Nickki Lewis (9 days ago)
Never think u is a mistake I am not adopted but I so feel like I am in a way but everyone has a path to cross ur here for a reason might not be something u understand now but later u will ur name alone is a powerful name so bro u have a reason just have faith God will show u I'm going through depression and feelings of a mistake but I tell myself I'm here for a purpose and I'm love myself and life I wish the best for u and u r girl and family hold strong I will pray for u
Pamela Smiley (9 days ago)
As a mom the thought of any of my children or anyone else's child thinking that they could ever be the cause of anything other than pure joy is heartbreaking. Your family got to experience a love that's beyond any love you can imagine. To have a child smile up at you with loving eyes is what heaven on Earth feels like. You are like all children a miracle.
Misty Lewis (9 days ago)
Honey don’t ever think you are not worth being here. God guided you to a family that needed you more. I pray that you find total peace.
MultiFacettedMe w/ SFB (10 days ago)
You are such a beautiful young man, may God bless you. You are helping me to better understand my sons feeling because his father is not in his life. Thank you for opening my eyes, you have a beautiful life to live, live it!
Adamaris Rodriguez (10 days ago)
If that gap can't be close then what is there to do, if the amount of work we put in is useless then why do we even try, if the pain is right there why do we say goodbye instead of hello, the amount of tears we cry will always say more than words can, the pain we hide with a smile, the smile doesn't always tell you how we feel, we could be broken without anyone seeing ~A
Those 229 dislikes should have been swallowed!!

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